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Casey Hadyn Williams
Artist | Professional | Photography
United States
Current Residence: United States
Favourite cartoon character: Usopp, the Elric Brothers, Sayaka Miki, Homura Akemi, Madoka Kaname, Kyoko Sakura (all the main girls from "Madoka Magica"), Courage (Courage the Cowardly Dog), Toph, Katara, Aang, Sokka, Zuko, Iroh, Batman,

I am an artist who works for a newspaper in Athens, but I also love drawing, photography, and writing. Check out my fan fiction Portal 3 if you're interested.

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As Chelsea was heading towards her thirteenth test, she felt more confident and more ready.   She was actually standing during the trip downwards looking outside of the glass and smiling.
“That wasn’t so bad,” Jeffrey said in his ice pack form.  “Was it?”
“No, it wasn’t,” Chelsea said.  “I’m actually feeling better and better about being kind to her.  It isn’t such a bad thing after all.  She may be evil and I can’t condone that, but I can still love her and be kind to her.”
“That is a very good attitude to have,” Jeffrey said.  
“I think so, too,” Chelsea said.  “I just wonder what I should do next.”
“Just do whatever the Spirit leads you to do,” Jeffrey said.  “You should be fine.”
Chelsea stared outside the elevator and watched the world as she went down.  She really did feel happier about how her relationship with GLaDOS was going.  She had no idea of really what the effect of what she said on GLaDOS was, but she did feel like something good was coming out of her effort.  Furthermore, it made her happy to know that she was doing something positive with the horrible experience that she had.
The elevator stopped, Jeffrey shapeshifted back into a fly to hide on Chelsea’s neck, and Chelsea turned around and exited the elevator so that she could take her thirteenth test.  
She noticed that something was off right away when she did not hear any music.
“You’re not playing any music,” Chelsea said curiously.
“You won’t need any for this test,” GLaDOS said as emotionally detached as she possibly could.  “At least, you won’t initially.”
Chelsea felt slightly unnerved by the sudden silence.  She realized that something different had to be in store.  Chelsea headed for the stairs when she suddenly realized that she could hear something.  It was the sound of bullets firing.  Chelsea thought that it was strange for them to be firing when she wasn’t even in there yet.  What could they be firing at?  As she walked up the stairs, the sound stopped.  A feeling of dread began rising inside her heart as she slowly grew closer to the source of the noise.  She finally came to the door.  
As it opened and she stepped inside, Chelsea felt her heart become heavier than before.  Then when she saw the test itself, her heart stopped with horror.  The test was only a simple white paneled room with a red button besides the door, but three turrets were standing to the left of a man in an orange jumpsuit who was lying on the floor and bleeding in the middle of the room.  He had been shot, and the turrets had stopped firing because they realized their job was done.  Chelsea did not even stop to think.  She created a spherical shield around the three turrets that had fired the bullets, picked them up, positioned them in the corner so that they were facing the wall, and then quickly dissolved it.  
Chelsea then ran straight for the man whose eyes were open and as she realized was still alive.  He had brown hair and brown eyes with a beard and a moustache and appeared to be in his forties.  His head appeared alright, but he had bullet wounds in his right arm, in his stomach, and in his left leg.  Chelsea and Jeffrey both realized that he did not have long.  As Jeffrey called upon Chelsea’s dad and Roscoe, Chelsea dropped her portal gun, took off her jacket, cut off a sleeve, and made the best tourniquet that she possibly could around his left leg in order to stop the bleeding.
“Stay with me, mister,” Chelsea said to him in a panic as she got the tourniquet tied as tightly as she could.  “We can get you through this, but you have to stay with me.”
The man looked at her with his brown eyes and said with a slight accent of unknown origin, “You remind me of a girl I deflowered long ago, but you are much prettier.”
Chelsea was very taken aback.  This had to be the man that GLaDOS was talking about, her supposed mate, but why would she test him like this?  She glanced around and noticed that he did not have a portal gun either.  He was sent there to die.
“You’re disgusting,” Chelsea said with mixed emotion.  “How can you even think of something like that at a time like this?”
“I am a disgusting man, little lady,” the man continued.  “I’m just amazed at you being here.  That’s all.  Where did you come from?  Are you an angel sent by God to remind me of my sins?  That was mighty kind of him.  I’m so cold.”
Chelsea used her disc to cut another sleeve off the jacket and laid it over his body.  Then she tied a tourniquet around his arm.  
“That should help,” Chelsea said while tying the tourniquet.  “I’m a test subject here like you, trying to find my way out.”
“You’re not like me, kid,” the man said breathing heavily.  “I saw what you did to those robots and how you cut up your coat.  You’re one of those mutants.”
“Yes, I am,” Chelsea continued hoping that talking to him would keep him from falling into unconsciousness.  “I am blessed by an act of God.  I can create and manipulate hard light to do whatever I want.  I can make discs to cut things, shields to protect myself or move things, and platforms to fly on.”
“I’m jealous,” he said.  “I always was jealous of your kind, being able to do great things like those superheroes in the comics, while I was just an ordinary man no one wanted, except for that one girl.  Why couldn’t God make me like you?  Why couldn’t he bless me?  Why did he have to condemn me to this life?”
“He has blessed you,” Chelsea said.  “He has given us all a blessing because we can be close to him.”
