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Casey Hadyn Williams
Artist | Professional | Photography
United States
Current Residence: United States
Favourite cartoon characters: the Elric brothers

I am an artist who works for a newspaper in Athens, but I also love drawing, photography, and writing. Check out my fan fiction Portal 3 if you're interested.

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“Day 27,” GLaDOS typed into her experiment log.  “The subject is continuing to recover from invasive medical examinations and from the pneumonia infection inside of her lungs.  The new treatment is appearing to have better effects than I imagined it would.  When the doctor was changing her bandages of her left forearm, he found that the arm had healed and the surgical stitches were ready to be removed.  I know it is still too soon to draw any large conclusions, but it appears that this teen may not be human in more ways than one.  Her pneumonia is being treated with an IV filled with penicillin.  She has stopped coughing up blood, but she still requires an oxygen mask to breathe.  If it weren’t for that, we could be testing ahead of schedule and getting on with the experiment as soon as her wounds healed, possibly within the next week.  Perhaps her claims are true and her God is watching over her after all.  Perhaps he is buying her time.”
GLaDOS turned to see that Chelsea was asleep.  She pulled the bed closer to herself with her claw in order to get a better look at her.
GLaDOS turned away and typed again, “The subject is still underweight and thin.  If this treatment fails and I cannot find a way to get her body’s metabolism to slow down, she may die from excessive weight loss.  I have been giving her more food intravenously than recommended, but her body is consuming it too quickly.  The reason for that is a mystery at this point.  From that, it would appear that her mutant body functions differently than a normal human’s.  It will be a pleasure to examine her body for the rest of her days to find out how if only I can keep her alive for that long.  On a personal note, I have to wonder how Chell has managed to keep her alive for over eighteen years when the best science has to offer appears to be helping very little.”
GLaDOS watched Chelsea move around in her sleep for a second and then typed some more.
“Today, I allowed her to wake up in order to tell her the good news about her marriage.  She was not as happy about it as I thought she would be.  Humans tend to be happy about getting married.  She was disgusted.  I was willing to allow her to choose her own dress and her own fiancé, but since she refused to do either, I had to do both myself.  It is bizarre.  Her stubborn behavior reminds me of her mother.  It feels at times like I am still dealing with her mother.  When I look at her eyes and at her face, it feels like I am still looking at Chell sometimes.”
GLaDOS looked at Chelsea and used her claw to pull the covers more evenly over Chelsea’s weak body.
“As for the subject’s behavior for the most part, it remains unchanged.  I drugged her more so that she would not be able to run around and cause the trouble that she did the other day.  That appears to be working.  Today, she talked just as much as before despite the fact that her voice was weak due to her pneumonia, but she moved around a lot less.  Her body appears to be too weak for her to move around too much.  It would appear that I have found a good method for keeping her restrained and under my control.  That will be essential as we move closer to actually carrying out the experiment.  Her behavior remains completely rebellious.  She did not appreciate the work I did in order to give her a choice of dresses and the option to marry.  I have followed Aperture Science’s guidelines as far as attempting to respect her religious convictions, but she still insists on being difficult and completely ungrateful just like her mother.  She appears to have a very self-righteous personality.  It could be attributed to her ADHD, but she seems more fixated on pointing out the moral flaws of whatever she sees as wrong than allowing us to focus on the task at hand.   She is surprisingly deeply convicted for a teenager.  She seems like she has thought about what she believes and is not just quoting what other people say.  She is also sharper and smarter than she appears to be.  She figured out that I had picked the dresses off of the dead female scientists and that I had seen her parents without me having to even mention it.  Her mind is sharper than ever.  That will be good for testing but also trouble for me.  She might figure out a way to escape.  I can tell she does not care for me in the least.  All she wants to do is run.  That is all they all want to do.  However, I am going to attempt something with her that I have never tried with any of the other subjects.  I am attempting to win her over with kindness.  I have not punished her for cutting off my claw, attempting to escape, breaking the video cameras in the hallways, influencing my robots to turn against me, or for helping her friend escape.  I am hoping that by ignoring those trespasses and granting her desires she will eventually warm up to me.  The more she likes me the more compliant she will be.  That is the hypothesis at least.  They say that gentle persuasion is better than force.  I am now attempting to see whether or not it is true.  It seems that I have no choice in that matter anyway at least not if I want to keep her alive.”
GLaDOS looked at her again appearing to be considering something about her test subject.
GLaDOS typed, “On another personal note, there appears to be something endearing about her personality, something that makes her attractive in some way.  It might be her confidence, it might be her beauty, it might be her faith, it might be her energy, or it might be something else.  Whatever the case, this allure does have an effect.  It caused my two robots that had not rebelled against me in 20 years to betray me completely.  I find myself having to tighten my own defenses because I can feel the effects of it, too.  My hypothesis is that she like an ant has the ability to excrete pheromones that make her more attractive to others.  We will have to test that one to see if it is true.”
GLADOS clicked enter and filed the report in Chelsea’s file.
“Alright, now,” GLaDOS said.  “It is time to prepare my next subject for their test.”
GLaDOS pulled up a monitor and looked upon a picture of Albina.
Albina awoke to see the inside of a relaxation chamber.  The vault opened.  She immediately sat up and stepped out holding her head.
“Shiza,” she said in her Russian.
“Hello and welcome to the Aperture Science Testing Protocol,” GLaDOS said to her.  “Testing will begin in less than four minutes so be patient and soon a portal will appear on the wall.”  
Albina immediately straightened up and held her hands behind her as she looked around with a very dignified air.  It was the fall season in the outside world yet she was wearing a nice blue tank top and jean capris with no shoes but advanced knee replacements attached to the back of her legs.  The air conditioning was on high but she was fine.  Albina never got cold ever.  She was immune to it.  Albina pulled her long white hair neatly behind her twice pierced ears and said a quick prayer holding her mother’s wedding ring that she wore on a chain as a necklace around her neck.  She smiled because she already had a plan of escape.  
“GLaDOS,” Albina said in her authentic Russian accent.  “Do you know who I am?”
“You froze the robots who were supposed to be evaluating you, so no, I guess we never were able to officially get a name before you were tranquilized.  Who are you?”
Albina walked up to the toilet attached to the wall and flushed it.
“Have you ever heard of Jack Frost?” Albina asked smiling.
“Of course,” GLaDOS said.
“Well, you might say that I am his daughter.”
Albina used her hydrokinesis to pull the water out of the toilet.  Then she blew on it, freezing it in mid-air.  Next, she broke the ice into projectile shards and fired the pieces into the glass.  After that, Albina flew into the air on her winter winds and blasted her wind against the glass causing it to break into a million pieces.  Albina flew out through the hole in the glass and looked into GLaDOS’s camera with a smile on her face.  She then blasted her ice with her hand at the camera causing it to instantly malfunction and fall out of the wall.
GLaDOS was amazed.  She did not expect anything like this.  She was happy for the science but scared for the control that she knew she was losing.  
GLaDOS instantly turned on the other camera in that room and looked for Albina.  She was lounging on top of the glass box.  Albina was lying on her stomach with her feet in the air while she was propping up her head with her right hand and using her left hand to cover the entire floor in a layer of ice.
Albina looked up to see the other camera staring at her.
“I was wondering when you would come back,” Albina said.  
“I demand you to stop this behavior right now,” GLaDOS said sternly.  “Your test hasn’t even started yet.”
“I never properly introduced myself.  My name is Albina Romanov.”
“You’re descended from the Romanov royal family?”
“My mother was, and when she adopted me, I became a Romanov as well.”
“You’re adopted?”
“I was found in the snow on a cold winter night in Russia.  I was abandoned in the snow and while my mother was walking outside in the woods, she found me and brought me into her warm mansion.  Upon seeing my white skin and blue lips, she was afraid that I was already dead, but I opened my eyes and started to cry.  We would later learn that I am a spirit of the ice.  I can fly on the winds of winter and create ice and snow.  I am also immune to the effects of the cold world, and I can use it to my favor.  My mother raised me as one of her own despite the work that she had been called to do.  I was named Albina after the white color of my skin.  My mother died with her new husband while helping me and my step-brother escape to the United States.  I have walked a difficult road, but I have overcome with the help of God.  I have made peace with my life and am free to walk on.  I say all this because I want to ask you something, GLaDOS.  Despite the pain, I have made peace in my life, but do you have any peace in yours?”
“What are you talking about?  I love my life.”
“Really?” Albina asked as she sat flew up to the edge of the glass box and sat down in front of the camera crossing her legs that were hanging over the side.
“According to the Bible, the wicked never have any peace in their lives.  I think that applies to you, too.  Yeah?  You spend all your days testing in order to satisfy some hidden desire and learn the ultimate truth about something, but you have never found it in all your days of testing.  Have you?  So, you test some more and some more and some more yet you never find what you are looking for,” Albina said.  “Do you really expect to be able to keep this up forever?”
“I am going to live forever,” GLaDOS said.  “I can continue to test for as long as I please.”
“I will live forever, too,” Albina said.  “Yet you will continue this cycle for all eternity here while I am free to fly around heaven in freedom.  It must be awful to live in this hell of your own discontent misery.  You will never test enough to be happy.  You will never find what you are looking for.  You will never be satisfied.  That is the curse of evil.”
“I don’t care about being happy or feeling any kind of euphoric emotions.  I only care about the science.”
“Is that what you tell yourself?”
“Will you stop talking and get on with the testing?”
“Of course, I will.”
With that, Albina flew off the roof and landed on the icy floor.  GLaDOS opened up the portal to go into the next room.  Albina skated across the floor and jumped through the portal in the wall snapping the advanced knee replacements off of her legs.  The room was a group of steps leading to the portal gun.  She flew up in the air on her icy winds and looked into one of the cameras.  
“I ought to let you know that I do not intend on testing,” Albina said confidently.  “I only wanted to have a big room in order to show off what I’m capable of.  I can actually leave whenever I want to.  I have been asleep for a while so I am just dying to let loose if you know what I mean.  This room is actually a decent size so I think I will actually be leaving now.”
Albina flew down and began to cover the floor in a layer of ice.
“You are not going anywhere, young lady.”
“Why not?  It is not like you can stop me.  I will be taking my leave now, but before I go I would like to know what you have done with my brothers and sisters.”
“I was actually getting to that.  That is the reason that you cannot leave.  The person you came to save is with me now.  If you leave, you will never see her again.”
Albina flew up to the camera and looked straight at GLaDOS.
“You wouldn’t dare,” Albina said angrily.
“Her health is very delicate right now.  It would be very easy for her to decline even more rapidly,” said GLaDOS.
Albina gave GLaDOS one of the dirtiest looks that she had ever seen in her entire life.  There was angry fire behind her cool icy eyes.  
“If you keep testing, I might let you talk to each other.  If you pass all the tests, I may even let you have a supervised visit,” GLaDOS said.  “What do you say?”
“It would appear that I have no other choice,” Albina said in defeat.  
Then just out of spite, Albina blasted a beam of ice straight into the camera.
GLaDOS moved back suddenly in shock.
“That was extremely mature,” GLaDOS said sarcastically.
Just then, Chelsea was awoken by the touch of the doctor robot moving one of her IVs.  She looked up just in time to see him leave the room with it.  She looked up at GLaDOS who she noticed was watching a monitor.  Chelsea turned her head to look at the monitor, and she saw Albina.  She smiled with joy.  She thought that she would never see any of her friends again.  Chelsea sat up and watched Albina on the screen.  Albina had picked up a portal gun and was flying towards the elevator.
“Why doesn’t Albina just leave?  She could use her ice powers to create ice that would break through the ceiling.  Why isn’t she escaping?  For that matter, why am I still here?  What does GLaDOS want me to do?  What has she done?” Chelsea thought to herself.
GLaDOS turned her head to see Chelsea sitting up in bed.
“Oh, you’re awake,” GLaDOS said.  “Did you enjoy your nap?”
Chelsea said nothing but looked at the screen.
“Your friend is testing right now,” GLaDOS said.  “Would you like to watch?  I told her if she finishes that she might get to see you.”
Chelsea realized immediately why she was up there.
“You’re using me as an incentive for Albina?” Chelsea asked.
“Every time I talk to you I just keep realizing how smart you are,” GLaDOS said.
“That’s why she won’t leave,” Chelsea said.
“You are correct again,” said GLaDOS.  “I intend to put her on the same experimental program that you are on.  You know.  At first, I was annoyed by your friends, but now, I’m glad they’re here.  You see with them around I have something to motivate you with, a reason for you mutants to behave.  Otherwise, I might completely lose control.”
“That’s really low.”
“I told you already.  There is nothing that I cannot do for science.”
Chelsea did not know what to say so she remained silent and gave GLaDOS angry looks.
“Relax and enjoy the show,” said GLaDOS.  “I promise that I’ll let you visit your friend if the both of you behave.”
Chelsea prayed silently to herself and watched the monitor.  She knew that Albina was clever and could figure something out.
Albina did.  By the time she exited the elevator to emerge on the first level of testing, she had a plan.  Albina gave a self-assured smile to the camera.
Then she said, “GLaDOS, how do I know you are not lying to me?”
“What do you mean?” GLaDOS asked.
“How do I know that Chelsea is really with you?  Chell told me that you were a liar, so you could be lying about this, too.  You have given me no evidence to prove that Chelsea is actually there.  All I have to go on is your word, and since I know that is untrustworthy, there is nothing left to do but conclude that you are lying.  If you are lying to me, I have no reason to stay here, so unless you allow me to talk to my friend I will leave now.”
“How do I know that you are not bluffing yourself?  What you did to the relaxation chamber was impressive, but these rooms are bigger and stronger.  It is going to take a lot of ice to break these rooms apart.  I think you are just trying to scare me.”
“I’ll show you, GLaDOS, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
Albina dropped the portal gun on the floor and flew into the middle of the testing chamber.  She flew around and covered the floor in a layer of ice.  Albina landed on the ice and commenced ice skating.  She slid around the ice and built up enough speed to do twirls in the air.
“What are you doing?” GLaDOS asked clearly not impressed.  “I am not threatened by ice skating.”
Albina smiled and jumped again but this time she created a pillar of ice underneath her feet.  That pillar of ice rose and rose until she jumped off of it just before it broke through the ceiling.  However instead of flying or falling to the ground, Albina created another pillar of ice underneath her feet and did the same thing.  The panels on the ceiling were broken through.  Albina flew around the room adding thick layers of ice to the walls.  She then landed on the ice and started making icicles that pointed upward, sideways, and every direction.
GLaDOS knew at this point the woman was not bluffing, but she was unsure of what to do.  While GLaDOS was wondering what to do, she heard a voice from right beside her.
“GLaDOS, let me talk to her.”
GLaDOS turned.  It was Chelsea.
“Albina is stubborn and will not back down unless I say something to her,” Chelsea continued with her face downcast.  “I know you’re powerful and resisting you is pointless.  I just don’t want her to get hurt.  You can do whatever you want.  Just allow me to talk some sense into her to calm her down.”
“Very good,” GLaDOS said happily.
GLaDOS handed Chelsea something that looked like a walkie-talkie.  
“It is connected to the PA system.  Just talk into it and she will hear every word you say,” GLaDOS said.
Chelsea looked up at her and flashed a devious smile.
“You are so gullible,” Chelsea said.  Then she jumped up onto a flying disk and formed a force field around herself before GLaDOS had time to react.
“What are you doing?” GLaDOS said.
“Albina!  Can you hear me?” Chelsea said into the walkie-talkie.
Albina stopped in the middle of creating another icicle.
“Yes,” Albina responded.  “Chelsea, are you alright?”
Chelsea looked up.  GLaDOS was poking claws at her force field while Chelsea was trying to dodge.  She yanked out her IV and oxygen mask and continued flying around and talking.
