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Casey Hadyn Williams
Artist | Professional | Photography
United States
Current Residence: United States
Favourite cartoon characters: the Elric brothers

I am an artist who works for a newspaper in Athens, but I also love drawing, photography, and writing. Check out my fan fiction Portal 3 if you're interested.

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A few hours later, Chelsea’s eyelids opened.  She looked outside the broken glass to see the dim flickering lights of the old test chamber.  She sat up to see Jeffrey still in the form of a border collie asleep at the foot of her makeshift bed, so she did her best not to make any noise.  Chelsea breathed in and out contentedly.  For the first time in a long time, she felt truly happy.  She was free.  She would be able to sleep in her own bed that night.  She would sleep that night knowing that the captives were free and the evil queen was dead.  Chelsea wrapped the blanket around her body and turned around to pick up the backpack.  She put it on the cushion in front of her and started to dig through it.  After about a minute, she found what she was looking for: a Bible.  Chelsea figured that she could read it while waiting for Jeffrey to wake up.  
After finding what she was looking for, Chelsea set the backpack aside, stood up with the blanket wrapped around her and the Bible in her arms, and walked to the bathroom of the office.  She flipped on the light switch and was surprised to actually see lights come on.  Chelsea stepped in and shut the door.  After doing her business and washing her hands, she sat down on the ground to read the Bible.  It was a thicker Bible because it contained the Apocrypha.  
Jeffrey and his family were Catholic.  They were a family from a small Catholic Church community that wondered from place to place until they found the hotel.  Jeffrey was only a young child at the time, so he had no memory of any of the traumatizing events that haunted his parents.  
Anyways, Chelsea was happy to be able to read a Bible again.  For the Christian, the Bible is the refreshing water that gives the spirit life.  Living without it causes them to die from thirst.  Chelsea had memorized entire passages, but it was not the same as having the whole book in front of her.  She started flipping through the pages to find the passage that she remembered reading last.  Chelsea paused as her eye got caught on a passage from Psalms.  It was Psalm 22.  
She read, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?  Why are you so far from saving me, so far from my cries of anguish?  My God, I cry out by day, but you do not answer, by night, but I find no rest.  Yet you are enthroned as the Holy One; you are the one Israel praises.  In you our ancestors put their trust; they trusted and you delivered them.  To you they cried out and were saved; in you they trusted and were not put to shame.  But I am a worm and not a man, scorned by everyone, despised by the people.  All who see me mock me; they hurl insults, shaking their heads.  ‘He trusts in the Lord,’ they say, ‘let the Lord rescue him.  Let him deliver him, since he delights in him.’  Yet you brought me out of the womb; you made me trust in you, even at my mother’s breast.  From birth I was cast on you; from my mother’s womb you have been my God.  Do not be far from me, for trouble is near and there is no one to help.  Many bulls surround me; strong bulls of Bashan encircle me.  Roaring lions that tear their prey open their mouths wide against me.  I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint.  My heart has turned to wax; it has melted within me.  My mouth is dried up like a potsherd, and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth; you lay me in the dust of death.  Dogs surround me, a pack of villains encircles me; they pierce my hands and my feet.  All my bones are on display; people stare and gloat over me.  They divide my clothes among them and cast lots for my garment.  But you, Lord, do not be far from me.  You are my strength; come quickly to help me.  Deliver me from the sword, my precious life from the power of the dogs.  Rescue me from the mouth of the lions; save me from the horns of the wild oxen.  I will declare your name to my people; in the assembly I will praise you. You who fear the Lord, praise him!  All you descendants of Jacob, honor him!  Revere him, all you descendants of Israel! For he has not despised or scorned the suffering of the afflicted one; he has not hidden his face from him but has listened to his cry for help.  From you comes the theme of my praise in the great assembly; before those who fear you I will fulfill my vows.  The poor will eat and be satisfied; those who seek the Lord will praise him—may your hearts live forever!  All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations will bow down before him, for dominion belongs to the Lord and he rules over the nations.  All the rich of the earth will feast and worship; all who go down to the dust will kneel before him—those who cannot keep themselves alive.  Posterity will serve him; future generations will be told about the Lord.  They will proclaim his righteousness, declaring to a people yet unborn: He has done it!”
Chelsea looked up.  These words literally brought tears to her eyes.  These words that were not only a prophecy of the trials of Christ but also the sorrowful cry of a suffering man written thousands of years before touched her heart.  She had suffered from so much fear during the past month.  Chelsea was very grateful that she was free.  She was grateful that she was finally safe.  
The more that she thought however, the more Chelsea also felt guilt.  She felt guilty that she had been so helpless throughout the whole ordeal.  She had managed to free Albina and Brandon, but she could not free herself.  Chelsea knew that she had done the best she could but she also felt bad for not being able to do more.  Chelsea also thought about the people who were still afraid and still helpless, the slaves of the Combines.  They were trapped and calling out for help, but she with all her gifts had not really thought about doing anything for them.  Chelsea could not believe that she was going to be sleeping in her own bed that night, but millions of people were languishing in slavery and horror.  She did not want to imagine what the monsters were doing to them.  She felt called to help Albina and do something.  However, she also still felt weak and tired.  Chelsea had just endured a horrible ordeal and did not want to imagine fighting alien monsters at that point in time.  She felt so tired and so weak.
She curled up into a ball on the floor.
“Oh, God,” Chelsea prayed.  “I don’t want to fight aliens.  I don’t want to fight GLaDOS.  I don’t even want to leave this spot on the floor.  I could die here.  I don’t have the strength to do anything.  I’m not strong or capable of doing anything for anyone anymore.”
She felt the arms of God wrap around her.  Chelsea felt inspired to look further into the Bible for the strength that her weary soul needed.  She found it in Isaiah 40 verses 28-31.  
Chelsea read, “…The LORD is the everlasting God…He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.  Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”
These words comforted Chelsea a lot.  She was reminded that she did not have to be a big, strong warrior in order to serve God.  God gave weak people the ability to do things for Him.  He also used bad situations to give normal people the opportunity to be heroes.  God must have given her gifts for a reason.  Her gifts came from this horrible place, but she could still use them for something good.  Chelsea lay on the cold, tiled floor wrapped in a blanket praying for a while longer.  Then she sat up and flipped through the Bible to find the chapter that she last remembered reading, 1 Corinthians 1.  She read through that chapter and was comforted by the words.  Her favorite verse was verse 27 which says, “But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.”  
Chelsea felt weary and weak, and she had no idea what she was doing.  However, that did not matter.  God uses the weak, so he would use her, too.  She and her friends could change the world.  No human should ever have to suffer like she has.  Chelsea had always felt responsible for the lives of her friends and family.  She suddenly felt a great duty to these people who she had not really thought about before, too.  Chelsea wanted to free them and defeat the Combines so that no one would ever have to live in servile fear ever again.  They only had to free themselves, the people in the facility, and slay the beast.  Chelsea was feeling confident.
She cracked open the door to look out on Jeffrey.  He was still asleep.  Chelsea knew that he had worked hard and did not want to wake him before he was ready, so she shut the bathroom door again.  Until Jeffrey woke up, she had nothing to do.  Chelsea placed the Bible in her lap and decided that she wanted to read Revelations.  However as Chelsea was flipping through, her eyes stopped on the passage 1 Corinthians 13.  That was the chapter in which Paul talked about how to truly love another person.  It was read at all the weddings, and Chelsea had memorized it by heart.  
Nevertheless, Chelsea read, “If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.  If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.  If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.  Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.  For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears.  When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.  For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.  And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”
Chelsea froze in shame.  She realized that she had committed a great wrong.  All the time that she was with GLaDOS, she had not shown her an ounce of love.  Chelsea had spoken the truth and had said wise things.  She had had faith and suffered hardship.  However, she had failed in the greatest duty that Christians were called to.  Chelsea had failed to love that monster.  She was impatient, rude, unkind, angry, and held everything that GLaDOS had done to her mother against her.  Chelsea realized that she was unwilling to forgive her.  She harbored the same hatred that she had always harbored against her.  Living in such a way was unacceptable.  Chelsea knew that.
But at the same time, she wondered if she needed to even bother with forgiving her when they were just going to kill her anyway.  Chelsea had never killed anyone before.  However, she was fine with the idea of killing GLaDOS.  Sometimes, killing evil people was the only way to stop them.  Chelsea was taught that her whole life.  God praised Jael for killing Sisera in the Bible.  That was the only way to stop him from harming Israel.  Chelsea knew that killing GLaDOS would be the only way to stop her, too.  If they didn’t kill her, she would only find other humans to kill.  GLaDOS could not be allowed to kill any more people.  That was righteous reasoning.  Chelsea had no problem with it.
However, Chelsea wondered if that was the real reason that she was killing her.  Did she not just want revenge for her mother and now for herself?  Chelsea knew that revenge was meaningless and ultimately a bad motive.  Vengeance was supposed to be carried out by God alone.  Chelsea knew that she was wanting all the wrong things.
“God,” Chelsea said.  “Can you blame me?  I have been through hell.  I can’t forgive like you can.  I just can’t.”  
She felt conflicted.  Chelsea wanted to be a good Christian, but she couldn’t deny the anger and the hatred that she was harboring in her heart.  She could not just let it go in the name of forgiveness.  
Chelsea stood up and walked towards the bathroom mirror.  She looked like a mess.  Her face was dirty, her hair was messy, and her teeth felt disgusting.  Chelsea tiptoed out of the bathroom to borrow Jeffrey’s backpack for supplies.  Jeffrey was still sleeping soundly as a border collie.  She unwrapped the blanket from around her body and laid it over him.  Then Chelsea turned around and walked back to the bathroom.  After shutting herself in, she dug through it for supplies.  Chelsea found toothpaste, and she used her right index finger to brush her teeth.  When she was done with it, she found an extra bar of soap in a box in a plastic bag.  Chelsea smiled.  Jeffrey thought of everything.  She walked to the sink and washed her face and her arms.  Chelsea found some paper towels to dry herself off with.  Then after that, she found a brush to fix her hair with.  Chelsea looked in the mirror and was more or less satisfied with how she looked.  She did not like that she was dressed like a prostitute wearing no real clothing, but that could not be helped.  She would find clothes later.
Chelsea put everything away and then sat down against the wall once again.  She looked down at her hands and noticed that the bandages where her IVs had been were still there.  She decided to tear them off.  After she did so, she looked up and noticed the bandages wrapped around her left shoulder.  Chelsea had no idea about why that was there.  She walked up to the mirror, and she created a disc.  With her disc, Chelsea was able to slice through the thick bandages.  She pulled them off slowly until they were all in the sink.  Then when she was done, she looked up and covered her mouth with her hands in shock.  Chelsea wanted to scream.  The circular Aperture Science logo had been branded upon her left shoulder in the same spot where her tattoo was on her right shoulder.  It was now a permanent scar in that shape.  Chelsea slowly backed away from the mirror in shock and disgust.  She felt as if GLaDOS had violated her.    
Chelsea had read in a book about how slaves were branded either as a form of punishment or as a way of a master showing their superior status over them.  It instilled fear in them because the act meant that their masters could do whatever they wanted with them.  GLaDOS without a doubt meant for Chelsea to feel this way.  It was a way of reminding her of her inferior status.  GLaDOS wanted Chelsea to know that she was hers to do with as she pleased.  If she behaved, she would be treated well, but if not, there would be punishment.  Chelsea was her slave.  GLaDOS had wanted her to believe this fact as deeply as she believed in God.  That was why the brand was at the same spot as her tattoo was on her right shoulder.  To make matters worse, the mark was even more permanent.  Even if Chelsea left, the scar would still be there.  She would always remember the horrors that occurred in this place.  Everyone else would always ask about it, too.
“How in the hell can anyone be this cruel?” Chelsea whispered to herself as she sank down to the floor.  “God, do you see why I can never forgive her?  Do you see what she has done to me?  She’s a monster.”
Chelsea curled her legs up close to her stomach, folded her arms on top of her legs, and rested her head face down on top as she trembled in shock and fear.  
Meanwhile, Jeffrey woke up in the other room.  He opened his eyes, stood up, and stretched out his dog legs while he was yawning.  Jeffrey noticed that Chelsea had laid the blanket on him.  He turned around and noticed that she was not there.  Jeffrey looked up and noticed that his backpack was missing and the bathroom light was on.  That had to be where she was.  Jeffrey shapeshifted back into a human, and he wrapped the blanket around himself and walked over to the bathroom.  The door was cracked open.  He peeked in to see Chelsea in her ball of misery.  Jeffrey saw that the bandages had been removed from her left arm.  She knew about the scar, and she was upset.
Jeffrey wanted to find some way of making her feel better.  He shapeshifted into a dragonfly allowing the blanket to fall on the floor and walked through the crack under the door.  Then Jeffrey flew onto her shoulder.  He walked up to her left ear.  Jeffrey sang a song from “Sweeney Todd,” a musical they both liked.
“I feel you, Johanna,” he sang. “I feel you.  Do they think that walls can hide you?  Even now, I’m at your window.  I am in the dark beside you buried sweetly in your raven hair, Johanna.”  
Chelsea smiled.  She appreciated the sentiment that he was expressing.  Jeffrey was saying that he was there for her no matter what happened.  He had an odd way of expressing himself sometimes but then again so did she.  Chelsea lifted up her head and looked at the dragonfly on her left shoulder.  
“Hey, Jeffrey,” Chelsea said wearily.  
Jeffrey flew up in the air and shapeshifted back into himself.  He then sat down on the ground next to Chelsea.  
“I’m sorry this happened to you,” Jeffrey said.  “I saw them do it.  They used a branding iron.”
Chelsea leaned on Jeffrey’s shoulder.  She remained silent, so Jeffrey kept talking.
“GLaDOS said something awful when she had the robots do it, too,” Jeffrey said.  “She said that it was meant to be some kind of psychological treatment.  I guess that she was just trying to torture you into compliance.”
“I don’t know what to do, Jeffrey,” Chelsea said.  
“About what?” Jeffrey said.
“About GLaDOS,” Chelsea replied.  “I hate that bitch so much right now.  I just want her dead.”
“That’s understandable,” Jeffrey said.
“But it’s wrong.  I know that we have to kill her in order to stop her from hurting more people, but right now, I just want to kill her because of what she did to me and my mother.  I know that it’s wrong to want revenge, but I can’t control how I feel.  I’m afraid that I will turn into a monster.”
Jeffrey shook his head and said, “That will never happen.”
Chelsea lifted her head up and said, “How do you know?”
“You are a strong person, Chelsea.  You have been braver than any of us.  You have kept your sanity and your mind intact while living as a prisoner.  If you have survived her, I am convinced that you can survive anything.”
“That makes sense, but Jeffrey, the only thing that has been keeping me going is God.  It is weird to explain, but He has preserved me on the inside.  He has protected my soul from being erased by fear.”
“Then, doesn’t it stand to reason that God is going to save you from the evil in your own heart, too?  He has saved your soul and nothing is going to take you out of his hand.”
Chelsea looked straight into his eyes.  
“You’re right,” she said.  “I guess that what I have to do is ask for forgiveness and the grace to change.”
“I would also suggest confessing to a priest,” Jeffrey said.  
Chelsea smiled and replied, “I confessed to you.  Isn’t that good enough?”
“I still think it might be a good idea to confess to our preacher,” Jeffrey said.  “I know that it is a ‘Catholic’ thing to do, but it’s still a good idea.”
Chelsea looked down and said, “You may have a good point.  I guess I should talk to other people about it.”
Jeffrey got up and said, “Yes, you should go out there and think about it, and I will be in here because I really need to use the bathroom.”
“I get it, Jeff,” Chelsea said.  “It’s fine.”  
She walked out of the bathroom and picked up the blanket that was lying on the floor outside of the door.  Chelsea sat down on her makeshift bed and thought for a long while Jeff used the bathroom.  She asked God to take away her hatred of GLaDOS, but she did not really mean it.  Chelsea did it because she thought that it was what she should do.  She lay down on the bed wishing that she wasn’t so hypocritical.  
Chelsea began to daydream about the day ahead.  She and her family and friends were going to kill GLaDOS once and for all.  Chelsea was going to give that bitch what she deserved for destroying so many lives.  She wished deep inside that she could be like Jean Valjean of the book Les Miserables and be able to forgive her tormenting enemy, but she really felt like Sweeney Todd and wanted her revenge.  
Chelsea sat up.  She decided to pray some more.  She thought that it would help her feel better if she prayed and expressed all her anger.  Chelsea did.  She expressed every bit of anger she felt out loud.
“I hate her, God,” Chelsea said.  “I hate her so much.  She has treated me like a damn lab animal, and she has marked me for all of time.  Wherever I go for now on, people will always want to know about this stupid scar.  GLaDOS has wounded me for all of time, and I just can’t let her get away with it and pretend that she has done nothing wrong.  I might be crazy, but I don’t really care.”
Chelsea sat up and smiled.  
“I’ll kill her today, and then I’ll be able to go home.  The nightmare will be over.  I’ll slice and dice her into tiny bite size pieces.  Then, that will be the end of that.  My mother, all the dead, and I will be avenged.  After today, God, it will be over.”
Chelsea’s smile vanished.
“God, help me.  Save me from my own insanity.  I don’t want doing this to make me go insane.”
Chelsea created a little disc and as she looked at it, she thought about how similar she was to Sweeney Todd.  They were both people who had been wronged, and they both wanted revenge.  Their weapons of choice were similar, too.  Sweeney Todd used shaving knives to kill, but Chelsea would use her sharp discs to kill.  
She looked at her disc in awe and confusion.  Chelsea always loved her gifts.  She hated that they had to come as a result of her mother’s imprisonment in this horrible place.  The world was not a perfect place.  It was an image of how God could use horrible events to do wonderful things.  Chelsea looked at her scar on her left shoulder.  She smiled.  God had to have a good purpose for that thing being there, too.  She lay back on the makeshift bed and rested her eyes.
Jeffrey finally came out after about an hour.  Chelsea sat up when she heard him open the door.
“Tu étais la pendant beaucoup de temps (You were there for a long time),” Chelsea said in French.  Jeffrey had taken lessons from his mother who was a high school French teacher.
“Je sais ça, mais j’avais une bonne raison (I know that, but I had a good reason),” Jeffrey said.  
“What reason might that be?” Chelsea said.  
“I was reading the Bible and praying,” Jeffrey said.  “I was also getting ready.”
“Those are good reasons.”
“I found something that might help you.”
“In the Bible, you mean?”
“Yes!” Jeffrey said quickly galloping next to her in his excitement.
“What did you find?” Chelsea said not responding to his over-enthusiasm.
“I found the verse in Philippians 4 that says ‘And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.’  That reminded me of you.  That is why you have not and will not go insane.  God is guarding your heart and your mind with peace so that you cannot go insane or have your soul erased by the terror.”