“What do you mean, girly?” the man asked.
“I could explain to you what I mean, but you have to promise not to die,” Chelsea said desperately.  
“I’ll do my best,” he said.
“Okay,” Chelsea said unsure of where to begin.  
She noticed the hole in his stomach, so she took off her black shirt and used it to stop the blood.
“I thought you were going to preach to me, young lady,” he said.  “You don’t have to give me a show, too.”
Chelsea ignored him and said, “I don’t know what you think about God, but he’s different than you think he is.”
“Really,” he said skeptically.
“Yes,” Chelsea said desperately.  “God knows everything about you because he made you and you are very precious to him.  He planned every day of your life.”
“He must not like me very much then,” the man said.
“That’s not true,” Chelsea said.  “God is the complete expression of love.  He is not some distant and angry being who finds every excuse he can to punish people.  He wants to lavish his love on you because he is your father.  He has always been your provider who has always wanted to give you a life and a future of hope.”
“Then, why has he never appeared to me himself if he loves me so much?”
“You have never sought him.  Have you?  He doesn’t appear when people don’t want him.  He only appears to those who seek him.”
“Is that so?”
“Yes!  God is a good God.  He comforts people in all their troubles, He is close to the broken hearted, He gives people the power to get through anything, and He holds you close to his heart.  He even has a plan to wipe away all the evil in this world someday, and if you believe in him, he’ll wipe away your sins, wipe every tear from your eye and take away all the pain that you have suffered on this earth.”
“What does God know about suffering from living up in heaven?  How about the suffering that I have endured and the suffering that you have endured living in this alien-infested world and in this facility run by this psychotic AI who wants both of us killed?  What does he know?”
Chelsea thought for a moment to herself and then said, “He knows because he was a human, too.  You know about Jesus?  He was God in the flesh, God’s Son, and a member of the Trinity of God.  He revealed His love for mankind through Him.  Because of Him, we know that God is for us and not against us because He came to earth and suffered to save us.”
“How exactly did he do that?” the man said.
“He died the death that all humans deserved to die and was given the blame for all the evil we have done, so that mankind could be cleansed.  Then he rose from the dead to show us that we could have new life and the resurrection that is to come for all the world.”
“God carried the blame for my wrongs?”
“Yes, and if you tell him that you’re sorry for all your wrongs and want to accept his gift of salvation, you will receive his spirit and never be separated from his love again, even in death.  You will get to be with him forever because you will have a close and personal relationship with him.”
The man laughed to himself and said, “That’s what this is really about.  You don’t want me to go to hell when I die.”
“No, I don’t!” Chelsea yelled.  “Why is that such a bad thing?”
“You don’t know what type of man I am, kid,” he said.
Then he continued as he slowly lifted his right hand to touch her face, “I seduced a young girl, an Asian high school girl, just like you.  She flirted with me and thought I was in love with her but I really wasn’t.  I was just in it for the sex, and secretly, I think she was, too.  We both had a good time and went our separate ways, but then she had to open her mouth and tell on me.  I went to prison and was able to break out after only a few years when those Combine bastards came back.  I’ve been on the run ever since.  Tell me, sugar, what makes you think God would forgive and want to have a relationship with someone like me?”
Chelsea used both of her hands to grab his hand.  She then held his hand in both of hers.  Tears came to her eyes as she felt how cold it was.
“I know because God has forgiven me,” Chelsea said.  “You have fallen to sins of the flesh, but I have fallen to sins of the heart.  I’m a hypocrite deep inside.  I can be kind to everyone except one person or one AI I should say.”
Chelsea glared at the camera one time before continuing.
“Really, I am no better than you,” she said.  “God saved me, and he can save you, too.”
The man looked at her, smiled at her weakly and said, “Kid, I have to tell you that your story sounds insane.  Normally, I wouldn’t believe it.  However, I have never seen anyone show so much love to me in my life especially considering all that I have told you.  It’s not natural.  I have to believe that something is at work inside you.  Would he really work inside me, too?  Would he really be willing to love me?”
“Yes,” Chelsea said with more tears flowing from her eyes.  “He would.  He loves you.”
The man closed his eyes for a second.  Chelsea fearing that he had passed closed her eyes and let the tears flow more freely.  
The man however opened his eyes and said, “Hey!  I’m not dead yet.”
Chelsea looked at him and said, “Then, why did you…”
“I was praying.  You’re supposed to shut your eyes when you pray, right?”
“Well, yeah, you can.”
“Anyways, I asked God to forgive me and make Jesus my Savior and all that.  I feel a void filled somehow.  I guess that Spirit you were talking about is doing that.”
“Yes, he is,” Chelsea said happily.  “You’re my brother now.  Just please hold on.  Help is on the way.  By the way, I almost forgot.  My name’s Chelsea.  What’s yours?”
The man smiled wearily and said, “My name is Kurt Acker, and before you ask, yes, I am German.  I was dragged to the United States when I was ten years old…”
“You’ll fit right in,” Chelsea said excitedly.  “There are so many expatriates in our group that it isn’t even funny…”
Kurt pulled his hands over hers and said, “Chelsea, I’m not going to be joining your group.”
She watched as he shifted his left leg to one side revealing that there was another bullet wound behind his left leg that she hadn’t noticed.  A lot of blood had already come out and was still coming out.