“Not really,” Chelsea responded.  “GLaDOS has been dissecting me like a frog, I have pneumonia, and she wants to force me to marry Hugo so that she can perform experiments on our child.  I am also very underweight, but besides that, I’m fantastic.”
“Wow,” Albina responded.  “You’ve really been through it lately.”
“How are you doing this?” GLaDOS asked confused at Chelsea’s sudden burst of energy.  “I drugged you so that you could hardly move.  This makes no sense.”
“Albina,” Chelsea said.  “Get out and find my parents.  GLaDOS will not hurt me.  She needs to keep me alive for her work.  I’ll be fine.  Just run!  I’ll distract her.”
“Okay,” Albina said as she started creating more icicles.  “I’ll find you.  I promise.”
Just then, GLaDOS hit Chelsea’s shield with her claw with enough force to slam Chelsea against the wall and dissolve both shields.  Chelsea fell to the floor wheezing and coughing.  GLaDOS instantly took away the walkie-talkie with her claw.  
“As brave as your little stunt was, it’s not going to do any good,” GLADOS said coldly.  “I’m not going to let your little friend get away.  I’m still in control here.”
GLaDOS called for the doctor over the PA system.
“Doctor, get in here,” she said.  “Our patient could really use a tranquilizer right now.  She’s going to hurt herself.”
She turned from Chelsea to look at the monitor and Albina was creating more and more icicles.  She was jumping around and leaving an icicle everywhere she stepped.  These icicles rose all the way to the roof.  The roof looked ready to give way.  Albina then rode an icicle to the roof.  
“I recommend you cut that out immediately before I kill you,” GLaDOS said.  “You will not harmed if you stop right now.”
Albina ignored her and kept going.
“Alright, I warned you,” GLaDOS said.
“NO!!!!!!” Chelsea screamed as she flew on a disc in front of GLaDOS’s face.  “I’m not going to let you hurt my friend.”
“Get out of my way.”
“Not a chance!”
Chelsea jumped off her disc onto GLaDOS’s face and wrapped her thin body around it so that GLaDOS was blind.
“Get off of my face!” GLaDOS said as she shook her head in every which direction.
“No,” Chelsea said.
“You’re drugged, and you’re weak.  Why would you pull something like this?  Overexerting yourself could kill you.  You know that.  I knew that you were self-righteous, but I thought you were smarter than this.”
“You told me there was nothing you wouldn’t do for science.  That is how I feel about my friends.  There is nothing that I won’t do for them.  I will die to protect them if necessary and there is nothing you can do about it.”
GLaDOS tried slamming her head against the wall, but Chelsea put up a force field in order to protect herself.  She turned around to look at the monitor and watched as Albina flew through the hole she created in the ceiling.
“Yes,” Chelsea said.  “She’s gone.”
“WHAT?!!!!!” GLADOS screamed shaking her head.  “No!  No!  No!  No!  No!”
Chelsea should have been afraid.  She knew that GLaDOS was pissed off.  However, she felt elated.
“It looks like I win again,” Chelsea said.  “God is so good.”
“Why you obnoxious,” GLaDOS said as she slammed her head against the wall in an attempt to break Chelsea’s grip on her head and her force field around her body.  With every adjective that followed, she slammed her head against the wall even harder.
“…annoying, self-righteous, stubborn, ungrateful, mentally disturbed, juvenile, deceitful, insane little freak!”
At the last slam, Chelsea couldn’t hold on anymore.  She let go of GLaDOS’s face and dropped to the floor.  GLaDOS looked at the monitor and used other cameras to see if there was any possibility of Albina being found.  She couldn’t find her anywhere.
Meanwhile Chelsea was on the ground on the verge of passing out, but she still tried to be strong.  She placed a disc under her body and used it to fly to the wall right next to where the door would open.  As soon as the robot came in, she planned on cutting the robot apart and leaving.  
However, GLaDOS turned around and grabbed her thin waist with a claw.  Using it, she lifted Chelsea in the air and brought her close to her eye.  
“Where do you think you’re going?” GLaDOS asked in a strangely concerned tone.  “You’re still very ill, and I need you well for all of the work we will be doing.  As a medical expert, I cannot allow you to perform any strenuous work right now.  I recommend that you relax.  You have nothing to fear from me.  Your stunt made me angry, but that does not change the way I feel about you.  You still belong to me.  I am not going to cut our relationship short just because you misbehaved once or twice.  Fortunately for you, you’re way too valuable to my enterprise for that.  I will however have to put you on probation.”
GLaDOS dropped her on her bed and pulled the oxygen mask over Chelsea’s face.
“Sit there and wait for the doctor to come in.  If you try to take that mask off, I will fill the room with neurotoxin immediately.  Is that understood?” said GLaDOS trying to calm down.
Chelsea nodded.
“Good,” said GLaDOS.  “You probably know as you have no doubt heard from your mother that I am not usually this nice.  Whenever your mother attempted to escape, I tried to kill her.  You should be grateful.”
“I am grateful,” Chelsea began as she lay down on her bed and pulled the covers over her body.  “But not to you.”
Before GLaDOS could push the matter further, the doctor robot walked in with the tranquilizer and the new IV.  
“Thank, God,” GLaDOS said.  “She has been going berserk.  We really need her subdued now.”
“Alright,” the doctor calmly responded.  “First though, I need to re-insert both of her IVs.  Every moment we stall, she is growing worse.”
“Okay,” GLADOS conceded.  “Just make it quick before she feels inspired to anything more stupid than what she has already done.”
Chelsea prayed in her head, “Thank you, God!  Thank you for the strength that you just gave me.  That was incredible.  I would sing right now, but my lungs are not strong enough.  I know you love anything I do for you, so I will just hum instead.”
While the doctor robot was sanitizing the new needles for the IVs, Chelsea hummed the song “Kyrie Eleison” by Hildegard von Bingen, a Christian nun and composer of the Middle Ages who Chelsea looked up to a lot.
The robot continued working with the IVs and finally injecting them in while Chelsea continued to hum, but GLaDOS stared at her intrigued.  First of all, she was impressed that she knew about Hildegard von BIngen.  Second of all, she was amazed by the genuine joy and strength that she saw in her heart.  How could she be so grateful to a God whose existence could not be proven by science?  How could she be this joyful when so many horrible things have been happening to her in general?  Most subjects would be blubbering masses of fear at this point.  She was joyful in a way that was not normal.  All GLaDOS could do was watch her in fascination.
Then once Chelsea was done humming “Kyrie Eleison,” she began humming a lullaby song that she knew very well.  It was the song “Cara Mia Addio,” the song that the turrets sang for Chell when she left the facility for good.
This song caught GLaDOS more off guard than the other song did.  She recognized the song that she had composed.  She was shocked.  Her memory flashed across the monitor screen.  On it played clips of her adventure with Chell, Chelsea was confused but intrigued at the same time to see images of her mother in Aperture Science.  Chelsea kept humming.  Then, across the screen flashed images of memories that GLaDOS did not want to see and thought she had deleted.  The word Caroline flashed on the screen.  Then GLaDOS began seeing images in a mirror of a young woman with long brown hair working for an older man.
“No,” GLaDOS said in fear.  “What is this?  I thought I had deleted you.”
Chelsea kept humming, and the images just kept coming.  
“So that is what Caroline looked like,” Chelsea thought.
Chelsea kept humming and more and more images just kept appearing on the screen.  They were her memories of a normal life inside and outside the facility.  She saw herself do things like walk in a park and go to a movie.
GLaDOS couldn’t handle them.  She started to panic.
“No, I don’t want to look at this,” she said hysterically.  “Doctor, put her to sleep!  Make the humming stop!  Please!”
The doctor injected the tranquilizer into Chelsea’s arm, and she fell asleep immediately.   The humming stopped, and GLaDOS began to calm down.  The monitor faded to black.  
“Take her back to the lab and continue her treatment,” GLaDOS said to the doctor robot.  “Also make sure she is heavily guarded.”
The doctor robot nodded and wheeled Chelsea out of the room leaving GLaDOS alone with her thoughts.
“What just happened?” she asked herself.  “How is she still inside my head after all these years?  How did that girl bring her back?”
Portal 3 Chapter 7
Time to introduce a new character!!!!  I love Albina.  She is heavily based on one of my dearest friends who was actually born in Russia. 
By the way if you have never heard the song "Kyrie Eleison," you should.  It is quite beautiful.  Here is a link to it right here:….

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Meanwhile, Sylvie had finished telling her story and Kayla was on the floor with the iPhone plugged in trying to sleep on top of a few cushions that Atlas and P-Body had generously given up from their chairs.  She used her backpack as a pillow and had a blanket pulled on top of her head with her head phones plugged in.  Kayla was having trouble sleeping because of Alpha who had not stopped asking Sylvie questions since she finished telling the story.  The lights were off, and Sylvie was trying to sleep on the couch.  Yet, Alpha would not stop asking questions.  Sylvie was kindly and patiently trying to explain everything he wanted to know but was too polite to tell him to stop.  Kayla was really annoyed.  Atlas and P-Body were at their wits’ end, too.  They all kept giving Sylvie pleading looks to make Alpha shut up.  This went on for about two hours.  
“What is knowledge?” asked Alpha.
“It is the state of knowing,” replied Sylvie.
“What is...?” Alpha began.
“Sylvie, shut him up,” interrupted Kayla finally.  “I need to sleep.”
Atlas and P-Body made pleading noises.
“Alright, alright, alright,” Sylvie conceded.  “You may ask me one more question, Alpha.”
Everyone else groaned.  Kayla pulled the blanket above her head telekinetically.  Atlas face palmed and P-Body put his hands on his head.  
“Shut up,” Sylvie said to them rubbing the turret’s head.  “He doesn’t mean anything bad by it.  He’s just a curious little turret.  Okay Alpha, ask me one more question and then you need to stand by the door and shoot anything that tries to get in here that is not human.”
Alpha thought for a minute about his final question for the night.  Then, it came to him like a bolt of lightning.
“What is a boyfriend?” Alpha asked.
All of a sudden, P-Body and Atlas were paying attention, too.  This was a question that they did not know the answer to.
Sylvie thought for a minute.  How could she explain something like this to creatures that evidently did not have any concept of romance?
Kayla sat up and pulled out her headphones.  She wanted to hear how Sylvie would explain this.
Sylvie lay on top of the couch saying nothing for about a minute.  Then she finally sat up because she knew what to say.
“A boyfriend is a man in a woman’s life that wants to be more than a friend.  He wants to love her and possibly become a husband to care for her and be there for her for the rest of his life.  It is one step towards a lifetime commitment of love and service.  You get it?”
The three robots nodded.
“That is so beautiful.  I will go to guard the door now,” said Alpha.
With that, Alpha walked towards the door and stood in front of it turning his red sensing laser on.
“Thank God!” Kayla said as she collapsed on top of her cushions pulling the blanket on top of her head.
The other two robots sat back in their chairs and shut their eyes.  Everyone fell asleep except for Sylvie.  She lay awake reminiscing about her boyfriend Hugo.  Sylvie did not let onto it, but she was worried about him.
Hugo and Sylvie’s romance may be considered a bit bizarre.  For one thing, it took a while to get started.  Hugo and Albina found the survivors when he was fifteen and Albina was seven.  The two had found their way to the rebel base after their parents were killed.  The rebel troops took them to the hotel because they knew that they would be safe with Pastor Roberts.  Hugo was surly and withdrawn while Albina was more ready to open up to others.  It took Hugo a while to open up to the rest of the group, but he had taken to Sylvie right away.  She was the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen.  Sylvie was twenty years old at this point and very shy around most people.  She was friendly towards Hugo but did not spend much time with him and was definitely not interested in him.  She was five years older than him.  Hugo wanted to approach her, but he did not know how.  He was withdrawn and depressed.  
Then little Chelsea came along.  Chelsea was not scared away by Hugo’s rough and silent demeanor.  She talked to him when he was not ready to talk.  Hugo generally saw her as an annoying kid, but she did not give up.  Chelsea was determined to befriend him.  She did.  She read books about Africa and continually pestered him with questions about the place.  Hugo did not mind that.  It made him feel good to talk about Le Cote d’Ivoire.  It made him feel good to relive his memories.  As Chelsea got older, she enjoyed talking more and more about deeper topics.  Hugo did not mind that either.  It was relieving for him to talk about the deep things he felt and the philosophical questions that they did not completely understand.  It was conversations like this one that led Hugo to join in the faith.  It led Hugo to come out of his shell with the other members of the congregation, too.  Hugo grew close to Chelsea.  He was actually closer to her than he was to Albina, his own stepsister.  Chelsea often had to be the mediator between the disputes those two had.  As much as they loved each other, they had a hard time getting along.  Hugo was annoyed by Albina’s confidence and attitude.  As good as Hugo and Chelsea’s friendship was though, it did not bring him any closer to Sylvie who he still loved but did not know how to approach.   Sylvie was blissfully unaware of his feelings.  She still spent a great deal of time by herself with machines and would only really reach out to Chell and her family because she felt like they understood her.  
Then one day, Hugo told her that a miracle happened.  When Chelsea was thirteen, she came up to Hugo speaking French, the official language of Le Cote d’Ivoire, a language that he had not heard in years.  Hugo was overjoyed and asked where she learned it.  She told her that she was learning it from Sylvie because she was born in France and Chelsea wanted to learn the language.  The conversation between them according to Hugo then went something like this.
“Hugo, you should speak French with Sylvie.  You could get practice and I could listen and keep learning from you guys.  Please!” Chelsea said.
“I don’t know about that, Chelsea,” said Hugo.  “We don’t know each other that well.  Wouldn’t that be kind of weird?”
“Why?  Is it because you like her?”
“I know that you do.  I see how you look at her.  This would be a great opportunity for you two to get together.”
“Come on.  I’m going back again for some more lessons.  Just come with me.  I think she would enjoy having someone to speak French to for a change.  Come on, dude!  Please!”
Hugo finally agreed and Chelsea brought him to her French lesson with Sylvie.  The two of them could speak French fluently where Chelsea took a while to get really good at it.  However, it was awkward at first.  They would only talk about shallow things like the weather or whatever.  Then as they got more comfortable with each other, they began to talk about deeper topics.  Hugo admired Sylvie for her intelligence and her gentleness.  Sylvie started to fall for Hugo’s understanding and the deep way he thought about everything.  She also began to notice that he treated her differently than the other girls.  He could be so dark and brooding, but Sylvie saw that he had suffered through a great deal of sorrow.  She understood his pain because she had lost her parents as well.  They understood each other very well.  Sylvie also saw that he had a kind side to him.  Her friendship helped bring that out.  He was able to begin to let go of his sorrow.  Hugo helped her come out of her shell, too.  He inspired her to believe that life was too short to not experience the world.  Neither of them was perfect.  Hugo could be annoyingly emotional.  Sylvie could be distant.  They had been together as boyfriend and girlfriend for four years.  They talked about getting married.  
Sylvie smiled.  If they got married, she wanted Chelsea to be the maid of honor because she had played a significant role in both their lives.  Then her face grew downcast.  She knew GLaDOS was experimenting on Chelsea.  Sylvie also knew that Hugo was still captured.  She prayed for both of them and for their safety.  She wanted them to both be alright.  In her sadness, Sylvie shut her eyes and fell asleep.  
The sun rose the next morning on the face of Kayla.  She woke up, but she telekinetically pulled the curtains shut and tried to fall back asleep.  It was six o’clock in the morning.   Kayla tried to sleep for about another hour.  She just could not fight her natural early riser tendencies, so she tried to find something to do until she could fall asleep.  Suddenly, a mischievous idea came to her.  Kayla telekinetically picked through her backpack quietly until she found what she was looking for.  Kayla pulled out some red lipstick.  Then she flew over Sylvie who was sleeping on the couch.  She took her lipstick and doodled on Sylvie’s face.  
“What are you doing?” said Alpha who was still guarding the door.