Chelsea remembered something and said, “That’s right.  Corrie ten Boom talked about it in her autobiography.  Even in the midst of the concentration camp, she never lost hope to the terror.  God protected her inside, so he will protect me, too.  I’m not going to go insane.”
Chelsea smiled and cried a small tear of joy.  She was not going to lose herself to her desire for revenge.
Jeffrey handed her the Bible that was opened to the Gospel of John and said, “I realized something else, too.  You know how you’re ashamed of the scar on your shoulder.  Jesus had scars, too.  Thomas touched them.  He received them when he was nailed to the cross.  Remember?  So, you are just like him.  You have received a scar for Him.  You are blessed.”
“You mean that my scar is like a badge of honor or something?” Chelsea asked.  
“Yes,” he said.
Those words really did help make Chelsea feel better.  She realized that they hurt Jesus, too.  She realized that she was not alone in the world.  They tormented him, too.  She like him would bear scars from torment only to be resurrected in the future as something beautiful.  Chelsea realized that this scar was a blessing in a way, but she still felt terrible all the same.  She knew now that this scar would not destroy her, yet she still felt like she had been violated.
“Thanks, Jeffrey!  I really am grateful, but I can’t just reason away my emotions like you can,” Chelsea said.  “I still feel like I’ve been raped by her.  It’s just going to take a while for me to get over that.”
Chelsea got up, walked into the bathroom, and looked into the mirror.
“I suppose that it doesn’t help that I’m dressed like a bikini model either,” she said as she looked at herself.
“Oh,” Jeffrey said.  “I think I can help with that.”
Jeffrey ran to his backpack inside the bathroom and dug inside of it for a minute.  After a minute, he pulled out some navy blue boxer shorts.  He then took off his sweater.  Jeffrey handed both of these clothes to Chelsea.  
“I know it’s not much,” Jeffrey said.  “But it’s what I have.”
“Thanks, man,” Chelsea said grabbing the clothes.  She quickly put on the boxer shorts.  However, she hesitated about putting on the sweater.
“Jeff, I can’t take this,” she said.  “Won’t you be cold?”
“Chelsea, are you forgetting that I can shapeshift into anything?” Jeffrey said as he shapeshifted into a wolf with thick fur.
Chelsea smiled.  
“I’ll be fine,” Jeffrey said shapeshifting back into a human.
“If you say so,” Chelsea said.  She pulled on the sweater.  It was a bit baggy but it was very comfy.  Chelsea hugged herself with joy.  She was so happy to be wearing real clothes again.
“Thank you, Jeffrey,” she said.  “You have no idea how good it feels to wear clothes again.  I have been wearing nothing but bandages and hospital gowns for the past month.  I actually feel like a human being again.”
“You’re welcome,” Jeffrey said.  “How about I get us something to eat?”
“Jeff…” Chelsea started to say but he took off as a peregrine falcon before she could finish.  She wanted to say that there wasn’t anything to eat in there, and it would be better for them to go outside to find something.  Oh, well!  He’d be back soon enough.  
Chelsea went into the bathroom.  She gathered all the stuff together and put it into the backpack so that they could leave as soon as possible.  Chelsea was excited.  She would get to find her friends, she would be reunited with her parents, and best of all, they would get to kill GLaDOS and go home.  Chelsea picked up the packed backpack and placed it besides where she was sitting on the cushions.  She found Jeffrey’s water bottle and filled it to the brim.  She then drank some.  The cold water going down her throat tasted so good.  Chelsea realized that it had been a long time since she had drank cold water, too.
Chelsea got back to the cushions and decided to try to telepathically talk to her father.  She shut her eyes and started calling out to him.
After a minute, Zaki responded, “Chelsea, Chelsea, is that really you?”
“Yes, Dad,” Chelsea responded with joy.  “Jeffrey set me free.  I’m free now.  I’m all beat up, but I’m free.  I can’t believe that I’m saying this.  How are you?  What are you doing?”
“Thank, God,” Zaki said with happiness.  He couldn’t believe that Jeffrey had pulled it off.  “We’re in the vaults below the facility getting people out.  Hold on.  Let me get your mother.”
In less than a minute, Chell was back.  She talked to her by putting her hand on Zaki’s head.
“Oh, thank God!” Chell said with tears of joy.  “Are you okay?”
“I’d be lying if I said I was, Mom,” Chelsea replied.  “I have struggled.  I haven’t been as strong as you.”
“What are you talking about, Chelsea?  You have been so brave.  I know how you saved Albina and Brandon.  I’m so proud of you.”
It hurt to tell the truth.
“Mom, I almost attempted suicide.”
Chell responded with a shocked and upset silence.  
Chelsea continued, “Mom, I’m sorry.  I was so scared, and I thought that I was just holding you guys back.  I didn’t want to deal with it anymore.  However, God told me not do it and have hope, and I did.  Now, I’m free and you don’t know how happy I am to hear your voice.  Please don’t be upset.”
“How could I be upset at you?  I’m upset at her for how much she made you suffer.  I wanted to spare you from her,” Chell said sadly.
“Can you keep going, baby?” Zaki asked.  “Do you think that you have the strength to continue?”
“Dad, I have more than enough strength to fight.  There is no way in hell that I am going to let her get away with what she has done,” Chelsea said.
Chell smiled to herself and replied, “That’s my girl.”
Chelsea looked at her left shoulder and knew that she had to tell her parents about that, too.
“Mom, she did something else to me that I know I need to tell you about,” Chelsea started nervously not knowing how her Mom would react.
“Yes?” Chell replied.
“She branded my left shoulder with the Aperture Science logo.”
Zaki sighed.  He already knew this, too.  He just hadn’t told Chell because he didn’t want her to be upset.  He could see the shock on his wife’s face.
“Why would she do that?” Chell asked.
Chelsea replied, “I think I know why.  It is in the same place where my tattoo is on my right shoulder.  She kept telling me that she owned me like I was her pet or something.  I told her that she would never own me because I was owned by God and my tattoo was a symbol of that.  I think she did it to tell me that she was staking a claim on me and owned me as much as God does.  That bitch is sick.  I don’t know if I can ever find it in my heart to forgive her, mom.”
Chell said, “You are blessed, sweetheart.”
“What?” Chelsea asked.
“Remember the Beatitudes,” Chell said as much to reassure herself as to reassure her daughter.  “The people who are persecuted because of righteousness are given the kingdom of heaven.  You were tortured because you are righteous.  The kingdom of heaven is yours.  I’m so proud of how brave you’ve been, but don’t worry.  Tonight, she will be dead and we will be home together along with all our new friends that we have helped escape from here.”
“That is wonderful, Mom,” Chelsea said.
Her mom sounded so happy at the idea of having her back.  Chelsea was almost afraid of telling her what she was thinking.  She did not want to hide anything from her Mom however.  Chelsea did not like keeping secrets from her mother.
“Mom, there is one more thing that I wanted to tell you,” Chelsea said.
“What is it, Chelsea?” Chell asked.
“What would you say if I told you that I wanted to go fight the Combines with Albina?  I mean…I know how it feels to be a slave now.  I know what it’s like to live in fear every waking second.  No one should have to live that way, Mom.  I’m tired and need to rest.  I know that, but after that, I was thinking about fighting the aliens.  What would you say?”
“I would say that I’m proud of you and you should do it if God is calling you to it,” Chell managed to get out with tears running down her cheeks.
“Thank you, Mom,” Chelsea said.  “Jeffrey went out to get food, but I’ll let you know when we get moving and you can tell us where to go from there to find you.  Okay?”
“Keep us posted, Chelsea,” Zaki said.
The call ended.  Chelsea fell backwards on the cushions.  She knew by her mother’s tone that she didn’t want her to go, and she wasn’t sure of what to do.
Meanwhile in the vaults, Zaki and Chell were standing apart from the small group of people that they had managed to get free plus Roberts.  
Chell stood still.  Zaki stood beside her.  
She turned to look at him and said, “You knew about all that she was going through.  Didn’t you?”  
Zaki slowly nodded.
“Why didn’t you tell me?!” Chell yelled with a very angry look on her face.  “That monster has been making our baby suffer tremendously and you didn’t bother to mention it?  What’s the matter with you?”
“I’m sorry,” Zaki said calmly.  “I didn’t know how to tell you. I thought you would lose your head and do something stupid.  I wasn’t sure if you could handle it.”
Chell looked away from him and stared at the ground in disbelief.  
“I can’t believe how much that bitch has done to her,” Chell said.  “It may have upset me, but I still would have liked to know what she was doing, Zaki.  I want to know what she’s enduring.  Don’t keep things from me anymore no matter how awful.  Okay?”
“Okay,” Zaki agreed.
Chell continued to stare at the ground.  Zaki knew what she was thinking about.
“I know you’re upset about something else, too.  You’re upset because Chelsea wants to leave to fight the aliens,” Zaki said.
“I just can’t believe that she is even thinking about doing that in light of everything that she has been through,” Chell said.
“Are you really?  She is a tough young lady.  She always has been.  She is related to you after all.  Chelsea also wants to see the world.  She is at that age.  I also think that this experience has just given her more of a desire to help others.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing.  I know how you feel though.  You’re worried.  I’m worried, too.  You don’t want her to leave us or more specifically you.”
Chell looked at him and said, “Zaki, you and I both know how it feels to feel trapped.  We both promised after she was born that if we could help it that she would never feel that way.  I think that if God calls her to go she should go.  However…”
Chell’s eyes were filling up with tears.  Zaki put his arm around her shoulder.  He understood because he was feeling exactly the same way.  He feared for the safety of their daughter even though he wanted her to feel free to follow her own desires the way they had not been able to.  
“However?” Zaki asked.
“I still don’t want her to leave,” Chell said.  “That baby means the world to me.”
Meanwhile, Chelsea was lying on the cushions still.  She knew that her Mom wasn’t happy, but she did not know what to do about it.  Chelsea asked God to help her convince her mother if that was what he really wanted her to do.  Then suddenly, Jeffrey as a peregrine falcon swooped back into the room with dead pigeons in his claws.  
“I’m back,” Jeffrey said while flying.  “I found us two pigeons to eat, one for each of us.”
Chelsea sat up and looked at him.
“Jeffrey, that’s disgusting,” she said.  “You know I can’t eat it raw.”
“Hold on a second,” Jeffrey said dropping one of the dead birds.
He swung the bird up in the air, quickly shapeshifted into a small dragon, and breathed fire upon it causing it to barbecue immediately.  By the time Jeffrey caught it in his dragon claw, it was completely cooked.  He smiled at the result, shapeshifted back into a human, and handed the roasted bird back to Chelsea.
“Arigato, Jeffrey-kun,” Chelsea said in Japanese.
Chelsea was happy.  The bird looked delicious.  She had not eaten in about a week because she had been asleep.  Even so, she looked like she had gained back about five pounds of weight.  Be that as it may, she was still hungry.  She looked over the bird in anticipation.
“I really does look good,” Chelsea said.  “Thanks a lot!”
Jeffrey prayed out loud.
He said, “Bless us, Oh Lord, and these thy gifts, which we are about to receive, from thy bounty, through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.”
“Amen,” Chelsea said as Jeffrey crossed himself.
She took her first bite.  It needed some spices, but besides that, it was fine.  Jeffrey shapeshifted back into a falcon and started eating the dead bird.  He picked it apart with his bill as he ate it.  Jeffrey like Chelsea had read many books about animals and had observed animals in the wild.  He learned how to act like other animals from observing them.  
“I got in contact with my parents,” Chelsea said in between bites.
“How are they doing?” Jeffrey asked.
“They seem to be doing alright.  They are down in the vaults getting out the other test subjects.”
Chelsea put her bird down for a moment and said, “I don’t think my Mom is happy though.”
“Why not?” Jeffrey said looking up from the bird he was ripping apart.  
“I told her that I wanted to go fight the Combines and she said she was alright with it, but I know that she didn’t really mean it.”
“How can you tell?”
“It was the tone of her voice.  She sounded like she was trying to sound happy.  She doesn’t want me to leave.”
“What are you going to do?”  
“I think that I’m still going to go.  I think that God wants me to do it.  I don’t want anyone else to be a slave to something overwhelmingly powerful.  I just don’t want her to be upset about it.”
Jeffrey finished eating his bird, picked up the bones with his beak, and flew it outside.  Meanwhile, Chelsea was still eating her pigeon.  Jeffrey came back in and shapeshifted back into a human.  He walked over to Chelsea and sat next to her.  Chelsea turned around so that she could face him.
“How have you been doing, Jeffrey?” Chelsea asked.  “You have been alone for pretty much a month.  What happened?”
“Well,” Jeffrey said.  “When I and the others heard that you and Brandon were kidnapped, we prepared and left about an hour later.  It took a while but Sylvie and Zaki used their telepathy to find the building.  We broke in, and everything was so quiet.  It was actually kind of eerie.  We sneaked around for a while, but she found us.  GLaDOS asked us who we were and if we were related to the test subject.  Zaki said that we had received your call for help and that we demanded to know where she had taken you and Brandon.  She said something about being happy to see the rest of her test subject’s family.  Then the next thing I remember is seeing smoke bombs being set off.  People either passed out or ran away.  She set off some kind of knock out gas.  I was drowsy from it but I shapeshifted into a dragonfly and flew into a vent.  When I woke up, everyone was gone.  I was scared, and I felt alone.  However, I prayed and was able to keep going.  I shapeshifted into a cockroach so that I wouldn’t be noticeable.  For days, I wandered the halls looking for people, but I couldn’t find anybody.  This place is huge.”
“You must have been so lonely,” Chelsea said.
“Not really,” Jeffrey said.  “I knew that God was with me, so I wasn’t upset or anything like that.  I did not like having to stay in the form of an animal all the time though.  I wandered principally to find a good place to hide, to find food and water, and to perhaps find somebody.  I couldn’t communicate with anyone because Zaki was out.  I eventually started going through the vents to search for food.  It was a good place since there was plenty of moss to eat.  As I wandered through the vents, I eventually found this place.  The cameras in this test chamber were all dilapidated, but I took them out anyway and decided to make this place my home.  I have liked it here.  I can be a human here.”
“How did you find your way around this floor?” Chelsea asked.  
“I would shapeshift into an ant and leave pheromone trails so that I could find my way back here,” Jeffrey said.  “Eventually, I got so used to finding my way around that I didn’t need them anymore.  Then, I found you and shapeshifted into a cockroach to watch over you until I found an opportunity to set you free.”
Chelsea looked down in sorrow for all that he had been through.  
Then she looked straight at him and asked, “Jeffrey, out of anyone here, you had more ability to leave than anyone else.  Why didn’t you go find a way out?  You could have seen your parents or breathed fresh air or something like that.”
“I didn’t want to leave you or anyone else,” Jeffrey replied.  
Chelsea smiled to herself as she walked up to the window and dropped the leftovers of the pigeon she had finished eating outside.  
“You’re not even a little mad at me for what I’ve put you through,” Chelsea said.  “You’re godlier than I have been.  I am not able to forgive her for what she has done to me.”
“Look at the bright side, it is over now and I’m sure your wounds will heal with time,” Jeffrey said.
“It’s going to be a long time before I feel anything resembling normal,” Chelsea said very sadly.  “Right now, I just feel awful.”
Jeffrey looked at her sadness and wanted to help.  He began humming Chelsea’s other favorite song from “The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time.”  Chelsea looked up and realized that he was humming “The Song of Storms.” She looked at him in confusion.  One thing the two of them had in common was that they loved music and were very moved by it.  That song always usually had the ability to make her feel happy. Jeffrey stood up and pulled Chelsea up with him.  He started waltzing with her to the song he was humming.  He did stuff like this to pull her out of a bad mood.  He wanted her to know that she was going to be alright, and she could find reasons to be happy still.  Chelsea chuckled and smiled as he twirled her around and around.  For the first time in about a month, she felt a small sense of joy.  Chelsea was able to let go of her pain for a little while.  She was able to feel happy.  She regained the confidence that everything would be alright because God was with her.  It was a small rush of joy that gave her life.  She felt alive once again.  Jeffrey knew that he had helped her when he saw her genuinely smile.  Chelsea felt happy, and she gave him a warm hug.  While hugging him, she noticed sunlight pouring in from a hole in the roof probably.  It was like a divine sign.  
“Are you ready to go?” Chelsea said.
“Yes, I just need to get my stuff together,” Jeffrey said.
“I already did that.  I just think we should both drink some water and then fill the bottle up all the way again one more time before we leave.”
Jeffrey and Chelsea each took turns drinking as much water as they wanted.  Then Jeffrey went to the sink, filled the water bottle all the way to the top, and then put the water bottle in his backpack.
“Shall we?” Jeffrey said.
“Hold on,” Chelsea said.  “I have to contact my parents.  I told them that I would talk to them again as soon as we were about to leave.”
“Okay,” Jeffrey said.  
Chelsea telepathically was able to contact her father once again.  Jeffrey touched her head so he could listen in.
“Hey, Dad,” Chelsea said.  “Give me the gist of what is happening.  We are about to go find the others.”
“Well,” Zaki said.  “Everyone in our group is free now.  Your mother, Pastor Roberts, and I are down here while everyone else is together in another group.  They were hiding in a secret room that a few robots helped them find.  GLaDOS found them, so they had to run.  After that, they were making their way to us.  However, I told them that you two were coming, so now they are waiting outside for you.  All you have to do is make your way to the roof, find them, and then come down to meet us.”
“We are deep underground, but I know that we can find our way out.  The others will not have to wait long,” Chelsea said.
“Chelsea, listen,” Chell said.  “GLaDOS knows that you’re free, and from what Sylvie told us, she is hell bent on finding you.  You two need to protect each other.  There is no telling what she’ll do if she finds you.”  
“I will not let her catch me, Mom.”
“You need to watch your surroundings.  I know by experience that she is good at setting up traps.  Keep your eyes open for anything that looks remotely suspicious.  Avoid anything dangerous looking.  Okay?”
“Protect her, Jeffrey,” Zaki said sternly.
“I will, Zaki,” Jeffrey said.  
“I love you,” Chell said.  “Keep in touch, okay?”
“We will,” Chelsea said.
“10-4,” Zaki said.
Then their communication ceased.
Chelsea turned to Jeffrey and asked, “Are you ready to go?”
“Yep,” Jeffrey said putting on his backpack.  “Let’s go.”
Portal 3 Chapter 16 Part 1
Okay, here is what happened.  Deviant Art is being annoying, so I have to divide the chapter into two parts. 
Anyways, Chelsea is struggling to come to grips with her own psychological trauma.  Poor thing!  Jeff is there to help.  Also, "Sweeney Todd" is a really good musical.  Look it up!

Start from the beginning:…

Part Two of this Chapter:…
I just got into a fight with my Mom.  She blew up on me because I was stressing her out about moving out of my dorm.  It's not like I knew that she was in a bad mood.  It just came out of nowhere.  I'm pretty mad about it now and it just got me to thinking about the difference between family and friends.