“No,” Chelsea said getting out of his grip.  “I’m not letting you die.”
Chelsea tried making her shield go around his leg in order to block the bleeding.
“It’s okay,” Kurt said smiling wearily.  “I’m not dying now.  I’m going somewhere great.  I’m going to be with God, and it’s all thanks to you.”
“No,” Chelsea yelled with even more tears rolling down her cheeks.  “You have so much to experience, so much that you could learn!  You can’t die now!  Please!  You have never seen the world from the sky!  You could fly with me!  Don’t you want to see that!”
Kurt grabbed onto her hands once again and said, “Thank you for your kindness, Chelsea!  Thanks for your help.  You really are an angel, but I’m going off to fly with real angels.  Now, be strong and get out of here.  Live your life to the full, and I’ll see you on the other side.”
Kurt shut his eyes, and he breathed out his ghost.  His hands went limp, and Chelsea knew that he was gone.
“Kurt,” Chelsea said crying silently.  “No!”
She placed his hands on his stomach and continued tearing up.  Jeffrey stood silently still not sure of how to react.  There was silence for a moment.  
Then, GLaDOS decided to act.  She started playing music once again.  It was the piano version of “Ave Maria.”  Chelsea quickly looked up at the camera, and then a ceiling panel quickly moved to reveal a pipe that leaked water and under it came a grating that would allow the water to run under it.
“You did better than I thought you would, my little saint,” GLaDOS said.  “You gave almost all the clothes you had for him and showed him as much love as you could.  My predictions about you being a martyr were correct.  That will make a great addition to your file.”
Chelsea’s tear-filled eyes slowly twisted into an angry glare as she felt all the anger that her medicine was suppressing grow inside her heart.  
“However if you’re done here, it is time to finish the test, sparrow,” GLaDOS said unemotionally.  “You can wash the blood off your hands with the water leaking from the ceiling.”
Chelsea continued to look up at her angrily.  Kurt had no portal gun.  He wasn’t a test subject.  He was sent there to die.  In spite of the medicine, Chelsea felt the anger rise up inside her and possess her.
“WHY DID YOU DO THIS?!” Chelsea yelled.  “You sent him to die!  Why?!  Why didn’t you do what you were going to do before?  Why did you kill him?  Tell me!”
“Sparrow,” GLaDOS said calmly.  “You didn’t want to be with him and I didn’t need him, so I disposed of him.  We didn’t need him.  We have enough of his sperm for the experiment to be successful anyway.”
“Don’t bullshit me!” Chelsea yelled.  “You could have let him go or killed him another way so that I wouldn’t see him.  You set all this up for a reason.  Why?”
GLaDOS silently gloated to herself for a second.  Chelsea knew that this was an elaborate way to break her down.  The AI was using the death of this man to get to her.  It was absolutely despicable.
“I suppose that there’s no use lying to you,” GLaDOS said.  “You are correct, but really, it was for your own good.”
“What?” Chelsea replied in disbelief.
“I told you already, sparrow,” GLaDOS said in a tone that was increasingly more condescending.  “I need to tame you.  In order to tame any creature, it is necessary to apply certain punishments when behavior is bad and certain rewards when the behavior is good.  You may think that it is unorthodox, but really, I am simply acting in the interest of the greater good, for science.  You on the other hand are very selfish and very naïve.  You do what you want and do not care about the consequences.  That behavior is not good, sparrow.  It will only hurt other people, and I know that you don’t want to do that.”
Chelsea looked up at the camera.  The fear on her face told GLaDOS that this test was doing its work.  She slowly realized what GLaDOS meant.  Chelsea realized that GLaDOS was really using this as a warning.  Chelsea was shocked into silence.  She couldn’t believe GLaDOS was going this far.
“I realize that it may be hard for you to accept considering your strong will, but you have to realize that you can’t have your way and prevent bad things from happening to everybody,” GLaDOS said.  “Something has to give.  Now, wash yourself off and finish the test, sparrow.  You only have six more to go and then you can enjoy your feeding tube dinner.”
Chelsea walked over to the leaking pipe and washed off her hands.  Tears streamed down her face as the blood washed away under the cold water.  She then looked around the room and in a flash, realized what needed to be done.  She shook in horror to think of it though.  Chelsea needed to use Kurt’s body as the weight that would hold down the button.  She created a disc under Kurt’s body that was still dripping with fresh blood, lifted him up, moved him over the button, and then used his body to weigh the button down.  Chelsea then picked up her portal gun, walked through the door, and kept walking towards the elevator.  GLaDOS thought she had won her victory at last.  Chelsea had reached her depression stage.  Jeffrey was afraid of the same thing.  She continued walking in silence occupied by grief and the thoughts in her head.
“We’re going to have to make you take another bath when the tests are over,” GLaDOS said.  “Who knows what contaminants are on your body now because of that blood?”
However in all of her deep thoughts, Chelsea suddenly realized something.  She turned around and faced GLaDOS once more.
“I think I know what you’re going to say to me,” GLaDOS said.  “It’s alright.  You don’t have to worry.  I’ll make arrangements for everyone to go away, and you can stay with me.”
