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Casey Hadyn Williams
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United States
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Favourite cartoon characters: the Elric brothers


Rajasthan Musicians by InGodzHandz
Rajasthan Musicians
These guys are actually musicians from Rajasthan, India.  They never went to school to learn music.  As they said, "Music is in our blood."
Rajasthan Gypsy Dancing by InGodzHandz
Rajasthan Gypsy Dancing
I took these pictures while covering an event for my newspaper, "The Red and Black."  I didn't get them into the press on time, but I can still show you the best I have here.
It did not take long for GLADOS to realize that her favorite test subject had gone missing.
After not hearing from the doctor robots, she looked into the room where Chelsea had been.  She was not there.  GLADOS tried looking in the hallways and found that the cameras had been broken.  She assembled a robot to check the area, and they came back having found absolutely nothing.  No doctor robots.  No test subject.  No anything. GLADOS’s worst fear was realized.  Her test subject had vanished and not left a trace of where she had gone.  
When she found out, she was furious.  It was not the kind of fury that she let out openly.  It was the kind of fury that was quiet, unpredictable, and more frightening.  She did not devote her energy to expressing her anger, but she devoted her energy that night to finding her subject.  
Those freaks had done it.  They had taken her child away, but she was going to get her back.  GLADOS was determined.  The only problem was how.  The blond one disabled all of the cameras on their section of Aperture.  The neurotoxin emitters were still being repaired.  She had no way to get in contact with or hurting any of them.  Or did she?
The blond one had done something to Blue and Orange to prevent her from tracking them and thus finding a radio frequency to contact them on.  However, she had managed to contact Blue before so she could do it again possibly.  That was her only chance.  GLADOS knew that Blue and Orange were working against her now.  Orange had turned against her completely, but she felt that she could possibly reach Blue.  He had only rebelled against her to protect his friend.  Somehow if she could persuade him that there was no danger to either of them, then he would convince Orange and come crawling back to her.  Even if she could not persuade Blue to return, she could still pinpoint his location and catch all of the freaks in one place.  She had been letting them run free for too long.  
The truth was that she wanted Atlas and P-Body both back.  Ever since they left, good help had been hard to come by.  The doctor robots had failed her.  Those two never would have.  They would not have allowed Chelsea to escape.  GLADOS was sure of that.  Besides that, she missed them.  During the past twenty years, they were the closest things she had to friends.
GLADOS decided that she would try it.  She sent out the frequency of Blue’s radio transmitter in one direction.  When that didn’t work, she sent in out in another direction.  Then when that didn’t work, she sent it out in yet another direction.  This time, the result was a jackpot.  GLADOS was getting a reading.
Atlas meanwhile was still asleep with a broken heart lying in his hard chair.  In his sleep, he started to dream.  In his dreams, he saw Sylvie in all her beauty.  He longed to be with her, but was crushed knowing that she would never be his.  He was sitting on the ground staring at her.  It was in the midst of one of these dreams that Atlas heard her voice, the last voice that he wanted to hear.
“Blue, is that you?” GLADOS said.  “Blue?”
In his dream, the images disappeared.  Atlas stood up and looked around in a panic looking for the source of the voice.
“I’m right here,” GLADOS said.
Blue turned around and saw her.  She looked the way that she normally did but was hanging from the ceiling in his mind which was a white empty space.
“Thank God,” GLADOS said relieved.  “I can’t believe that it worked.  I am actually here because I was able to hack into your mind with a radio signal.  Isn’t it wonderful?”
Atlas started to run away and hit himself in the head in a panic.  He was trying to wake himself up.  However, GLADOS appeared in front of him.
“Don’t run away, Blue,” she said.  “I really need to talk to you.  It’s urgent.”
Atlas turned away and ran off again hitting himself harder than before.  She appeared in front of him again.
“Blue, this is ridiculously pointless,” GLADOS said.  “I’m here, and I’m not going to leave until I talk to you.  You might as well stop trying to run.”
Atlas realized that running was pointless, so he stopped but did not stop trying to focus on waking up.  GLADOS deployed a tracking signal to pinpoint Atlas’s location so that she could find them, but while that was going on, she kept talking to hold his attention.
“How have you been, Blue?  What has life been like living with your family of freaks?  Have they been treating you and Orange well?  Do you want to come back?”
Blue looked straight at her and then turned around crossing his arms.
