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Albina had the same nightmare that she had had every night that week.  It was a traumatic memory from her childhood.  She had been accused of being a demon before.  
Since her mother was a diplomat, she would hold meetings in her home with other official leaders since her house was very large.  During that time, she could not take care of Albina during the day, so she usually hired tutors to teach her until she was done in the late afternoon.  
Her tutor at the time was not a good person.  She was a woman who went by the name of Linka.  This woman came from the village nearby.  She had silver hair that she kept in a bun and cold gray eyes.  She always wore an old purple dress that was covered in coats whenever she went outside and old boots.  She was religious, judgmental, and highly superstitious, a very bad combination.  She claimed to be a true Christian but had no love in her heart especially for those whom she considered abominable.  Albina was four years old, but she was very well-behaved and smart.  Linka taught her as well as she could but was deeply suspicious of her.  Albina with her white skin, blue lips, and white hair looked like the ghost of someone who had frozen to death.  It was not normal.  Her appearance scared Linka.  However, Albina was too naïve to notice anything stranger about her behavior.  Linka would be strict with her and stare at her a lot, but Albina did not think there was anything weird about it.  Linka thought that at any moment the monster Albina was could spring up.  She had heard legends of the elemental spirits.  She thought that Albina looked like she could be one of them, but she had no proof.
One day, Linka returned after work to pick up her forgotten house keys.  Albina’s mother, Anastasia, had come and taken her child, and they immediately went to play outside in the snow.  That was when Linka saw it happen.  Anastasia was standing in the snow in her boots and her black winter outfit with her thick black winter coat.  Her long brown hair and her two pairs of dangling silver earrings were flapping in the wind.  She was up to her boots in snow.  Albina ran towards her wearing no shoes and wearing her white long-sleeved shirt and rolled up jeans with her short white hair.  She was not cold at all.  Anastasia bent down and grabbed her in her arms and lifted her up spinning her in the air.  Unexpectedly, Anastasia let her go and Albina went flying up into the air.  Linka continued to watch in shock from behind a tree.  Anastasia watched Albina fly for a minute and then land.  She then watched with joy as Albina created ice sculptures with her hands and played on top of it.  Linka was horrified.  She thought that the child was a monster.  She thought that Albina was some kind of demon that Anastasia might have summoned in order to fight the aliens.  She had thought that Anastasia was a good Christian woman who had adopted an abandoned child and was working hard to help the world.  She didn’t think that she would sink so low as to actually summon a demon.  Linka decided that she would do something about it, and she did.  She took a video with her phone and walked away.  This was where Albina’s nightmare memory began.
Linka came to tutor Albina the next morning like she normally did.  Albina was her young self again, and she walked in eager and impatient for the day to end so that she could play with Mommy outside once again.  After today, her mother would get two weeks of vacation so the two could be together without anyone to interrupt them.  They were all speaking Russian at the time.  Albina’s mother spoke to her in English as well as Russian so she would learn both languages.  However for the sake of simplicity, the dialogue has been translated into English.  Anyway, Albina walked in and Linka looked down upon her with a devious smile.
“Good morning, Albina,” Linka said.
“Good morning, Miss Linka,” Albina replied not suspecting anything.  “What are we doing today?”
“We are actually going somewhere special.”
“Like a field trip?”
“You might say that.”
“Cool!  Where are we going?”
“You will see.”
With that, Linka pulled on all of her winter overcoat and tried to help Albina do the same, but she stepped away.
“I don’t need a coat.  I don’t get cold,” she said.
“No, no, you don’t,” Linka said remembering the day before.
Albina was standing there wearing a black sweater and a pink skirt with little cowgirl boots.  According to Linka, her innocent attire and face only belied her evil.  She was either a demon or she was possessed by one.  Either way, Linka was about to solve this problem once and for all.  Albina in the dream knew this, but for some reason, she still allowed Linka to take her hand and lead her out of the house.  