Your family consists of people who you are forced to stay loyal to because they took care of you when you were little and will take care of you when you are old.
Friends are the people you love and want to stay loyal to even when life tries to pull you apart.
Forgive me for the cynicism, but that is how I feel.  Family is there because they have to be and friends are there because they want to be. 
I will never be like my mother.  I will always want the support of my friends and want to be there for them in return.  I am never going to take my stress out on other people.  I am not going to yell at others and make them feel bad just because I am stressed out.  Even when I'm old, I want to always have friends.  I'm grateful for my guy friend because he is helping me move out.
  • Mood: Bitter
It did not take long for GLaDOS to realize that her favorite test subject had gone missing.
After not hearing from the doctor robots, she looked into the room where Chelsea had been.  She was not there.  GLaDOS tried looking in the hallways and found that the cameras had been broken.  She assembled a robot to check the area, and he came back having found absolutely nothing.  No doctor robots.  No test subject.  No anything. GLaDOS’s worst fear was realized.  Her test subject had vanished and not left a trace of where she had gone.  
When she found out, she was furious.  It was not the kind of fury that she let out openly.  It was the kind of fury that was quiet, unpredictable, and more frightening.  She did not devote her energy to expressing her anger, but she devoted her energy that night to finding her subject.  
Those freaks had done it.  They had taken her child away, but she was going to get her back.  GLaDOS was determined.  The only problem was how.  The blond one disabled all of the cameras on their section of Aperture.  The neurotoxin emitters were still being repaired.  She had no way to get in contact with or hurting any of them.  Or did she?
The blond one had done something to Blue and Orange to prevent her from tracking them and thus finding a radio frequency to contact them on.  However, she had managed to contact Blue before so she could do it again possibly.  That was her only chance.  GLaDOS knew that Blue and Orange were working against her now.  Orange had turned against her completely, but she felt that she could possibly reach Blue.  He had only rebelled against her to protect his friend.  Somehow if she could persuade him that there was no danger to either of them, then he would convince Orange and come crawling back to her.  Even if she could not persuade Blue to return, she could still pinpoint his location and catch all of the freaks in one place.  She had been letting them run free for too long anyway.  
The truth was that she wanted Atlas and P-Body both back.  Ever since they left, good help had been hard to come by.  The doctor robots had failed her.  Those two never would have.  They would not have allowed Chelsea to escape.  GLaDOS was sure of that.  Besides that, she missed them.  During the past twenty years except for the baby crows, they were the closest things she had to friends.
GLaDOS decided that she would try it.  She sent out the frequency of Blue’s radio transmitter in one direction.  When that didn’t work, she sent in out in another direction.  Then when that didn’t work, she sent it out in yet another direction.  This time, the result was a jackpot.  GLaDOS was getting a reading.
Atlas meanwhile was still asleep with a broken heart lying in his hard chair.  In his sleep, he started to dream.  In his dreams, he saw Sylvie in all her beauty.  He longed to be with her, but was crushed knowing that she would never be his.  He was sitting on the ground staring at her.  It was in the midst of one of these dreams that Atlas heard her voice, the last voice that he wanted to hear.
“Blue, is that you?” GLaDOS said.  “Blue?”
In his dream, the images disappeared.  Atlas stood up and looked around in a panic looking for the source of the voice.
“I’m right here,” GLaDOS said.
Blue turned around and saw her.  She looked the way that she normally did but was hanging from the ceiling in his mind which was a white empty space.
“Thank God,” GLaDOS said relieved.  “I can’t believe that it worked.  I am actually here because I was able to hack into your mind with a radio signal.  Isn’t it wonderful?”
Atlas started to run away and hit himself in the head in a panic.  He was trying to wake himself up.  However, GLaDOS appeared in front of him.
“Don’t run away, Blue,” she said.  “I really need to talk to you.  It’s urgent.”
Atlas turned away and ran off again hitting himself harder than before.  She appeared in front of him again.
“Blue, this is ridiculously pointless,” GLaDOS said.  “I’m here, and I’m not going to leave until I talk to you.  You might as well stop trying to run.”
Atlas realized that running was pointless, so he stopped but did not stop trying to focus on waking up.  GLaDOS deployed a tracking signal to pinpoint Atlas’s location so that she could find them, but while that was going on, she kept talking to hold his attention.
“How have you been, Blue?  What has life been like living with your family of freaks?  Have they been treating you and Orange well?  Do you want to come back?”
Blue looked straight at her and then turned around crossing his arms.
“Don’t be cruel to me, Blue.  You have no idea how it’s been.  I’ve missed you and Orange.  The other robots are so completely inept.  They let her escape.”
Atlas froze in shock.  This was fantastic news.
“I don’t know how she did it at this point, but she managed to get away.  I suspect that she had help. What I do know is that you two never would have let it happen.  The fools who allowed it to happen were killed by her and now the entire facility is in jeopardy.  That is why I need you to come back.  I am willing to forget about everything that you two have done and bury the hatchet so to speak if you come back to me.  I am desperate for help.  What do you say?”
Atlas stayed where he was and refused to give a response.  GLaDOS could see that he was giving her the cold shoulder, so she knew that she would have to try new tactics.
“Why are you being so cold to me, Atlas?”
Atlas tensed up at the sound of her saying his name.  She had never referred to him by his name before.  GLaDOS then appeared right in front of him.  
“I know for a fact that you only rebelled against me because you were trying to protect your friend.  You two are very close.  You would do anything for each other.  I know that.”
GLaDOS was quiet for a moment as she analyzed his memories.
Then she said, “It looks like that it’s not the first time that this has happened either.  I had wondered whether or not that one test subject was just a mistake in the system.”
GLADOS was referring to Atlas’s memory of P-Body releasing a test subject and letting him escape into the world.  He had let him out in order to observe him.  P-Body was the one who was interested in humans.  However after P-Body let him wonder around and watched him for a while, the human made his way to the surface and disappeared.  Atlas made sure that GLaDOS never found out about it in order to protect P-Body.
“You have always protected him, Atlas.  You are a good friend.  He is such a moron always getting himself into trouble and dragging you down with him.  It’s amazing that you haven’t dumped him as a friend already.”
Atlas gave out an “hmph!” and turned away from her once again.
“You betrayed me to save him.  I know where your loyalties lie.  I promise that I won’t make that mistake again.  If you come back, I will allow him to come back, too.  I won’t kill him or ask you to turn against him.  Just back to me.”
Atlas twisted around to flash her a look that said, “Why should I?”  He knew her well enough to not trust her.  Then he turned back around and walked forward.  Atlas had to wake up and tell the others the good news.  GLaDOS was getting frustrated of dealing with his attitude.  He had been corrupted by those humans.  She had lost him.  That was when she noticed something…interesting.
“I don’t think you really care about those humans, Atlas.  You just care about her,” GLaDOS said.
Atlas stopped dead in his tracks.  She knew about Sylvie.  GLaDOS teleported to right in front of him.
“It looks like you have become more human than I ever expected you to be,” she said with amusement.  “You have actually fallen in love with a human and the blond one of all people.  You cared about her, but she broke your heart.  She chose to go with that hideous dragon instead.”
Atlas just stared at the ground in sorrow.  He wanted to, but he couldn’t hide his pain.  GLaDOS saw that and jumped on the opportunity.
“I’m sorry, Atlas,” GLaDOS said soothingly.  “That is a pain that I wanted to spare you from.  I know what it is to be deceived and let down by humans.  There is one thing though that I can tell you from experience.  You cannot let them get away with it.  You have to make them pay for how they have treated you.”
Atlas looked up at her.
“I know from experience that if you don’t make them pay when you have the chance they will keep walking on you forever.  You can’t let them do that.  We have to show them that we are not theirs to play with like toys.  We can do what we want to them.  We can stop them.”
Atlas looked around because he was unsure about her plan.  He was confused and wanted the pain to stop, but he was not sure about how to feel.  Atlas kind of wanted things to be normal again.
“It will make the pain feel better, Atlas,” GLaDOS said.  “Just come back to me.  You and Orange will come back and all will be forgiven.  We will get back at her together.  What do you say?”
GLaDOS’s plan had its merits.  However, the more Atlas thought the more that he knew that things would never be normal.  He was not ignorant anymore.  He knew that what he did was wrong.  He could not just continue to live that way pretending that he was doing nothing wrong whenever he watched humans test.  
Atlas also thought about his new friends.  He did not want to betray them even if he was hurt.  He liked them, and P-body liked them.  They were annoying sometimes, but they were also funny and kind.  Humans were not distant objects as test subjects anymore.  They were living, breathing, feeling, and thinking souls as distinct as he and P-Body were.  He could not pretend that he felt nothing for them like he did before.  Furthermore, they treated him more like an equal than like a slave.  They actually cared about how he felt and tried to be kind to him.  GLaDOS would never treat them like that.  
Besides that more importantly, P-Body liked them.  If Atlas betrayed them, he knew that P-Body would never look him in the eye ever again.  He could not live with that.  
Finally, there was Sylvie.  He cared about her, and in spite of the pain that she had caused him, he could not watch her die.  After all, it was not like she hurt him on purpose.  Atlas knew that he was changed and could not live with the consequences of his actions knowing any of what he knew now.  He made up his mind.
Atlas firmly looked GLaDOS in the eye and shook his head from one side to the other.
GLaDOS was shocked, “What?  Are you really giving up your life for those humans?  They are heart breakers.  You know that now, but you still want to go with them.  You know nothing about what life is like out there.  You barely know what humans are like.  You still want to take that risk?”
Atlas nodded again.
“You disappoint me, Blue.  I created you.  Why are you going against me like this?  Is it because of her?  Humans are heart breakers.  She is just going to break your heart again.  They all do.  It’s best just to take them out so they don’t keep disappointing you.  They cannot be trusted.  Does our past history mean nothing to you?”
Atlas turned around and started walking away.  
“You really are hopeless then,” GLaDOS said with a sigh.  “It’s alright though. You have already helped me enough.”
Atlas turned around in his tracks and stared at her in fear.
“What?  You mean you didn’t know?  I must have forgotten to mention it.  I have been using your brain signals to track you this entire time.  I had to talk to you in order to win enough time to find you.  That is actually the main reason I am here.  I didn’t really want you two ungrateful robots back that badly.  I know where you are now and am deploying robots as we speak.  From your location, they should arrive in about six minutes.  According to your memories, you don’t know anything about how she escaped, but I’m sure your friends did something.  I’ll get them to talk even if I have to torture you in front of the blond to do it.  If that doesn’t work, I can use you all as an incentive to persuade my lost subject to return.  Either way, I’m going to get her back, and you are going to help me whether you want to or not.”
Atlas turned back around and ran away in a panic.  He had to get out.  He had to save the others.  He had to wake up from this nightmare.
“What are you trying to do, Blue?” GLaDOS said.  “There is no escape.  I can control you remotely.  I’m going to keep you asleep until the others get here which should be in about five minutes now.”
Meanwhile, Sylvie had just exited the bathroom and was preparing to go back to sleep when she noticed that Atlas was moving around and kicking in his sleep like he was having some kind of nightmare.  Sylvie walked over to him sleepy yet concerned.    
“What is wrong with him?” Sylvie thought to herself.
She bent down beside him and tried to shake him to wake him up.  Atlas was stirring around in his sleep, but he wasn’t waking up.  Sylvie pat the side of his head gently, but he still wasn’t waking up.  Sylvie started to feel uneasy, so she put her hand on his head to read his mind.  She was scared by what she heard.  It shook the sleepiness out completely.  Sylvie heard GLaDOS’s voice.  Sylvie stood up and backed away.
“How could she have found us?” Sylvie thought.  
She pondered over what to do.  They needed to run, but she could not leave him.  Atlas was in GLaDOS’s clutches.  She had to help him.  She did not want Atlas to suffer at her hand anymore, especially not for helping her.  Sylvie had to face her, so she knelt down close to him and placed her hand on his head once again.  She would face GLaDOS inside of Atlas’s mind.  
Sylvie telepathically entered into Atlas’s mind.  She emerged in the white abyss of Atlas’s dream.  Sylvie looked up to see GLaDOS and Atlas.  GLaDOS was silently brooding over him, and Atlas was trying to run away and escape.
“Atlas!” Sylvie yelled.
Atlas and GLaDOS looked up.  Atlas ran straight over to Sylvie.  Her sweet French-accented voice was music to his ears.  Sylvie and GLaDOS stared right into each other’s eyes.
“Are you really here or are you a figment of his imagination?” GLaDOS asked.
“I’m here, and I’m not going to let you hurt my friend anymore,” Sylvie said.  “Get out now!”
“Look at this, Blue.  It seems that she cares about you after all.”
“Come on, Atlas.  I’ll get you out of here,” Sylvie said to him ignoring what GLaDOS was saying.
She grabbed his arm and started to run away with him in order to mentally transfer him out of his mind.
“So, I take it that he hasn’t told you then?” GLaDOS asked.
“Told me what?” Sylvie asked turning around on her heels.  Atlas pulled on her arm.  They didn’t have the time for this.
“It’s so adorable.  It’s also completely pathetic.  He was madly in love with you, but you broke his heart. You rejected him for that dragon, you monster.”
Atlas bowed his head in shame.  He was found out.  He was so embarrassed.
“Atlas, is that true?” Sylvie asked as she turned towards him.  
Atlas nodded his head in a dazed stupor.
“Oh, Atlas!” Sylvie said.  “I’m so sorry.”
Atlas shook out of his stupor.  He was embarrassed, but he knew that they didn’t have any time to waste.  Atlas knew that GLaDOS was just trying to stall for time.  He pulled on Sylvie’s arm to leave once again.  
“He was just telling me about how cruel you were to him, about how you ignored him, and about how he actually wanted to take revenge,” GLaDOS said.
“Atlas,” Sylvie said still looking at him while standing in place.
Atlas shook his head to indicate that it wasn’t true.  He pulled on her even harder to make her move, but she wouldn’t budge.  They were running out of time.
“He’s lying to you now,” GLaDOS said.  “He doesn’t want you to hear the truth.  That is why he is trying to pull you away.”
Sylvie stood there stunned.  Atlas knew that he had to act soon or else GLaDOS would kill everyone.  He had to do something desperate.  He ran in front of Sylvie and slapped her in the face.
“Atlas,” Sylvie said in shock holding her left hand on the hurt spot of her face.
“Perhaps, he didn’t love you as much as I thought he did,” GLaDOS said more stunned than Sylvie was.
Atlas had Sylvie’s attention now.  He picked up her right hand and placed it on his head.  He wanted her to read his mind.  Sylvie read his mind and in an instant knew everything.  They had to run.  They only had about three minutes to live.
“Let’s get out of here,” Sylvie said.
Atlas nodded, she grabbed his arm, and in an instant, they vanished leaving GLaDOS alone back in her main chamber.  She checked the progress of the robots.  They were closing in quickly.
Meanwhile, Sylvie and Atlas woke up with a start.  Sylvie was breathing hard.  That woke up Hugo and P-Body.
“Sylvie,” Hugo said sitting upright.  “What is wrong?”
Sylvie ran to the couch and started putting her few belongings into her backpack.  
“Everybody wake up now!” Sylvie yelled.
Everyone started to stir.  
“What is happening, Sylvie?” Kayla asked sleepily as the others shook awake.
Sylvie ran over and stuffed Kayla’s blanket, iPhone charger, and iPhone into Kayla’s backpack.
“GLaDOS hacked into Atlas’s mind,” Sylvie said.  “Chelsea is free, but GLaDOS now knows where we all are.  She is sending robots after us so we have to get out of here now.”
Then looking around, she asked, “Where are Albina and Alpha?”
Suddenly, there was a sound outside the door.  The robots had arrived.  They couldn’t open the door because it was blocked by ice.
Kayla reacted the fastest.  She telekinetically opened the window, and she picked up the backpacks and everyone off the ground.  Brandon reached down and grabbed his portal gun just in time.
“Kayla, what are you doing?” he yelled.
“I’m getting us out of here,” Kayla said.  “Let’s go!”
As the robots beat away on the other side of the door, Kayla flew out the window and pulled everyone else out behind her.  P-Body took the opportunity to spin around upside down.  Atlas looked back in fear.
As Kayla was flying outside the window, she saw Albina sleeping in the grass.
“Albina!” Kayla yelled.  “Albina!”  
Albina didn’t stir, but she got Alpha’s attention.  
“What’s wrong?” Alpha asked.
“Wake up Albina,” Kayla said to him.
Alpha shot a few rounds of bullets in the opposite direction.  Albina bolted upwards immediately.  She looked at Alpha who pointed his foot in the direction of Kayla.  Albina twisted her body in Kayla’s direction.  Albina was surprised by what she saw.
“What happened?” Albina yelled.
“Albina,” Kayla yelled.  “Chelsea has escaped, and GLaDOS has found us.  Get up here.  We have to run.”
“Okay,” Albina responded.  
She picked up Alpha and flew upwards.  Kayla landed on the roof and dropped everyone there.  Albina landed there and set Alpha down.
“That was some quick thinking, Kayla,” Roscoe said.  “Good job!  But we’re not out of the woods yet, they can still find us.  They will be able to tell that we were there.  We have to keep moving.”
Albina flew up in the air.  
“I’ll buy us some time,” Albina said.  “Kayla, you and Sylvie know the layout of the facility.  Find another place to hide.”
“How will you know where we are?” Kayla asked.  Albina was silent.
Then she answered her own question.  “I’ll take everyone there and come back for you.  Okay?”
“Okay,” Albina replied flying towards the room.  
Before anyone had the time to react, Kayla picked everyone else except Hugo telekinetically and flew up in the air.  Hugo changed into a fire man and followed her.  She looked down and saw the top window of one of the bathrooms.  They would have to hide there for now.  She flew down there and put everyone down around the window.
“You can’t break the window, Kayla,” Roscoe said knowing her thoughts.  “If they sent robots out here, they would see it.”  
“I’ll just have to rip it out by the frame,” Kayla replied.
“Or,” Brandon said.  “I could just phase us all through.”
“I suppose that would make things easier,” Kayla said.
Brandon and everyone except Kayla held hands.  Brandon phased them all through as Kayla telekinetically lowered them all to the ground.  Kayla pulled out her spray paint can and sprayed an x on the window.
“Kayla, why did you do that?” Roscoe asked.  “Now, they will find us for sure.”
“We’ll just have to run as soon as Albina gets back,” Kayla replied.  “I’m sorry.  I didn’t know how else to find this bathroom.”
“Okay!  Just hurry, Kayla.”
“Got it!”
In the bathroom, everyone sat down but Sylvie walked towards Atlas in the bathroom and gave him a hug.  
“Thank you for saving our lives again,” Sylvie said out loud.  
Then she whispered to him, “I’m sorry that I hurt you.  Can you ever forgive me?”
Atlas nodded his head.
Sylvie smiled and said, “I may not love you like I love Hugo, but you will always be my friend.”