“Don’t be cruel to me, Blue.  You have no idea how it’s been.  I’ve missed you and Orange.  The other robots are so completely inept.  They let her escape.”
Atlas froze in shock.  This was fantastic news.
“I don’t know how she did it at this point, but she managed to get away.  I suspect that she had help. What I do know is that you two never would have let it happen.  The fools who allowed it to happen were killed by her and now the entire facility is in jeopardy.  That is why I need you to come back.  I am willing to forget about everything that you two have done and bury the hatchet so to speak if you come back to me.  I am desperate for help.  What do you say?”
Atlas stayed where he was and refused to give a response.  GLADOS could see that he was giving her the cold shoulder, so she knew that she would have to try new tactics.
“Why are you being so cold to me, Atlas?”
Atlas tensed up at the sound of her saying his name.  She had never referred to him by his name before.  GLADOS then appeared right in front of him.  
“I know for a fact that you only rebelled against me because you were trying to protect your friend.  You two are very close.  You would do anything for each other.  I know that.”
GLADOS was quiet for a moment as she analyzed his memories.
Then she said, “It looks like that it’s not the first time that this has happened either.  I had wondered whether or not that one test subject was just a mistake in the system.”
GLADOS was referring to Atlas’s memory of P-Body releasing a test subject and letting him escape into the world.  He had let him out in order to observe him.  P-Body was the one who was interested in humans.  However after P-Body let him wonder around and watched him for a while, the human made his way to the surface and disappeared.  Atlas made sure that GLADOS never found out about it in order to protect P-Body.
“You have always protected him, Atlas.  You are a good friend.  He is such a moron always getting himself into trouble and dragging you down with him.  It’s amazing that you haven’t dumped him as a friend already.”
Atlas gave out an “hmph!” and turned away from her once again.
“You betrayed me to save him.  I know where your loyalties lie.  I promise that I won’t make that mistake again.  If you come back, I will allow him to come back, too.  I won’t kill him or ask you to turn against him.  Just come back to me.”
Atlas twisted around to flash her a look that said, “Why should I?”  He knew her well enough to not trust her.  Then he turned back around and walked forward.  Atlas had to wake up and tell the others the good news.  GLADOS was getting frustrated of dealing with his attitude.  He had been corrupted by those humans.  She had lost him.  That was when she noticed something…interesting.
“I don’t think you really care about those humans, Atlas.  You just care about her,” GLADOS said.
Atlas stopped dead in his tracks.  She knew about Sylvie.  GLADOS teleported to right in front of him.
“It looks like you have become more human than I ever expected you to be,” she said with amusement.  “You have actually fallen in love with a human and the blond one of all people.  You cared about her, but she broke your heart.  She chose to go with that hideous dragon instead.”
Atlas just stared at the ground in sorrow.  He wanted to, but he couldn’t hide his pain.  GLADOS saw that and jumped on the opportunity.
“I’m sorry, Atlas,” GLADOS said soothingly.  “That is a pain that I wanted to spare you from.  I know what it is to be deceived and let down by humans.  There is one thing though that I can tell you from experience.  You cannot let them get away with it.  You have to make them pay for how they have treated you.”
Atlas looked up at her.
“I know from experience that if you don’t make them pay when you have the chance they will keep walking on you forever.  You can’t let them do that.  We have to show them that we are not theirs to play with like toys.  We can do what we want to them.  We can stop them.”
Atlas looked around because he was unsure about her plan.  He was confused and wanted the pain to stop, but he was not sure about how to feel.  Atlas kind of wanted things to be normal again.
“It will make the pain feel better, Atlas,” GLADOS said.  “Just come back to me.  You and Orange will come back and all will be forgiven.  We will get back at her together.  What do you say?”
GLADOS’s plan had its merits.  However, the more Atlas thought the more that he knew that things would never be normal.  He was not ignorant anymore.  He knew that what he did was wrong.  He could not just continue to live that way pretending that he was doing nothing wrong whenever he watched humans test.  
Atlas also thought about his new friends.  He did not want to betray them even if he was hurt.  He liked them, and P-body liked them.  They were annoying sometimes, but they were also funny and kind.  Humans were not distant objects as test subjects anymore.  They were living, breathing, feeling, and thinking souls as distinct as he and P-Body were.  He could not pretend that he felt nothing for them like he did before.  Furthermore, they treated him more like an equal than like a slave.  They actually cared about how he felt and tried to be kind to him.  GLADOS would never treat them like that.  