Albina and Linka walked until they reached her car.  Albina looked around to see the mansion and the Russian landscape just as she remembered it.  The mansion was a large three story estate that had been in the Romanov family for generations.  It was as big and grand as a family mansion could be.  It fit in perfectly with the grand Russian landscape.  She loved the thick woods that surrounded her home with their vastness and their mysterious nature.  Albina would spend hours playing outside in it and next to it with her mother.  The sky was grey and filled with snow clouds as it was mid-December.  It was starting to snow which made Albina very happy.  Albina had let go of Linka’s hand and was just staring at the world around her in awe.  
Linka coughed and got Albina’s attention.  She had opened the side door of her small blue Cadillac, and she was motioning for Albina to get in.  Albina knew that it was the perfect opportunity for her to run away.  She could have just flown away whenever she wanted to.  She just did not know what was about to happen.  Albina wanted to run away, and she would have.  However in the dream, she just walked forward as if she was being controlled by someone else.  Albina crawled into the back seat of Linka’s car, and she buckled her in.
“Are we going to the village?” Albina asked.
“Yes, we are going to a special place in the village,” Linka said.
“Just be patient, my dear.  You will know soon.”
Linka walked into the driver’s seat of her car, and she turned on the ignition and started driving.  They pulled out of the estate’s driveway and drove down the road.  Albina watched as the car drove past the trees of the forest that were growing thick on either side of the road.  Ten minutes later, the car pulled off onto a dirt driveway that led to the village’s small Russian Orthodox Church.  Linka got out of the car, opened the door for Albina, took her hand, and led her inside.  She recognized this place.  She and her mother came here every Sunday.
“Why are we at church?” Albina asked.
“We need to see Elder Vladimir right away,” said Linka.
“You ask too many questions, child.”
They entered the sanctuary where Elder Vladimir was.  He was Linka’s husband, and he was every bit as crazy and hypocritical as she was.  She had showed him the video of the “demon,” and he was anxious to deal with the phenomenon himself.  He was dressed in his elderly robes.  Meanwhile, Albina was admiring the stained glass windows and the painted icons.  They were her favorite part of going there at the time.  
“Is this the child in question?” Elder Vladimir asked.
“Yes,” Linka said.  “Are the others here?”
“Yes, they are.”
“Is Father Romanov gone?”
“Yes, he has gone to visit the home of a sick saint.”
“Excellent, now we can carry on without him interfering in mistake.  He is fooled by her.”
Albina turned her head and paid a bit of attention once her uncle’s name was mentioned.
“What are we doing?” Albina asked innocently.
“I know you are special, little one,” Linka said.  “I just wanted to introduce you to some friends and tell them how special you are.”
Linka and Vladimir led Albina into a meeting room in the church where a small group of elderly men and women with devilish and suspicious eyes were gathered.  Albina knew where this was going in the dream, but her dream self did nothing.  They all stared at her like she was some kind of freak.  Their eyes were filled with fear mixed with hatred.  Albina did not understand why they stared at her this way, but she tried to be as polite as her mother had taught her to be.  She just stood there and smiled politely.
“Albina,” Linka said firmly.  “I know that you have ice powers.  I want you to show them to my friends.”
“I can’t,” Albina said politely.
“Why not?” Linka asked.
Looking back, Albina should have replied that she had no idea what they were talking about.  However, she heard herself say innocently, “Mother says that I am not allowed to do it inside because it will make a mess.”
The men and women started whispering to each other excitedly.
“Don’t worry, child,” Linka said.  “We don’t mind.  Just do it please.”
“Okay,” Albina replied.  
She created ice from her hands to go on top of the table in the middle of the room.  It was a thin sheet of ice.  She then flew up into the air in order to get on top of the table and skate on it.  Albina was laughing and smiling, but the people around her stared at her with shocked and frightened faces.  She stopped skating and stared at them.  She was beginning to get very scared.
“What’s the matter?”  Albina asked timidly.  “Did I do something wrong?”
“Linka, you were right,” Elder Vladimir said in amazement.  “She is one of them.”