“Be quiet,” whispered Kayla.  “I’m just having some fun.”
The turret walked over to watch her work.  He couldn’t suppress a giggle.  
“Hush!” Kayla whispered.  “You’ll wake them up.”
“Sorry,” Alpha whispered.
Kayla continued her work.  Once she was done on Sylvie’s face, she moved on to Atlas’s face then to P-Body’s face.  Kayla flashed a large smile.  She was very proud of her work.  Kayla unplugged her iPhone, set it on silence, and then took a picture of her work.  She then took a picture of herself and the turret in front of the window.  
Alpha snuggled next to her as she sat on her bed.  Kayla smiled.
“You know, little guy, you aren’t so bad,” Kayla said.
“Could you draw something on me?” the turret asked not wanting to be left out.
“Sure,” Kayla said.  
She drew a heart on the left side of his eye.  She took a picture of it and showed it to him so he could see it.
“I like it,” Alpha said.  “Thank you!”    
Kayla lay back down on her bed.  The turret walked back to the door to guard it some more.
Kayla shut her eyes and went back to sleep for about another hour.  One hour later, Sylvie woke up.  She walked to the bathroom quietly without waking the others.  Sylvie was only half-awake when she looked in the mirror.  She had clown lips and round circles doodled around her eyes.  She let out a shriek and woke up everyone in the room.  
“KAYLA,” Sylvie screamed.
Kayla woke up with a start and looked at Sylvie.
“Is this what you call a joke?” Sylvie said pointing to her face.
“What can I say?” Kayla said while laughing.  “I got really bored and had nothing else to do.”
Kayla continued laughing.  P-Body and Atlas did the same thing.  Sylvie turned towards Atlas and P-Body and started laughing.  P-Body and Atlas went suddenly silent.
“Why are you two laughing?  You look even dumber than I do,” Sylvie said crossing her arms.  
They walked to the bathroom and gave out shrieks of their own.  They looked even funnier than she did.  Atlas had a monocle doodled around his eye and a moustache doodled under his eye.  P-Body had an eye patch doodled around his eye and a pirate beard doodled underneath his eye.  However after the initial shock, they both laughed at each other.  Sylvie was laughing, too.
“I’m glad you’re back to your old mischievous self again, Kayla,” Sylvie said wiping tears from her eyes.
Kayla smiled.  
“However,” Sylvie began with a mischievous smile of her own on her face.  “I think that a little payback is order.  What do you say, guys?”
Atlas and P-Body both nodded.
“Get her,” Sylvie said.
“No!” Kayla screamed.
She tried to fly up in the air, but P-Body and Atlas each grabbed one side of her and weighed her down.
Sylvie walked up to her holding the red lipstick that Kayla had dropped on the floor.  Sylvie got on her knees and drew glasses around her eyes and swirls on her cheeks.  When she was done, she looked over her work and smiled.
“Okay, boys!  You can let her go now,” Sylvie said.
Atlas and P-Body let go of her and Kayla flew straight into the bathroom to take a look.  She wasn’t really mad.  She figured that she deserved it anyway.  Alpha turned around and watched in amusement.  
All she did was smile and say, “Well-played, you guys!  Well-played!”
The four of them laughed for a solid five minutes straight.  After all the stress that they had been going through, it was something they sorely needed.  Kayla was always good at helping people feel optimistic.  The two women felt happier and somehow knew that they would be alright.  P-Body and Atlas felt better, too.  They were both entering into a life that they had never known away from everything they had always known.  They were scared, but Kayla was helping them realize that they were making the right decision.  The robots had never been happier in their entire lives.    
After they had finished laughing, they all took turns in the bathroom washing off their faces.  Then once they finished that, Sylvie and Kayla decided to do devotions and pray together.  The three robots were listening in and beginning to become more interested in the God that they were talking about.  The two ladies then took turns getting ready in the bathroom.  After Kayla came out, she decided to prepare breakfast.
“Hey, guys!  Guess what I have for breakfast?” Kayla said in a rather musical tone as she picked through her backpack.  She pulled potatoes one by one from her backpack.  
“We have potatoes, potatoes, potatoes, potatoes, and potatoes, so if you want variety, we got variety,” Kayla said.
“Where did you find all those potatoes, Kayla?” Sylvie asked.
“I found them growing in a bathroom.”
“Yeah, they’re from Aunt C.’s science fair project when she was in elementary school.  Remember?”
“Oh, well.  You could eat that or you could follow me.”
Kayla flew behind Sylvie to see what she had up her sleeve.
“You see this, Kayla?  This is a food synthesizer,” Sylvie said.
Sylvie pushed a button and a blueberry muffin instantly appeared.  Kayla’s eyes grew huge with excitement.
“Holy freaking crap!  This is amazing!” Kayla screamed.  She pulled the muffin to herself telekinetically and instantly began wolfing it down.  Kayla had tears of excitement in her eyes.  
“This is amazing, Sylvie!  Thank you, God!  I’ve been eating nothing but potatoes or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the last three weeks.  This tastes like heaven.  I don’t know how to thank you.  I’ve never even had one of these before.”
Sylvie smiled.  “I’m glad you like it, Kayla,” she said.
Sylvie turned away to get food for herself.  Kayla looked up suddenly to notice that P-Body, Atlas, and Alpha were all staring at her.
“Sylvie, why the hell are they all staring at me?” Kayla asked nervously.
“They have never really observed human behavior before, so they find the act of eating amazing,” Sylvie said.
Kayla took complete advantage of this opportunity.  She over-emphasized every act of eating, so that it was as dramatic as possible.  The robots enjoyed the show, but Sylvie almost laughed hard enough to choke on her parfait that she was eating.  She actually had to swallow some water.  
After Sylvie and Kayla had finished eating, Sylvie spoke up.  They needed to make plans.  
“I have thought about what we’re going to do today,” Sylvie said.  Kayla looked up immediately.
“I know what we all should do actually,” Sylvie said, looking at Kayla who was nodding for her to continue.
“Kayla, you know how you were flying through the vents and labeling everything?  I need you to do that again.  You can do that during the day and fly back here at night.  You’re fast enough for that right?”
“Yes, I think I can do that,” Kayla began.  “The facility is big, but I’m small enough and fast enough to get around pretty quickly.  Besides as I get better at knowing my way around, I should get to know the place better.  GLaD Ass can’t see inside the vents, right?”
“That’s what I’m thinking.  We could use the ventilation system to sneak around and go where we need to without getting noticed by her.”  
“Sylvie, I just thought of something.  When I’m in those vents, I can’t tell what time of day it is.  What happens if I lose track of time?”
“I’ll call you.  I can call your iPhone.  Remember?”
“What do I do if I need to contact you, Sylvie?  I can’t make calls with this phone.”
“Hand me your phone.”
Kayla obeyed and telekinetically handed Sylvie the phone.  Sylvie studied it for about a minute and finally came up with an idea.  She motioned to Atlas to come over and touched his head to the phone once he did.  Sylvie was configuring the iPhone so that it would send out the same type of radio wave signal that Atlas could.  It worked.  In order to test it out, she pressed the number 1 and Atlas immediately started buzzing.  Sylvie smiled, but Kayla was confused.  
“What did you just do?” Kayla asked.
“In short, I made it so that your iPhone can make calls now.  In order to call me, press 1 and the signal will be sent to Atlas,” Sylvie said.  
“Have I mentioned that you are incredible?” Kayla said as she took back her phone from Sylvie.  “Thank you!”
Looking at Atlas, Sylvie said, “I hope you don’t mind being used as a cell phone.  We don’t really have any other choice right now.”
Atlas shook his head vigorously to show that he didn’t mind.
“What will you be doing while I’m gone?” Kayla asked.  
“I’m going to hack into the Aperture Science computer system and gather all the information I can about everything.  I’ll get the map so that we can find our way and I’ll see if I can find any other information that can help us,” Sylvie replied.
“That’s a good idea,” Kayla replied.
“Alright, we will pray and then we will break.  Got it?”
They prayed to God for success and then prepared to part for the day.  Kayla put on her black sweatshirt, gathered everything into her backpack, and then broke open the ventilation grating.  After doing that, she turned, wished Sylvie luck, and then went on her way.  Kayla was careful to label headquarters so that she would remember where it was.  Then she continued to fly down the air ducts.
Meanwhile Sylvie was sitting in the silence and mentally preparing herself for what she was going to do.  While she was doing that, Alpha walked up to her and tapped her leg.
“What is it?” Sylvie asked.
“My lady, what do you want me to do?” Alpha asked.
“I need you to keep guarding the door.  You have been doing a great job so far.”
“Okay,” said Alpha as he walked back to his post.  As Alpha turned to walk back, Sylvie noticed the heart on his face.
“Alpha, did Kayla draw that heart on you?” she asked.
“Yes,” Alpha said.
“Do you want me to clean it off?”
“No, I like it.”
“Alright, then.”
Sylvie turned back to Atlas and said, “Are you ready to get back to work?”
Atlas nodded.  They were about to get to work when P-Body beeped.
“What can you do?” Sylvie replied.  “I don’t know.  What do you want to do?”
P-Body replied sadly looking at the floor.
“I know you want to be useful, P-Body.  I just don’t know what you can do.”
Suddenly, a thought occurred to her.
“Hey!  I know.  I can use your brain to hack into the system.  Atlas, you are already serving as my cell phone anyway.  If I use you, I might be too busy to pick up on Kayla’s phone signal.  I’ll just use P-Body to hack into the system.  Do you care, Atlas?”
Atlas who really did not care and was slightly annoyed at what he perceived as P-Body being over dramatic just shrugged.  Why did P-Body have to make a big deal out of everything?
“Merci, Atlas,” Sylvie said as she knelt down and kissed him on the cheek.  
Sylvie then got up and walked towards P-Body who was walking very proudly knowing that he was going to be doing something important.
Atlas just sat there stunned and held his hand on the spot that Sylvie kissed.  He began to feel emotions that he had never felt before.  It was something very warm inside his heart.  When he looked at Sylvie, he started feeling light and dizzy.  These emotions were weird and confusing.  Atlas just continued to watch Sylvie with a stupefied and hypnotized air.
Meanwhile Sylvie and P-Body sat on the floor and immediately got to work.  Sylvie touched him and used his mind to create a signal that would hack into the Aperture Science computer database without being detected by GLaDOS.  With surprisingly little effort, she was able to do it.  She guessed that these computers had not had any security updates in decades.  There were so many files in this computer system.  For anyone else, it would have taken months, but for Sylvie, she knew it would only take a few days at the most.  She didn’t know where to begin and she knew that anything she found could potentially be useful, so she decided that she would look at everything.
Sylvie first looked through files upon files upon files of inventions created by the company.  Despite this company’s terrible ethics, they really had created many amazing things including the portal gun, the bouncing gel, the propulsion gel, and probably most impressive of all GLaDOS.  Next she looked through various odds and ends, and these really were odds and ends.  There was Cave Johnson’s guide on how to spot witches within the company, cake recipes, and even the translated lyrics to the turret opera that GLaDOS had apparently arranged for Chell among other things.  She would have to show Chell that later.  
However after Sylvie had finished looking at these odds and ends, she came across some other things that were not as amusing to say the least.  The file said security feed, and she looked into it.  Sylvie immediately felt sick but she knew that she needed to look at everything she could.  Sylvie saw normal company business being carried out, and she thought that it wouldn’t be so bad.  Then she saw the real Aperture, the Aperture that cared nothing for human life.  She watched test after test being carried out under Cave Johnson’s watch and then eventually under the watch of the other scientists.  People died left and right and nobody cared.  She could not believe the scientist’s callous eyes.  Sylvie did not know that people could be that cold.  Watching the subjects was even worse.  Sylvie felt like she was watching the Nazis gas people and shove them into ovens.
Sylvie watched people get crushed by crushing plates.  She watched others crack their heads open on the wall after running too fast on the propulsion gel.  Many people were shot by turrets and bled to death.  Other people were hit in the head with an energy pellet.  Many people burned alive in the pools of toxic waste.  People would also be burned alive by lasers.  
To make matters worse, Sylvie knew everything about the test subjects, too.  Along with the footage of people dying was their personal information.  None of them knew what they were signing up for.  They thought they were just participating in science experiments in order to make some money.  The scientists did not lead them to think otherwise.  They told them that they would be fine.  How could people be so cruel?  How could the scientists lead these people who each had a soul, a family, and a backstory and were each image-bearers of God to their deaths with a clear conscience?  Sylvie went through thousands of videos like this one and when she thought it couldn’t get any worse it did.  GLaDOS was activated, and she watched 30,000 scientists die suffocating from neurotoxins.  It was not only scientists who died but their children too.  She watched thousands of innocent little girls die suffocating from neurotoxin while GLaDOS watched with a callous, not caring eye.  She heard them scream and then listened as all the screaming ceased.  It was this blow that broke her.  
Sylvie broke the transmission.  She was hyperventilating and crying profusely.  P-Body tried to touch her to comfort her, but she pushed him aside, ran into the bathroom, and vomited into the toilet.  Atlas sprang into action immediately.  He held back her hair as she threw up and continued to cry.  P-Body and Alpha stood in the doorway looking concerned.  
“What is the matter?” Alpha asked.
Sylvie stopped vomiting and flushed the toilet.  She patted Atlas on the back to thank him as she continued to sob.  Then she walked over to the sink and washed her face.  Sylvie then collapsed onto her knees on the floor and cried into her hands.  P-Body having seen what she also saw sat against the doorway, held his arm, and looked at the floor in sadness.  Atlas sat next to Sylvie and tried to comfort her.  Alpha walked in and stood in front of Sylvie.
“What is the matter?” he asked again.
“This place is hell,” Sylvie said.  “I watched the security feed, and I saw thousands upon thousands of people die.  Nobody gave a shit.  They all just recorded the results and moved on.  They treated those people like they were nothing.  These people had lives.  How could they be murdered like they were just trash?  GLaDOS helped them.  Then she gassed all the scientists and their little girls.  How could anyone be so cruel?  Why, God?  Why?  I saw the life disappear from their eyes.  It was horrible!  How could anyone just watch someone get murdered like that and feel absolutely nothing?”  
Sylvie sobbed for a while.  Atlas got her a glass of water while P-Body got her to sit on the couch.  After a while, she began to calm down.  She sat in silence for a longer time afterwards.
Meanwhile, GLaDOS was in her main chamber talking to a tall white and red doctor robot.  Chelsea was sleeping under the covers of a hospital bed still wearing her red-beaded necklace and a hospital gown but dressed in slightly less bandages.  She was also connected to only two IVs this time, one on her left to hydrate her body and the one on her right to pump antibiotics into her body.  However this time, she wore an oxygen mask on her face.  
“So, my treatment is working after all,” GLaDOS said.  “Excellent.”
Then turning to Chelsea, she said, “My hypothesis with you was right after all.  It looks like you will be healing from your wounds a bit quicker than I anticipated, too.  I didn’t see that coming.  That is just wonderful.  If only you didn’t look like you had anorexia.”
“Her pneumonia is beginning to calm down, too,” the doctor robot said.  “It is still running strong, but it’s not nearly as ferocious as it was yesterday.”
“Good,” GLaDOS continued.  “She will soon be well enough to work.  That is probably connected to the treatment, too.”
“For now, you can wake her up whenever you’re ready.  I gave her a sedative, so she is too weak to move around and shouldn’t cause any problems.  Just don’t excite her too much.  She might hurt herself if provoked.”  
“I’ll be careful.  When will the anesthetics wear off?”
“She should be waking up any minute now.”
“Excellent, you may leave now, doctor.”
As the doctor robot turned to leave, GLaDOS said, “Wait a minute, doctor.  Would you give her another dose of painkillers?  I am alright with her being drowsy.  We wouldn’t want her to have too much energy.”
“Of course, ma’am,” said the doctor robot.