“Actually,” Chelsea said summoning up all the emotions that the drugs would allow her to.  “I wanted to say something else.  You’re a monster, and even if I and all my friends go to heaven in the process, we are going to stop you.  I hear the screams now, of everyone you’ve ever killed.  Their souls are crying out to be avenged, and that is exactly what I intend to do!  I’m not going to let you do this anymore!”
Chelsea then turned around and walked to the elevator.  The doors shut, and it started going down.  GLaDOS didn’t say anything because she was unsure of what to say.  Meanwhile, Chelsea curled up into a ball on the floor of the elevator and cried while Jeffrey shapeshifted back to his original form and held her in his arms.
Chelsea was in the elevator when she heard the good news about Terry.  She was happy for his freedom.  She really was, but at the moment, her mind was occupied.  She felt conflicted about GLaDOS.  After listening to what her father had to say, Chelsea sat down at the elevator and continued to think.
“So she sympathized with Maleficent?” Jeffrey said as an ice pack breaking the silence.  “That’s weird.”
“Actually, it’s not altogether surprising,” Chelsea said.  “You remember what she said about her, right?”
“Yeah, that she was getting what she felt she deserved,” Jeffrey said.
“Yeah,” Chelsea said.  “That must have been her own emotions seeping out.  GLaDOS or Caroline or whoever she considers herself to be must have felt that she had been wronged her whole life, and that by acting the way she did, she was only getting what she really had earned.  She must have felt so bitter about all that happened to her.  I thought she was just an evil bitch.”
“I hate to play devil’s advocate here, but who’s to say that she isn’t,” Jeffrey said.  “We both know that what happened to her was unfair, but that doesn’t excuse her being evil.”
“No, it doesn’t, Jeffrey,” Chelsea said.  “But I think that it may go a great deal towards explaining why she is the way she is.  That’s all.  Her life must have been awful.  I hate to say it, but I am beginning to understand why my mother started to sympathize with her.  She is despicable and she did many horrible things, but she was a real person.  It may just be the drugs talking, Jeff, but I’m beginning to feel less angry with her.”
The elevator stopped, Chelsea stood up, and Jeffrey returned to his perch on the back of her neck.  She stepped out of the elevator and started walking towards the stairs.
“Please excuse what happened at the end of the last chamber,” GLaDOS said.  “I appear to have been malfunctioning.”
Chelsea stopped in her tracks, raised an eyebrow, crossed her arms, and said, “Look, we both know that that is not what really happened.  Why can’t you tell me the truth?”
“You’re being obstinate as usual,” GLaDOS said.  “Maybe I should inject you with more anti-depressants to put you in a better mood.”
Chelsea unfolded her arms, created a disc with her left hand, and said, “Try to inject me again and see what happens.”
“Calm down,” GLaDOS said.  “I was only joking.  Anyways, I have deducted that it is your incessant singing that is causing my malfunctions.”
“Really,” Chelsea said skeptically as she dissolved her disc.  “How did you figure that one out?”
“I am not required to share that information with you,” GLaDOS said coldly.
“Sure,” Chelsea said sarcastically while rolling her eyes.
“Anyhow, since I cannot gag you or remove your vocal chords, I have decided to play music for you,” GLaDOS said.
“What kind of music?” Chelsea asked in curiosity.
“You’ll see,” GLaDOS said.
Chelsea rolled her eyes and walked up the stairs to take her tenth test.  
“You know if you keep rolling your eyes like that they will get stuck that way,” GLaDOS said.
“That’s just an old wives’ tale,” Chelsea retorted.
“You seem to believe in them,” GLaDOS said harshly.
Chelsea resisted the temptation to respond to her blasphemy and kept going.  She entered the room and walked past the sign that let her know she was taking her tenth test.  Chelsea listened as GLaDOS began playing music.  It was Debussy’s first arabesque.  Chelsea loved listening to the Impressionist’s music.  It always gave her inspiration whenever she was trying to focus on something artistic or anything really.  The music itself was an invitation for the senses to dream.  Chelsea recognized it right away, because of all the impressionists, she played Debussy’s music the most.  
“Arabesque number one by Debussy,” Chelsea said out loud.  
“Yes,” GLaDOS said in surprise.  “How did you know?”
“I love impressionist music,” Chelsea said.  “I’m also a big musicphile.”
“That’s not even a word,” GLaDOS said.
“Well, it should be,” Chelsea said in a snarky attitude.
Chelsea looked around and contemplated how she should solve her test while GLaDOS watched slightly impressed that Chelsea recognized this music.  It was not like Debussy was an obscure composer, but this work of his was not as popular as “Clair de Lune” so she had to know his work in order to recognize it.  That was a sign that the girl was more cultured than GLaDOS realized she was.  
In the testing chamber was a large black tiled room with an emancipation grid dividing one side from the other.  On the side of the emancipation grid that Chelsea was on was a pipe leaking the orange gel onto a white panel with another white panel on the wall behind her.  She looked ahead and saw that beyond the emancipation grid were two mashing spike plates hitting each other horizontally at regular intervals.  Chelsea flew upwards and on the other side of plates was the exit and a button.  If there was a button, there had to be a cube to hold it down.  Chelsea looked down from her disc and found the cube right by the ramp.  She landed her disc and looked up.  The only problem would be getting the disc pass the emancipation grid, but it didn’t take long for Chelsea to think of a solution.  It was actually pretty simple.