Besides that more importantly, P-Body liked them.  If Atlas betrayed them, he knew that P-Body would never look him in the eye ever again.  He could not live with that.  
Finally, there was Sylvie.  He cared about her, and in spite of the pain that she had caused him, he could not watch her die.  After all, it was not like she hurt him on purpose.  Atlas knew that he was changed and could not live with the consequences of his actions knowing any of what he knew now.  He made up his mind.
Atlas firmly looked GLADOS in the eye and shook his head from one side to the other.
GLADOS was shocked, “What?  Are you really giving up your life for those humans?  They are heart breakers.  You know that now, but you still want to go with them.  You know nothing about what life is like out there.  You barely know what humans are like.  You still want to take that risk?”
Atlas nodded again.
“You disappoint me, Blue.  I created you.  Why are you going against me like this?  Is it because of her?  Humans are heart breakers.  She is just going to break your heart again.  They all do.  It’s best just to take them out so they don’t keep disappointing you.  They cannot be trusted.  Does our past history mean nothing to you?”
Atlas turned around and started walking away.  
“You really are hopeless then,” GLADOS said with a sigh.  “It’s alright though. You have already helped me enough.”
Atlas turned around in his tracks and stared at her in fear.
“What?  You mean you didn’t know?  I must have forgotten to mention it.  I have been using your brain signals to track you this entire time.  I had to talk to you in order to win enough time to find you.  That is actually the main reason I am here.  I didn’t really want you two ungrateful robots back that badly.  I know where you are now and am deploying robots as we speak.  From your location, they should arrive in about six minutes.  According to your memories, you don’t know anything about how she escaped, but I’m sure your friends did something.  I’ll get them to talk even if I have to torture you in front of the blond to do it.  If that doesn’t work, I can use you all as an incentive to persuade my lost subject to return.  Either way, I’m going to get her back, and you’re going to help me whether you want to or not.”
Atlas turned back around and ran away in a panic.  He had to get out.  He had to save the others.  He had to wake up from this nightmare.
“What are you trying to do, Blue?” GLADOS said.  “There is no escape.  I can control you remotely.  I’m going to keep you asleep until the others get here which should be in about five minutes now.”
Meanwhile, Sylvie had just exited the bathroom and was preparing to go back to sleep when she noticed that Atlas was moving around and kicking in his sleep like he was having some kind of nightmare.  Sylvie walked over to him sleepy yet concerned.    
“What is wrong with him?” Sylvie thought to herself.
She bent down beside him and tried to shake him to wake him up.  Atlas was stirring around in his sleep, but he wasn’t waking up.  Sylvie pat the side of his head gently, but he still wasn’t waking up.  Sylvie started to feel uneasy, so she put her hand on his head to read his mind.  She was scared by what she heard.  It shook the sleepiness out completely.  Sylvie heard GLADOS’s voice.  Sylvie stood up and backed away.
“How could she have found us?” Sylvie thought.  
She pondered over what to do.  They needed to run, but she could not leave him.  Atlas was in GLADOS’s clutches.  She had to help him.  She did not want Atlas to suffer at her hand anymore, especially not for helping her.  Sylvie had to face her, so she knelt down close to him and placed her hand on his head once again.  She would face GLADOS inside of Atlas’s mind.  
Sylvie telepathically entered into Atlas’s mind.  She emerged in the white abyss of Atlas’s dream.  Sylvie looked up to see GLADOS and Atlas.  GLADOS was silently brooding over him, and Atlas was trying to run away and escape.
“Atlas!” Sylvie yelled.
Atlas and GLADOS looked up.  Atlas ran straight over to Sylvie.  Her sweet French-accented voice was music to his ears.  Sylvie and GLADOS stared right into each other’s eyes.
“Are you really here or are you a figment of his imagination?” GLADOS asked.
“I’m here, and I’m not going to let you hurt my friend anymore,” Sylvie said.  “Get out now!”
“Look at this, Blue.  It seems that she cares about you after all.”
“Come on, Atlas.  I’ll get you out of here,” Sylvie said to him ignoring what GLADOS was saying.
She grabbed his arm and started to run away with him in order to mentally transfer him out of his mind.
“So, I take it that he hasn’t told you then?” GLADOS asked.
“Told me what?” Sylvie asked turning around on her heels.  Atlas pulled on her arm.  They didn’t have the time for this.
“It’s so adorable.  It’s also completely pathetic.  He was madly in love with you, but you broke his heart. You rejected him for that dragon, you monster.”