GLaDOS was happy.  She knew that while Chelsea was slightly better she would be still too weak to move.  She was not going to try what she did the other day.  GLaDOS made sure of it.  She was going to be in control of her this time.  The doctor robot injected a painkiller into one of Chelsea’s IVs and left the room.  
Chelsea began stirring under the covers.  GLaDOS adjusted the bed to sit up.  Chelsea opened her eyes.
“Mom,” she whispered.
“Hello,” GLaDOS said happily.
Chelsea jumped immediately.  It was then that she noticed how sore she was and how much it hurt to breathe.  She coughed very painfully.
“What is wrong with me?” Chelsea asked.
“I could write hundreds of books on that subject,” GLaDOS said sarcastically.
“Speak for yourself,” Chelsea said very weakly at almost a whisper.
“The answer you want is that you have pneumonia.  That is why you were coughing up blood the other day.  You must have been infected during all the medical examinations I did or from your own stupidity in running around without your IVs in.  Either way, you are sick now and we have to administer you antibiotics to keep you alive.  I just hope we don’t have to put off testing for even longer than planned.”
“Is that all you care about?  You say I’m messed up?”
“Yes, science is the most important thing.  A true scientist puts science above all else no matter what the consequences might be.  We do what we must because we can.  You wouldn’t understand that because you are not a scientist.”
“Human life matters more than science!!!!!” Chelsea screamed as she sat up in bed. “A truly good person believes that above all else no matter what the consequences might be even if they are scientists.  Nothing is worth going through if it hurts the lives of others.  I guess you wouldn’t understand that because you are neither a good person nor a good scientist!”
Chelsea immediately fell into a violent fit of coughing from over-exerting herself.  GLaDOS hovered over her speechless.  She was stunned by this kid who seemed to be more concerned about standing up for the truth than defending her own life.  It was as if she was not afraid of dying.  Was she really her mother’s child?  
After Chelsea coughed painfully for a solid minute, GLaDOS decided that she would intervene.
“Breathe slowly.  In and out,” GLaDOS said to her calmly.
Chelsea ignored her and continued to cough.
“Look, I know you don’t trust me.  I know you think that I’m out to get you because of how I treated your mother.  You think I feel the same way about you that I felt about her but you’re wrong.  I didn’t care whether your mother lived or died except when I needed her.  It made no difference to me.  Science would get done either way.  I do however care about whether you live or die.  I need you to stay alive for the sake of the work that I am doing.  If you died, that science would never happen.  Therefore when I talk to you like this, you can trust me because you know I am only trying to help you live.  Now, let go of your pride and listen to me.”
Chelsea looked up at her.
“Take deep breaths now.  Breathe in,” GLaDOS said.  “And out.”
Chelsea obeyed.
“In and out.  In and out.  In and out...There, you go.  Just keep breathing.”
After a few minutes of breathing like that, Chelsea regained her ability to breathe.  She had never felt as sick as she did then.  Chelsea prayed for strength in her mind because she felt like she was going to die.  It was never this difficult to breathe.
“Now,” GLaDOS began.  “On to business.”
Chelsea looked up.
“What business?” she said quietly.
“We are going to find you a new mate.”
“What?” Chelsea said feeling her pale face grow red.
“Thanks to your actions your boyfriend has escaped, and I have not been able to find him yet.  So in the meantime, we need to choose someone else for you.  I thought that since this is such a big decision you would like to pick him out for yourself.  So, I was going to show you some photographs of the other test subjects and let you pick him out.”
“You cannot be serious.”
“I am.  I have also been thinking over our last conversation.  You seem to be very reluctant to have a child with a man that you are not married to due to your religious convictions no doubt, so I would like to arrange things so that you can have your desires granted.”
“You don’t mean…”
“Yes, you are going to get married!  I was looking through some old files and found the marriage certificates of two former employees, so I whited out the names that were written there and photocopied them to get two blank certificates.  You can sign one, he can sign the other, and you will be married.  We can even throw a party afterwards with cake and confetti.  I even found some dresses for the occasion so that you can look pretty on your wedding day.”
GLaDOS turned away for a second and used her claw to pick up something on the other corner of the room.  She turned around holding a red dress.
“See?  Isn’t it pretty?” GLaDOS said laying the dress down on Chelsea’s bed.  
Chelsea leaned over and looked at it with a stupefied air.  She could not believe that a situation this absurd was happening to her.
GLaDOS interrupted her thoughts.
“We also have this one,” she said laying down a blue dress.
“And this one,” she said laying down a green dress.  
“And this one,” she said laying down a purple dress.
“And all of these,” GLaDOS said dropping about a dozen other dresses on the bed.
“Where did all these dresses come from?” Chelsea thought to herself.
“However if you want to know my opinion, I think this one would be perfect,” GLaDOS said.
Chelsea looked up to see GLaDOS holding up a white dress.
“It’s white, the color that brides wear,” GLaDOS said.  “It is just your size, too.”
GLaDOS laid it on top of all the other dresses for Chelsea to look at.  Chelsea ran her hand over it.  The texture was nice.  It was silky.
“If you don’t like these,” GLaDOS began.  “There are plenty more to choose from.”
Then Chelsea’s face went white, she suddenly realized where all these dresses came from.  In her panic, she pulled her feet out from under the covers and kicked all the dresses onto the floor much to GLaDOS’s annoyance.
“What was that for?” GLaDOS asked.  “If you didn’t like them, you could have just said so.”
“You pulled all of these dresses off of dead women scientists.  Didn’t you?” Chelsea asked in a panic.
GLaDOS was silent for a second.
“Didn’t you?” Chelsea asked again.
“You are a pretty perceptive,” GLaDOS remarked.  
“How could you?  That’s disgusting.”
“I washed all of them before I showed them to you.  They are actually quite clean.”
“You know what I mean.  You’re despicable.”
“That means an awful lot coming from a kid who breaks into places and steals for a living.”
“We don’t steal.  We take things that people have abandoned and use them for ourselves.”
“Wasn’t I doing the same thing?  Their souls have abandoned their bodies and their dresses.”
“No.  We take because the world is in shambles, and we have no other choice.  You do it to satisfy your own perverted desires.  We wouldn’t take if we knew it is hurting or disrespecting someone else.  We are not thieves.”
“Justify it however you will, but you are just as much a thief as you think I am.  We just do it for different reasons.”
Chelsea responded with silence.  She didn’t know how to respond to that.
“In any case,” GLaDOS said dropping her claw into the pile of dresses and pulling out the white dress, “the white dress is the most appropriate so it is the one you will be wearing on your special day.”
Chelsea just scowled at her.  
“I found these rings, too,” GLaDOS said holding up two wedding rings with another claw.  “The diamonds are a decent size.  They will be perfect.  The groom’s outfit is the only thing left, but considering the number of white shirts and black pants around here finding an outfit shouldn’t be a problem.”
Chelsea felt a chill run through her spine as she continued to stare at GLaDOS with eyes full of spite mixed with horror.
“However, the problem now is finding a fiancé,” GLaDOS said and then pulled Chelsea’s bed toward the middle of the room.  
The bed came to a stop, and GLaDOS pulled a monitor in front of the bed.  Across the screen flashed dozens of pictures of men.  
“On my database are all the male test subjects that we have in the facility,” said GLaDOS.  “From these pictures and their profiles, you should be able to pick somebody out.  Of course, it would be preferable if he were around your age and if he were at least marginally attractive so that your children wouldn’t be ugly.  Narrowing it down, that should give you 35 men to choose from.  Wait a second, how old are you again, kid?”
“I’m eighteen,” Chelsea said, “and if you see me as a child, why are you making me get married?!”
“Don’t whine,” GLaDOS said.  “Hundreds of years ago, your parents would be arranging the same thing for you by the time you turned sixteen or even younger sometimes.  Just be grateful that you get to be a little older and that I am letting you choose the man for yourself.”
“That is supposed to make me feel better,” Chelsea thought to herself.
“Now, down to business,” GLaDOS said.  “Which man catches your eye, young lady?”
“What?” Chelsea replied.  “You really don’t expect me to just…”
“How do you feel about this one?” GLaDOS asked as she pulled up a picture of a young Asian man.  “He is twenty years old, his name is Joey, and according to his profile, he is a real outdoorsman, an expert horseback rider.”
Chelsea said, “Um, I…”
“Doesn’t grab you, huh?” GLaDOS said.  “Alright, we will move on to the next one.”
She pulled up another picture of another young Asian man.  
“Stop it,” Chelsea said pleadingly.  “I can’t do this.  This is insane.  I can’t just pick a man out like he’s a dog or something.”
“Alright, I’ll make this easier for you,” GLaDOS said.  “I had already actually picked someone out while you were sleeping.”
GLADOS pulled down the information from the other young man off of the monitor and pulled up information of a young man that Chelsea recognized immediately.  It was Hugo.  
“This man is a member of your congregation.  He came along with the rest of the rescue party to save you before I caught him.  As I understand it, he is a mutant with the power of fire.  I’m sure you know each other pretty well.  The match would work.  Of course, it is an interracial relationship, but I know you don’t mind that since you are the product of an interracial relationship yourself.  The child might look interesting, but he is close to your age and he is good-looking enough,” said GLaDOS.  “What do you think?”
Chelsea caught onto something.  “How do you know that I was born of an interracial relationship?  Have you seen my parents?”
“I must say, young lady, that I am becoming more impressed with you.  You are sharper than you look,” GLaDOS said.
“What have you done with my parents?”
“If they know what’s good for them, they will stay away from now on.  If I can help it, you will never see those people again.”
Then GLaDOS moved closer and moved her claw to prop up Chelsea’s chin so that they were looking right into each other’s eyes.  Then she said quasi affectionately, “You’re mine now, my little goldmine of science.  You belong to no one else anymore.  That is all you need to know.”
“Kisama…” Chelsea said in Japanese while shaking her head away from GLaDOS’s claw.  “You will never own me.”
GLaDOS pulled back.  
“So, you are half-Japanese,” she said.  “How interesting!  You do not need to take such a rude tone with me.  You will get used to your life eventually like all the others do.  You might even grow to love me with time.  Look at us getting distracted; your ADHD is quite the burden.  We need to get back on track.  Anyways, what do you think of this man?”
“No!  No way!  Not him!” Chelsea shouted.
“Why not?”
“He is not mine to take.”
“What do you mean?”
“He belongs to someone else.”
“That’s none of your business.”
“Well, isn’t that a problem?  She would get jealous if she ever found out what he did with you while she was gone.  However as you seem unwilling to pick any other man out, I have no choice but to pick him.  I think he is the best choice anyway.”
“It would be the most genetically diverse match.  All the other men come from the United States, but according to his DNA records, he actually comes from the Ivory Coast of Africa.  For my data, we could see if mutant breeding has anything to do with ethnic diversity.”
Chelsea felt her head spinning.  She tried to squeeze her head in between her knees to make it stop, but it wouldn’t.  The stress from the disease in her body and the stress from the situation that she was in were working together to make her feel especially sick.
“Lie down.  You are very ill, and all this talk of weddings has made you a bit too excited.  As eager as you are, we still have to wait for you to recover from your illness, so lie down and rest,” said GLaDOS.
GLaDOS adjusted the bed to lie down and used her claw to push the bed to the other side of the room away from the monitor.  Then GLaDOS turned away to do some work on the other computers.  Chelsea just sat there with her head in between her knees feeling too weak to do anything.
“God, I think I am beginning to understand why my mother stopped talking while she was here,” prayed Chelsea in her mind.  
“God, I don’t know how I have not gone insane already.  Is this how sex trafficking victims feel?  Is this how the slaves of the Combines feel?  God, this is horrible!  No one should feel this way ever.  I feel so helpless.  I feel like I’m owned by someone else.  Why am I here?  Why have you allowed this to happen?  I am so scared.  I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs yet I have to hold it all in so that she won’t see.  God, I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up.  Is this all that my life is going to become?  Will life be lived on the surgical table, in interrogations, or in test chambers while waiting for her to put me to sleep again?  Will I never again see the outside?  Will I never feel the sun on my skin or feel rain on my face?  Will I never again hear the birds sing?  Will I only ever again see the insides of these ugly chambers?  I want to run, but I know that I’m too weak.  I don’t know if I will live or die.  God, can you understand how I’m feeling?”
Chelsea remembered the stories from the entire Bible that she read and suddenly felt ridiculously stupid.
“God, of course, you understand.  People in the Bible felt this way.  David had to run from the king he had served so loyally because that king was jealous and wanted him dead.  Esther was forced into marriage with King Xerxes.  Daniel was forced to serve the king of Babylon.  Jesus Christ, you are the Son of God, but the Romans and the Jewish leaders pushed you through an unfair trial and murdered you by crucifixion, the most painful way to die.  All of those people suffered and could turn to you for help.  It is true what they say, Lord.  The communion with God in suffering is one of the sweetest experiences that one can know.”
Chelsea unrolled herself from her ball, pulled her legs under the covers, and rested her head on the pillow.  She tried to sleep, but she also continued to pray.
“God, suffering is awful.  I thank you that suffering is temporary.  This won’t last forever.  I know that it will end either in my liberation or in my death which is in itself liberation.  I don’t mind the idea of being with you right now, but I can’t die.  I have to take care of my friends and my family.  I have to be here to protect them.  Besides without me, they would all kill each other.  They need me and want me alive, so I have to fight and stay alive for them.  I refuse to die here.  I will if I must but since only you can determine that I’m going to fight to be outside again, outside of this prison.  God, when can I run?  I could do it now.  She seems busy.”
Chelsea sat up and felt the pain in her lungs.
“If only I could find Roscoe,” she thought.  “He would be able to heal me, but I don’t know where he is.  God, what do I do?  Wait a minute!  Why isn’t she putting me to sleep?  That is what she did last time.  She must have another reason for bringing me up here.  If I run off now, she will notice that I’m gone when she needs me again.  What could she possibly want?  I hate that machine so much, God.  She is the female Hitler.  She has murdered thousands upon thousands of people for no other reason than scientific research.  GLaDOS has tortured thousands of people including my mother depriving them of all life outside this facility and crippling them in so many unseen ways.  I have seen how my mom has suffered, God, and I am angry.  I’m angry at her, Lord.  I have every right to be.  She has hurt my mother.  She is torturing me.  She is torturing my friends.  She is just a heartless, sadistic, cold bitch.  God, you remember how I prayed that I would be allowed to kill her.  I still pray the same thing.  God, I know that you will take her out as you do all evil people.  I just want her to receive every bit of justice that she deserves.  I want her to suffer in ways worse than she has made all of your people suffer.  She deserves it, God.  You know she does.  She will get what is coming to her.  That bitch will die.”
Chelsea wanted so badly to create a disc and aim it straight for GLaDOS’s head.  However just then she saw GLaDOS turn her head in her direction, so before she noticed her, she lay down on her back.  GLaDOS turned away and Chelsea began feeling the effects of the painkillers that the robot had given her.  She was starting to feel very drowsy.  She continued to lie down and continued to pray.
“I thought of another good thing about suffering, Lord.  You use it to do good things.  You killed the evil King Saul and made David king in his place.  Esther used her position of power to save her people from genocide.  You used Daniel to reveal yourself to the Babylonians.  You used the death and resurrection of Jesus to make salvation possible for all of mankind.  Perhaps, you will use this to accomplish something good, too.”
Chelsea closed her eyes, and opened them about a minute later.
“God, you must be using me to do something good here.  It must be up to me to defeat GLaDOS for my mother, for all the people who died, and for everyone else.  I have to do it so that she can be out of our lives once and for all.”
Chelsea began to lose her consciousness to her pain medicine.
“God, give me the strength, use me however you will, and give me the strength to fight.  Please…”
Chelsea shut her eyes and began to sleep while GLaDOS focused on whatever work she was doing on the computers.