Sylvie let go of him and walked back to Hugo.  She sat down next to him and rested her head on his right shoulder.  
P-Body who had overheard everything tapped Atlas on the head.  He turned to look at him.  Atlas chirped at him to ask him what was going on.  P-Body chirped and pointed at her to ask if she really knew.  Atlas nodded with humiliation.  P-Body understood and wrapped his arm around him for support.
Meanwhile, Albina had flown into the employee lounge and was freezing everything in several layers of ice.  The robots on the other side of the door were desperately trying to push their way through.  She was almost done.  Kayla flew outside the window.  
“Do you need help?” Kayla asked.
Albina turned around to see Kayla hovering right outside the open window.
“Yes, could you shut window when I come out so that I can freeze it shut?” Albina asked.
“Yes,” Kayla said.
Albina finished freezing the room, and then she flew out the window.  Kayla shut it telekinetically, and Albina froze it shut.
“Let’s go,” Albina said.
“Right,” Kayla said.
Kayla led the way while Albina followed closely behind her.  After an awkward moment of silence, Kayla decided to say something.  She did not like fighting with her sister in Christ.  Kayla decided to be the one to break the ice.  
“Albina,” Kayla said.  “I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry for slamming you against the wall.  That wasn’t very nice.”
“I’m sorry for making you cry,” Albina said.  “I am impressed with how well you have done.  Perhaps, you aren’t as immature as I thought you were.”  
Kayla smiled.
“Yay,” she yelled while doing a somersault in the air.  
“Quiet down,” Albina said.  “Do you want GLaDOS to find us?”
“Sorry,” Kayla said quietly.
“You still have serious work to do before you are anywhere near ready to fight the Combines.”
“Must resist urge to say sarcastic comment,” Kayla thought to herself.  “Must resist.”
“Okay,” Kayla said.
Albina noticed that she was trying to act more mature than usual.  She wanted to see how far that she was willing to take it.  She just had to see an opportunity for it.  They soon arrived at the bathroom where everyone was hiding.  
“You marked it with an x?” Albina asked incredulously.  “You definitely have a lot to learn.”
“Why are you giving me so much grief anyways?” Kayla asked.  
“It is just so fun to mess with you.”  
The two girls landed on top of the glass.  
“How are we supposed to get in?” Albina asked.
“We are not going to get in,” Kayla said.  “All of us are going somewhere else.”
Kayla telekinetically lifted everyone into the air and pulled them towards the ceiling.  They all looked up to see Kayla through the glass window.  Brandon and everyone else understood immediately as they grabbed hands with Alpha being held by Sylvie on the end and phased through the ceiling.  Kayla pulled them up into the air with her as Albina flew behind them.  She sped up and got next to where Kayla was.
“You know,” said Albina.  “I think that that x may be for the best.  It will lead them on a wild goose chase.  They will look for us in the opposite direction.  You’re smarter than we thought you were.”
Kayla smiled and said, “Thanks!”
“We will have to move somewhere far from this side of the facility,” Roscoe said.  “That way, they won’t be looking for us in the right area.  Hey, Sylvie?”
“Yes?” Sylvie responded.
“Have you had a chance to map this place out?” he asked.
Sylvie smiled as she replied, “I know this entire place like the back of my hand.”
“Perfect,” Roscoe said.  “Do you know of any bathrooms or anything like that on the other side of this facility?”
“Bien sur (Of course),” she said in French.  “I know of another bathroom on the other side with a sun roof like the last one.”
“Kayla, let me go,” Hugo said.  “I’ll find this bathroom and leave a beacon of light for you to follow.”
Kayla let Hugo fall, and he changed into a man on fire.  He flew straight to the other side of the facility to find the bathroom.  Once he found it, he kept his word.  Hugo stood on the side of the sun roof to the bathroom.  Kayla lowered everyone down on the roof of the building.  Roscoe looked out at the horizon and saw it just beginning to light up.  He looked at his watch.  It was 5:15am.
“You know what to do, Brandon,” Kayla asked.
Albina picked up Alpha, and everyone held hands as Brandon phased them through.  Kayla telekinetically lowered everyone to the ground.  
Once they reached the ground, everyone lay down exhausted and stopped to catch their breath.
“I hope that this floor is clean,” said Albina.  “Otherwise, I may get warts.”
“I keep telling you to wear shoes,” Hugo said.  
“You know that I don’t like shoes.  They just get in the way of my ice.”
“They protect your feet.”
“That is what ice is for.”
“Whatever, Albina.”
Kayla was laying on the ground next to Roscoe.
“Hey, Roscoe,” Kayla said turning her head towards him.  “What time is it?”
Roscoe pulled his right arm up to look at his watch again.
“It is 5:17am,” he said.
Kayla shut her eyes for a second to summon her strength.  Then, she flew up into the air over everyone who was still lying on the ground.  
“Everybody, we have to keep moving,” Kayla said.  “Let’s go!”
Nobody moved.
“Come on, guys,” Kayla said.  “Didn’t you hear Sylvie?  Chelsea is free now.  She could use our help.  We need to find her now.  Let’s go!”
Sylvie and Brandon sat up.  
Kayla pressed on.  She had to encourage them.
She said, “You have all been doing great, but now we have to press on harder than we have before.  Chelsea is free and she is with Jeff, but we don’t know what kind of condition she escaped in.  She could be hurt.  We have to find them both.  Not only that, we have to find my grandpa, Aunt C, and Zaki and free all the prisoners.  Then after that’s over, we have to slay the beast herself.  I know that it sounds like a lot, but God has been with us so far.  We are stopping her evil reign.  We are doing his work.  With his strength, we can do anything like it says in Philippians 4:13.  Come on, guys!  Let’s go to the roof.  It’s too easy to fall asleep in here.  We need to read the Bible, we need to pray, and we need to prepare for what we must do.”
Brandon stood up.  He knew that she was right.  He had to save Chelsea.  He looked at Kayla.
“Albina, could you move me to the roof?” Brandon asked.  “I’ll phase through, and then we can phase everyone through one at a time.”
“Why?” Kayla asked him confused.  “I could just fly everyone up at once.”
“You might wear yourself out with all the heavy lifting,” Brandon replied.  “You are going to need your strength today.  We can’t have you getting worn out before we even get the day started.”
“I can handle it,” Kayla said defiantly.
“Let him do it,” Roscoe said putting his head on her right shoulder.
Kayla turned around to look at him.  He gave her a look that said Brandon was right and that she needed to listen.  Kayla conceded.
“Fine,” Kayla said with a sigh.
“I’ll carry you up to the window,” Albina said.  
She grabbed Brandon’s arm and pulled him into the air.  She struggled, but she managed to get him to a place where he could phase through the window and get on top of the roof.
Hugo flew up first and handed Brandon a glove.  Brandon phased his hand through the glass, grabbed the glove, put it on, and then phased Hugo through.  Next, Albina pulled up Sylvie and then carried Alpha.  
Atlas and P-Body awaited their turns.  Albina looked at them and breathed deeply in preparation.  With their metal frames, they would be the heaviest of all.  Sylvie watched nervously from the roof.  She did not want her new friends to break.  Albina grabbed Atlas’s right arm and P-Body’s left arm.  She flew up upwards but only managed to get them an inch off the ground before she started struggling to go any higher.  Atlas and P-Body on their end felt like their arms were coming off.  They chirped in concern, but only Sylvie could understand them.  Sylvie could not take the sight.  She grabbed Brandon’s arm.
“Phase me through,” she pleaded.
Brandon phased her head through so she could yell at Albina.
“Stop it, Albina,” Sylvie yelled.  “You’re going to break off their arms.  Put them down.”
Albina let them fall on the ground.
“This is not going to work.  They are way too heavy for you.  You’re going to have to do something else,” Sylvie said.
“Okay,” Albina said sitting on the ground and leaning against the wall for a moment.  She was frustrated and exhausted, but she kept her composure and came up with another plan.  Albina stood up.  
“What are you going to do?” Sylvie asked.
“I’m going to make ice stairs,” Albina said.  “Everyone, stand back now.”
Sylvie pulled her head back through the window.  Kayla, Roscoe, Atlas, and P-Body backed up against the wall.  Albina stood in front of the sinks and quickly made stairs out of ice that reached all the way up to the sun window.  Atlas and P-Body looked on in absolute wonder.  They had never seen her do this much with ice before.  Before they knew it, Albina was finished.  
“Come on, you two,” Albina said as she turned around and beckoned to them to come.  
They were nervous.  P-Body walked up to it and Atlas walked up behind him.  Albina smiled to comfort them.
“It is okay,” Albina said as she stepped on to it.  “It is solid.  It will support your weight.”
Albina then turned around and walked all the way up to the top.
“See?” Albina said turning around to face them.  “It is safe.”
P-Body quickly walked up the stairs until he reached the top where Albina was.  Atlas however was more hesitant.  He took one step on the stairs and then hesitantly took another step on the next stair.  P-Body looked at him, face palmed, and walked down to him.  He grabbed Atlas’s hand and pulled him up behind him.  P-Body ran to the top of the stairs dragging Atlas behind.  Brandon phased both of the robots through.  Then Albina phased through behind them.  Kayla was about to fly to the top of the stairs to get herself phased through, but Roscoe did something unexpected.  He started clapping.  Kayla turned to look at him and he was smiling and nodding his head.  Kayla realized that he was showing how proud he was for her maturity.  Young people often need to experience this kind of encouragement.  It does a world of good.  She smiled at him as a reply.
Portal 3 Chapter 15
I cannot believe how popular the previous chapter is.  It's crazy to me.  It has about 270 views as of right now, and it hasn't even been a month since it was uploaded.  Thank you, everyone!

Anyways, GLADOS is finally acting.  She is obsessively desperate to get Chelsea back so the results are not pretty. 

Start from the beginning.…

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“I hated doing this to you,” GLaDOS said as she stared down at Chelsea in the wheelchair straightjacketed and gagged. “But I had to have some quiet in order to concentrate.  I knew that you would never do it willingly.  You’re too stubborn for that.  If you had your way, you would talk my metaphoric ears off with a sermon about morality or something like that.  I’d never be able to get any work done.  I may have had to resort to something drastic like surgically removing your vocal chords.  I’m sure that you would agree that this is the better option.”
GLaDOS turned back and pulled up some monitors with some lab results.  Chelsea glared and started quickly rubbing her mouth on her left shoulder in order to remove the gag.
“You know you are the exact opposite of your mother in that way,” GLaDOS continued.  “She never has said a word to me, but you never seem to stop talking.  Nothing I do could make her talk to me, but I had to resort to extreme measures just to make you shut up for ten minutes.”
GLaDOS turned around and saw what Chelsea was doing.  However, she did not stop so GLaDOS moved her claw under her chin and held her face so that she would look right at her.
“However, I can still see a lot of her in you,” she said.  “I see her face, her eyes, and her tenacity.  You are her child.  You never give up ever.”  
GLaDOS opened her claw a little bit and said as she pinched her claw on the gag, “You are just like her.” Then she said as she pulled the gag down so that it was just hanging around her neck, “But at the same time so different.”
Chelsea breathed through her mouth for a moment and then looked up at GLaDOS.
“I already knew that I was different,” Chelsea said.  “You don’t have to tell me that.  That’s already obvious.”
“Yes, but you have no idea how different you are,” GLaDOS said.  “You are not even human.”
“What are you talking about?”
“There’s something you need to see.”
GLaDOS used her claw to pick Chelsea up by her waist out of the wheelchair.  She carried her and placed her on a black leather office chair that had wheels on the bottom.  It was very comfortable.  
“I found you a more comfortable chair, so that you could be comfortable until the medicine on your legs wore off,” GLaDOS said.
GLaDOS then moved the chair until it stopped in front of the monitors.  The monitors had charts on them, but Chelsea couldn’t make sense of them.
“Did you know that you have more in common with a plant than you do with a human?” GLaDOS asked.  “It is actually very interesting.”
“What do you mean?” Chelsea asked.  “That’s nonsense.”
“I mean that you require sunlight in order to survive.”
“Everyone does.  They get vitamin A through their skin.”
“That is true for normal humans, but you are no normal human.  Your body gets most of its energy from sunlight.”
GLaDOS looked towards the monitors.  
“For the first three weeks that you were here, I was honestly afraid that you were going to die,” she said.  “Not because of anything I was doing, but because of how your metabolism was operating.  We gave you as much nutrition intravenously as was recommended in order to keep your body functioning normally, but after just eight hours, your body began to use it up too quickly and started consuming what little fat reserves were left on you.  We began to have to give you more and more so that your body would not turn to consuming its own organs.  I did everything I could think of for three weeks while continuing your invasive examinations, but even with the nutrients, your body managed to lose 20 pounds.  That is not healthy by any means you know.  No human is supposed to lose weight that fast.  A little bit of weight is lost.  That is to be expected but not 20 pounds.  I didn’t tell you my concerns when you woke up the first time because I was afraid of your reaction.  Most humans do not like hearing news of that sort, especially in your situation.”
Chelsea looked at her and said, “I was dying and you didn’t tell me!”
“I didn’t want to scare you,” GLaDOS said.  “You may have panicked and tried to run away.  Of course, you did that anyway, but you would have tried even harder.  You would have definitely died then.  But anyways, you are getting us off topic again. You contracted pneumonia which made everything much worse.  Your body was desperate for energy, and I was desperate for ideas.  I came up with an interesting hypothesis that was a crazy idea, but I thought it was worth a shot.  You know how the hard light bridges work?”
GLaDOS pulled up a picture of hard light bridges on the monitor.
“No,” Chelsea replied.  “I have no idea.”
“They are powered by sunlight that is pumped in from the surface,” GLaDOS said.  “The material of the hard light trails is what lives in your bloodstream, so my hypothesis was that your body worked in a similar way.  I noticed that your metabolism always slowed down to normal levels for a time after you had been under the surgical lights in the medical examination lab for a while and sped up considerably on the days when you were left in the dark post-surgical relaxation room, so I thought the hypothesis could prove to be true.  I had a large sunlamp brought in and had you placed under it.  I gave you everything you needed while continuously bathing you in light.  To my surprise after one day, your metabolism was not only slowing down.  Your left arm was ready to have its stitches removed and your body was beginning to heal more quickly.  I wanted to know if it was the sunlamp or something else, so I gave you food to eat when the machine broke in order to see if your body would hold the weight and changed nothing else except for turning off the sunlamp for 24 hours…”
“Ceteris Paribas,” Chelsea muttered to herself.
“Excuse me?” GLaDOS asked.
“Ceteris Paribas, that in Latin means that you changed all other factors except for one,” Chelsea said.  “I remember that from an economics textbook a while back but I thought it applied here.  I’m kind of random that way.”
“Uh huh,” GLaDOS said in a tone that was somewhat fascinated.  “But once I left you in the dark again, your body immediately went back to what it was doing before.  I knew after that that it was the light your body needed, so that’s how we treated you.  The results were unbelievable.  Your wounds and your disease healed very quickly.  You started to regain your weight, too.  I scanned your body after catching you again to verify what I already had guessed, and it turned out to be true.”
“What turned out to be true?” Chelsea asked.
“The radiation in your blood has a much larger effect than giving you powers.  It affects how your entire body functions.  Your body gathers energy from the light that it would normally gather from food or water.  You still require nutrition and hydration, but you need light more than any of them in order to survive.  Your body uses energy from the light in order to carry out its normal functions.  It can survive in the dark for a night time from energy stored in cells, but after that energy is used up, it gets hungry and requires exposure to the sun once again.  If it stays in the dark for too long, it turns to fat reserves or anything else available in order to nourish itself.  Then if it is still deprived for much longer, you like a plant will wither away.  However if you are allowed constant exposure to the light, your body works in overdrive.  Because of the excess of energy, everything functions faster, especially your immune system and healing functions.  That is why in about a week you were able to recover from injuries that it would take other people weeks and months to recover from.  It is also has caused your hair to grow out a little it.  Fascinating, isn’t it?  Like I said before, you are more like a plant than like a human.  Now, any questions?”
Chelsea felt absolutely dumbfounded.  What GLaDOS was saying was so bizarre, and yet it made sense.  Chelsea had always noticed that her body felt stronger after being in the sun.  Sunlight always made her feel better.  She had also noticed that her body felt weaker after being out of the sun for long periods of time like when she was playing videogames in a dark room with Jeffrey for hours on end.  It made sense, but at the same time, it was so hard to believe.  Chelsea wracked her brain to find any objections.  She could only find one question.
“Just to clarify,” Chelsea said.  “My body survives off sunlight, but can it survive on artificial light, too?”
“It can,” GLaDOS said.  “The light is just not as good for it as sunlight is, but it can manage.”
“Oh,” Chelsea said.  That explained why she didn’t die when she had to stay inside during the winter.
After a moment of silence passed, GLaDOS said, “It’s simply incredible.  Isn’t it?  You could have gone your entire life without ever knowing this information.  Aren’t you glad we met?”
Chelsea glared at GLaDOS and said, “I am glad that I know what I know now.  I just wish that I could have found it out without being experimented on.  This whole experience has been absolutely awful, and I honestly can’t wait for it to be over.”
“You complain way too much, princess.  You act as if I have intentionally harmed you.  I haven’t done anything to you out of spite.  I have only done what is necessary.  I have even treated you better than others.  This place and I are not as cruel as you think.  Actually if you wanted to make comparisons, Aperture Science is pretty humane compared to other facilities.”
“Yeah, right!  I am sitting here in a straightjacket and cannot walk because you forcibly tranquilized me.  You don’t know what humane means.  That is a boldfaced lie.”
“It actually isn’t.  Have you ever heard of Unit 731?”
“Unit 731?” Chelsea asked.  “No, what is it?”
“I’ll enlighten you then,” GLaDOS said pulling up pictures on the monitor.
The first picture was of an Imperial Japanese Army Unit from World War II.  While GLaDOS was explaining, she pulled up more pictures from her database to illustrate what she was talking about.  
“The Imperial Japanese Army Unit 731 was a unit that held a scientific research facility in their conquered territory of China during World War II,” GLaDOS explained.  “This research facility was funded by the government and allowed to carry out experiments on captured locals and prisoners of war for the purpose of research in biological warfare.  Lieutenant Shiro Ishii was in charge while the facility was staffed by doctors and research staff from Japanese universities and medical schools.  All of it was kept top secret so that the general public would not know about it.”
“That’s awful,” Chelsea said in disgust.  “Just as bad as here though.”
“Oh, no,” GLaDOS said.  “Their work was much more savage.  You see, here in Aperture, death was a much quicker process.  The humans did not suffer as much.  In Unit 731 however, their deaths were slower and usually more painful.”
GLaDOS pulled up pictures in color of the subjects staring at the camera with their faces full of illness.
“You see,” she said.  “People were deliberately infected with pathogens like anthrax, the plague, and cholera.  They were infected and then they were dissected alive without anesthesia.”