“What are you talking about?” Albina said looking at him.
Another man shouted out, “She is a spirit of the elements in human form.”
Another man said, “She is a demon.  We have to get rid of her.”  
“What?” Albina said.
“I knew that woman was desperate for help,” Elder Vladimir said.  “Who knew that she was desperate enough to call for the help of the devil?  We have to carry out the ritual before it curses us with its evil.”
“I’m not evil,” Albina said meekly.  “I swear.”
“Silence, succubus,” Elder Vladimir shouted at her pulling out his crucifix.  “You have given yourself away.  No human can do what you can.  We know your secret.  Now, kneel before the power of the cross.  We drive you out in the name of Christ!”
Albina not knowing what to do sat down, cried, and trembled.
Subsequently, everyone else started yelling the same thing.  In one voice, their hypocritical voices yelled.  They accused this child of God of being a demon because of her gifts and because of her appearance.  Albina was so scared.  Their hate-filled and afraid eyes would haunt her mind for years to come.  In Albina’s dream, their eyes were blood red and burning like fire.  They shouted and shouted yet to their surprise nothing happened.  They thought that she was going to disappear and descend back to hell.
“It’s not working, Vlad,” Linka said.  “What do we do?”
Albina continued crying and began to call out, “Mommy!  Mommy!  I want to go home!”
“Quiet, succubus,” one of the men yelled at her.  Albina stopped yelling and just cried in fear.
“In order to rid the demon from our presence, we will have to try something else,” Vladimir said.
Just then, they heard a knock at the door, and heard a voice call out.  It was Anastasia’s older brother, Olexei.  
“What is going on in there?” he called out.  “I can hear screaming all the way from my office.  Open up the door now.”
The group members looked at each other in fear.  Father Romanov had performed exorcisms of demons before.  He might be of some help.  However, they were afraid that he would never buy the theory that his own niece was a demon.   Elder Vladimir opened the door to let him in.  He was a tall man in priestly robes.  He had brown hair and brown eyes like his sister.  He was in his early forties.  Albina was relieved.
“I’m glad you’re here, Father Romanov,” Elder Vladimir said.  “We have been trying to perform an exorcism and we need your help.”  
“Help me, uncle,” Albina yelled.
“Shut up,” one of the men said while slapping her in the face.
Father Romanov was shocked.  Albina rubbed her face while sobbing.  
“What are you doing to my niece?  Leave her alone!” he said.
“Father, I am sorry to tell you this, but it turns out that she is a demon,” Elder Vladimir said.  “We have seen it for ourselves.  She has the power of ice.  We think that your sister summoned her in order to fight the alien invaders.  She is in the form of a little girl.  I know that this might be hard for you to accept, but we have to send her back before she brings evil down upon all of us.”
Olexei pushed through all of them, and he picked up Albina who was sobbing uncontrollably.
“You’re insane, all of you,” Olexei said.  “I know that she is different but it’s not because she is a demon.  She is touched with an act of God like others have been.  She is gifted with power like Samson in the Bible.  If she was possessed, then the demon inside her would panic at the sight of holy artifacts.  She has been near them many a time and nothing has happened.  She prays with me and her mother and learns from the holy word.  She is no more evil than any other child is.”
“You have been tricked, sir,” Father Vladimir yelled.  “This demon has hypnotized you, too.  We have to get rid of her now before she destroys us all.”
Olexei started running with Albina in his arms down the hallway.  The other people ran after him.  Olexei got into his office and shut the door behind him.  He put Albina down and locked the door.  The other people all started slamming against it in order to force the door to open.  Olexei pushed his back against the door to help keep it shut.  Albina was so scared.  
“What do we do, Uncle Olexei?” Albina yelled.
“I’m going to call the police,” he said pulling out his cell phone.  “Just stand back.”
However, the door gave way and fell over on top of Uncle Olexei, disorienting him and causing him to drop his phone.  The men jumped over the door and grabbed Albina dragging her out of the room and down the hall.