As the music continued to play, Chelsea fired an orange portal onto the panel that the orange gel was leaking onto.  Then she fired a blue portal onto the panel that was on the wall behind her.  The gel instantly went all over the ramp, covering it completely.  Chelsea then picked up the cube with her portal gun and stood on the right side of the ramp.  
The calming music of Debussy was actually not disguising how she really felt.  Because of the anti-depressants, she felt peaceful inside.  But if she could feel her emotions, Chelsea would have felt scared.  Nonetheless, she breathed in and out and mentally prepared herself to go.
Chelsea pulled the force field up around her body and flew it to where the ramp began.  After waiting for the mashing plates to come together a few times, she decided that it was time to go.  Chelsea let the plates come together one more time, and then she ran on the ramp.  She moved quickly over it, flying through the emancipation grid that did not dissolve her cube because of her protective shield, and landed on the platform in front of the door.  After breathing in and out a few times, Chelsea placed the cube upon the button causing the door to open.
Chelsea lingered at the open door however so that she could hear the song finish.
“What are you doing?” GLaDOS said.
“What do you think?” Chelsea retorted.  “I’m listening to the music.”
GLaDOS said nothing, but continued to watch her test subject in fascination.  It wasn’t many people who could appreciate something beautiful in the middle of danger.  It was actually kind of amazing.  The song finished, and Chelsea walked through the door.    
“Nice work,” GLaDOS said as Chelsea stepped through the door.  “Aren’t you glad I made you take those anti-depressants?”
Chelsea only glared at her over her shoulder once as she continued to walk to the elevator.  
“Now that your emotions have been neutralized, you can focus your mind on what is important,” GLaDOS said.  “That will be important as you go on, because the tests can only get harder from here.”
“That kind of help is unauthorized,” Chelsea said turning around right before she reached the elevator to go down.  “Isn’t it?  You’re not supposed to be helping me like this.  Are you?”
“To be honest, if the scientists were alive, I would probably not be able to do most of what I have done with you,” GLaDOS said.  “However the last time I checked, they were all dead, and I was running the facility.  Therefore, I can do whatever I want as long as it suits the needs of science of course.”
“How do you even determine that?” Chelsea asked skeptically.  “Is it just what will satisfy you or satisfy the needs of mankind or…?”
“Yes,” GLaDOS said sarcastically and then with a false twinge of kindness.  “Now, get into your cage, my good little sparrow.”
Chelsea glared at her and got into the elevator.  The doors shut, and the elevator started to go down.  Jeffrey shapeshifted into an ice pack and resumed his perch on Chelsea’s shoulder while she slumped down to the floor once again.
“I don’t feel that scared anymore, Jeff, and that’s not a good thing,” Chelsea said.
“Why not?” Jeffrey asked in confusion.  “It’s good to have the peace of God inside your heart.”
“Jeffrey,” Chelsea said.  “I know the difference between a drug-induced peace and a God-induced peace.  This is definitely the former.”
“How can you tell?” Jeffrey asked.  “I’m kind of curious.”
“I can tell because I don’t feel good about it,” Chelsea responded.  “When God gives me peace, I feel joyful because I know he is there with me.  When these drugs try to give me peace, I feel like I’m being numbed against my will.  I can’t feel the emotion that I want to feel because it won’t let me.  That’s not good because I’m afraid that it will numb my reaction time.”
“You don’t have to worry about that.  You were able to fight back when you had anesthesia running through your veins.  Remember?  If you can do that, then this shouldn’t be a problem.”
“I guess not but there’s something else that is worrying me, Jeffrey.”
“In spite of all that she is doing to me, I feel like I don’t have the ability to be mad anymore, but it’s not completely because of the drugs.”
“Then why is it?”
“I think it might be because I don’t want to be mad at her anymore.  I can’t hate her.  It’s like God is making me forgive her.”
The two went silent for a moment.  Before Jeffrey could respond, the elevator stopped, and Jeffrey had to return to his post once again.  The elevator doors opened, and Chelsea exited the elevator.
“Feel free to turn your brain off for this one,” GLaDOS said.  “It’s not going to be hard, or at least, it won’t be if you do what you’re supposed to.”
“Doesn’t that contradict what you told me before I left the last testing chamber?” Chelsea asked.
“Maybe,” GLaDOS said sarcastically.
Chelsea surprisingly couldn’t even work up the emotion required to roll her eyes, so she simply sighed and walked up the stairs to take her eleventh test.
“You seem to be calming down a bit,” GLaDOS said pouring salt in the wound that she was sure Chelsea was carrying inside.  “It seems that the drugs are helping you more and more the longer time they have to take effect, and you were upset about taking them.”
Chelsea delivered GLaDOS a glare to let her know that she was still not giving up, and she entered the room.
GLaDOS, out of curiosity, decided to play another song simply to see if Chelsea would recognize it.  
Chelsea stopped in her tracks and again recognized the music, “This is by Satie…It’s the first Gymnopedie.”
“Nice job,” GLaDOS said.  “I’ll give you a bonus if you can tell me who composed this version of the song.”
“Debussy,” Chelsea said without hesitation.
“Impressive,” GLaDOS said.  “Perhaps, you aren’t as devoid of culture from living as a squatter as I thought you were.  How do you know about all this music?”
“It’s absolutely amazing what you can find when you raid the storehouses of internet delivery services and any music store in general,” Chelsea said crossing her arms.