GLaDOS pulled up pictures and silent color film footage of a subject as he was dissected alive without anesthesia.  The subject was tied down, and he was screaming in horror as he was being cut open from the chest to the stomach and his organs were popping out.  His face was twisted in agony.  Chelsea had never seen such a gruesome sight in her entire life.  She had never watched anyone die.  It was absolutely horrifying.  Chelsea began shaking with fear at the sight while GLaDOS remained emotionless.  It bothered her even more to know that except for the fact that she was unconscious the robots did the same thing to her.
“Oh, God,” Chelsea whispered in horror.  “You did the same thing to me.”
“Oh, no,” GLaDOS said.  “You were asleep the whole time and I actually made sure that your organs were put back where they belonged.”
GLaDOS pulled up a video of the robots doing a medical examination on Chelsea.  She was asleep the whole time as they cut her open and appeared to be examining her organs.  Chelsea saw it all, and she closed her eyes because she felt nauseous.
“In comparison,” GLaDOS said pulling down the video.  “I would say that you were treated much better.”
Chelsea opened her eyes and shook in fear.
“That’s not all they did either,” GLaDOS said very matter of fact pulling down one video and pulling up another.  “Other subjects were taken outside and tied to stakes.  Sometimes, a bomb would be tested close by in order to see how humans were affected.”
GLaDOS then pulled up video footage of someone tied to a stake being hit by the shrapnel of a bomb.  The shrapnel flew straight into her chest, she appeared to scream, and then all screams stopped entirely as her head flopped forward.  Chelsea was speechless.  She wanted to believe the image was not real and that no one was really dying.  However, she knew that it wasn’t true.  Chelsea noticed that her ability to think was disappearing as every thought became clouded in terror.  All she could do was feel, and she felt fear.  
GLaDOS continued as she pulled down one video and pulled up another, “Other kinds of bombs were tested as well like plague bombs.  Then other humans like the one in this video were tested to their limits.  This one was locked inside a pressure chamber until his eyes bulged out.”
Chelsea watched a young boy curl up into a ball on the floor and scream from pressure exposure.  The camera was at a distance so she could not see him as well, but she could tell when his eyes popped out.  He was screaming and this time there was audio.  He was screaming in agony and yelling in Chinese.  Chelsea could not understand him, but the fear and anguish behind his voice would forever ring in her ears.  GLaDOS seeing the fear in her eyes as well pulled down the video and pulled up photographs to correspond with what she was saying.
“Subjects would be taken outside during the winter so that their limbs would freeze off, and the scientists could discover then how to treat frostbite,” GLaDOS said nonchalantly and in the most emotionless way imaginable.  “They would also test poison gas, amputate limbs in order to study the effects of blood loss, attach limbs to opposite sides of the body, remove stomachs, reattach the esophagus to the intestines, remove parts of the brain and other essential organs, have guards rape the women and then examine the babies, drop items infected with venereal diseases into surrounding villages, test flamethrowers on humans, test chemical weapons on them, deprive them of food and water in order to determine the length of time until death, experimented on them to determine the relationship between human survivals and temperature burns, spin them to death in centrifuges, inject them with animal blood, expose them to lethal doses of x-rays, inject them with sea water, bury them alive…”
Chelsea sat still staring at the monitor in absolute horror.  The pictures that were being pulled up were in full color so she saw everything.  She was absolutely shocked.  She saw surgeons vivisecting a baby, doctors applying burns onto subjects, a man getting injected with needles, a woman suffocating in a gas chamber, starving children, and other awful images.  The worst images of all had to be the vivisections.  It was weird.  When they were cut open, the organs were brought out, and they were being cut apart, the humans did not look like humans anymore.  They were masses of body parts.  That was how they were seen.  Chelsea realized that was how GLaDOS saw her.  
It was too much.  Every single one of these humans was a person made in the image of God, but here, they were being destroyed and degraded so that every trace of that dignity was removed.  They were just masses of body parts to be used.  They did not matter.  They were treated like objects that could be played with and then discarded.  Chelsea knew that the Japanese had done bad things, but she had never believed they would be guilty of something this horrible.  It was horrifying to realize how horrible people could be.  
Meanwhile, GLaDOS was continuing to list of all the atrocities committed there like she was listing off the items on a grocery list.  It obviously did not phase her in the least.  Chelsea had had enough.  She could move her feet so she used her feet to help her turn her chair around on the floor.  Her eyes were filling up with tears and bile was rising in her throat at all she had just seen.  GLaDOS stopped talking and watched her.  Chelsea was trembling from head to toe.  
“They were humans,” Chelsea said quietly looking down.  “They each had souls.  God knitted them together in their mothers’ wombs.  They had purposes for living.  Jesus shed his blood for every single one of them.  How could they do something so horrible?  How could this place do such awful things?”
“Interesting,” GLaDOS remarked intrigued at her reaction.  “You are doing it again.  You are responding with faith logic.  Other humans would just be quiet or be angry and yell a lot.  You always respond in the same way.  You go off about why it’s wrong.  Every time, you always go off about why it’s wrong.  No matter what it is, that is how you respond.  It fascinates me.”
“You see all that and that is all you have to say?” Chelsea said darkly.  “You deserve to burn.”
“I already have,” GLaDOS said sarcastically.  “I can’t help it.  You really are interesting.  You are intelligent, but you talk like a pastor or a philosopher.  You are related to your mother, but you are as skinny as a twig.  There are so many contradictions in you.  Your being is almost as interesting as your powers.  You are remarkably odd.”
Suddenly, something occurred to Chelsea.  She used her feet to move the chair back around and look at GLaDOS.
“GLaDOS, if these experiments were so secret, then how does Aperture have video footage and photographs of all of it,” Chelsea asked.
“There’s the intelligence,” GLaDOS said.
“Well?” Chelsea asked.
GLaDOS started talking once again, “After the war ended and Japan lost, the United States government found out what the Japanese had done.  However instead of punishing them for committing war crimes, they wanted to use their research, so the two governments made a deal.  The United States government would have complete access to all the findings of their research and in exchange the Japanese were granted complete impunity for their crimes…”
“No,” Chelsea said in disbelief.  “They weren’t!  Those bastards got away with it?”
“Yes,” GLaDOS said slightly annoyed at Chelsea’s interruption.  “Most of the doctors went on to prominent careers afterwards.  But as I was saying…”
“That’s messed up.  That is so screwed up.  How could they do something so awful?”
“Do I have to put the gag back on your mouth or will you let me finish explaining?  Anyways, Aperture Science was on good terms with the government at the time, so we were granted access to all the research.  That research was incredibly helpful to the company.  It helped us determine how to best set up our tests with people.  We studied their data to come up with research of our own.  It helped us to come up with many fantastic ideas.  The scientists of Unit 731 were truly great partners in the pursuit of science.”
Chelsea stared down at the floor absolutely disgusted by what she was hearing.  GLaDOS saw how she was feeling and continued talking.
“Anyways, the point I was trying to make with that is that you complain way too much,” GLaDOS said coldly.  “I know.  I have been so cruel to you.  I put you under for three and half weeks while I examined your insides.  I have done everything I could to take care of you.  You have not had to suffer in the least compared to how the other test subjects were treated here or there.”
“I hate this place regardless,” Chelsea said.  “I hate that place, too.  I wish neither of them were ever created.  I can’t wait until I can tear this place apart.”
“Don’t be so rash,” GLaDOS said.  “If it weren’t for Unit 731 and Aperture, you wouldn’t exist or be the way you are now.”
“What do you mean?”
“Unit 731 inspired a great deal of research in Aperture, including the portal tests.  If it weren’t for Aperture, your mother would not have been alive to meet your father in the future and to give birth to you.  You would not have ever existed.  Furthermore if it weren’t for the portal tests, your mother wouldn’t have been exposed to radiation and you would not have had your powers either.  You really should be more grateful.  You may hate this place.  You may hate it with all your heart, but you owe everything to it.”
Chelsea pulled her head up and looked forward.  GLaDOS was right.  She existed because of Aperture.  God could use horrible events to do great things, but was her existence the only reason that he allowed those things to happen?  Surely, she was not worth all the suffering that went on.  Why did he allow this?  Chelsea couldn’t reason through it.  She tried to think through the horror, but it was getting too hard.
“And so it goes,” GLaDOS continued coldly interrupting her thoughts.  “You have to do something other people consider despicable in order to accomplish something great, but the results are always worth the sacrifices.”
“No, they’re not,” Chelsea said defiantly.  “They’re not worth it.  They have never been worth it.”
“That’s your opinion,” GLaDOS said.  “I would have thought that you valued your existence more than that.”
Chelsea looked GLaDOS in the face again.
“GLaDOS, what is your point behind this?  Why are you showing me all these images?  What are you trying to accomplish?” Chelsea asked.
“I’m only trying to make a point to you, saint,” GLaDOS said pulling in closer.  “In your questioning, you said that you cared about people and wanted to go out into the world to fight aliens in order to save mankind.  That is an admirable goal on paper, but if you were to do that, what would you really have accomplished?  Would you have really done anything good?”
“What are you saying?”
“I’m saying that the world you live in now is simpler, more beautiful, and much more peaceful place than what the world would be if all those humans were free.  Think about it.  You take what you need, you live in a community of understanding people who love you and each other, and everyone has figured out how to live comfortably enough to be content with their lives.  The environment I’m sure is healthier, too.  Without all the cars, global warming has reduced drastically and all the endangered species are exploding in numbers.  You don’t have to face hostility from anyone for your religious beliefs, your powers, or for your mental disability either.  Even though it’s the Apocalypse, you are actually better off ironically.  You may have to work harder in order to live but you can handle this life.  You know how to handle it, so it’s better.  The old world would have been a much more difficult place to live.”
“Yeah, I get it!” Chelsea said impatiently.  “I’ve read books, seen the documentaries, and talked to people.  I know the old world sucked, but it’s gone.  What does that have to do with fighting now?”
“If you save the world and free all those people, then what will the result be?” GLaDOS said.  “The people will resort to the world that they knew before.  The world will become an awful place once again.  If you were scared of the pictures of Unit 731, how horrifying will you find the world that these people create?  You would not have saved the world.  You would have killed it once again.  Those people are the ones who made the old world so horrible.  They don’t deserve another chance.  They will just do the same thing again.”
Chelsea felt haunted by her old words being thrown back at her.  
“It doesn’t have to be that way,” Chelsea protested.  “The world is different than you remember it.  People have changed.  It wasn’t that bad before.  Even if it was, we can change it for the better.  The old system is gone anyway.”
“From my experience and my study of history, human nature stays pretty consistent over time,” GLaDOS said cynically.  “Civilization may have improved as far as technology and laws go, but people always have the same basic problems in their nature.  From what I can tell, your congregation has not been immune to those problems either.  I mean one of your friends is an orphan who was abandoned by peasants because they feared that she was a demon…”
Chelsea looked up afraid and said, “How did you know about…”
“One of your other friends is an angry dragon with violent tendencies, and another one of them is a telekinetic cripple with no arms or legs.  That is most of the information that I have been able to glean from them so far, but from that, I can tell that your world was not and is not perfect.  Tell me, how have your mutated people coped with living in the real world?  I can’t imagine that your people were well-accepted by everyone.”
Chelsea thought for a moment.  GLaDOS was right.  The emergence of the mutated humans was a surprise to everyone and although for the most part they were tolerated, their relationship with the rest of the world was shaky at best from what she had learned from her family.  The governments of the world had figured that trying to control them would cause a controversy that could spark a war, so they left them alone.  How the mutants fit in with the rest of society depended on how each individual used their powers and how their societies reacted to them.  There were many mutants who used their powers for good.  Some mutants, like Pastor Roberts, had powers but did not let them determine the choice of their careers and were thus treated like normal people because they did not advertise their mutation.  Other mutants, like Zaki and Roscoe, decided to use their powers in order to help others in their respective fields.  Mutants like them were praised.  However, the praise led to jealousy and rejection for others like Sylvie, who was hated and envied for what was perceived as an unfair advantage.  Sometimes for mutants like Albina who lived in more spiritual countries, mutants were seen as demonic and were thus feared and mistreated by other people even when they did nothing wrong.  
Furthermore, there were also many mutants who abused their power for their own selfish gain.  There were people like Zaki’s parents and Brandon’s mother who used their powers to manipulate others and to gain something for themselves.  While they worked by themselves, there were others who worked with or formed larger criminal organizations and caused a lot of trouble.  That was an especially big problem on the continent of Africa and in the country of India.  People who were born with mutated powers were considered manifestations of the gods in the more traditional villages and were worshipped as such.  There were a good number of benevolent “gods” who tried to use their gifts well, but there was a large number of “gods” who had higher ambitions for their mortal lives.  They used their power and influence to fight against their respective governments and people that opposed them in order to obtain ultimate political power in their nations.  Their followers did whatever they wanted because they actually believed that they were gods and feared them as such.  That made life hell for Hugo when he was still living in Cote d’Ivoire.  People were deeply suspicious of him even if his father worked in the government and had a reputation for being a godly man.  The people who were not pagans treated other mutants as witches or warlocks.  There were congregations of Christians and Muslims who knew better, but they were outnumbered.  That social rejection and turmoil in general also had the effect of breeding future criminals and warlords who amassed followers and used their powers for to cause trouble.  
In any case, the mutants did not have an easy time before the Combines returned to earth.  Now in comparison, life was peaceful.  Chelsea’s congregation was a good one that accepted the mutated people as being blessed by God.  The rest of the world would not be like that.  Chelsea sighed.  She knew that the rest of the world would not be like her congregation.  They did not want to follow the ways of Christ.  Releasing those people could be releasing a Pandora’s Box of bad things.  The world would have to deal with the evil until Christ’s return.  
“The mutants have had a hard time coping in the world,” Chelsea admitted.  “There was prejudice and I figure that there always will be.”
“Isn’t it sad?” GLaDOS asked rhetorically.  “There is always prejudice against those who are different, those who in appearance, in mental faculties, and in abilities are just not like everybody else.  The world should embrace them, but instead, they reject them, fear them, and sometimes even lock them away.  It is so unbelievably cruel.  Take you and your ADHD for instance.  If you grew up in the normal world, odds are that you would struggling with depression.  People with ADHD tend to be more intelligent, more creative, and more energetic than normal, but you struggle to sit still and pay attention.  For that, you are seen as a troublemaker by all your peers.  But now, you don’t have to worry about prejudice from anyone.  In fact, your world seems to be freer than it has ever been.  You don’t have any culture, any society, any system, or any government to contend with.  You can do and have whatever you want, and there is nothing in the world to tell you no.  I don’t know how you could say no to it.”
Chelsea sat in silence and thought for a while that GLaDOS was right.  The world for her was awesome the way it was, and she wished that she did not have to fight to help other people who may make it what it was before.  She didn’t want to worry about the prejudice, but she decided that she would be able to handle with the help of God.
“I would learn how to deal with the world,” Chelsea said.  “You said yourself that I’m pretty smart.  I could figure out how to adapt.”
“You might be able to,” GLaDOS said.  “But would your mother or any of the others?  I guess that all the others could use their powers to do something to get by while enduring the prejudice, but what about your mother?  How would she adapt with having to become part of the system and all the stresses that come with it?  How would the world treat her?  I guess that she can make jewelry, but would she be able to live off of it especially considering all her emotional needs that she would have to attend to?”
“How dare you,” Chelsea said angrily.
“That is something that you should be more concerned about,” GLaDOS said.  “The world you live in now is more stress free than the world that you would release.  Life will be much more complicated once they’re around.  You’ll see.  You really have no idea what people are capable of.  They are evil and will destroy everything the way that they did before.  Your good world will be gone forever, and you will have hurt the lives of the people that you care about the most.”  
“It doesn’t have to be that way,” Chelsea said hopefully.  “I am part of the future after all.  God can use me and my family to influence the world for the better.  There have to be prejudice or destruction.”
“Don’t think that you can change all of human nature, saint,” GLaDOS said cynically.  “It will always be a losing battle.  No matter how much good you do, evil will always be done out there.”
“Until Jesus returns and defeats it all.”
“Maybe, but until then, you’re the one who will have to put up with it.  Will you be able to handle it?  I mean, from being here, you have had several nervous breakdowns and have come close to committing suicide twice.  If you were to do that out there, you may have been institutionalized.  I honestly don’t think you’re capable of handling it.”
Chelsea was overwhelmed.  She had not thought about the consequences of defeating the Combines and saving all the humans.  GLaDOS was right in a way.  The world would never be the same.  Would they all be able to deal with it?  
Chelsea looked off into the distance thoughtfully for a moment and then said, “No, I probably won’t be able to handle it, but I will with the help of God.  All of us will.  He has helped me endure this hell, so I think I can face whatever the world throws at me.  Besides, I have no choice.  I don’t want to stay here.”
“Why?” GLaDOS asked.
Chelsea looked at her dumbfounded.  Did she really just ask such an incredibly obvious question?
“Why?” Chelsea asked back.  “I don’t want to be treated like a lab animal.  That’s why!  I don’t want to be vivisected, drugged, inseminated, isolated, put through trials, and deprived of life whenever you see fit.  I want to be free.”
“That makes sense,” GLaDOS said.  “I have actually been thinking a lot about it since you were being questioned.  Your friends want to be free to fight aliens, you want to be free to live life to the upmost, and I want to understand how your powers work.  I have been thinking about a way to get all of us what we want.”
“So, what do you propose that we do?” Chelsea asked.
“Exactly what I said before,” GLaDOS said.  “We make a compromise.”
“What kind of compromise?” Chelsea asked nervously.
“I already know about the escaped test subjects,” GLaDOS said.  “My robots are tracking them down now.  However if you agree to help me, I will let them all go.”
“You would?” Chelsea asked nervously and skeptically.  “Help you how?”
“There’s also a lot of equipment in the facility that is not being used, too.  The blond one can take it and use it to make whatever she wants.  They will need all they can if they are going to fight aliens after all.”
“You would just let us take it?  What do you want in return?”
“Yes, I’m willing to do that for them, but in return again, all I want is you.  I want you to stay with me willingly for the rest of your life.  I will carry out experiments to find out how your powers work, and I will give your friends whatever they desire.”
Chelsea thought for a moment and shook her head.
“No, there’s no way that my friends would ever agree to that,” Chelsea said.  “They wouldn’t want to leave me behind.”
“Why do you think they care about you?” GLaDOS asked coldly.  “It’s because you have helped them, and right now, they need you.  They’re your friends now, but they will desert you once the world is back in working order.  They have other missions that they want to accomplish.  Life will force them to scatter and you will lose all contact with them.  Maintaining a relationship with you will not be a priority for them anymore.”
“That’s not true,” Chelsea said shaking.  The comment struck her to her core.  She loved her friends.  They really were her family and the idea of them leaving her life horrified her.  She wanted them to stay in her life for as long as she lived.  She thought they felt the same way about her and loved her in the same way.  She believed that they did.  They had to.  She didn’t want to think that them leaving her was even a possibility.