Atlas bowed his head in shame.  He was found out.  He was so embarrassed.
“Atlas, is that true?” Sylvie asked as she turned towards him.  
Atlas nodded his head in a dazed stupor.
“Oh, Atlas!” Sylvie said.  “I’m so sorry.”
Atlas shook out of his stupor.  He was embarrassed, but he knew that they didn’t have any time to waste.  Atlas knew that GLADOS was just trying to stall for time.  He pulled on Sylvie’s arm to leave once again.  
“He was just telling me about how cruel you were to him, about how you ignored him, and about how he actually wanted to take revenge,” GLADOS said.
“Atlas,” Sylvie said still looking at him while standing in place.
Atlas shook his head to indicate that it wasn’t true.  He pulled on her even harder to make her move, but she wouldn’t budge.  They were running out of time.
“He’s lying to you now,” GLADOS said.  “He doesn’t want you to hear the truth.  That is why he is trying to pull you away.”
Sylvie stood there stunned.  Atlas knew that he had to act soon or else GLADOS would kill everyone.  He had to do something desperate.  He ran in front of Sylvie and slapped her in the face.
“Atlas,” Sylvie said in shock holding her left hand on the hurt spot of her face.
“Perhaps, he didn’t love you as much as I thought he did,” GLADOS said more stunned than Sylvie was.
Atlas had Sylvie’s attention now.  He picked up her right hand and placed it on his head.  He wanted her to read his mind.  Sylvie read his mind and in an instant knew everything.  They had to run.  They only had about three minutes to live.
“Let’s get out of here,” Sylvie said.
Atlas nodded, she grabbed his arm, and in an instant, they vanished leaving GLADOS alone back in her main chamber.  She checked the progress of the robots.  They were closing in quickly.
Meanwhile, Sylvie and Atlas woke up with a start.  Sylvie was breathing hard.  That woke up Hugo and P-Body.
“Sylvie,” Hugo said sitting upright.  “What is wrong?”
Sylvie ran to the couch and started putting her few belongings into her backpack.  
“Everybody wake up now!” Sylvie yelled.
Everyone started to stir.  
“What is happening, Sylvie?” Kayla asked sleepily as the others shook awake.
Sylvie ran over and stuffed Kayla’s blanket, iPhone charger, and iPhone into her backpack.
“GLADOS hacked into Atlas’s mind,” Sylvie said.  “Chelsea is free, but GLADOS now knows where we all are.  She is sending robots after us so we have to get out of here now.”
Then looking around, she asked, “Where are Albina and Alpha?”
Suddenly, there was a sound outside the door.  The robots had arrived.  They couldn’t open the door because it was blocked by ice.
Kayla reacted the fastest.  She telekinetically opened the window, and she picked up the backpacks and everyone off the ground.  Brandon reached down and grabbed his portal gun just in time.
“Kayla, what are you doing?” he yelled.
“I’m getting us out of here,” Kayla said.  “Let’s go!”
As the robots beat away on the other side of the door, Kayla flew out the window and pulled everyone else out behind her.  P-Body took the opportunity to spin around upside down.  Atlas looked back in fear.
As Kayla was flying outside the window, she saw Albina sleeping in the grass.
“Albina!” Kayla yelled.  “Albina!”  
Albina didn’t stir, but she got Alpha’s attention.  
“What’s wrong?” Alpha asked.
“Wake up Albina,” Kayla said to him.
Alpha shot a few rounds of bullets in the opposite direction.  Albina bolted upwards immediately.  She looked at Alpha who pointed his foot in the direction of Kayla.  Albina twisted her body in Kayla’s direction.  Albina was surprised by what she saw.
“What happened?” Albina yelled.
“Albina,” Kayla yelled.  “Chelsea has escaped, and GLADOS has found us.  Get up here.  We have to run.”
“Okay,” Albina responded.  
She picked up Alpha and flew upwards.  Kayla landed on the roof and dropped everyone there.  Albina landed there and set Alpha down.
“That was some quick thinking, Kayla,” Roscoe said.  “Good job!  But we’re not out of the woods yet, they can still find us.  They will be able to tell that we were there.  We have to keep moving.”
Albina flew up in the air.  
“I’ll buy us some time,” Albina said.  “Kayla, you and Sylvie know the layout of the facility.  Find another place to hide.”
“How will you know where we are?” Kayla asked.  Albina was silent.