“I retract my last statement,” GLaDOS said sarcastically.
“I’m also just a big music nerd in general,” Chelsea said as she uncrossed her arms and continued walking.  “I’ve even been learning how to play ‘Clair de Lune’ on the piano.”
“You really are quite smart,” GLaDOS said.  “The question is why you invest your mind in art instead of something more practical, like science.”
Chelsea frowned and said, “Art is something that shapes the minds of mankind.  You and I both know that like science its influence on the world is endless.”
“Science is more useful.”
“I’d say it’s just as valuable when done right.”
“Are you going to argue or are you going to test?”
Chelsea rolled her eyes and looked around the room at her testing chamber.  GLaDOS as she watched had to admit that she was impressed.  The girl was more intelligent and more cultured than anyone would expect someone of her background to be.  She was also very passionate, someone who could potentially change the world, someone like Caroline was.  GLaDOS couldn’t believe that she was feeling this way, but she had to admit to herself that she was feeling more conflicted about Chelsea.  She knew what she had to do for science, but her admiration for her was only growing.  GLaDOS was beginning to feel more emotional about the matter, and for her, that was never a good thing.  
Chelsea looked around and saw a long path of laser gates in front of her that she guessed that she would be expected to fly through.  Chelsea pulled a shield around herself and flew forward.  She flew through each laser gate with ease, with her shields blocking the lasers.  Chelsea reached the last of laser gates and landed on the platform at the end.
Chelsea then flew through the door as it opened automatically on the other side.  To her dismay, she found herself a room with not only more laser gates but more testing elements.  On the left end of the small landing she was standing on inside a nook, there was a laser that was hitting a white wall.  Chelsea wasn’t sure what to make of it, so as Satie’s second Gymnopedie started, she flew through the laser gates to see what was on the other side.
Chelsea flew through the laser gates one after the other until she reached the other side.  On this other side, she found a nook on the left side of the platform that contained a generator with the white wall aimed straight at it.  It was then that Chelsea realized what she had to do.  She had to connect the laser into this room using the portals, meaning that she had to fly back to the other side of the room in order to do it.  Chelsea breathed a deep sigh and fired an orange portal onto the wall opposite of the generator.  Then, she flew back through the laser gates and fired a blue portal onto the wall opposite of the laser.  The laser gates immediately dissolved, and she flew back to find that the door had also opened.  In satisfaction, she flew out of the door and towards the elevator.  
“Nice job,” GLaDOS said.  “For your bonus, you can choose the composer who will play in the next test chamber.”
“Okay,” Chelsea said looking up in curiosity.  “How about the Beatles?”
“No,” GLaDOS said humorlessly.  
“Okay, then,” Chelsea said.  “Louis Armstrong?”
“Steven Sondheim?”
“I don’t even know who that is.”
“Then what can I choose?”
“I only have selections of classical composers, sparrow.  You can choose one of them.”
“Alright, then!  You should have said that in the first place.  I choose Camille Saint-Saens.”
“Okay, that I can do.”
“Good,” Chelsea said with an actual smile.  “Thank you very much!”
GLaDOS was surprised at her reaction, and when Chelsea realized how she had responded, she quickly ran to the elevator.  As the doors shut behind her, she sat down and held her hands over her head.
“What’s the matter?” Jeffrey asked flying in front of her as a dragonfly.
“I smiled at her,” Chelsea said.  
“So?” Jeffrey replied in confusion.  “What’s so bad about that?”
“I meant it,” Chelsea said in dismay.  “I really am losing my hatred for her.  I’m going to like her before long.”
“That’s not a bad thing,” Jeffrey said.  “You are forgiving her because God is making you.  Isn’t that what you wanted?”
Chelsea laid her arms at her side, and with a heavy sigh said, “No, I guess it isn’t.  I asked him to because I thought it was what I should do, but I never really wanted to feel anything positive towards her.”
“Why not?” Jeffrey responded.
Chelsea looked at him in shock and said, “She ruined my mother’s life!  She’s put me through hell, too!  Not to mention the fact that she’s a murderer!  I don’t want to love her.  She’s done nothing to deserve it.”
“Neither have you, technically,” Jeffrey said.
“What?” Chelsea responded looking at him in confusion.
“You have done nothing to deserve love, God’s love, that is,” Jeffrey said calmly.  “Nothing anyone does can make them worthy of God’s love because all humans are sinners whose actions have hurt God.  Yet God loves them and saves them when they return to him, because they are all his.  That’s why he loves you, that’s why he loves me, and that’s why he loves her.  That’s why you have to forgive her too, because she is our sister.  Besides, you can’t be forgiven of the evils in your heart and refuse to forgive someone else for theirs.  That’s hypocritical.  We are all in the same boat spiritually and no one is any better before God than anyone else, even if she is in your words an evil bitch.”
Chelsea looked down at the ground in shame.  She realized that Jeffrey was right.  Even if GLaDOS was a psychotic, murderous bitch who had ruined many lives, God still loved her as a human, so Chelsea needed to do the same and accept the kind impulses that he was sending to her heart.  She silently said a prayer of forgiveness and looked back at Jeffrey.
“You’re right, Jeff,” Chelsea said.  “She was a person made by God, and even if she is a bitch, that’s still true.  I have to be willing to love her as our sister as much as saying that hurts my pride inside.  I will let go of this hate.”