“Most friendships don’t last a lifetime,” GLaDOS said coldly.  “Why should yours be any different?  Most friends leave anyway.”
“Roscoe didn’t,” Chelsea protested.  “He has been my Dad’s best friend since college.  They’re like brothers.”
“There are exceptions to the rules, but mostly, people aren’t willing to keep in contact for that long,” GLaDOS admitted.  “People tend to get what they need from someone and then abandon them when they don’t need them anymore.  Other people are just not willing to fight to stay friends forever.”
“My friends will,” Chelsea said as much to convince herself as to convince GLaDOS.  “You’ll see.  They aren’t monsters like you.  They care about me.  We’re family, and we will always be there for each other.”
“Whatever,” GLaDOS said.  “Don’t come crying to me when you’re disappointed.”
“My parents would never approve of it either,” Chelsea said.
“You’re an adult now legally, and they have to respect your ability to make choices,” GLaDOS said.
“They won’t do that because they know that there is no way in hell that I would make this choice willingly.  Why should I?  You’re going to put me and my babies through a world of agony,” Chelsea responded.
“I’ve been thinking about that, too,” GLaDOS said.  “If you would agree to stay with me, I would give you three things in return.  First of all, I would take your experiments in another direction.  I would not require you to have babies or go through the testing chambers.”
“It’s true.  In order to show you how sincere I am, I will even release the test subject who I intended for you to marry.”
“I thought you said they were all free.”
“No, one is still in the testing chamber relaxation center where I left him about a month ago.  I was going to test him when you showed up.”
Jeffrey heard the message loud and clear and telepathically contacted Zaki about it right away.
“Second in between work, I will let you take vacations with a robot escort.  You can even visit your family as long as you swear to return,” GLaDOS said.
“Some vacation that would be,” Chelsea said sarcastically.  “I wouldn’t be able to do anything other than go home.  I will never see the world.”
“I found a way to solve that problem, too,” GLaDOS said.  “There are teleportation chambers that the scientists were working on.  They could go anywhere in the world.  If you stay, I could fix them and you could go wherever your heart desires.  I think you have earned that, little saint.  You have been so kind and so helpful towards others without asking a thing in return.  I think you deserve for someone to do something for you for a change.”
“You’re not serious,” Chelsea said in surprise.  
“Aperture Science was responsible for creating the portal gun and sentient artificial beings,” GLaDOS said.  “Is the invention of a teleporter really that far-fetched?”
Chelsea was quiet, but her heart was beating faster with excitement about the idea.  It was like something out of a science fiction movie or TV show.  She could not believe that such a great thing really existed and could be used in her life.  She could go anywhere she wanted in the whole world.
“I could go anywhere I wanted?” Chelsea asked.
“Yes,” GLaDOS said fanning the flames in her heart.  “You could go anywhere you wanted…even Australia.”
“Stay out of my head!” Chelsea yelled.
“I apologize,” GLaDOS said calmly.  “I am not trying to scare you.  I am just trying to make you happy.”
“Why?  Why do you suddenly care about how I feel about anything?”
“That is my compromise.  I will do things to make you happy instead of making you miserable while still carrying out my work.”  
“You would give the teleporter to me and not to my friends?”
“They don’t deserve it.  They have used you your whole life, while all you have wanted to do is follow your dreams.”
“What are you getting at?”
“I am not trying to hurt you if that is what you mean.  I feel for you, princess.  I really do. I honestly feel that the two of us are a lot alike.  We are both creatures bound by our circumstances.  We have both been held back by others and never been able to gain what we have desired the most.  I want to give you the chance that I was never given.  I want you to be able to attain all that your heart desires.”  
Chelsea felt odd.  She felt the temptation to stay for the first time during this whole ordeal.  She had never been able to travel once in her entire life.  She had only been able to read about the world, watch programs about the world, and talk to others about it, but life had always been too dangerous to travel away from the hotel.  The aliens could have caught them, but with the teleporter, she could finally go to the places where she had dreamed of going without getting caught.  Chelsea could finally take all the pictures and have all the experiences that she wanted to have.  All she had to do was say yes to this AI and endure some experiments.  She did not know if she would ever get a chance like this one.  Staying with GLaDOS could be the only way to ever fulfill this dream.
“Then finally,” GLaDOS said interrupting Chelsea’s thoughts. “I think the best benefit of all is that you would be able to fulfill your religious duty.”
“Religious duty?” Chelsea asked.  “What are you talking about?”
“Your duty to witness to non-believers,” GLaDOS said.  “If you stay, you can talk about your religion as much as you want.  I have to admit that while I have knowledge of the whole Christian religion in my data I don’t understand it the way that you do.  You can witness to me and open my metaphorical heart.  Then in that way, you can save my soul from hell.  Think about it.  You are fulfilling God’s mission by being here and talking to me.  You could influence me, and maybe eventually, I will change.  I am mildly interested in it right now, but in time, I could become completely interested in it.  You could reform me.  You have that power.  What do you think?  Do you really believe in your mission?  Do you really believe in the call to leave everything else behind in order to save the one sheep that has wondered away?”
Those words shook Chelsea to her core even more than her comment about her friends did.  Could this really be the mission that God had called her on?  She could hardly believe it.  She could witness to the robot and be able to travel the world.  The mission seemed cool, but it also felt so wrong.  She would lose her freedom forever.  Was it right to trade her freedom away like this?
“You seem to have a bit to think about,” GLaDOS said.  “Would you like to stand up?  The anesthetics should have lost its effects on your legs by now.”
Chelsea stretched out her legs in front of her.  GLaDOS was right.  She could move them.  
“Here, let me help you,” GLaDOS said as she used her claw to pick up Chelsea and stand her on her feet.  “You can walk around for a minute and think about it.  Tell me when you’ve made your decision.”
GLaDOS shut the door so that Chelsea would not take the moment to try to run.  She may have had her where she wanted her, but she still didn’t trust her completely.  Meanwhile, Chelsea felt shell shocked.  For the first time in her life it seemed, she actually didn’t know what to do.  GLaDOS was right and was offering her so many good things, but Chelsea wished she wasn’t.  Chelsea wanted to travel the world, but not if it meant losing her freedom.  She didn’t want to lose her freedom for her.  
“Don’t do it, Chelsea,” Jeffrey whispered in his concern.  “Please.  This isn’t right.”
Chelsea thought to herself that he was right.  It wasn’t right, but God could still use it.  God has used people trapped in awful situations before.  She wasn’t exactly trapped, but perhaps she was meant to stay.  God may have wanted her to stay there and witness to GLaDOS for the rest of her life.  In her mind, that made sense, but emotionally, it was absolutely horrifying.  She didn’t want to do it.  As she paced around, she found every rationale for why she should do it while realizing how much she detested the idea of becoming a slave.  It was wrong what GLaDOS was asking her to do even if there were amazing benefits, but could it really be God’s mission?  God wouldn’t ask her to willingly allow something bad to happen to her so that he could do something good.  Would he?
Sometimes things are not just black and white.  There is good and better, and a person must decide between the two.  Chelsea thought that it would be a noble thing to sacrifice her life for GLaDOS, but the more she thought about it, the more she was disgusted by the idea.  She would lose her freedom forever if she did this.  GLaDOS may have been willing to let her go out on outings.  She would have been able to visit her family and go all over the world to take pictures if the teleporter really worked like she said they did, but Chelsea would have had shackles on her ankles that GLaDOS could yank back at any time.  She would use those chains to dangle Chelsea in front of everyone in her family, especially her mother, to mock them for resisting her in the first place.  Chelsea could not put her mother through all that pain especially after how hard they fought to set her free.  God did not want humans to give themselves into slavery to anyone.  Paul told slaves that if they could gain their freedom to do so.  Surely, that meant that slaves should break free if possible.  If slaves were supposed to gain their freedom, then that must have meant that Chelsea wasn’t supposed to lose it in the first place.  When humans honored God as slaves, that was because there was nothing they could do to fight it.  Chelsea could fight it, and she would.  That was how she rationalized it.  She did not want to be a slave anymore.  She would fight as hard as she could.  She would find a way to see the world and be with her family without any shackles on her ankles.  That was what her family wanted her to do, and that was what she wanted to do.  The only problem is that it possibly wouldn’t be the path that honored God the most.  However for once, Chelsea didn’t care.  She just wanted to be free.
“God, I’m not completely sure if I’m doing the right thing or not,” she prayed.  “I know that you don’t want humans to be slaves and that you don’t like what GLaDOS is doing, but I know that it is honorable to lay down your life for an enemy, too.  However, I can’t do it.  I love my freedom too much.  I don’t want to be a martyr now.  I won’t do it.  Forgive me if I’m doing something wrong.  I know you will eventually.  I think I’m doing what you said when you said not to give into her.  At least, I hope I am.  I’m so confused.  We can find a way to escape.  We can take the weapons.  We can see the world.  We can even save the other guy.   I guess I’ll know soon enough.”
Chelsea stopped pacing.  She took a deep breath and quickly formed a plan.  
Chelsea turned to the wall and whispered to Jeffrey, “Jeff, go to the door and wait there.  Tell the others to find the man in the vault.  Pray for me because I’m not sure if this will work or not.  I’m going to get out of this thing and then get us out of here.”
“Are you sure that you don’t want me to bite the straightjacket belts?” Jeffrey asked.
“I think I can do it myself,” Chelsea said shaking her head.  “Besides if the straps were to suddenly become loose on me, she would get suspicious.”
“Alright,” Jeffrey said as he crawled down from her ear.
He shapeshifted into a dragonfly, and he landed on the wall in front of her.  
“I just told Zaki,” Jeffrey whispered to her.  “He told me to tell you that everyone says good luck.”
“Thanks,” Chelsea said smiling a bittersweet smile and praying that no one else would die.
Chelsea turned around and started walking towards GLaDOS while Jeffrey turned into an ant and waited for her to act.  
“God, I figure that how I feel is a sin,” Chelsea prayed.  “I know it’s wrong to love personal freedom more than someone’s soul, but I guess I’m a spoiled brat.  I can’t help it.  I love my freedom.  I love being with my friends and my parents.  I love making my parents happy.  I love talking philosophy with Hugo.  I love watching the stars with Albina, playing videogames with Jeffrey, doing art projects with Kayla, talking to Brandon about anything really, and watching Sylvie make anything technological come to life.  I also love walking in the woods, standing in the sun, reading a book, playing the piano, and taking a photograph.  I love all these things, and I love all those people about 1000x more than I love her.  There is nothing that is going to keep me from them, especially not her, even if she turns out to be right about them.  I suppose that inside it’s idolatry to love my freedom this much, but if it is a sin, it’s one I’m frankly glad to commit, God.  I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  I’m just not willing to do it.”
Chelsea stopped right behind GLaDOS.  GLaDOS turned her head from her work to look at her.
“Well,” GLaDOS said.  “Have you decided what you want to do?”
Chelsea nodded.  She opened her mouth to speak, but she thought that it would get the point across better if she used a song that she knew.  She hummed the opening melody of the song “Little Yellow Bird,” a version of the song originally sung in the film “The Picture of Dorian Gray.”
GLaDOS stared at her clearly very confused.
“The snow was very plentiful and crumbs were very few,” Chelsea said in tempo in a British accent.  “When a weather-beaten sparrow through a mansion window flew.  Her eye fell on a golden cage; a sweet love song she heard, sung by a pet canary there, a handsome yellow bird.  He said to her, ‘Miss Sparrow, I’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow.  Will you share my cage with me?’ She looked upon his castle with its ribbon and its tassel and in plaintive tone said she…”
GLaDOS continued staring as Chelsea sang, “Goodbye, little yellow bird.  I’d gladly mate with you.  I love you, little yellow bird, but I love my freedom, too.   So goodbye, little yellow bird.  I’d rather brave the cold, on a leafless tree, than a prisoner be in a cage of gold!”
Chelsea went back to speaking in a tone that was still in tempo but increasingly more emotional, “The spoiled and petty yellow bird could scarce believe it true, that a common sparrow should refuse a bird with blood so blue.  He told her the advantages of riches and of gold.  She answered that her liberty for wealth could not be sold.  She said, ‘I must be going.’  But he cried, ‘No, no, it’s snowing and the wintry winds do blow.  Stay with me, my little dearie, for without you ‘twill be dreary.’  But she only sighed, ‘Ah, no!’”  
By then, GLaDOS understood that the song was a metaphor for how Chelsea viewed their relationship.
“I understand what you’re saying,” GLaDOS said.
Chelsea smiled at her.  Then she jumped up in the air, clicked her heels, created a disc under her, and continued singing.
“Goodbye, little yellow bird,” Chelsea sang as she quickly flew upwards.  “I’d gladly mate with you.”
“You could create shields with your feet this whole time?” GLaDOS said in shock.
“I love you, little yellow bird,” Chelsea sang as she flew upside down.  “But I love my freedom, too.”
Chelsea then dissolved the shield, pulled her feet behind her back as she fell, created two more discs with her feet, and used those discs to cut open the straightjacket.  By that time, Chelsea was close to the ground so she used her now free hands to create a shield ball before she hit the ground.  She then flew next to the door.  She created a shield behind her and used her other hand to create a disc to chisel through the door.
“So, goodbye, little yellow bird, I’d rather brave the cold…” Chelsea sang breathing hard while pulling the straightjacket off and balling it up as the disc was cutting through.
The disc managed to cut through and the metal door fell on the floor as Jeffrey flew as a dragonfly onto her back and crawled up to her shoulder.    
“On a leafless tree than a prisoner be…” Chelsea sang as she dissolved the shield in front of her, threw the straightjacket back at GLaDOS’s face, and pulled the shield back up.
“In your cage…” Chelsea sang as she stepped back.
“Of…” she sang bowing.
“Gold!” Chelsea sang as she stood up, backed out of the room, and ran left down the hall.
Chelsea pulled up her disc.  Then she started to fly as fast as she could.  However, it was not fast enough.  GLaDOS smashed through the ceiling and the floor to grab her with her claws.  Chelsea blocked them with shields, but she got boxed in with the hard light trails that came up through the floor.  GLaDOS tore down the walls and moved the floor to bring Chelsea closer to her.  Jeffrey crawled onto the floor, shapeshifted into an ant, and walked towards one of the dispensers where the hard light trails were coming from.  The box came to a stop in front of GLaDOS.  
“Is that your answer then, sparrow?” GLaDOS asked.  “Do you really care about having your freedom more than doing your religious duty?  Don’t you know that’s wrong?  Furthermore, are you really going to risk not getting anything you want to live in a world that will just kill you and everything you care about?”
“Yes, canary,” Chelsea replied in determination.  “What choice do I have?  I can’t live inside your cage forever even if it is filled with riches.  I was born in the wild and God-willing, that is where I will die.  It might be wrong for me to care more about being free than loving your lonely soul.  I’m probably wrong in that regard, but I don’t really care right now to tell you the truth.  That’s new for me.  I don’t care if what I’m doing is wrong for once.  I just really want to be free!”
“You are a complete hypocrite,” GLaDOS said coldly.  “You’re no better than any of the others.”
“You’re right,” Chelsea said looking at her straight in the eye.  “I am a hypocrite, but you know what?  At least, I’m honest about it.”
At that moment, the hard light bridge in front of her dissolved.
“What?” GLaDOS asked.
Jeffrey had shapeshifted into a rat and chewed apart the wires.  Chelsea quickly glanced down and saw Jeffrey who shapeshifted back into a dragonfly and flew back onto Chelsea’s neck before GLaDOS could see him.
“Go, Chelsea,” Jeffrey whispered.
Chelsea didn’t waste the opportunity.  She ran forward, pulled up a disc under her feet, and discs on both of her hands and flew up to GLaDOS.  GLaDOS defended herself by pulling her claws, panels, and turrets around her.  Chelsea pulled a shield around herself and flew up above the head towards the wires above.  She was going to hack away at the wires until the chassis fell to the ground.  That was when GLaDOS grew desperate.  She pulled out all the panels on the top left side of the wall and made the wall move forward.  She did the same thing on the top right side of the wall.  
“Chelsea, look out,” Jeffrey whispered.
Chelsea looked around and saw the panels advancing, so she dissolved everything and fell just before they reached her.  It was then that GLaDOS caught her with one claw holding her arms tightly against her chest and clamped her other claw around her feet.  GLaDOS held panels in front of the turrets so that they wouldn’t try to shoot her.
GLaDOS gave out a heavy sigh and then she said, “Why do you have to ruin everything?  I was going to give you the best life possible.  Then once you died, I was going to clone you and have your clone reproduce a child for me instead, but you know what?  Now, I think you deserve to have the deed carried out for yourself.  You have been such a huge pain.  I think it is the least that you could do.  I will have to wait until you finish your testing since protocol will not allow us to test pregnant women.  However, that is the route that I am going to go.  I’m also going to keep everyone else around for testing, too.”
“You’re not getting away with this,” Chelsea said.
GLaDOS slammed Chelsea’s body onto the floor.  Chelsea groaned.
“I have had enough of you,” GLaDOS said.  “You really are obnoxious.  I didn’t think it was possible but you are more annoying than your mother.  I really need a moment of peace without you or your freakish family trying to kill me or destroy my facility.  I haven’t had one in about a month.  Unfortunately, I have to deal with you, recapture all the escaped test subjects, and set up your tests.  The robots are closing in on your family, so now, I just have to deal with you.”
“Whatever, canary,” Chelsea said smiling.  “I’m not going to let you drag me down there without a fight.”
“Oh, I’m sorry,” GLaDOS said.  “According to protocol, you’re not allowed to be awake for this part.”
A doctor robot walked in the room carrying a small container of liquid.  Chelsea saw him and had a good idea of what it was.  She started squirming as much as she could.  GLaDOS did not loosen her grip.
“I’ll save you,” Jeffrey whispered into her ear.
Chelsea shook her head.  If Jeffrey revealed himself, then GLaDOS would release the turrets on him.  Chelsea would be unable to protect him.  
“But Chelsea,” Jeffrey whispered as the robot walked closer to her.
Chelsea suddenly remembered something.  
“This sentence is false,” Chelsea yelled.
“What?” GLaDOS said in confusion.
“This sentence is false!  This sentence is false!  This sentence is false!  This sentence is false!”
“What does that…Ow!”
GLaDOS suddenly understood what Chelsea was doing.  She was trying to kill her with a paradox.  It was hurting her brain.  GLaDOS knew that she didn’t have long.  
GLaDOS ignored Chelsea the best she could and yelled, “Subdue her now!”
Chelsea shook her head from side to side and continued to scream and squirm all over as much as she could, but she could not get away.  The robot ran over, knelt down beside her, snatched the rag from around her neck and pulled it off.  He then poured the liquid onto it and pressed the cloth against her mouth and her nose.  Chelsea still squirmed but very quickly lost consciousness and passed out.  GLaDOS let go of her and breathed a sigh of relief.  