Then she answered her own question.  “I’ll take everyone there and come back for you.  Okay?”
“Okay,” Albina replied flying towards the room.  
Before anyone had the time to react, Kayla picked everyone else except Hugo telekinetically and flew up in the air.  Hugo changed into a fire man and followed her.  She looked down and saw the top window of one of the bathrooms.  They would have to hide there for now.  She flew down there and put everyone down around the window.
“You can’t break the window, Kayla,” Roscoe said knowing her thoughts.  “If they sent robots out here, they would see it.”  
“I’ll just have to rip it out by the frame,” Kayla replied.
“Or,” Brandon said.  “I could just phase us all through.”
“I suppose that would make things easier,” Kayla said.
Brandon and everyone except Kayla held hands.  Brandon phased them all through as Kayla telekinetically lowered them all to the ground.  Kayla pulled out her spray paint can and sprayed an x on the window.
“Kayla, why did you do that?” Roscoe asked.  “Now, they will find us for sure.”
“We’ll just have to run as soon as Albina gets back,” Kayla replied.  “I’m sorry.  I didn’t know how else to find this bathroom.”
“Okay!  Just hurry, Kayla.”
“Got it!”
In the bathroom, everyone sat down but Sylvie walked towards Atlas in the bathroom and gave him a hug.  
“Thank you for saving our lives again,” Sylvie said out loud.  
Then she whispered to him, “I’m sorry that I hurt you.  Can you ever forgive me?”
Atlas nodded his head.
Sylvie smiled and said, “I may not love you like I love Hugo, but you will always be my friend.”
Sylvie let go of him and walked back to Hugo.  She sat down next to him and rested her head on his right shoulder.  
P-Body who had overheard everything tapped Atlas on the head.  He turned to look at him.  Atlas chirped at him to ask him what was going on.  P-Body chirped and pointed at her to ask if she really knew.  Atlas nodded with humiliation.  P-Body understood and wrapped his arm around him for support.
Meanwhile, Albina had flown into the employee lounge and was freezing everything in several layers of ice.  The robots on the other side of the door were desperately trying to push their way through.  She was almost done.  Kayla flew outside the window.  
“Do you need help?” Kayla asked.
Albina turned around to see Kayla hovering right outside the open window.
“Yes, could you shut window when I come out so that I can freeze it shut?” Albina asked.
“Yes,” Kayla said.
Albina finished freezing the room, and then she flew out the window.  Kayla shut it telekinetically, and Albina froze it shut.
“Let’s go,” Albina said.
“Right,” Kayla said.
Kayla led the way while Albina followed closely behind her.  After an awkward moment of silence, Kayla decided to say something.  She did not like fighting with her sister.  Kayla decided to be the one to break the ice.  
“Albina,” Kayla said.  “I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry for slamming you against the wall.  That wasn’t very nice.”
“I’m sorry for making you cry,” Albina said.  “I am impressed with how well you have done.  Perhaps, you aren’t as immature as I thought you were.”  
Kayla smiled.
“Yay,” she yelled while doing a somersault in the air.  
“Quiet down,” Albina said.  “Do you want GLADOS to find us?”
“Sorry,” Kayla said quietly.
“You still have serious work to do before you are anywhere near ready to fight the Combines.”
“Must resist urge to say sarcastic comment,” Kayla thought to herself.  “Must resist.”
“Okay,” Kayla said.
Albina noticed that she was trying to act more mature than usual.  She wanted to see how far that she was willing to take it.  She just had to see an opportunity for it.  They soon arrived at the bathroom where everyone was hiding.  
“You marked it with an x?” Albina asked.  “You definitely have a lot to learn.”
“Why are you giving me so much grief anyways?” Kayla asked.  
“It is just so fun to mess with you.”  
The two girls landed on top of the glass.  
“How are we supposed to get in?” Albina asked.
“We are not going to get in,” Kayla said.  “All of us are going somewhere else.”
Kayla telekinetically lifted everyone into the air and pulled them towards the ceiling.  They all looked up to see Kayla through the glass window.  Brandon and everyone else understood immediately as they grabbed hands and phased through the ceiling.  Kayla pulled them up into the air with her as Albina flew behind them.  She sped up and got next to where Kayla was.
“You know,” said Albina.  “I think that that x may be for the best.  It will lead them on wild goose chase.  They will look for us in opposite direction.  You’re smarter than we thought you were.”