“Good,” Jeffrey said.  
“I wish I could be logical like you all the time,” Chelsea said smiling.  “Not functioning like a normal human with emotions must be nice.  You can think more clearly because they aren’t clouding your mind.”
Jeffrey, understanding what she meant, was not offended by the comment.  
Instead, he responded, “It’s not as easy as it looks.  It can be hard to deal with people who are very emotional.  They tend to think that you don’t care.”
“That’s what you get for being friends with women,” Chelsea said smiling.
The elevator stopped, Jeffrey returned to his post, and Chelsea walked out.  
“Do you recognize this song?” GLaDOS asked as she immediately began playing the song.  
Chelsea recognized it pretty quickly because it was one of her favorite songs.  
“This is Danse Macabre,” Chelsea said as she continued to walk up the stairs.  “It’s perfect for Halloween.”
“Do you know what the song was originally about?” GLaDOS asked.
“Yeah, my Dad told me that it was music to tell the story of a legend about how the dead would come back to life and dance outside of their graves when the violin player came at midnight on Halloween,” Chelsea said as she continued walking.  
Then she continued impulsively, “It’s a good thing that the violin player doesn’t come here or you would have a lot of dancing corpses who you couldn’t kill with neurotoxin.  I bet you wouldn’t enjoy dealing with that.”
“No, I wouldn’t,” GLaDOS said, much to Chelsea’s surprise.  
Chelsea stopped at the top of the stairs and looked around at the testing chamber.  It was a large room.  There were two pellet launchers that launched pellets from the ceiling onto the floor and generators that caught the high energy pellets on the ceiling and floor respectively.  There were two other pellet catchers, one on a slanted panel located in a nook on her left side and another one in a nook on the right side of the wall located next to a pellet launcher that launched pellets towards a slanted panel aimed towards the wall.  Chelsea realized that she needed to deal with each one individually, but unfortunately for her, the wall was also mostly covered in black tiles.  There were only three white panels that she could place portals on.
“There is a poem that goes to this song,” GLaDOS said.  “Do you know it?”
“I can’t say I do,” Chelsea said then looking forward so that she could look like she was concentrating on what she was doing.
Chelsea could see that GLaDOS was trying to be kind to her in her own way, but this time, she seemed like she was really genuine about it.  It made Chelsea uncomfortable, and though she was called to love her back, she was not sure how to respond.  
“Zig, zig, zig, Death in cadence, striking a tomb with his heel, Death at midnight plays a dance-tune ,zig, zig, zag, on his violin,” GLaDOS said.
Chelsea placed an orange portal under the first pellet that was being fired from the ceiling and looked around for a generator to aim it towards.
“The winter wind blows, and the night is dark; Moans are heard in the linden trees,” GLaDOS said.  “White skeletons pass through the gloom, running and leaping in their shrouds.”  
Chelsea saw the generator on the slanted wall.  There was a white slanted panel that was right in front of it aiming towards the ceiling, so she knew what to do.
“Zig, zig, zig, each one is frisking.  You can hear the cracking of the bones of the dancers,” GLaDOS said.
Chelsea flew her disc over to the slanted wall and fired a blue portal onto it.  All she had to do now was wait.
“A lustful couple sits on the moss so as to taste long lost delights,” GLaDOS said as the high energy pellet went through the portal, hit the ceiling, and went straight into the generator.  “Zig zig, zig, Death continues the unending scraping on his instrument.”
Chelsea smiled in satisfaction and looked around as she figured out what to do next.  She looked at the other side of the room and saw the door with one check on it meaning that it was unlocked.
“A veil has fallen!” GLaDOS said. “The dancer is naked.  Her partner grasps her amorously.  The lady, it's said, is a marchioness or baroness and her green gallant, a poor cartwright.  Horror! Look how she gives herself to him, like the rustic was a baron.”
Chelsea landed on the floor and looked onto the wall to the nook on the right of her and saw the other pellet generator with the pellet catcher right next to it.  She watched as the pellet fired, flew forward, hit a panel that was tilted toward the wall at an angle, hit the wall, and then went back towards the generator where it promptly died.  Chelsea recognized this type of test from one her mother had told her about from the first time GLaDOS tested her.  On the other side of the tilted panel however was not another tilted panel.  Chelsea was not sure of what she was supposed to do or how she was supposed to solve it since she did not have any more panels to work with, so she stopped to think for a minute.  
“Zig, zig, zig,” GLaDOS said.  “What a saraband!  They all hold hands and dance in circles.”
It suddenly occurred to Chelsea what she had to do.  She shook in terror because she knew that it could potentially kill her if she did not do it right.  Chelsea dropped her portal gun onto the floor, created a disc that she flew into the air next to the generator, and waited.  When the high energy pellet was fired, she created a shield around it so that she could control it.  The pellet bounced around chaotically, as Chelsea flew it to the pellet catcher next to it, got the shield very close to the catcher, and opened up the side of it that was closest to the generator.  The pellet immediately went into the generator as Chelsea finally breathed a sigh of relief and joy.  She could not believe that that had actually worked.
“Zig, zig, zag. You can see in the crowd the king dancing among the peasants,” was all GLaDOS said as a response.  