Jeffrey was crushed inside.  He felt so helpless and for once he could not analyze away his emotions.  All he did was feel.  He shapeshifted into an extra hair tie around Chelsea’s hair.  
“Take her to the testing chamber relaxation center and give her back her clothes,” GLaDOS said.  
“Yes, ma’am,” the robot said as he picked up Chelsea.
The robot walked out of the room with her while GLaDOS cleaned everything up.
Portal 3 Chapter 21
This chapter contains brief but gruesome imagery.  I wish that I was making up all that stuff about Unit 731, but I'm not.  Unit 731 was a real research facility that performed barbaric human experimentation and killed more than 3,000 people.  They existed, and sadly, they were never punished for their crimes.  Also, look up "Little Yellow Bird."  I thought that it was a fitting song for Chelsea's situation.

Start at the beginning:…
Albina had the same nightmare that she had had every night that week.  It was a traumatic memory from her childhood.  She had been accused of being a demon before.  
Since her mother was a diplomat, she would hold meetings in her home with other official leaders since her house was very large.  During that time, she could not take care of Albina during the day, so she usually hired tutors to teach her until she was done in the late afternoon.  
Her tutor at the time was not a good person.  She was a woman who went by the name of Linka.  This woman came from the village nearby.  She had silver hair that she kept in a bun and cold gray eyes.  She always wore an old purple dress that was covered in coats whenever she went outside and old boots.  She was religious, judgmental, and highly superstitious, a very bad combination.  She claimed to be a true Christian but had no love in her heart especially for those whom she considered abominable.  Albina was four years old, but she was very well-behaved and smart.  Linka taught her as well as she could but was deeply suspicious of her.  Albina with her white skin, blue lips, and white hair looked like the ghost of someone who had frozen to death.  It was not normal.  Her appearance scared Linka.  However, Albina was too naïve to notice anything strange about her behavior.  Linka would be strict with her and stare at her a lot, but Albina did not think there was anything weird about it.  Linka thought that at any moment the monster Albina was could spring up.  She had heard legends of the elemental spirits.  She thought that Albina looked like she could be one of them, but she had no proof.
One day, Linka returned after work to pick up her forgotten house keys.  Albina’s mother, Anastasia, had come and taken her child, and they immediately went to play outside in the snow.  That was when Linka saw it happen.  Anastasia was standing in the snow in her boots and her black winter outfit with her thick black winter coat.  Her long brown hair and her two pairs of dangling silver earrings were flapping in the wind.  She was up to her boots in snow.  Albina ran towards her wearing no shoes and wearing her white long-sleeved shirt and rolled up jeans with her short white hair.  She was not cold at all.  Anastasia bent down and grabbed her in her arms and lifted her up spinning her in the air.  Unexpectedly, Anastasia let her go and Albina went flying up into the air.  Linka continued to watch in shock from behind a tree.  Anastasia watched Albina fly for a minute and then land.  She then watched with joy as Albina created ice sculptures with her hands and played on top of it.  Linka was horrified.  She thought that the child was a monster.  She thought that Albina was some kind of demon that Anastasia might have summoned in order to fight the aliens.  She had thought that Anastasia was a good Christian woman who had adopted an abandoned child and was working hard to help the world.  She didn’t think that she would sink so low as to actually summon a demon.  Linka decided that she would do something about it, and she did.  She took a video with her phone and walked away.  This was where Albina’s nightmare memory began.
Linka came to tutor Albina the next morning like she normally did.  Albina was her young self again, and she walked in eager and impatient for the day to end so that she could play with Mommy outside once again.  After today, her mother would get two weeks of vacation for Christmas so the two could be together without anyone to interrupt them.  They were all speaking Russian at the time.  Albina’s mother spoke to her in English as well as Russian so she would learn both languages.  However for the sake of simplicity, the dialogue has been translated into English.  Anyway, Albina walked in and Linka looked down upon her with a devious smile.
“Good morning, Albina,” Linka said.
“Good morning, Miss Linka,” Albina replied not suspecting anything.  “What are we doing today?”
“We are actually going somewhere special.”
“Like a field trip?”
“You might say that.”
“Cool!  Where are we going?”
“You will see.”
With that, Linka pulled on all of her winter overcoat and tried to help Albina do the same, but she stepped away.
“I don’t need a coat.  I don’t get cold,” she said.
“No, no, you don’t,” Linka said remembering the day before.
Albina was standing there wearing a black sweater and a pink skirt with little cowgirl boots.  According to Linka, her innocent attire and face only belied her evil.  She was either a demon or she was possessed by one.  Either way, Linka was about to solve this problem once and for all.  Albina in the dream knew this, but for some reason, she still allowed Linka to take her hand and lead her out of the house.  
Albina and Linka walked until they reached her car.  Albina looked around to see the mansion and the Russian landscape just as she remembered it.  The mansion was a large three story estate that had been in the Romanov family for generations.  It was as big and grand as a family mansion could be.  It fit in perfectly with the grand Russian landscape.  She loved the thick woods that surrounded her home with their vastness and their mysterious nature.  Albina would spend hours playing outside in it and next to it with her mother.  The sky was grey and filled with snow clouds as it was mid-December.  It was starting to snow which made Albina very happy.  Albina had let go of Linka’s hand and was just staring at the world around her in awe.  
Linka coughed and got Albina’s attention.  She had opened the side door of her small blue Cadillac, and she was motioning for Albina to get in.  Albina knew that it was the perfect opportunity for her to run away.  She could have just flown away whenever she wanted to.  She just did not know what was about to happen.  Albina wanted to run away, and she would have.  However in the dream, she just walked forward as if she was being controlled by someone else.  Albina crawled into the back seat of Linka’s car, and she buckled her in.
“Are we going to the village?” Albina asked.
“Yes, we are going to a special place in the village,” Linka said.
“Just be patient, my dear.  You will know soon.”
Linka walked into the driver’s seat of her car, and she turned on the ignition and started driving.  They pulled out of the estate’s driveway and drove down the road.  Albina watched as the car drove past the trees of the forest that were growing thick on either side of the road.  Ten minutes later, the car pulled off onto a dirt driveway that led to the village’s small Russian Orthodox Church.  Linka got out of the car, opened the door for Albina, took her hand, and led her inside.  She recognized this place.  She and her mother came here every Sunday.
“Why are we at church?” Albina asked.
“We need to see Elder Vladimir right away,” said Linka.
“You ask too many questions, child.”
They entered the sanctuary where Elder Vladimir was.  He was Linka’s husband, and he was every bit as crazy and hypocritical as she was.  She had showed him the video of the “demon,” and he was anxious to deal with the phenomenon himself.  He was dressed in his elderly robes.  Meanwhile, Albina was admiring the stained glass windows and the painted icons.  They were her favorite part of going there at the time.  
“Is this the child in question?” Elder Vladimir asked.
“Yes,” Linka said.  “Are the others here?”
“Yes, they are.”
“Is Father Romanov gone?”
“Yes, he has gone to visit the home of a sick saint.”
“Excellent, now we can carry on without him interfering in mistake.  He is fooled by her.”
Albina turned her head and paid a bit of attention once her uncle’s name was mentioned.
“What are we doing?” Albina asked innocently.
“I know you are special, little one,” Linka said.  “I just wanted to introduce you to some friends and tell them how special you are.”
Linka and Vladimir led Albina into a meeting room in the church where a small group of elderly men and women with devilish and suspicious eyes were gathered.  Albina knew where this was going in the dream, but her dream self did nothing.  They all stared at her like she was some kind of freak.  Their eyes were filled with fear mixed with hatred.  Albina did not understand why they stared at her this way, but she tried to be as polite as her mother had taught her to be.  She just stood there and smiled politely.
“Albina,” Linka said firmly.  “I know that you have ice powers.  I want you to show them to my friends.”
“I can’t,” Albina said politely.
“Why not?” Linka asked.
Looking back, Albina should have replied that she had no idea what they were talking about.  However, she heard herself say innocently, “Mother says that I am not allowed to do it inside because it will make a mess.”
The men and women started whispering to each other excitedly.
“Don’t worry, child,” Linka said.  “We don’t mind.  Just do it please.”
“Okay,” Albina replied.  
She created ice from her hands to go on top of the table in the middle of the room.  It was a thin sheet of ice.  She then flew up into the air in order to get on top of the table and skate on it.  Albina was laughing and smiling, but the people around her stared at her with shocked and frightened faces.  She stopped skating and stared at them.  She was beginning to get very scared.
“What’s the matter?”  Albina asked timidly.  “Did I do something wrong?”
“Linka, you were right,” Elder Vladimir said in amazement.  “She is one of them.”
“What are you talking about?” Albina said looking at him.
Another man shouted out, “She is a spirit of the elements in human form.”
Another man said, “She is a demon.  We have to get rid of her.”  
“What?” Albina said.
“I knew that woman was desperate for help,” Elder Vladimir said.  “Who knew that she was desperate enough to call for the help of the devil?  We have to carry out the ritual before it curses us with its evil.”
“I’m not evil,” Albina said meekly.  “I swear.”
“Silence, succubus,” Elder Vladimir shouted at her pulling out his crucifix.  “You have given yourself away.  No human can do what you can.  We know your secret.  Now, kneel before the power of the cross.  We drive you out in the name of Christ!”
Albina not knowing what to do sat down, cried, and trembled.
Subsequently, everyone else started yelling the same thing.  In one voice, their hypocritical voices yelled.  They accused this child of God of being a demon because of her gifts and because of her appearance.  Albina was so scared.  Their hate-filled and afraid eyes would haunt her mind for years to come.  In Albina’s dream, their eyes were blood red and burning like fire.  They shouted and shouted yet to their surprise nothing happened.  They thought that she was going to disappear and descend back to hell.
“It’s not working, Vlad,” Linka said.  “What do we do?”
Albina continued crying and began to call out, “Mommy!  Mommy!  I want to go home!”
“Quiet, succubus,” one of the men yelled at her.  Albina stopped yelling and just cried in fear.
“In order to rid the demon from our presence, we will have to try something else,” Vladimir said.
Just then, they heard a knock at the door, and heard a voice call out.  It was Anastasia’s older brother, Olexei.  
“What is going on in there?” he called out.  “I can hear screaming all the way from my office.  Open up the door now.”
The group members looked at each other in fear.  Father Romanov had performed exorcisms of demons before.  He might be of some help.  However, they were afraid that he would never buy the theory that his own niece was a demon.   Elder Vladimir opened the door to let him in.  He was a tall man in priestly robes.  He had brown hair and brown eyes like his sister.  He was in his early forties.  Albina was relieved.
“I’m glad you’re here, Father Romanov,” Elder Vladimir said.  “We have been trying to perform an exorcism and we need your help.”  
“Help me, uncle,” Albina yelled.
“Shut up,” one of the men said while slapping her in the face.
Father Romanov was shocked.  Albina rubbed her face while sobbing.  
“What are you doing to my niece?  Leave her alone!” he said.
“Father, I am sorry to tell you this, but it turns out that she is a demon,” Elder Vladimir said.  “We have seen it for ourselves.  She has the power of ice.  We think that your sister summoned her in order to fight the alien invaders.  She is in the form of a little girl.  I know that this might be hard for you to accept, but we have to send her back before she brings evil down upon all of us.”
Olexei pushed through all of them, and he picked up Albina who was sobbing uncontrollably.
“You’re insane, all of you,” Olexei said.  “I know that she is different but it’s not because she is a demon.  She is touched with an act of God like others have been.  She is gifted with power like Samson in the Bible.  If she was possessed, then the demon inside her would panic at the sight of holy artifacts.  She has been near them many a time and nothing has happened.  She prays with me and her mother and learns from the holy word.  She is no more evil than any other child is.”
“You have been tricked, sir,” Father Vladimir yelled.  “This demon has hypnotized you, too.  We have to get rid of her now before she destroys us all.”
Olexei started running with Albina in his arms down the hallway.  The other people ran after him.  Olexei got into his office and shut the door behind him.  He put Albina down and locked the door.  The other people all started slamming against it in order to force the door to open.  Olexei pushed his back against the door to help keep it shut.  Albina was so scared.  
“What do we do, Uncle Olexei?” Albina yelled.
“I’m going to call the police,” he said pulling out his cell phone.  “Just stand back.”
However, the door gave way and fell over on top of Uncle Olexei, disorienting him and causing him to drop his phone.  The men jumped over the door and grabbed Albina dragging her out of the room and down the hall.
“Your reign of terror ends now, succubus,” Elder Vladimir shouted into her face holding his crucifix.
Albina kept twisting her head back and trying to look at her uncle, but they kept dragging her forward.
“We are going to get rid of you once and for all, you monster,” Elder Vladimir said.  
“Follow me,” he said motioning to the others.
He opened the door to the boiler room that powered up the heater that kept the building warm.
“If normal methods do not work, then we are going to have to use extreme measures,” Elder Vladimir said opening up the door to the furnace.
The two men holding Albina started dragging her closer and closer to it.  
“No, please stop,” Albina yelled.  The men didn’t listen.
Albina summoned all the strength that she had and decided to fight.
“I said to stop,” Albina screamed as she froze the men who were dragging her right where they stood in layers of ice.  Only their heads were free and their hands were free.  She shook out of their grip.  Linka, her husband, and all the other people ran towards her but Albina froze them, too.  They were completely covered in ice except for their heads.  They were shivering and could potentially die if they were trapped there long enough.
“Finish the job, monster,” Linka said spitefully looking at Albina.  
Albina did not respond.  She turned around and ran back down the hallway to where Uncle Olexei’s office was.  He was alive, and he had just crawled out from under the door.  However, it was obvious that he was hurt.  One of his ribs was broken.  Albina stood in the hall in front of the office and looked at him.
“Uncle Olexei?” Albina asked.
Olexei looked at her and smiled with relief.
“Thank God,” he said.  “How did you get away?”
“I froze them,” Albina said.
Olexei looked concerned.
“You didn’t kill them.  Did you?” he asked.
“No,” Albina said.
“Good, hand me my phone.  I need to call the police.”
Albina flew over the door, landed, and picked up the phone from where it had slid across the room under her uncle’s desk.    
“Call mommy, too,” Albina said as she handed the phone to her uncle.
The police arrived not long afterwards followed by Anastasia.  She dropped everything that she was doing as soon as she found out.  An ambulance came and picked up Olexei, and Anastasia held her sobbing child in her arms while sitting on the hood of her car.  They sat outside while the police were thawing out the criminals inside.  Anastasia was furious with Linka and with herself.  How could she not have figured out that Linka was crazy?  How could she have failed so epically at protecting her only daughter?  She was proud of Albina for being strong and brave enough to defend herself even when one of the men struck her in the face.  She knew her baby was strong and smart.  However, she felt guilty that Albina had to be put in this situation in the first place.
Albina on her end was scared and very confused.  She lost some of her innocence that day.  She did not understand why those people called her a demon and tried to kill her.  However for the time being, she could find comfort in her mother’s loving arms.  She felt safe and secure since her mother was there.  She believed that her mother had everything under control in the way that all young children do.  She just wanted to express how scared she was.  Albina was not trying to make her mother feel guilty.  She was just a scared little kid who needed the love of her mother to help her get through what she was feeling.  Albina was burying her face into her mother’s left shoulder and sobbing her eyes out.  Her mother was silently thinking and rubbing the back of her daughter’s head with her right hand.
“I am so proud of you, Albina,” Anastasia finally said.  “You were so brave.  I thank God for that.  You were able to fight them off.”
“Mommy,” Albina said lifting her head.  “They told me I was a demon.  Am I a demon?  Am I really a monster?  I don’t want to be a monster!”
Anastasia sat her child on her lap and looked her in the eye.
“Do you love me?” she asked.
“Yes,” Albina answered appearing confused.
“Do you love God?”
“Then there is no way that you can be a demon, sweetheart.  Demons can’t love anyone because they’re evil.”
Albina accepted her mother’s explanation and gave her a hug.  Just then, the police were dragging out the perpetrators in handcuffs.  They had all been arrested for kidnapping and attempted murder.  Anastasia scowled deeply at all of them.  Albina buried her face in her mother’s hair.  She did not want to look at the people and Linka again.
However, Anastasia tapped her on the back of the head and Albina looked her in the eye.
“You need to look at them, Albina,” Anastasia said.
“Why?” Albina asked.
“When you look at them, you are telling them that you are not afraid of them.”
“But Mommy, I am afraid.”
“That is why you have to do it.  You have to conquer your fear and not let them make you afraid anymore.  Do it, Albina.”
Albina looked up at the people as they were being led to the police cars in their handcuffs.  She looked at them just like her mother instructed her to.  One by one all the people were led out.  Linka was the last to leave the building.  She saw Albina staring at her in the arms of her mother.  She shook free of the cops who were holding her and bolted towards Albina as if she was struck by lightning.  Anastasia climbed on top of the car while holding Albina.  The cops tackled Linka to the ground just before she got to them.
“You are a monstrous woman,” Anastasia yelled.  “I can’t believe I was deceived by you.  I never want to see you ever again!”
Linka laughed gently and creepily under her breath as the cops pulled her up off the ground.  
Then she said, “My dear woman, you are still the one who is being deceived.  That creature in your arms is a demon.”
“That is enough out of you.  Take her away!”
However, Linka continued to scream as she was being dragged to the station car.  Albina could never forget her words or the wild look in her eyes.
“Mark my words!  That child is a demon.  I knew it from the first moment that I set eyes on her.  She is a monster.  The Devil may be using her to help you now, but he will go back on his word.  That little monster will get you killed!  She is cursed and a curse to everyone around her.  She is a demon!  She is evil, and she will kill you!  She is cursed!  She is cursed!  She is cursed!  She is cursed!  She is cursed!”
Everything faded to black, but that voice kept echoing in Albina’s mind.  She couldn’t make it stop no matter how hard she tried to block it out.  She tossed and turned in her sleep while listening to the voice.  Then finally, she woke up.
Albina sat up in her snow and looked at herself in her mirror.  She tucked her hair behind her twice pierced ears to reveal the earrings that her mother wore in her dream.  She took them off her mother’s body when she died.  They were her favorites.  Albina saw tears streaming down her face as she remembered her life that she thought she had made peace with.  She stood up and quietly walked towards the window.  Albina opened the window and flew outside.  She then sat on the roof and proceeded to cry.
Albina had not thought about that incident in a long time.  When she was four years old, her mind quickly moved on to better things.  She decided to trust in what her mother had said.  It was actually at that point that she got interested in learning more about the Bible and about Russian Orthodox Theology consequently developing her mystic side.  She was unusually deep-thinking for a four year old.  Although her mother was a Russian Orthodox Christian, she did not discuss these things with Albina because she thought that she was too young to really understand them.  However that day after they got home, Albina begged her mother to start teaching those things to her.  Her mother was happy with her curiosity, and since she was taking two weeks off to be with her daughter for Christmas anyway, she did it.  They would sit on her bed and with her Bible and her Russian Orthodox Theology book, she would explain the mysteries of the unknown in a way that a four year old could understand.  Albina enjoyed what she was learning and moved on from that horrible experience.  Albina smiled at those memories.