Portal 3 Ch. 6
Did you know that there is a limit to how much you can copy and paste at one time?  I didn't.
Anyways, in this chapter, Sylvie has a nervous breakdown and GLADOS is trying to play matchmaker.  God help us all!  Also for those who don't know, kisama is a Japanese word that is a very, very, very, very rude way of saying you.  It is like calling someone a bastard if I understand correctly.  Chelsea is not happy.  I wouldn't be either.  Poor thing!

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When Chelsea woke up, she did not know where she was. The first thing she was aware of was that her hands and feet were strapped to a bed. She also noticed that her hair was down and her clothes had been replaced by a knee length hospital gown. Her body felt sore and she was connected to multiple IV bags and monitors. Her arms, legs, and seemingly the rest of her body minus her head were covered almost completely in bandages. She knew that whatever was happening wasn't good. She was now their lab rat to play with as they pleased.
"Dad, where are you?" she started calling out telepathically.
"Oh, good! You're awake," she heard GLaDOS say. "Good morning! Well, technically it is four o'clock in the afternoon but you get the picture.  Please sit still.  You are connected to hundreds of dollars’ worth of equipment that I don’t want to have to replace."
"What the hell is happening?! Where are you? Where am I? What is going on? Where's Brandon?"
She lifted up her head and realized that she was in the black room where she was before just attached to a hospital bed. GLaDOS pulled over her head.
"Just calm down.  Nothing bad has been happening.  You have simply been the subject of multiple invasive medical examinations so you have been out for a while."
"Oh, God," Chelsea said. "What have you done to me?"
"I have just been thoroughly examining every inch of your body in order to discover the source of your incredible powers. I haven't changed anything. I made sure everything was put back where it belonged and I simply scanned your brain in order to examine that, so you don't need to worry about a thing. I just woke you up to ask you a few questions. I moved you up here because I thought it would be better if we talked face to face."
GLaDOS turned away to type something up on a computer monitor nearby.
Quickly, Chelsea created small discs in her hands to cut the straps that were holding down her hands. After doing that, she sat up to cut the ones on her feet.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you," said GLaDOS who somehow knew what she was doing even though she was still staring at the monitor she was typing on.
"And why not," Chelsea asked.
"Because those monitors and IV bags you are connected to are keeping you alive. If you were to try to run away right now, you would most likely collapse and die.  I would have to go through the work of returning your body to your family, and all my efforts to keep you alive would have gone completely to waste."
"How do I know you're not lying?"
"It’s up to you if you really want to take that chance. I just think that your mother would be sad to see your dead body. Do you really want to break her heart like that?  From the way you were gushing about her earlier, I would have pegged you as being a more caring daughter than that.  I guess I was wrong.  If you want to be rebellious so badly, you can get up, run around, and then collapse dead.  Then I can deliver the body with a handwritten note telling her how much you hate her and how you chose to die instead of tolerating her another day more.  I can even make it look exactly like your handwriting to be as convincing as possible.  I can give you a piece of paper to write on and use as a sample or better yet let you write the note yourself.  Does that sound like a plan?"
Unfortunately, GLaDOS had a point. Chelsea could not risk doing anything to kill herself or hurt her mother, so reluctantly she lay back down. She wrapped her arms around her body and shivered. It was cold.
“I didn’t think so,” GLaDOS said continuing her work.
She sat up for just a second to cut the straps off of her feet. GLaDOS turned around quickly to see what she was doing but returned to her work once again when she saw that Chelsea was only pulling her legs under the hospital gown to keep herself warm.
“Thanks a lot,” GLaDOS said sarcastically.  “You just broke one of the facility’s few dissecting tables.  It was used to hold down patients while their organs were being donated for young women with self-esteem issues.  Now, we don’t have enough tables to do that anymore because you broke it.  How are young women going to get organs now?  They will suffer now because of your selfish actions.  Congratulations!”
Chelsea ignored her and kept staring off into the distance.  She wanted to pull her arms into her sleeves but she couldn't because of all the wires and IVs attached to them. In her wandering thoughts, she examined the straps on her hands that used to be attached to the bed. They looked like belt wrist bands.
"These are cool," Chelsea thought sadly. "I think that I will keep them to remind me of the past. That is if I ever get out of this place."
She wrapped herself in her arms once again and began to pray in her thoughts.
"God, I'm so sorry. This really is all my fault. Brandon and I are going to die. I shouldn't have cut off her claw and made her angry. We wouldn't have been caught otherwise. How could I have been so stupid? How could I have let myself get so angry? Now, Brandon is stranded and can't escape without me. I'm such an idiot."
She began to sob quietly to herself when she remembered what Brandon had said to her earlier.
"God, you are merciful. I know that. Brandon is right. I can't do anything about what happened but I can try to make the future better. Please just do something to let me know that you forgive me. I want to know that you're here and will help me."
Just then, she looked up to see the robots from earlier, P-Body and Atlas. They were on the other side of the room, messing around with each other. One would start dancing and the other would laugh. Then one would drop his head, and the other would help him put it back on. They would give high fives and dance around again. Chelsea was confused at first, but it then occurred to her why they were acting the way they were.
"They're friends," Chelsea thought. "They must be. I never thought that robots were capable of feeling anything for each other."
"Would you two stop making so much noise?" GLaDOS grumbled.
"Don't mind them," GLaDOS said to Chelsea. "They are just being morons."
P-Body looked up and noticed that Chelsea was staring at him. Chelsea quickly turned on her other side to break eye contact.
The two robots spoke to each other in their form of sign language.
P-Body made a freezing motion with his arms and pointed to Chelsea. Atlas nodded in agreement. P-Body made a gesture to leave the room and Atlas followed. About one minute later, they came back into the room, walked over to Chelsea's bed, and tapped her on the shoulder. Chelsea turned over and was surprised at what she saw. Atlas was holding a pillow and P-Body was holding a wool hospital blanket.
"Are those for me?" Chelsea asked in astonishment.
P-Body nodded. Atlas handed her the pillow and P-Body handed her the blanket.
"Thank you," Chelsea said almost in tears. The robots nodded and then turned back to go where they were before.
She wrapped the blanket around her body and laid her head on the pillow.
"God, you really are with me," she thought. "You will help me."
Then, she thought, "Speaking of helping me, where are my parents?"
Chelsea tried calling out to her father telepathically again, but she heard nothing in response.
She had a bad feeling in her stomach about the whole thing. Furthermore, she was growing impatient with GLaDOS. The robot wanted to ask her questions yet she had been typing at that stupid computer for almost five minutes. What was she doing?
"What is taking GLaDOS so long," she wondered. "It's weird, God. I don't even have the energy to complain. What good would it do? This must be how Mom felt. This must be how modernists felt, too. They stayed silent because they realized complaining was useless."
Chelsea just started resting her eyes. She didn't care if GLaDOS would be mad about it or not.
"So," Chelsea said out loud. "How long have I been asleep?"
"3 ½ weeks," GLaDOS said.
Chelsea looked down at her arms and legs and suddenly noticed how skinny she was.
"Have I lost weight?" she asked.
"Despite our best efforts to keep you nourished, your body has lost some weight. You have lost 20 pounds to be precise."
"Look, are you going to ask me the damn questions or can I just go back to sleep?"
Ignoring her apparent rudeness, she said, "Just a second….Done."
GLaDOS pressed enter, pushed the computer aside, and then turned to face Chelsea. GLaDOS adjusted the bed so that Chelsea was sitting upright.
"Sorry about that," GLaDOS said. "I had anticipated you taking longer to shake off the effects of the anesthetics so I took the time to finish adding the findings of your examinations to the files."
"What exactly did you find out?" Chelsea asked.
"I'm supposed to be asking the questions, not you. I will discuss the results of your examination later."
"So, first off," GLaDOS began. "Do you have any brothers and sisters?"
"No," Chelsea replied.
"Why is that? Was your mother's pregnancy with you too difficult?"
"Yes…wait a second; I don't have to talk to you. I have no reason to."
"I thought this might happen, so I have given you some incentive."
With that, GLaDOS used her claw to pick up Chelsea's red necklace off of the top of one of the monitors. Chelsea gasped.
Then she said, "Give that back! Mom made that for me."
"Did she now?" GLaDOS said. "It is quite lovely.  I never knew your mother could do anything constructive."
"I said give it back!"
"I will once the questions are over if you cooperate with me."
Chelsea thought for a second. "It's only a necklace," she said out loud. "I don't need to risk myself for a piece of jewelry."
"How mature of you," GLaDOS said sarcastically. "I was going to give you something else, too. I was going to spare the life of your boyfriend."
"He is testing right now. He is doing well. His powers enable him to cheat a great deal like yours will but I could make the test harder and even impossible at any time. He might not survive, and his ghost would haunt you forever."
"You wouldn't! You would lose a test subject!"
"I would still have you," GLaDOS said. "So anyways, are you going to cooperate or not?"
"Yes," Chelsea sadly agreed.
"Good. Now back to what I was asking you before. Why did your Mother only ever have you?"
"She almost died. Okay? She was sick almost the entire time. She recovered after I was born and never was able to have another child."
"Interesting. Was Chell a good mother to you? Was she ever neglectful, abusive, or overindulging?"
"NO! She was a great mother. She always loved me and she always will. She never cared that I was different and I never cared that she had nightmares about this hell hole!"
"Did she fit in with the other people? She was so unlikeable."
"That was because she was isolated, you bitch! Everyone in the congregation loves her. She has many friends. They're the family that she never had."
"Are you trying to make me feel guilty? I find all of this fascinating."
"You would. Is that all?"
"No. How did you and your boyfriend get your powers?"
Chelsea was silent for a few moments.
GLaDOS pressed on. "Well?"
"We ate magic beans," Chelsea said with the straightest face she could. Then putting a finger to her head as if she were thinking of something intelligent, she said "after getting covered in radioactive goo and sacrificing some animals to some ancient pagan gods."
"Don't be sassy with me," GLaDOS said shaking her head. "You do not want to make me angry. You remember what happened last time."
"Yeah, I'm still feeling it."
"Then, stop stalling and talk. Your boyfriend's life is on the line you know."
"We were born with our powers and we don't really know why we have them," Chelsea said slowly looking down. "We think our bodies have been affected by some kind of radiation from the alien wars. We call it an act of God because it has helped us survive in these times of hardship."
"Really? Are there others like you in your congregation?"
"Interesting," GLaDOS said surprisingly not pushing the matter any further. "That is all."
With that, she dropped the red-beaded necklace into Chelsea's lap. She quickly put it on before GLaDOS changed her mind.
"What was the point of that," Chelsea asked.
"Science," GLaDOS said. "Before presenting my findings to you, I had to know a few more facts about your life. Although, I will admit part of it was selfish on my part. I let your mother go as you probably know after she helped me gain my position back from that moronic Wheatley so I wanted to know how she was living her life."
"So, what was the result of my examination?"
"First of all, were you aware that you have a serious case of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? I found it when I was scanning your brain."
"My father is a psychologist. Of course, I knew that. What else did you do?"
"Calm down, child. You are making your heart rate go up. Anyways, I think the origin of your powers is different from the origin of your boyfriend's powers."
"What do you mean?"
"Create a disc," GLaDOS demanded.
Reluctantly, Chelsea obeyed. However, her attention was quickly averted to the two robots across the room and her disc disappeared. P-Body removed Atlas's head and began to run around with it. Atlas was upset and chasing after him. Chelsea could not suppress a chuckle. They were simply too funny and unnaturally happy for such a dark and gloomy place. She did not notice GLADOS talking.
"Are you even listening to me?" GLaDOS asked. "Hello?"
Chelsea was watching the robots. The more they ran around the harder she laughed.
GLaDOS finally noticed what was happening.
"Stop it, you two. I said to cut it out. Stop!"
They kept going and Chelsea continued to laugh. She hadn't been this happy since she arrived at the place. It reminded her of the goofing around she would do with her friends. P-Body ran around her bed and continued to play his game of keep away with Atlas's head ignoring GLaDOS's reprimands completely. Chelsea snatched the head from him.
"Thank you," GLaDOS said.
But Chelsea put up a force field around Atlas's body, signaled for P-Body to run away, removed the force field from Atlas's body, and then threw his head like basketball. P-Body did a running dive and caught the head. Chelsea had tears in her eyes from laughing so hard.
"I think this farce has gone on long enough," GLaDOS said.
She snatched the head from P-Body and tossed it back to Atlas who quickly put it back on.
"I have had just about enough from you two," GLaDOS yelled. "If it weren't for the fact that your antics have calmed down the subject's heart rate, you would both be disassembled immediately! Now, get back in the corner before I change my mind!"
The two robots screamed and quickly ran.
"God, it's like dealing with a pair of children," GLaDOS said frustrated. "You were no help either," she said looking at Chelsea who responded by flashing a cheeky smile.
"Anyways, where were we? Oh, yes. I remember. Make a shield."
Chelsea again reluctantly obeyed. GLaDOS created a pathway of blue light that looked very similar to her force fields.
"What do you think?" GLaDOS asked.
"They're the same color," Chelsea replied. "So, what?"
"They're more similar than that. Your shields and discs and this light beam are made out of the exact same material."
"What?" Chelsea said dissolving her shield. "That's not possible."
"It's true. I analyzed your blood and I found the same material that makes up the light beams in it."
"How did this happen?" Chelsea replied.
"That is the interesting part. It happened because of your mother."
"Your mother did not know it at the time but as she ran those tests with the light beams the material was seeping into her skin. The tests were not numerous but the radiation was powerful enough to have an effect. It did not affect Chell herself. She was only a carrier. But, it did spread to you because it was in her blood when you were conceived. Therefore you were born with the ability to create these light beams and manipulate them however you chose be it to cut, to protect, or to fly. That also could explain why your mother was so ill and was unable to have more children. With all the hormonal changes her body was going through, the photons were surging in her body affecting it greatly. It should have killed you but it didn't. You were able to survive because of your father's inherited mutant genes which I found in your DNA also. All the other children that your mother tried to have were just not so lucky."
"And Brandon?" Chelsea asked.
"He got his powers from radiation of another source," GLaDOS said.
Chelsea was shocked. She put her head in her hands. "I can't believe this," she said.
"I know," GLaDOS replied happily. "I never would have thought that our testing would have this effect on people. You see, our subjects were never allowed to have children, although that may change soon. They were kept apart from each other so intercourse was impossible. We only wanted adults to take the tests. We never wanted to deal with children. Who knew that we were creating the potential for a new breed of human to emerge all along?"
Chelsea began getting a cold feeling in her spine. She did not like the way GLaDOS talked about this "new breed of human" and all of the implied connotations it had. Yet, she remained silent so GLaDOS talked on.
"You and your boyfriend truly are godsends. I now have a new direction of scientific possibilities to explore. I was getting so bored with the old tests. I originally had around 10,000 subjects but one by one they all kept dying until there were only 100 people left. Chell was the best out of all of them, the only one who could complete all the tests. I wish I did not have to let her go."
"Why did you do it then?" Chelsea asked looking up.
"I was emotionally compromised and having her around did not help," GLADOS said concisely. "She was a lot more trouble than she was worth so I gave her what she wanted. Anyway, that does not matter now. What does matter is that I have something else to do now. I am so happy that I am actually feeling a little generous. How about you and I watch your boyfriend complete the tests?"
"He is not my boyfriend. He is my friend."
"Whatever," GLaDOS said as she pulled a monitor in front of Chelsea's bed.
Instantly on the screen was an image of Brandon with portal gun running through a chamber and trying to complete a test. However, something was weird. First off, how could he be running around if GLaDOS had just worked on him like she did her? Second off, why was he wearing his normal clothes? Third, why wasn't he trying to run away? He could walk through walls. Chelsea moved closer to the monitor in order to get a better look.
Chelsea did not ask any of these questions aloud, but GLaDOS seemed to know her thoughts.