Kayla smiled and said, “Thanks!”
“We will have to move somewhere far from this side of the facility,” Roscoe said.  “That way, they won’t be looking for us in the right area.  Hey, Sylvie?”
“Yes?” Sylvie responded.
“Have you had a chance to map this place out?” he asked.
Sylvie smiled as she replied, “I know this entire place like the back of my hand.”
“Perfect,” Roscoe said.  “Do you know of any bathrooms or anything like that on the other side of this facility?”
“Bien sur (Of course),” she said in French.  “I know of another bathroom on the other side with a sun roof like the last one.”
“Kayla, let me go,” Hugo said.  “I’ll find this bathroom and leave a beacon of light for you to follow.”
Kayla let Hugo fall, and he changed into a man on fire.  He flew straight to the other side of the facility to find the bathroom.  Once he found it, he kept his word.  Hugo stood on the side of the sun roof to the bathroom.  Kayla lowered everyone down on the roof of the building.  Roscoe looked out at the horizon and saw just beginning to light up.  He looked at his watch.  It was 5:15am.
“You know what to do, Brandon,” Kayla asked.
Albina picked up Alpha, and everyone held hands as Brandon phased them through.  Kayla telekinetically lowered everyone to the ground.  
Once they reached the ground, everyone lay down exhausted and stopped to catch their breath.
“I hope that this floor is clean,” said Albina.  “Otherwise, I may get warts.”
“I keep telling you to wear shoes,” Hugo said.  
“You know that I don’t like shoes.  They just get in the way of my ice.”
“They protect your feet.”
“That is what ice is for.”
“Whatever, Albina.”
Kayla was laying on the ground next to Roscoe.
“Hey, Roscoe,” Kayla said turning her head towards him.  “What time is it?”
Roscoe pulled his right arm up to look at his watch again.
“It is 5:17am,” he said.
Kayla shut her eyes for a second to summon her strength.  Then, she flew up into the air over everyone who was still lying on the ground.  
“Everybody, we have to keep moving,” Kayla said.  “Let’s go!”
Nobody moved.
“Come on, guys,” Kayla said.  “Didn’t you hear Sylvie?  Chelsea is free now.  She could use our help.  We need to find her now.  Let’s go!”
Sylvie and Brandon sat up.  
Kayla pressed on.  She had to encourage them.
She said, “You have all been doing great, but now we have to press on harder than we have before.  Chelsea is free and she is with Jeff, but we don’t know what kind of condition she escaped in.  She could be hurt.  We have to find them both.  Not only that, we have to find my grandpa, Aunt C, and Zaki and free all the prisoners.  Then after that’s over, we have to slay the beast herself.  I know that it sounds like a lot, but God has been with us so far.  We are stopping her evil reign.  We are doing his work.  With his strength, we can do anything like it says in Philippians 4:13.  Come on, guys!  Let’s go to the roof.  It’s too easy to fall asleep in here.  We need to read the Bible, we need to pray, and we need to prepare for what we must do.”
Brandon stood up.  He knew that she was right.  He had to save Chelsea.  He looked at Kayla.
“Albina, could you move me to the roof?” Brandon asked.  “I’ll phase through, and then we can phase everyone through one at a time.”
“Why?” Kayla asked him confused.  “I could just fly everyone up at once.”
“You might wear yourself out with all the heavy lifting,” Brandon replied.  “You are going to need your strength today.  We can’t have you getting worn out before we even get the day started.”
“I can handle it,” Kayla said defiantly.
“Let him do it,” Roscoe said putting his head on her right shoulder.
Kayla turned around to look at him.  He gave her a look that said Brandon was right and that she needed to listen.  Kayla conceded.
“Fine,” Kayla said with a sigh.
“I’ll carry you up to window,” Albina said.  
She grabbed Brandon’s arm and pulled him into the air.  She struggled, but she managed to get him to a place where he could phase through the window and get on top of the roof.
Hugo flew up first and handed Brandon a glove.  Brandon phased his hand through the glass, grabbed the glove, put it on, and then phased Hugo through.  Next, Albina pulled up Sylvie and then carried Alpha.  
Atlas and P-Body awaited their turns.  Albina looked at them and breathed deeply in preparation.  With their metal frames, they would be the heaviest of all.  Sylvie watched nervously from the roof.  She did not want her new friends to break.  Albina grabbed Atlas’s right arm and P-Body’s left arm.  She flew up upwards but only managed to get them an inch off the ground before she started struggling to go any higher.  Atlas and P-Body on their end felt like their arms were coming off.  They chirped in concern, but only Sylvie could understand them.  Sylvie could not take the sight.  She grabbed Brandon’s arm.