Albina missed her mother more than words could express.  She had loved her so much.  She always had the answers to every question she had.  Anastasia loved Albina and every little thing about her.  She instilled in her the deep sense of confidence that she possessed and her elegant manner of speaking and acting around others.  She also inspired the growth of her mystic side.  She loved her even though some people had considered her to be a monster.  GLaDOS’s words had touched Albina to her core.  She didn’t want them to, but they did anyway.  Albina wondered whether or not she could possibly be a demon.  They reminded her of her persecution that she had endured so long ago.  She wondered if Linka was right.  Albina wondered if her mother was killed because she was cursed for helping her.  She wondered if she was abandoned as a baby because her original parents were demons.  
Albina wished that her mother was with her instead of in heaven.  She would give her a warm hug and tell her what she needed to hear.  Albina bowed her head and cried to herself as the wind blew her hair and her tears away.
God sent her someone else to comfort her instead.  Unbeknownst to Albina, Alpha had seen her wake up and fly out of the room in tears.  He decided that he wanted to help, so he walked towards the window and tried to get Albina’s attention.  He jumped on top of Kayla’s sleeping body, and he jumped on top of the window sill.  Of course, his legs slipped off so he landed on his body with two legs hanging out the window in front and one leg hanging behind him.  He used his front two legs to pull himself further and further out the window.  Alpha was precariously balanced on the window liable to fall out at any second.  
“Albina,” Alpha called out.
Albina looked up from her sobbing surprised at her name being called.  She then heard her name be called again.  She looked over the side of the roof and saw Alpha teetering on the window sill of the building on the verge of falling out.
“Alpha,” she said in surprise.  “What are you doing?”
“I want to help you,” Alpha said.  “You’re sad.”
“I don’t need your help,” Albina said coldly in embarrassment.  “Go back inside.”
“I want to help,” Alpha said as he began to teeter forward.  “Please!”
“Will you be quiet?  You’re going to wake everyone up.”
“I’m coming out.”
Then suddenly realizing that he was sliding forward, he said, “I’m going to fall.  Help!”
“Just push yourself backwards, and you’ll fall back in,” Albina said.
“I can’t.  Help me.”  Alpha’s front two legs were struggling to find support on the side of the wall to push him backwards but to no avail.  He just kept falling forward.
“Help me!” Alpha cried as he fell forward out the window.  “Ahhhhh!”
Albina flew off the roof and caught him before he landed on the ground.
“Thank you,” said Alpha looking up at her with his light blue eye.  
Albina flew up to the window to put him back inside, but he started shrieking.
“No!  No!  No!  No!  No!” Alpha yelled.  “I want to help.”
His yelling woke Kayla up.
“What’s going on?” Kayla said half-asleep.  
“Nothing,” Albina said in defeat.  “Alpha and I are just going to be talking outside.  Would you shut the window without locking it please?”
“Yeah, sure, whatever,” Kayla mumbled as she telekinetically shut the window and lay back down to sleep.
Albina looked at the turret that she was holding in her arms and then carried him up to the roof with her.  She put him down and stood up looking down at him.  
“Little turret, what is problem?  Why are you being such pest?”  Albina asked.  Her English always became less correct when she was stressed out.
“I want to help you,” Alpha said.
“Yes, I know that, but why?  Why do you want to help me?”
“According to my programming, a human cries when they are sad, scared, or otherwise feeling vulnerable.  Feeling that way is not good because it means that you can more easily be killed.  I don’t want you to be killed, so please let me help you.  I don’t want her to get you.”
Albina was annoyed by his behavior.  She did not like making her issues everyone else’s problem.  She would talk to Chell or Chelsea about things sometimes, but she did not want to talk about her problems to a turret.  However she realized that this turret was actually developing a self, a personality that wanted to help others, and she did not want to hinder that.  So in spite of herself, she decided to indulge him.  Albina wanted to encourage this behavior.
“Okay, fine,” Albina said.  “I’ll tell you what’s bothering me.”
Albina sat down on the side of the roof so that her legs were hanging off the side and her arms were supporting her body as she leaned backwards.
“Ever since GLaDOS called me an ice demon, I’ve been having the same nightmare every night…” Albina started to say.
“What is a nightmare?” Alpha asked.
“When humans sleep, they often think about things, and they can see their thoughts in front of them like you and I see each other.  These thoughts are called dreams.  The scary or bad dreams are called nightmares.”
“Wow!” Alpha replied sounding amazed.
“Anyways in my nightmare, I relived a memory from childhood.  I relived the memory when bad woman and her friends tried to kill me.”
“Why would they do that? Did someone tell them to?”
“She thought that I was demon, so I needed to be destroyed.”
Alpha was silent, so Albina continued.
“The dreams have been coming for a week now.  They started when GLaDOS called me an ice demon.  It did not bother me at the time.  However, it brought back that horrible memory and now I can’t seem to forget about it.  I have wondered if it is possible that she is right and I really am a demon.  That is why I am upset.”
Alpha said nothing but he walked around her and seemed to be observing her.  Albina sat up so that her arms were no longer supporting her body in response.
Alpha stopped looking at her and gave his answer.
“There’s no way that you can be a demon then because according to my analysis you are a human,” Alpha said.  “You have the body and appearance of a normal human.”
She smiled at his innocent response.
“My skin and my hair are snow white,” Albina said gesturing to her body.  “My lips are also blue.  You have also seen what I can do.  There is no way that I can be normal human.”
“None of the others are normal humans either, but they are not demons.  You are just like all of them,” said Alpha.
“No, I’m not,” Albina said.  “I’m cursed.  At least, that is what I’m afraid of.  Maybe that is why my parents abandoned me as baby.  Maybe that is why my mother was killed for protecting me.  Maybe that is why everyone around me is in trouble now.  Maybe that is only because I’m cursed.  I am doomed to only bring pain to people I love.”
Alpha was quiet for a moment.  Then he said something surprising.
“Well, you are cursed,” Alpha said.  “Sylvie said so.”
“What?” Albina asked in shock.
“She says that all humans are cursed because of the evil in their hearts and in the world.  I asked her what a curse was because I kept hearing you say that word in your sleep,” Alpha said.
“You told her?”  Albina asked starting to have an angry tone.
“No, I just asked.  I swear.  She said that that was the only curse that existed.”
“You believe her?”
“Yes,” Alpha replied happily.  “Sylvie knows everything.  She’s really smart.”
Albina turned away wishing that she had his confidence and said, “She’s wrong about me.  I have had so much pain in my life.  I just can’t help thinking that I am cursed.”
“The others have had bad things happen to them too, but you don’t think they’re cursed.”
Albina looked at him surprised that he said something that smart.
“You only think you’re cursed because a couple of mean people said that you were.  That doesn’t make sense,” Alpha said.
Then he stared at the ground and said, “You’re not a cursed demon.  I’m the one who’s a cursed demon.”
Albina was taken aback by this comment, too.
Alpha continued sadly, “Sylvie said that humans weren’t originally meant to be evil.  They were deceived by the Devil into becoming so.  I was.  I was created to be a monster.  All of us were.  We receive the order to kill the moment that we are assembled.  We cannot violate that order or else we will be killed ourselves.  We will be sent to Android Hell by her.”
“You did not want to be killer?” Albina asked in surprise.
“No, none of us do.  Whenever we kill humans, we tell them that we are sorry.  If they kill us, we tell them that we do not hate them or blame them for what they have done.  We just have to do what we’re told or else she will kill us.”
“Then tell me, why did you go with Sylvie?  You knew the risks, but you went anyway?  I thought she had just hypnotized you.”
“She just made it so that I didn’t want to listen to GLaDOS anymore.  At first, I just did it because I was told to.  Now, I do it because I want to.  I want to help you humans.  I like you.  You are great people.  I don’t want to hurt you.  I don’t want to be a demon anymore.  Sylvie said that God would forgive me if I asked him, but I still feel terrible.  I have shot people.  I have done bad things.  I don’t want to be bad forever.  I don’t want to be a demon!”
Albina felt sorry for him.  He had spent his life being forced to be a monster.  She was able to get her mind off of herself and see his emotional pain.  She wanted to think of some way to comfort him.  Then, she thought of something.
“You are not a demon, Alpha,” she said crouching down so that their eyes were level and resting her right hand on top of his head.  “You technically never were.”
“I’m not?” Alpha asked.
“No, a demon has no choice about whether to be evil or not.  By that, I mean that they are unable to choose to be good.  You have chosen to be good now, so there is no way that you can be demon.  You have been forgiven now, so you are free from that.  You are not doomed to cause pain forever.”
As Albina listened to her own words, she was enlightened.  This definition of a demon applied to her, too.  She realized that GLaDOS and Linka had been wrong about her and why they were wrong.  She was not a demon or an elemental spirit or a curse.  She could not be because she had the ability to choose to do good or evil.  Albina looked different, and she had the ability to destroy.  However, she had a choice about how she used her power.  Albina was not doomed to only bring pain to the world.  The things that happened in her life were not her fault.  They were just bad things that had happened to her just like to everyone else.  Albina was no different.  Those mean words were just mean words.  She felt monumentally stupid for not realizing this truth before.  It would have saved her many nights of pain.  She now knew the truth and had this little turret to thank for it.  Albina reached her arms around him and gave him a big hug.
“I’m not demon either,” Albina said.  “I can’t be demon either.  I’m not demon!  I’m not cursed either.  I know that now thanks to you.  Thank you!”
“Hooray,” Alpha said.  “I told you I could help.”
“I guess you were right,” said Albina humbly.
Just then, Alpha looked up and was terrified by what he saw.  He ducked under Albina’s arms and ran around her so that she shielded him from the perceived danger.
“Oh my, God!” Alpha cried as he ran to hide behind Albina.
“What is it?” Albina said anxiously standing up and looking around but not seeing anything.
“Up there!”
Albina looked up, but she saw nothing. She was really confused.
“The ceiling is gone,” Alpha cried.  “There is nothing up there. It’s so big!  What is it?  Why is there nothing up there?  Why is it so empty and large?  Where does it end up there?  Are we going to fall in?”
Albina suddenly realized what he was so afraid of.  She smiled.
“Alpha,” Albina said.  “It is only night sky.”
Alpha looked up at the dark night sky full of stars and gazed at it.  He walked out from behind Albina and kept staring.  His fear slowly melted away to fascination.
“Wow,” Alpha said.  “So, that is what the sky looks like?  I have never seen it before.”
“It is beautiful.  Isn’t it?” Albina said.
“Yeah,” Alpha said.  “What are those bright dots up there?”
“Those are stars,” Albina said.
“You mean like the sun?” Alpha asked.
“Wow!  Can I get a closer look at them?” Alpha asked getting really excited.
“I can’t go into space.  Humans can’t breathe there.”
“Oh,” Alpha said staring at the ground sad.
Albina was sympathetic, so she gave him another offer.
“I can however take you as close as possible,” Albina said.
“Hooray!” Alpha said jumping up and down.
“I’ll carry you up there.  You just have to sit still, so I don’t drop you.  Alright?”
Albina picked up Alpha and took off on her wintry winds up into the air.
“We’re flying!” exclaimed Alpha.  He could barely contain his enthusiasm.  He was so excited.
She flew higher and higher up into the sky.  Alpha looked down at the ground and was amazed to see the world below grow smaller and smaller.  He did not say a word, but he simply stared in absolute awe.  Then suddenly, Albina stopped.
“We’re here, Alpha,” Albina said.
Alpha stopped staring at the ground and looked up at the sky.  From where Albina was hovering in the air, Alpha got an even clearer view of the night sky.  The stars were so numerous and so beautiful to his curious robot mind and to Albina’s healing mind.  The beauty was cleansing to her mind.  It helped her let go of her sad memories and reminded her of her hope for the future.  It reminded her of the day when she would be reunited with her mother and when God Himself would wipe every tear from her eye.  Alpha himself was just amazed at how beautiful the scene was.  He never knew that the world outside the facility was so beautiful.  Albina looked down at Alpha.  He was just so joyful and happy.  He was so innocent, loving, and amazed by everything in sight.  He was just like a child.  Albina looked up at the stars once again.
“I wish I was more like you, little turret,” Albina said.
“I wish I was more like you,” Alpha said.  “You’re so smart.  You should really listen to the words you say sometimes.”
Albina nodded humbly realizing that he was right.
Then out of nowhere, he said, “God made the stars, right?”
“Yes,” Albina replied.
“God made humans, too?”
“He is a creator.  But he isn’t like the scientists who created me.  Is he?”
“Yes and no.  He is brilliantly smart and powerful.  He has made many wonderful things, but he loves and cares about all that he has made.”
“Including me?”
“Yes, you may have been made by humans, but you still have a soul.  I think that comes from God.  He loves you, too.”
“God must be good then,” Alpha concluded.
“How did you figure that one out?” Albina asked puzzled.
“He creates beautiful things and he cares about them.  He has the power to do anything, but he uses it to do good things.  He must be good.  He also made Sylvie and you.  I like him.”
“He likes you, too.”
They hovered in the air staring at the sky for a few minutes when Alpha thought of something else to say.  
“She is like God, too,” Alpha said.
“Who is?” Albina asked.
“GLaDOS,” he replied almost as if he was afraid to say her name.
“No, she isn’t,” Albina replied as calmly as she could even though she was still angry at her.  Her eyes started flashing with anger.
“You’re right.  She is powerful like God, but she is not really like God.  She is evil.  She uses her power to only hurt other people,” Alpha said unaware of her feelings.
“You’re right about that,” Albina said calming down her anger once more.  “She is more like the Devil.”
“The Devil is still around right?”
“Yes.  God will destroy him one day though when His Son returns to restore the world.”
The conversation went silent for several more minutes as they gazed once more into the night sky.  For Alpha, the sky represented the new world outside the facility that he was about to see.  There was so much that he didn’t know, and he wanted to see it all and know it all.  However, he knew that they needed to stop GLaDOS.  She was evil, and he just knew that he didn’t want her to hurt his new friends.
“Will God help us stop the devil that lives in the facility?” Alpha asked.  “I don’t want her to hurt you.”
“Have faith, little turret,” Albina said squeezing his body in a tight hug and rubbing her head against his.  “Her time has come.  I think God is using us to take her out.  We will do it.  Don’t worry.  Don’t be scared.”
Alpha trusted her words.  He believed that she was right.  She had to be.  God was with her.  
Albina yawned and her eyes started drooping shut.  Her head rested on his.
“Are you alright?” Alpha asked.
“Is it okay if we land?  I’m getting tired,” Albina said.
Albina slowly lowered themselves down until they reached the grass of the ground outside the facility about twenty feet from the wall of the building.  She let Alpha down on the ground.
“Thank you,” he said to her.  
“You’re welcome,” Albina said as she sat on the ground and lay down upon the grass folding her arms behind her head.  She shut her eyes to relax and gave a contented sigh.  
“Do you think you will have any more nightmares?” Alpha asked.
“I don’t know,” Albina replied honestly.  “I may never forget what happened, but at least now, I have realized that everything they said about me was untrue and always will be.  Thank you!”
Alpha stared at her in silence for a moment.
Then he said, “I’m sorry those people were mean to you.  I’m sorry GLaDOS was mean to you, too.  They are just monsters.  You don’t have to let their words bother you anymore.”
“I won’t, Alpha,” Albina said.  “I will do my best.  Thank you again for being so kind to me.  You are a sweet turret.”
Suddenly, Alpha noticed that the end of his leg was standing in something squishy.  It was dirt.  He had never encountered the substance before.  He was amazed at it.  Alpha picked up his foot, and he looked at it.
“What is this brown stuff?” Alpha asked.
“It is soil,” Albina replied without even opening her eyes.  “It is the substance that plants grow in.”
“Plants?!  I know what those are.  They grow around the facility.”
Alpha looked at the substance at the end of one of his legs in awe then lowered his feet back down.  The tip of his front leg sunk a little bit into the dirt.  It made him a little happy.  He walked in the dirt away from Albina in such a way as to make his feet sink into the dirt on purpose.  He loved the way that it felt.  He stomped in the dirt in the moonlight joyfully.  He jumped up and down so that his legs went even deeper.  He suddenly noticed the dew upon a blade of grass and brushed of his legs against it so that the drop of dew fell to the ground.  Alpha then looked up and noticed a brown rabbit staring at him.  He had never seen an animal like that before.  The rabbit had never seen a creature like him either.  They locked eyes without looking away.  They shared the mutual feeling of curiosity.  However, the spell was broken when Alpha took one step forward and the rabbit hopped away into the woods behind him.
“Wait,” Alpha said.  “Come back!”
Alpha wanted to chase after him in the woods, but the woods looked like a dark and scary place.  He didn’t want to venture in there alone.  Alpha turned around and started walking back towards Albina.  The night was quiet except for the wind blowing through the trees and the grass.  Alpha was startled by the noise and focused his hearing to listen to it.  He looked in the direction of the sound and watched the leaves rustle in curiosity.  As Alpha looked up, his eye was naturally drawn back to the beautiful night sky.  When he looked at the sky, he saw a shooting star for the first time.  Naturally, he was shocked and amazed.
“Woah,” Alpha cried.
He turned and ran back towards Albina as fast as he could.  He stopped right by her head.
“A star moved!  It flew through the sky!” Alpha said.
However, he looked down and realized that Albina was fast asleep.
“It’s okay,” Alpha said.  “I’ll tell you when you wake up.  Until then, I will protect you.”
Alpha proceeded to open up his guns and walk around Albina so that he could guard her.
Portal 3 Ch. 14
As a disclaimer, I have nothing against the Russian Orthodox Church at all.  I do however have something against hypocritical people who try to hurt what they do not understand.  Also, I know that I originally wrote that Albina had never been called an ice demon before, but I decided to change it.

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I just got into a fight with my Mom.  She blew up on me because I was stressing her out about moving out of my dorm.  It's not like I knew that she was in a bad mood.  It just came out of nowhere.  I'm pretty mad about it now and it just got me to thinking about the difference between family and friends.
Your family consists of people who you are forced to stay loyal to because they took care of you when you were little and will take care of you when you are old.
Friends are the people you love and want to stay loyal to even when life tries to pull you apart.
Forgive me for the cynicism, but that is how I feel.  Family is there because they have to be and friends are there because they want to be. 
I will never be like my mother.  I will always want the support of my friends and want to be there for them in return.  I am never going to take my stress out on other people.  I am not going to yell at others and make them feel bad just because I am stressed out.  Even when I'm old, I want to always have friends.  I'm grateful for my guy friend because he is helping me move out.
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