"I bet you are wondering why he isn't leaving the test chambers," she said.
Chelsea looked right at her. Then GLaDOS continued, "That is because I have placed him in the lowest testing chambers possible. Whenever he tries to phase through the walls, he only encounters dirt."
Chelsea retorted sarcastically, "He isn't wearing the stupid ass uniform either. I'm kind of disappointed."
"I wanted to be able to pick him out of the group more easily. Unfortunately, the only color we have is orange so for now he is wearing his own clothes."
"Thank God!"
They watched him for several minutes. Chelsea never let onto it but she hoped that he would find a way to escape and find her. She didn't want him to suffer. She was secretly rooting for him to escape. However, there was one question that Chelsea knew had to be asked.
"GLaDOS," Chelsea asked. "How is he able to run around like that? Did you not do to him what you did to me?"
"Actually, we didn't. We did run a few tests on him and he recovered from that quickly enough. However when I saw the results of your blood test, I decided to hold you back for much longer causing your body to degrade much more rapidly. Physically, you are nowhere near ready to run through the tests. You will need a few more weeks of rest before such a thing is even conceivable. Don't worry though. Once you recover, it will be your turn."
"My turn?"
"Yes, you will run through the tests too just like your mother. I want to see your powers at work."
"Be careful what you wish for," Chelsea thought to herself.
"Then once that is over, we will make preparations for the real experiment."
"What do you mean real experiment?" Chelsea said as she began to feel her heart rate rise.
"Tell me," GLaDOS said. "How much do you like your friend? Would you like to have a child with him?"
Chelsea felt her face turn red. "What?" She said. "No way! No! Why would you ask such a thing? We aren't even married!"
"Your powers are the result of exposure to the light beams of this facility. If you were born with these powers, how many other mutants do you think could be bred?  I don’t like the process myself, but we have to discover if exposure to these light beams really has this effect on humans or if this was just a freak coincidence.  Even if I am not a fan of the human reproductive process, this is the only way to go."
"You can't force people to have sex, you psycho!"
"Who said anything about forcing people to have sex? I was just going to use artificial insemination.  The process is less disgusting that way. Of course, we have a lot to figure out before we even begin the process. I don't know the first thing about impregnating women. I don't know how to care for babies either. The facility is not equipped to care for infants. Who would care for them? Would their parents or would someone else? Who would educate them? I have a lot that I need to figure out before I even think about impregnating anyone."
"You are missing the point, GLaDOS! This is unholy! There are some things that science and people just can't do."
"You naïve child," GLaDOS said slowly as she zoomed in on Chelsea's face. "There is nothing that science can't do. There is nothing that I can't do either."
"I'm not going through with it. I'm too young. I don't want to be violated by a robot."
"Excuse me," GLaDOS said. "But I don't recall ever saying that I gave the smallest amount of shit for anything that you wanted. You are going to be a mother whether you like it or not."
Chelsea responded with a shocked silence. She could not believe what was happening. All she could do was pray. She was shaking.
"Now, now, calm down," GLaDOS said. "Your heart rate has gone up again. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the antics of the future father of your children. You don't need to worry about pregnancy until your tests are done. For now though, you need to rest. In fact, Orange, come over here."
P-Body walked up to GLaDOS.
GLaDOS instructed him, "Hold her for a few minutes. We need to put some sheets on her bed so she can sleep."
P-Body walked to Chelsea and lifted her up in his arms being careful not to break off any of the IVs or monitors. She was still wrapped in the blanket, so she was swaddled like a baby. She must have lost weight. The robot didn't shake in the least. Was she really that light?
"Don't drop her. She is very valuable and very fragile right now." P-Body nodded his head and stepped aside. Chelsea was too scared to say a word so she just remained silent.
"Blue, would you do the honor of actually making the bed?"
Atlas shrugged his shoulders and moaned.
"Do it!" GLaDOS yelled.
Then as quick as a flash, Atlas ran out the door and within a minute came back with the sheets. He simply threw the sheets on the bed and started walking away.
"That is not how you make a bed!" GLaDOS yelled. "Don't tell me that you don't know how to do this."
Atlas shook his head.
"Unbelievable," GLaDOS said out loud.
P-Body laughed but the young woman in his arms was not laughing at all. She was not paying attention to the scene unfolding. She was praying. She was scared out of her mind.
"God, help me!" She yelled in her mind. "Get us out of this nightmare. I don't want to be tested. I don't want to be knocked up. I don't want to bear children who will be taken away from me to be test rats. You can't let her get away with this. Where in the hell are my parents? Why aren't they here yet? Oh, God! Help me!"
Chelsea continued to shake unconsciously and P-Body noticing her fear tried to rock her back and forth like a baby and hummed something that sounded like a lullaby. The irony of the image was too much for her.
"STOP," Chelsea screamed at him. P-Body immediately froze and looked at GLaDOS who was trying to instruct Atlas on how to make a bed.
"Don't worry about her, Orange," GLaDOS said. "She's a bit upset right now. We'll be done soon…hopefully. You will be able to put her down in about five minutes."
Just then, Chelsea heard an answer to her prayers.
"Chelsea," her Dad, Zaki, said. "Chelsea, are you there?"
"Dad," Chelsea replied telepathically with tears in her eyes. "Thank God! Where have you been?"
"We're here in the facility but there have been some setbacks that have held us up."
"What do you mean?"
"We broke into the facility but GLaDOS found us."
Chelsea felt her heart sink. Why had GLaDOS not mentioned it?
"What happened? Where is Mom?" she asked.
"We all got separated after GLaDOS turned on some kind of anesthetic gas. Some of us including me were caught. Sylvie got away and broke me out. Now, we are trying to find everybody else. So far, the only other people we have found are Kayla and Pastor Roberts. Roberts went on ahead and we're looking for your mother and the others now."
Sylvie, Chelsea's French friend, was a technological telepath. She was not only a technological genius but had the ability to make anything mechanical or technological bend to her will. She was 30 years old and had long blond hair. She was kind, shy, and reserved yet very confident and capable. Her parents were also technological telepaths who worked in weapons manufacturing and computer technology for the French National Army. During the invasion of the Combines, they sent her to live with their friend Roberts. She was only ten at the time, and they did not want her to be in danger. Sylvie had not heard much from them since then, but she feared the worst. Kayla was a little different. She was only twelve years old and had no arms or legs, but she had powerful telekinetic powers and a very optimistic attitude. She was white with short, red hair.  She was also the granddaughter of Pastor Roberts. Her parents were rebels in the fight against the Combines. They lost their lives in a fight when Kayla was only 9 months old. The other soldiers brought her to Pastor Roberts along with the news of her parents' death. Though Pastor Roberts was devastated, he still loved her as his own. She brightened up those dark days with her encouraging smile and happy attitude. Chelsea helped care for her and saw her as a little sister. Zaki, Chelsea's dad as mentioned before, was a telepath who was very confident, very clever, very outspoken, and yet very understanding. A good portion of his personality traits were inherited by Chelsea. He seemed to have the ability to figure out anything which was a great help to them all. He was a friend of the pastor and the best friend of Brandon's dad, Roscoe.
"How many people did you bring?" Chelsea asked.
"Besides, your mother, me, Sylvie, Roberts, and Kayla, we brought four other people. We brought Jeff, Albina, Hugo, and Roscoe," said Zaki.
Jeff had the power to shape shift, Albina had the power to create ice and snow and fly on the winter winds she created, and Hugo could create fire and fly as a burning ball of fire. Jeff was a true nerd. At 19, he was endlessly intelligent but slightly socially awkward when it came to people. He was kind though so no one minded. He was skinny with a head of dark, curly hair and olive skin. Albina was 17 and had white hair, almost crystal-like white skin, icy blue eyes, and blue lips. She was very mature and wise for her age. The best way to describe Albina would be that she was someone who had made peace with her difficult life. She was at peace in her heart in spite of all that had happened to her. She decided to have joy and trust God even though she did not understand all the bad circumstances in her life. She enjoyed reading books, talking about deep topics, and being alone more than Chelsea did and was more of a mystic who knew almost everything about theology. She was very calm, confident, and dignified, but Albina was very joyful, fun-loving, and enjoyed being involved in relationships with people, too. She was also very clever and enjoyed messing with people. Albina would say things to people to make them think or to see how they would react. She had the potential to be manipulative if she wanted to. She was also very ambitious and planned on trying to defeat the Combines herself. Her mother was a Russian diplomat who fell in love with a male diplomat from Cote d'Ivoire. They married then fled to America through Siberia to escape the Combines. They both died in the process leaving their children to take care of each other. Her step-brother Hugo was a 25 year old African with warrior tattoos all over his body. He was sensitive and struggled more with depression than his sister did. He preferred to only talk about deep subjects and was thus a perfect philosophical conversationalist for Chelsea. Roscoe was Brandon's Dad. He looked almost exactly like Brandon except taller and more muscular. Roscoe had the power to heal. He was a loving and witty doctor with a hilarious sense of humor and positive outlook on life despite the fact that his wife ran away when Brandon was two. Chelsea was friends with all of these people. They were all a family in Christ.
"Can you find them?" asked Chelsea.
"We will," said Zaki. "We are looking for everyone, sweetheart, including you and Brandon. Sylvie is trying to read the minds of some cores that she found in order to get a better idea of this place's layout but it's not easy. This place is huge. It will take her some time to download the entire map into her brain. In the meantime, tell me what has happened. What has she done to you?"
"Dad, GLaDOS is insane. I'm here in the main room where she is. She has been running multiple examinations on me in order to find out the source of my powers. I feel sore and weak and I have lost about 20 pounds in weight, but besides that I'm fine. She has me connected to multiple IV bags and monitors in order to keep me alive she says. She found out that my powers came from radiation in this facility. Mom was exposed to it and it stuck to her DNA but the effects only showed up in me. That's why I can do what I do. Now however, she wants to test me when I recover. Then she wants to use Brandon to impregnate me and use others too probably in order to see if more mutants could be created."
"Sweet, merciful God!"
"What's more Brandon is testing right now and he could die at any moment. Dad, please help us! We have to get out of here. I don't want to be forced into pregnancy. I don't want to test. I just want to leave this nightmare. I also want to destroy this psycho and make sure that she won't hurt anyone ever again. Dad, I'm so scared."
"The priority is getting everyone out alive. We don't want to have to fight her if it isn't necessary. Don't worry though. We will find you and get you out."
"Dad, she has 100 other people trapped here. We should help them, too."
"We'll figure that out later."
"Dad, she is about to put me to sleep again. What do I do?"
"We're done with the bed, Orange. You can put her down now," said GLaDOS.
As she was being put down on the bed, Chelsea noticed something on the monitor. Brandon was in the elevator and supposed to be going down to the next chamber but he jumped up and phased through the top and was currently in the process of climbing up by phasing one arm and leg through at a time.
GLaDOS noticed quickly and said to him through the speakers, "You need to stop doing that immediately. You could break the machine. I said stop. Stop!"
Chelsea knew that if she wanted to help Brandon then she needed to act fast.
"Dad, Brandon is trying to escape. Telepathically search for Brandon. I'm going to help him."
Before her Dad had a chance to reply, Chelsea began to act out a quickly thought out plan. First, she jumped off the bed onto a hover disc dropping the blanket onto the floor.
"What are you doing?!" GLaDOS yelled.
She broke off the IVs and monitors and flew straight to P-Body. She wrapped an arm around his neck and created a disc with her free arm.
"Don't come any closer or I'll cut him to pieces!" Chelsea screamed. "Where is Brandon?! Tell me!"
Atlas was frozen with fear, but GLaDOS was unfazed.
"You really should have thought out this plan better. You know that we can't die, right? If you cut him up, I can simply reassemble him," she said.
"Good luck finding all the pieces," Chelsea said.
Chelsea put up a hover disc under her and P-Body's feet. She put up a force field around herself and P-Body then she quickly backed out of the room.
"You're still very physically weak you know," GLaDOS said. "You have adrenaline running through your body now, but once it wears off you will collapse onto the floor. I implore you to give up fighting immediately and return to your bed. Even if I were to tell you exactly where your friend was, you still don't have the energy to get to him. Just give it up."
"NO!" Chelsea yelled. Then turning to P-Body, she said, "I don't want to have to hurt you, but I will if I have to. Show me where Brandon is! Which way do I go?"
P-Body pointed left. Chelsea dissolved her shield, threw a large disc in the direction of GLaDOS who immediately swerved to avoid it, and quickly flew left. Atlas ran after them at full speed. Chelsea flew down a large corridor for several minutes using her discs to break down every video camera that she saw. In the process, she told her Dad what was happening out loud. Sylvie and Kayla listened in, too.
"Great job, Chelsea," Kayla yelled. "Way to kick ass!"
Zaki seemed more taken aback by her actions. He didn't know what to say.
"I didn't know you had it in you, Chelsea. I don't want GLaDOS to drive you mad."
"Dad," Chelsea started. "I'm desperate. I didn't know what else to do. I won't kill him. I'll let him go as soon as I get to Brandon."
"Don't," Sylvie said. "I can hack into his mind and use him as a guide."
"Good thinking! Dad, get talking to Brandon. Owwww!"
Chelsea had slammed into a wall. It was a dead end. She and P-Body fell to the ground. They both stood up and faced each other.
"What is this?!" Chelsea yelled. "I thought you were going to lead me to Brandon. How dare you double cross me!"
P-Body simply crossed his arms and gave out an "Hmph!"
"Tell me where he is, you jerk!"
P-Body remained silent.
"Tell me!" Chelsea yelled as she created a disc and cut off his right leg.
P-Body fell to the ground and pulled up his arms to shield his face. Chelsea's legs gave out under her, and her eyes welled up with tears.
"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I didn't want to hurt you. I'm just desperate to save my friend. Please forgive me! You have been so kind and funny! You are too good for a place like this."
Chelsea crawled closer to him and P-Body let his arms fall to his side.
"Please help me!" Chelsea said. "I have nowhere else to turn. She is going to hurt me and she's going to hurt my friend. You understand what a friend is. I see you and the little blue robot. You two are friends, right? You goof around but when push comes to shove you would do anything for each other."
P-Body nodded.
"That's how I feel about my friend. He's in trouble. My family is in trouble, too. We're all trapped here. I need to help them. I would do anything for them. You have to understand. I'm trying to save them. I want to help them like you would help your friend. I'm sure you don't like this place. I can take you and your friend to the outside where the sun is and you can see the world's beauty. I'll take you and we can take of each other like a real family not like GLaDOS does. She will never care about you, but we will. Heck! I have a friend who is a technological genius and can give you all the updates and repairs you will ever need. Please! I need your help. There's no way that we can get out of here without you. Please! Please help us! Please help me! For the love of God, please!"
P-Body looked upon her with a sympathetic eye. Chelsea continued to cry right in front of him on her hands and knees with her face toward the ground. She prayed. She was scared to death. Her body was beginning to throb and ache uncontrollably to the point where she had trouble moving. GLaDOS was right. P-Body lifted his hand as if he wanted to put it on Chelsea's shoulder, but he hesitated. Chelsea started coughing up blood on the floor.
"How cute," GLaDOS said over the PA system. "You're using emotional pleas with robots. You must be really desperate."
"I destroyed all the cameras," Chelsea said. "How did you…"
"There are antennae on Orange and Blue that send me signals. I can see through their eyes and hear with their ears."
Chelsea began crawling backwards down the hall as P-Body stared after her rather sadly.
"So, it was you who contacted your father," said GLaDOS. "I had my suspicions all along. I didn't tell you when they arrived because I didn't want to set you off. I caught a few but the rest including your mother have scattered across the facility. Now however, I can find them. Why don't you just tell me where they are? I would so like to see your mutant family and friends and even your mother, Chell. We can talk about it as you are falling asleep. Speaking of which, you don't look too good.  You’re also making quite a mess with all the blood you’ve been coughing up. We better send you back to bed before it gets any worse."