Chelsea caught the other two pellets one at a time in their own respective shield balls and took each of them to a pellet catcher thus completing the test.  The door opened, Chelsea went to the ground and picked up her portal gun once again, and walked to the door as the music was coming to a close.  
“But hist!” GLaDOS said.  “All of a sudden, they leave the dance, they push forward, they fly; the cock has crowed.  Oh what a beautiful night for the poor world!  Long live death and equality!”
Chelsea walked through the door as the music finished.
“Well,” GLaDOS said.  “What did you think?”
“That test was highly dangerous,” Chelsea said.  “Forcing me to interact with those pellets like that could have killed me.”
“I was not talking about that,” GLaDOS said.  “I was talking about the poem.”
Chelsea looked at the camera suspiciously and, “Since when do you care about knowing my opinion on anything?”
“You seem to have an opinion on everything,” GLaDOS said.  “I was just wondering what you thought about the poem.”
Chelsea thought for a moment and then said, “In a way, the poem is correct about its message.  People are equal in death.  After someone dies, whatever happens in the world doesn’t have any influence on them anymore.  They can be free to do whatever they want.  That must have appeared attractive to people in a society as restricted as back then.  However unfortunately, it is only half true.”
“In what way?” GLaDOS asked.
Chelsea continued to walk towards the elevator and said, “When people die, the world doesn’t have any influence on them anymore.  In that way, they are free, but they are never free from the influence of God.  They’re still responsible for whatever they did in their lives good or bad and for who they ultimately gave their souls to.  The soul leaves the body after all, so their deeds determine where they go.”
Chelsea turned around right before going in and continued, “If people gave themselves to Christ, they will be able to enjoy that freedom and get to be at his side as he remakes the world and forever more.  However if they gave themselves to anybody else, they will suffer for the evil they brought into the world for all eternity.”
“That’s an interesting way of looking at it,” GLaDOS said.  
“It’s like I said before, GLaDOS,” Chelsea said.  “Everyone is owned by something, but you can decide who your owner is going to be.  You may think that you don’t, but everyone has a choice.”
“Why would anyone decide to be owned by a religion, I mean, relationship like that?” GLaDOS asked.
“How badly do you want to be free?” Chelsea said as she turned back around.  “Thanks for the song by the way.  I really enjoyed it.”
The elevator doors shut, and it went down to the next chamber.  As GLaDOS watched, she realized that there was a deep truth behind everything Chelsea was saying.  She was intelligent in more ways than one.  It was hard to explain but she had something true and something very much alive inside her mind that was something GLaDOS was experiencing for the first time.  She saw it every time she talked and every time she did anything.  The girl was interesting.  Furthermore, GLaDOS hated admitting it to herself, but she enjoyed making this girl happy.  It satisfied something inside her to know that she did something kind for her that was not done for the purpose of furthering science.  Knowing this would only make the next test that much harder.  GLaDOS knew what she had to do, but she actually wasn’t looking forward to it.
“The next test may actually hurt me more than it hurts you,” GLaDOS said to herself almost sadly.  “However for science, it has to be done.  It is what owns me, sparrow, and it is what must own you, too.”
Portal 3 Chapter 30
I have finally finished writing my next chapter, my first chapter written in France.  Anyways, things are starting to change between Chelsea and GLaDOS.
Start at the…  
Go to the next chapter:…
 I talked to these people handing out tracts downtown in Montpellier, and they told me when I asked them that people do not go to heaven when they die but they stay dead until the resurrection.  They said that people like the apostles were allowed into heaven because they had to build the kingdom up there, but everyone else was out of luck.  They didn't ever mention the parable Jesus told about the two people in heaven and hell, what Paul said about being away from the body and present with the Lord, and what Jesus said about the soul not being able to be killed.  It just bugs me a lot.

Now, I should probably do my homework.
  • Playing: Portal
 I talked to these people handing out tracts downtown in Montpellier, and they told me when I asked them that people do not go to heaven when they die but they stay dead until the resurrection.  They said that people like the apostles were allowed into heaven because they had to build the kingdom up there, but everyone else was out of luck.  They didn't ever mention the parable Jesus told about the two people in heaven and hell, what Paul said about being away from the body and present with the Lord, and what Jesus said about the soul not being able to be killed.  It just bugs me a lot.

Now, I should probably do my homework.
  • Playing: Portal
 I talked to these people handing out tracts downtown in Montpellier, and they told me when I asked them that people do not go to heaven when they die but they stay dead until the resurrection.  They said that people like the apostles were allowed into heaven because they had to build the kingdom up there, but everyone else was out of luck.  They didn't ever mention the parable Jesus told about the two people in heaven and hell, what Paul said about being away from the body and present with the Lord, and what Jesus said about the soul not being able to be killed.  It just bugs me a lot.

Now, I should probably do my homework.
  • Playing: Portal
 I talked to these people handing out tracts downtown in Montpellier, and they told me when I asked them that people do not go to heaven when they die but they stay dead until the resurrection.  They said that people like the apostles were allowed into heaven because they had to build the kingdom up there, but everyone else was out of luck.  They didn't ever mention the parable Jesus told about the two people in heaven and hell, what Paul said about being away from the body and present with the Lord, and what Jesus said about the soul not being able to be killed.  It just bugs me a lot.

Now, I should probably do my homework.
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