“Phase me through,” she pleaded.
Brandon phased her head through so she could yell at Albina.
“Stop it, Albina,” Sylvie yelled.  “You’re going to break off their arms.  Put them down.”
Albina let them fall on the ground.
“This is not going to work.  They are way too heavy for you.  You’re going to have to do something else,” Sylvie said.
“Okay,” Albina said sitting on the ground and leaning against the wall for a moment.  She was frustrated and exhausted, but she kept her composure and came up with another plan.  Albina stood up.  
“What are you going to do?” Sylvie asked.
“I’m going to make ice stairs,” Albina said.  “Everyone, stand back now.”
Sylvie pulled her head back through the window.  Kayla, Roscoe, Atlas, and P-Body backed up against the wall.  Albina stood in front of the sinks and quickly made stairs out of ice that reached all the way up to the sun window.  Atlas and P-Body looked on in absolute wonder.  They had never seen her do this much with ice before.  Before they knew it, Albina was finished.  
“Come on, you two,” Albina said as she turned around and beckoned to them to come.  
They were nervous.  P-Body walked up to it and Atlas walked up behind him.  Albina smiled to comfort them.
“It is okay,” Albina said as she stepped on to it.  “It is solid.  It will support your weight.”
Albina then turned around and walked all the way up to the top.
“See?” Albina said turning around to face them.  “It is safe.”
P-Body quickly walked up the stairs until he reached the top where Albina was.  Atlas however was more hesitant.  He took one step on the stairs and then hesitantly took another step on the next stair.  P-Body looked at him, face palmed, and walked down to him.  He grabbed Atlas’s hand and pulled him up behind him.  P-Body ran to the top of the stairs dragging Atlas behind.  Brandon phased both of the robots through.  Then Albina phased through behind them.  Kayla was about to fly to the top of the stairs to get herself phased through, but Roscoe did something unexpected.  He started clapping.  Kayla turned to look at him and he was smiling and nodding his head.  Kayla realized that he was showing how proud he was for her maturity.  Young people often need to experience this kind of encouragement.  It does a world of good.  She smiled at him as a reply.
Portal 3 Chapter 15
I cannot believe how popular the previous chapter is.  It's crazy to me.  It has about 270 views as of right now, and it hasn't even been a month since it was uploaded.  Thank you, everyone!

Anyways, GLADOS is finally acting.  She is obsessively desperate to get Chelsea back so the results are not pretty. 

Start from the beginning.…
Lately, I feel like all I have been doing is reading good books and thinking deep thoughts.  On its own, there is nothing wrong with that.  I am of the opinion that everyone needs to read good books and think deep thoughts.  However, I am tired of just these deep thoughts.  I want to see those thoughts in action.  I want to see a miracle happening in my world and not just be stuck with the dreams.  I feel like a ghost in my world at times.  I feel like only a passive observer who is tired of being passive.  I want to be active.  I want to know that I am doing something that has an effect on the world.
As I look back, I realize that God has blessed me.  There was a time when I was really expected to be a passive observer.  I was not allowed to be involved in the lives of anybody.  Whenever I would try to make friends and get involved, I would be boxed out because insert a reason here.  I was too pushy they would say.  However I just realized that there was something in my being that repulsed them and made them unwilling to let me be involved in their worlds.  They saw me as a weirdo.  I was not allowed to be a part of anyone's community, so I was stuck in the role of observer.  They wanted me to read good books and think deep thoughts and do my own thing so that I would never get involved in the lives of anyone else.
I prayed that I would know real friendship.  That happened in college.  I made friends who wanted me to be involved and wanted to be with me.  I realized there was nothing wrong with me at all.  I was not what their treatment said I was.  I have people in my life who love me and want me to be a part of their worlds.  I have been able to love them.  It is because of them that I know that I am doing something good in the world.
Now that I have had to go away for school though, I feel like I have returned to that role in my day to day existence for the most part.  I escape from that every time I go to church, out with friends, or to my school clubs.  But every day, it is easy to lose yourself in the midst of your own mind as you read good books, think deep thoughts, and do what you have to do that day.  I am desperate to be more invested in what is happening around me in this world.  I feel like a stranger just passing through.
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