"Dad, did you hear all that?" Chelsea asked telepathically.
"Yes," was his reply. "Run and pray, baby. Sylvie will guide you to us. Just run."
Chelsea summoned up her last bit of strength, stood up, and ran for her life. She kept trying to create discs to fly on but they kept dissolving. She was just too tired and weak to keep them up. Finally, she came across a locked door that looked like it led to some stairs. Chelsea created a disc and slid it between the locks of the door. She kept hacking at it until it finally appeared ready to give way. However before she could deliver the last blow, she felt something grabbing her arms and next her legs. It held her arms so that they were against her chest. It was Atlas who looked angry that she had tried to hurt his best friend. He carried her off down the hall back to GLaDOS's room.
"No!" Chelsea yelled. "Put me down! Put me down!"
They finally reentered the terrifying black room.
"There, you are," GLaDOS said with a false tone of concern. "You look awful. I told you that you could die if you didn't listen to me. Honestly, what were you thinking? Your last operation was less than five hours ago. Your body is literally being held together with dozens of stitches. In the state it’s in, exertion is a terrible idea. Your body is like a piñata, filled to the brim with candy. If you hurt it in any way, the candy will burst out.  Except for you, what comes out would not be candy but all your internal organs. I tried to strap you down to keep you from moving.  I tried to discourage you from moving.  However, you ignored me and stubbornly went your way just like your mother. I should have known that this would happen. Stubbornness runs in the blood after all."
Atlas laid her on the bed.
"Blue," GLaDOS said. "I have sanitized the new IV and monitor wires already. Would you connect them into her before she grows any worse?"
Atlas readily obeyed. When he was done, he looked up to see P-Body limping to the door using his disconnected right leg as a crutch. Atlas ran to him immediately. GLaDOS looked at his condition then looked back at Chelsea. GLaDOS adjusted the bed to lie down, used her claw to pull the covers over Chelsea's body, and used the other now fixed claw to pull a mask over Chelsea's face. The mask was for anesthetic gas to flow into Chelsea's lungs. Chelsea figured that, but she also knew that she was too weak to fight off GLaDOS. She fought hard to keep the tears from welling up without being very successful.
"You're the one who got yourself into this mess," said GLaDOS seeing her tears and picking up the blanket that was on the floor and laying on top of the bed. "I didn't want to put you to sleep right away. You had been asleep for three and a half weeks for your eighteen invasive examinations after all. I was going to let you stay awake with me and watch your stupid boyfriend. You had to act up and hurt yourself. You are really a pain. If you weren't so valuable to my research, I would kill you. But since you are so valuable for right now, I will put you to sleep so that you don't have to keep staring at me with her despicable blue eyes."
"GLaDOS," Sylvie yelled over the loud speakers in her authentic French accent. "You are not going to get away with hurting her! Once we find you, you are dead! Don't worry, Chelsea! We're coming for you! Don't give up! Sois forte! Dieu est avec toi. (Be strong! God is with you!)"
"You have one thing going for you," GLaDOS said. "You have friends. Your mother never had any of those."
"They're right. God is with me," Chelsea thought to herself. "But he is not with her. How sad!"
Knowing this and knowing that her family and friends were coming for her made her feel much better. The gas began streaming into her lungs and Chelsea had no choice but to breathe it in. While she was falling asleep, GLaDOS played the images of Brandon still climbing out of the elevator shaft on a monitor right over Chelsea's bed. Chelsea reached up to him with her left hand.
Then GLaDOS turned to Atlas and P-Body and said, "Good work, you two! You both did very well. Now, go get Orange fixed and take a break. I can take it from here."
GLaDOS then resumed watching Chelsea. Atlas put himself under P-Body's arm to give him support and started to leave the room. However, P-Body kept watching Chelsea. He wouldn't move. Atlas chirped at him to ask what was going on. P-Body pointed at Chelsea. Atlas turned away apathetically. P-Body kept pointing at her. He pointed at her, he pointed at the two of them, and he pointed outside. Atlas hit P-Body on the side of the head in order to tell him that he was crazy. P-Body grabbed Atlas's head and made him look him in the eye. He lifted up his hand, took Atlas's hand, squeezed it tightly then pulled it to where his heart would be, and then pointed to him and to Atlas. It was his way of explaining that they were friends. Atlas nodded to show that he indeed understood. Then P-Body pointed to Chelsea and to the image of Brandon on the screen. He took his two hands and squeezed them together to explain they were friends, too. P-Body grabbed Atlas's head and forced him to look at her and her friend. Soon, Atlas began to feel bad, too. P-Body held his hands together and pleaded for his friend to help. Atlas hesitantly nodded his head. P-Body moved up and down excitedly. However, Atlas put his finger to his face to symbolize silence and then pointed to GLaDOS. Then Atlas pointed to himself and to P-Body and tapped his head with a finger. If they were going to pull this off, they would need to think about what they were doing and make plans. P-Body nodded in agreement and the two left the room. They had a lot to do.
Chelsea was listening to her father, Sylvie, and Kayla pray for her telepathically.
"God, protect my baby. Don't let her be scared. Let her know that you are with her no matter what happens," Zaki said.
"Allow us to be successful in our mission of fighting GLaDOS and protecting the ones we love," Sylvie prayed.
"God, grant us the ability to kick that robot's ass," Kayla prayed.
Chelsea prayed with her hands resting on top of her chest.
"God, I know she used to be human but she isn't anymore. Protect me from what she is planning and help us get out of here alive."
Chelsea was nervous but somehow felt less scared than before.
Chelsea turned to GLaDOS and said, "'The LORD is a jealous and avenging God; the LORD takes vengeance and is filled with wrath. The LORD takes vengeance on his foes and vents his wrath against his enemies. The LORD is slow to anger but great in power; the LORD will not leave the guilty unpunished. His way is in the whirlwind and the storm, and clouds are the dust of his feet…Who can withstand his indignation? Who can endure his fierce anger? His wrath is poured out like fire; the rocks are shattered before him.'"
"That is a passage from the Bible," said GLaDOS.
"It is from Nahum 1 to be exact."
"What was the point of that?"
"These words are a prophecy for you. They originally were written for Ninevah, but they apply to all evil people. God has let you have your way for a while, but your time is coming. That is how he works. Up until now, he has been giving you time to change. You think you are invincible because you have control of a fortress and an army. Ninevah had the same kind of things, too. They had tall and thick walls and an unconquerable military, but God obliterated them off the face of the earth for their extravagant cruelty. They were killed by the Babylonian Army that they never thought would have the power to beat them. Skeptics never even believed the place existed until archaeologists found its remains thousands of years later. Unless you repent, the same is going to happen to you. God is bringing judgment your way and you will not be able to stop it. You and this place are going to be destroyed so completely that you will only survive in the horror stories that people tell of you. The skeptics will say you never lived and until they find your remains, only God, us survivors, and the souls of your victims who surround you in hell will know the truth. You may be in robot form, but God is still over you, Caroline."
"You have guts," said GLaDOS. That was all she could say at the moment. She was almost speechless. Chelsea was unlike any subject she had ever had before. She was emaciated, weak, and barely conscious but had the gall to declare holy war on a robot that could destroy her in an instant. She had a supernatural confidence that GLaDOS found disturbing and didn't know what to make of.
"That is something else that you have going for you," GLaDOS said. "Only time will tell if it will help you or get you killed. Who will carry out this judgment of God you speak of? You?"
"Damn straight," Chelsea said.
Just then, Chelsea created a force field on the monitor above her bed, she managed to rip it off its wires, and threw the force field ball across the room against the wall smashing it to pieces and leaving GLaDOS without a way to watch Brandon.
"No," GLaDOS yelled.
GLaDOS frantically pulled up another monitor to look for Brandon, but by the time she did, he had disappeared.
"You did that on purpose," GLaDOS yelled.
However, Chelsea had already fallen asleep with a cheeky smile on her face.
Sylvie and the three robots ran together.  Sylvie broke every video camera that she saw from standing on that floor.  When she finished that, she stood on the shoulders of P-Body and held the last camera in her hands.  Sylvie knew that GLaDOS was most likely staring at her from the other end, so she held it up to her face, flashed a cheeky smile, and said, “You better repent while you have the chance, GLaDOS.  Release Chelsea and the others now or else you will die.  I may not be able to control you, but I can control everything around you.  I can make it so that it’s impossible to function in this place.  Speaking of which, prepare to have your eyes taken away.  Good bye!”
With that, Sylvie telepathically told the other cameras in her part of the facility to malfunction immediately.  She broke them all over the place.  The sound of exploding cameras could be heard everywhere.  
From her main chamber, GLaDOS watched in horror and anger as all the cameras broke simultaneously.  She could see nothing in the hallways or in any room of the facility except the main testing chambers and the hospital wing because those cameras were all attached to a different circuit board, but Sylvie might find those too before too long.  To make matters worse, GLaDOS could not activate the neurotoxin because Sylvie broke it or the turrets because Sylvie could just break them or brainwash them.
“That horrible pest,” GLaDOS said.  “There’s almost nothing I can do to stop her.  Oh, well!  Stay positive.  I still have her other little friends under my surveillance at least.  I will just have to guard them as well as I can until I can figure out something else.  This will not hold me back for long.  I still have my main subject anyways.  I will really enjoy working with her.”
Meanwhile, Kayla was destroying everything in sight out of a kind of rage intermingled with psychotic joy, the kind that school shooters felt.  She had never been bullied before in her life, and she had no idea how to take it so she was going crazy and destroying everything in sight with her telekinesis.  She felt like the Joker.  She tore pictures of the wall.  She broke glass out of windows.  She destroyed every turret that she ran into.  She would lift them up in the air, juggle them around, and then make them explode.  One could say that Kayla temporarily gave into the madness around her.  She felt like a madman as she flew around making papers explode out of printers, lifting tiles off the ground and off the ceiling, and throwing turrets around like they were toys, but for the time being, she did not care.  Kayla really enjoyed the wanton destruction that she was carrying out.  Oddly enough, the more she did it, the more she loved it and wanted to continue.  Kayla stopped in one room that was formerly somebody’s office, and she went insane.  She broke out in a sadistic laugh and broke everything in sight.  She smashed the picture of Cave Johnson on the wall, she broke the desk into a thousand tiny pieces, she pulled files out of the cabinets, she spun around and around in a sort of ecstasy of chaos with dozens of papers spinning around her, and she started to make cracks in the floor.  Kayla was trying to drown out the voice of GLaDOS in her head.  She was trying to drown it out with everything she was doing.  
Kayla heard the stories of what happened to Chell in this place.  She never thought that she would be so terrified in her life.  She never thought that any situation could be so hopeless that she would want to go insane just to feel distant from the horror of it all.   Kayla was letting out how she really felt about the place and how she felt about GLaDOS.
Sylvie saw her and recognized what was happening.  She was afraid that Kayla had gone insane and that GLaDOS had pushed her to her breaking point.  Sylvie stood in the doorway while the robots stood behind her in the hall.
“Kayla,” Sylvie yelled.  “Snap out of it!  You are acting like Harley Quinn.”
“So what if I am,” Kayla replied.  “We are in a mad place, Sylvie.  Isn’t it logical that we should go a little mad ourselves?  Just embrace the crazy and have some fun?  Let out our aggression on this hell hole?  This place is full of demons.  I can feel it.  What better way to fight it than taking it all out on this place just so she understands how horrible she is.  I can’t forget her voice!  I can’t forget that cruel voice!  Oh, God!  How does Chell live with the nightmares?”
“You are better than that, Kayla.  We can’t let her make us insane.  We don’t have to act crazy.  We can’t let her get to us.  There’s no point to this.  Would you please stop?  You are scaring me.”
Kayla dropped everything immediately, and she flew down and sat on the office chair with her head hanging down.
Sylvie wished that Chelsea was there.  She was so much better with these kinds of situations.  Sylvie did not know what to say.  She was better with machines than she was with people.  Sylvie was the type of woman who would spend hours a day inside her room working on machines and be content never having contact with any other person.  However, she knew she had to try.
“Kayla, what is the matter?  What is wrong with you?” Sylvie asked.
“I did what Aunt C told me not to do.  I let her into my mind and went crazy with anger,” Kayla said bowing her head and crying a little.
Sylvie walked in and the three robots stood silently in the hall.  She crouched down and gave Kayla a hug.  She let Kayla cry for a while because she did not know what else to say.
Then, she had an idea.  
“Kayla, when I was a little girl, I was bullied by other kids at school because I was more interested in machines and technology than I was in people.  They all thought I was weird.  Their words hurt, and there were days when I would go home crying.  On those days, my parents would sit me down and remind me that all those means words were lies of Satan.  To combat those lies, my parents would ask me to talk about each insult that the kids gave and they would tell me why those words weren’t true, so that when I returned to school, I would be able to defend myself more effectively.  I want to try that with you.  It might sound stupid to you, but it might also help.  I know what it’s like to be bullied, and I know that what they say can make you feel insane unless you are willing to talk about it.”  
They stopped hugging.
Kayla looked at her and did not say a word, but she nodded.    
“Now,” Sylvie began.  “Lie number one, your parents never cared about you.”
“You know that I don’t believe that one.  For crying out loud, I have told you about the only memory I have of my mother at least one hundred times.  I know my parents loved me,” said Kayla.
“Alright then, we will move on to lie number two.  Do you really think that you are a useless cripple?  Do you feel like you need to prove yourself in order to be taken seriously?”
“No, of course not.  Maybe.  Yes,” Kayla said tearing up again.
“Why would you think that?”
“Look at me, Sylvie.  I have no arms or legs and without telekinesis I would be helpless.  I know that people in the congregation look down on me as weak.  I don’t want to be seen as weak.  I’m afraid no man will ever fall for me either because of how weird I look.  What am I saying?  Think of the situation we are in.  This is so stupid.  I shouldn’t be worried about this now.”
“I know how you feel, but you cannot bury your emotions.  They have to be felt or else they will make you suffer.  Forget about what GLaDOS says.  She is just like any other bully.  You have to remember the truth to combat the lies.”
“That’s easy for you to say.  You’re beautiful.  You have a boyfriend.”
Kayla was referring to Hugo who was in fact Sylvie’s boyfriend.
The three robots were standing in the hall.  The blue-eyed turret that was still in Atlas’s arms asked, “What is a boyfriend?”
Atlas looked at P-Body who just shrugged.
Sylvie smiled and then said, “That does not mean I don’t hear the mean voices of the other kids in my head.  I still hear them calling me weird and telling me that I will always be an unlovable freak.  You don’t think that hurts?  GLaDOS’s words will always hurt you too unless you find a truth to combat it with.”
Kayla responded with silence.
“First of all,” Sylvie began.  “Nobody thinks you’re weak.”
“Yes, and even if they did, that does not make you a weak person.  Having no arms or legs does not make you less of a person.  If anything, you are stronger than most people because you have had to deal with a challenge that most people have never had to deal with.  Furthermore, you are always so optimistic and encouraging.  Being a strong person comes from the soul not from physical circumstances.  In your soul, you are very strong.  That may sound cheesy, but it’s true.”
Kayla smiled and began tearing up.
“I don’t know why God made you this way, Kayla, but you are still special in His eyes.  You have never given into hopelessness and don’t let some evil piece of metal change your mind now.  People will only make you crazy if you let them.”
“You’re right.  I am strong on the inside and anyone who can’t see that is a loser.”
Kayla flew up in joy.
Sylvie rested her back against the wall.  She was not used to doing this type of thing for anyone except for Hugo, and even then, she usually just listened to him bringing in Chelsea for back up sometimes while he rambled on about whatever.  Sylvie may pipe in with words every now and again but almost never full on advice.  She could not believe that she had just pulled something like this off.  This rescue mission was taking everything in her.  Thank God she did not have to find strength in herself.
“How did I do?” Sylvie asked.  “You know I have no experience in this type of thing.  Chelsea would have done better.”
“Not really.  She’s better at listening than she is at giving advice.  I think you did great,” Kayla said.  “Thanks!”
Sylvie responded with a weary smile.  She wanted this mission to be over so she could go back home.  This mission was exhausting.”  
“Now,” Kayla responded.  “Where do we sleep?  I want to go back to sleep.”
“Come on,” Sylvie said.  Then turning to P-Body, she asked, “Do you remember the way back?”
P-Body nodded and walked ahead.  They followed him.
Atlas was still carrying the turret who was staring at Sylvie with his sky blue eye.  Sylvie stared back at him.
“Atlas, you can put down the turret now,” Sylvie said.  “You can walk.  Can’t you, little guy?”
“No,” the turret said.  “I can’t move.”
“Let me fix you.”
The group stopped for a minute while Sylvie got to work.  She motioned for Atlas to put the turret down and she got on her knees and touched him on the head.  She telepathically commanded the turret’s legs to unlock so that he could move.  The little turret was overjoyed.
“Hooray!” the turret said as he jumped up and down.  Then he ran around and around the group.  Finally, he walked up to Sylvie and wrapped one of his feet around her leg.
“Thank you,” the turret said.  
“You’re welcome,” Sylvie said.
She got up and the group resumed their walk.  They finally got back to the staff lounge where they were hiding before.  Kayla collapsed on top of the couch.  P-Body and Atlas sat in the chairs.  Sylvie leaned against the wall and the turret walked up to her.  She smiled.  He was so cute.  He was like a dog.  She couldn’t resist stroking his head.
“You know you need a name,” Sylvie said.
“Name him Killer,” said Kayla sarcastically who was lying on the couch and trying to fall asleep.  
“I think I’ll call you Alpha,” Sylvie said.  
“Alpha?” asked the turret.
“Do you like it?”
“Yes!” the turret said jumping up and down.
“Alright then, your name is Alpha.”
“Alpha!  Alpha!  Alpha!” he said jumping up and down.
“Will you be quiet?” Kayla asked.  “I’m trying to sleep.”
Just then, Atlas beeped in with a question.
“I’m calling him Alpha because he is the first of many,” Sylvie replied stroking the turret.  “I plan on winning over many more turrets.  We will need all the help we can get if we want to take down GLaDOS.”
“Wait?  You can understand them?” Kayla said as she sat up in amazement.
“Yes, I can,” Sylvie replied.  “I can read their minds so I can understand what they are trying to say.  Speaking of which…”  Sylvie walked up to P-Body and held his hand.
“Thank you for defending me in front of GLaDOS.  I owe you my life.  You didn’t tell her where I was even when it would have saved your own skin.  Thank you so much!”  Then turning to Atlas as well, “I know that what you’re doing is hard.  You two are giving up your lives completely for a life that you aren’t even that sure about, but I promise that you won’t regret it.  You two will be my friends for as long as I live.”
In response, P-Body rose and gave her a hug.  Atlas walked over and did the same.
Kayla was still watching from the couch.
“Say,” she said yawning.  “How did you guys get together anyway?  What happened after we got separated?”
“I thought that you wanted to go to sleep,” Sylvie said breaking the hug.
“I can sleep later.  I want to hear your story.”
“Alright,” Sylvie said and with that she began to tell her story.  
Meanwhile underground among the relaxation vaults, a lone man with a portal gun could be seen wandering about trying to avoid detection.  It was Brandon.  He had been wandering around the vaults for the past 24 hours.  He was looking for any of his friends but most of all he wanted to find his father.  Brandon walked through relaxation vault after relaxation vault in order to find anybody but he kept running into countless empty rooms.  He was getting frustrated.  He was phasing through wall after wall into room after room just to find them empty.  All Brandon could do was pray for help.  He just wanted to find his father or anyone really.  He wanted to help them so they could help him save his best friend, Chelsea.  She was in real trouble.  That robot wanted to use her to carry out twisted genetic experiments.  Brandon was not going to let that happen.  He did not want GLaDOS to hurt anyone else either, but in order to make any progress in either of those goals, he had to find people.  He prayed that his Dad was alright, too.  
Finally, Brandon phased into a room to see someone in a relaxation vault.  He walked closer through the wall of the box and into the room in order to get a closer look.  He could not believe his blessing.  It was his Dad!  He was so relieved to look upon the face that looked just like his except for the mustache and the beard.  Roscoe was a proud southerner at heart and was dressed like he normally would when he and Brandon went hunting for deer.  He was wearing black army boots, a camouflage shirt, jeans, and a big hunting jacket.    
Brandon whispered, “Dad…”
Then he yelled at the vault while hitting the top of it, “Dad, can you hear me?!  Dad, wake up please!  Dad!”
Finally, he phased through the vault and pulled his father out of it resting his body on the floor.
“Dad?” he asked.  “Dad, can you hear me?”
Roscoe finally began to stir and regain consciousness.
“Dad!” Brandon yelled.  “Thank you, God!  Dad, are you okay?”
Roscoe opened his eyes and sat up.  After blinking his eyes several times, he looked over his son.
“Am I okay?” Roscoe asked.  “I should be asking you that question, son.  Lord have mercy!  You look like you lost a fight with a lawn mower.”
Indeed, Brandon was in rough shape.  His clothes had some holes in them.  He had some bruises and scratches on his face, too.  Brandon just laughed in relief.
“I’m fine, Dad, but now we have to…” Brandon said.
“No,” said Roscoe.  “We are not doing anything until I heal your wounds.”
“Dad…” Brandon said in protest.
“Hold still.”
Roscoe held his hand on his son’s head.  Instantly, Brandon’s wounds began to heal.  His bruises faded to reveal normal colored skin.  His scratches closed.  Even the scars from the blood tests and IVs and laser burns on his arms were cooled and healed.  Brandon’s soreness went away, too.  He felt a great deal better.
“Thank you, Dad,” he said.  “Are you alright?”
“Brandon, I just got knocked out with gas, but I can’t get injured,” Roscoe said with a wry smile.  “Why are you asking this question?”
Roscoe could not only heal, but he was like Wolverine.  He was invulnerable to injury.  If he got hurt, he could heal himself instantly.  No part of his body internally or externally could stay hurt.  Remembering all of this, Brandon realized that a question like that was probably really stupid.  
Brandon looked up at the corner of the room.  There was a camera.  It was hanging limp because it was off.  However, he knew that the demonic eye could be watching at any time.  So, he stood up.  
“Dad, she could be watching us at any time.  We have to go!”
“Agreed!  Let’s go!”
Brandon grabbed his Dad’s hand and they ran through the walls.  They phased through wall after wall after wall.  Brandon did not want to stop.  He was afraid of the yellow eye that could be watching.
Brandon and Roscoe ran until they phased through the final wall and touched the walkway grating outside of it.  Brandon smiled.  He remembered what Chell had said about these places.  GLaDOS could not see them there.  They would be safe.  Brandon let go of his Dad’s hand and leaned back against the wall to catch his breath.  The hallway was dark except for the yellow light that lit it up.  Looking around, Brandon could see through the pathway to the bottomless pits below.  He sank down to the ground.  Roscoe sat down next to him on his left under the light.
“Son, what is that thing on your hand?” Roscoe asked gesturing to the portal gun that Brandon was still carrying around with him on his right hand.
“This is a portal gun,” said Brandon.
Roscoe’s face became stern.
“Do you mean that GLaDOS made you test?”
Brandon nodded.
Roscoe said, “Tell me what has happened to you since I last saw you.”
Brandon gave a heavy sigh and then began to talk.
“Dad, it is all my fault.  When Chelsea and I arrived, we didn’t know where we were, but she had a bad feeling about it.  I insisted that we stayed.  We went through some desks and found pens and pencils, but Chelsea was worried about Chell.  So, I told her we would just fly through the place to give it a quick look through and come back another time.  When we were flying around, Chelsea figured out where we were, but by the time she told me, it was too late.”
“That’s when you ran into GLaDOS?” Roscoe asked.
Brandon nodded and then continued.
“It was terrifying, Dad.  GLaDOS had been watching us and listening to us the whole time.  Chelsea got pissed off and couldn’t control her anger.  She got off one of GLaDOS’s claws and made her angry.”
“She would,” Roscoe said with a smile.
“GLaDOS struck back.  She electrocuted her, and she was too weak to move.  I tried to get close to Chelsea, but GLaDOS put dozens of turrets in my way.  I phased through them, but she must have knocked me out or something because the next thing I remember is waking up in the relaxation vault yesterday.  I heard the voice of GLADOS telling me that I had been out for three and a half weeks, that she was interested in my powers, that she had tested my blood to find the source of my powers, and that she wanted me to test so that she could see more of my gifts at work.  I demanded her to tell me what she had done with Chelsea.  All she would tell me is that she was with her and that I would see her if I carried out the tests.  That robot is clever, Dad.  She put me in chambers that I couldn’t phase through.  They were deep underground.  I tested until I figured out how to escape.  I did that by climbing through the elevator shaft.  Zaki told me that Chelsea helped me.  She broke the monitor that GLaDOS was using to watch me and gave me enough time to escape.  I’ve been wandering through here to find you or anyone ever since.”
Brandon put his head in his hands.
“Dad, Zaki told me about Chelsea.  That monster has hurt her and she plans on hurting her even more.”
Roscoe was concerned.  Chelsea was like a niece to him.  He was her godfather.
“What’s wrong with her?  What did Zaki say?” Roscoe asked calmly with an apprehensive look on his face.
“Zaki said that GLaDOS has been conducting invasive medical examinations on her.  He said when Chelsea talked to him she sounded weak even though she was trying to be strong.  She tried to escape from GLaDOS but was caught because she was too weak to make the trip.  She was coughing up blood, Dad.  Zaki, Chell, and Roberts tried to save her, but GLaDOS threw them outside.  When Zaki saw her, he said she looked awful.  She had lost about 20 pounds in weight, she was covered in bandages, and she looked really thin.  Yet in spite of all that she still helped me escape and she had the strength to challenge GLaDOS.  Dad, she is only alive by the strength of the Holy Spirit.  It is all my fault.  I made her come into this place!  She could die, and her blood would be on my hands!”
Roscoe wrapped his arm around his son and tried to console him.
“Son, Chelsea is not mad at you, God is not mad at you, and I am not mad at you, so quit throwing a pity party!  It’s not like you willingly delivered her into danger.  You’re right about one thing though.  Chelsea’s life is in danger.  Losing 20 pounds within three and a half weeks is not healthy.  Even on a diet, no one should lose more than 4 pounds a week.  At the rate Chelsea has been losing weight, she might starve to death.  That tells me two things.  Either that robot has no idea what she’s doing or she is starving Chelsea on purpose.”
Brandon seethed with anger.  Then he said, “That is not even the worst of it, Dad.  GLaDOS learned some things about Chelsea that make her different from the other mutants.  It turns out that she got her powers because of the radiation that Chell was exposed to while she was testing here, specifically from the hard light trails.  GLaDOS wants to impregnate Chelsea after testing her to see if other mutants could be born the same way.”
Roscoe’s jaw dropped wide open.
“You want to know what else?” Brandon asked turning away from his Dad.  “GLaDOS was going to make me the father.”
“Oh,” Roscoe said with a perplexed look on his face as he pulled his arm out from behind his son.
“Yeah,” Brandon said.
A very awkward silence ensued.  After a few moments, Roscoe was the first to speak up.
“Well!  I’m glad you escaped.  Brandon, I know that you might have feelings for Chelsea, but let me tell you from personal experience that the worst way to make a woman marry you is having a child through wedlock.”
Under normal circumstances, Brandon appreciated his father’s sense of humor, but during that time, he was annoyed by it.  He was very upset by the events of the last several weeks.
“Dad, how can you say that?  Do you regret having me?” Brandon asked.
“Son,” Roscoe began.  “There are a lot of things in my life that I have done that I have regretted doing.  I regret letting my parents talk me into medical school instead of becoming a tattoo artist full time.  I regret moving in with my crazy uncle in Reno for my internship after my graduation from medical school.  I regret using my wealthy family’s money to party and drink.  I regret falling in love with the prostitute, Cholita.  I regret giving her everything that she wanted just so that she wouldn’t leave my insecure self alone.  I regret letting her bully me and others with her super strength and domineering personality.  I regret living in sin with her and not having us tie the knot until after you were conceived.  I regret getting hitched in that god awful Chapel of Love.  That place smelled like weed.  I regret partying, living it up, and leaving you to nannies while you were really small.”
Roscoe looked thoughtful for a minute.  Then he continued, “I do not regret moving to Detroit to work in the same hospital with Zaki who as you know was my best friend in college before I went to medical school.  That was a good decision.  I regret lying to him about what I and Cholita were doing.  I regret ignoring you and not standing up to your mother more in order to spend time with you.  I regret the way I treated Jesus, Roberts, and Christianity before I learned what it all really meant.  Once I did learn what it meant and accepted Jesus as my Savior, I regret not standing up to your mother right away.”
“She was a bully and you were still insecure,” Brandon said.
“That’s no excuse.  I should have been a man.  She never really loved me.  I should have known that.  She just liked being the wife of a rich doctor.  Once I did stand up to her and told her that I wasn’t going to live the life she wanted anymore, she left without saying a word to me or you.  I regret everything about that relationship.  However Brandon, I have never ever regretted having you.  You are the best thing that ever happened to me in my life, and I never want you to think otherwise.  I just regret that you were conceived in sin by a prostitute and a spineless rich kid.”
Brandon smiled and said, “There are worse things in life than being a bastard son of a prostitute, Dad.”
Roscoe replied, “Yes, you could have been the child of a politician.”
The two of them shared a good laugh, and then Brandon stood up.
“The situation is not entirely hopeless, Dad,” Brandon said.  “Zaki said that he, Chell, and Roberts are going to rescue everyone who is trapped here and they are going to kill GLaDOS.  I personally want to be there to help them carry it out.  I want to save Chelsea, too.  I just hope that that bitch doesn’t kill her before we can get to her.”
Roscoe stood up, too.
“GLaDOS isn’t going to kill Chelsea, Brandon,” Roscoe said.  “She is going to do everything she can to keep her alive to carry out her experiments.  It is in her interest to keep Chelsea alive.  We do need to get out of here and help her and everyone else however we can though.”
Brandon turned to leave, but Roscoe grabbed his shoulder.
Roscoe wrapped Brandon in a hug.  
“I missed you, son,” Roscoe said.  “I was so scared when they told me that you had been kidnapped.  I thought I would never see you again.  I’m just really glad you’re alright.”
Brandon hugged him back.
“Same here.  I love you too, Dad.”
Roscoe took the opportunity to give his a loving headlock.
“Dad,” Brandon exclaimed in surprise.  
Roscoe let go and walked forward.
“What are you dawdling around for, city boy?” Roscoe said.  “We’ve got a mission to complete.  Come on!”
Brandon smiled and walked after his Dad.
I love my fan fiction.  I really do!  Ever since I started writing it, so much creativity inside me has come to life that I never knew existed.  I submitted it onto and have received really good feedback so far.
However today, I received feedback that has bothered me more than it probably should.  Someone said on a review of the fourth chapter of my work that I failed to portray GLaDOS's personality and made her seem like a generic antagonist.  I have always tried to portray GLaDOS as well as possible.  I have tried to make her seem like a wickedly intelligent and malevolent AI who is as psychotic and manipulative as hell but also is funny and sympathetic.  I thought I was doing alright. 
Be honest, people.  If you have read my fan fiction, how do you feel about how I have portrayed GLaDOS?  Do I need to make some more changes?  I have already been inspired to add more dialogue to chapter 3, but do I need to do more?  What do you think? 
Leave your replies in the comments below.
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