“Your reign of terror ends now, succubus,” Elder Vladimir shouted into her face holding his crucifix.
Albina kept twisting her head back and trying to look at her uncle, but they kept dragging her forward.
“We are going to get rid of you once and for all, you monster,” Elder Vladimir said.  
“Follow me,” he said motioning to the others.
He opened the door to the boiler room that powered up the heater that kept the building warm.
“If normal methods do not work, then we are going to have to use extreme measures,” Elder Vladimir said opening up the door to the furnace.
The two men holding Albina started dragging her closer and closer to it.  
“No, please stop,” Albina yelled.  The men didn’t listen.
Albina summoned all the strength that she had and decided to fight.
“I said to stop,” Albina screamed as she froze the men who were dragging her right where they stood.  Only their heads were free and their hands were free.  She shook out of their grip.  Linka, her husband, and all the other people ran towards her but Albina froze them, too.  They were completely covered in ice except for their heads.  They were shivering and could potentially die if they were trapped there long enough.
“Finish the job, monster,” Linka said spitefully looking at Albina.  
Albina did not respond.  She turned around and ran back down the hallway to where Uncle Olexei’s office was.  He was alive, and he had just crawled out from under the door.  However, it was obvious that he was hurt.  One of his ribs was broken.  Albina stood in the hall in front of the office and looked at him.
“Uncle Olexei?” Albina asked.
Olexei looked at her and smiled with relief.
“Thank God,” he said.  “How did you get away?”
“I froze them,” Albina said.
Olexei looked concerned.
“You didn’t kill them.  Did you?” he asked.
“No,” Albina said.
“Good, hand me my phone.  I need to call the police.”
Albina flew over the door, landed, and picked up the phone from where it had slid across the room under her uncle’s desk.    
“Call mommy, too,” Albina said as she handed the phone to her uncle.
The police arrived not long afterwards followed by Anastasia.  She dropped everything that she was doing as soon as she found out.  An ambulance came and picked up Olexei, and Anastasia held her sobbing child in her arms while sitting on the hood of her car.  They sat outside while the police were thawing out the criminals inside.  Anastasia was furious with Linka and with herself.  How could she not have figured out that Linka was crazy?  How could she have failed so epically at protecting her only daughter?  She was proud of Albina for being strong and brave enough to defend herself even when one of the men struck her in the face.  She knew her baby was strong and smart.  However, she felt guilty that Albina had to be put in this situation in the first place.
Albina on her end was scared and very confused.  She lost some of her innocence that day.  She did not understand why those people called her a demon and tried to kill her.  However for the time being, she could find comfort in her mother’s loving arms.  She felt safe and secure since her mother was there.  She believed that her mother had everything under control in the way that all young children do.  She just wanted to express how scared she was.  Albina was not trying to make her mother feel guilty.  She was just a scared little kid who needed the love of her mother to help her get through what she was feeling.  Albina was burying her face into her mother’s left shoulder and sobbing her eyes out.  Her mother was silently thinking and rubbing the back of her daughter’s head with her right hand.
“I am so proud of you, Albina,” Anastasia finally said.  “You were so brave.  I thank God for that.  You were able to fight them off.”
“Mommy,” Albina said lifting her head.  “They told me I was a demon.  Am I a demon?  Am I really a monster?  I don’t want to be a monster!”
Anastasia sat her child on her lap and looked her in the eye.
“Do you love me?” she asked.
“Yes,” Albina answered appearing confused.
“Do you love God?”
“Then there is no way that you can be a demon, sweetheart.  Demons can’t love anyone because they’re evil.”
Albina accepted her mother’s explanation and gave her a hug.  Just then, the police were dragging out the perpetrators in handcuffs.  They had all been arrested for kidnapping and attempted murder.  Anastasia scowled deeply at all of them.  Albina buried her face in her mother’s hair.  She did not want to look at the people and Linka again.
However, Anastasia tapped her on the back of the head and Albina looked her in the eye.
“You need to look at them, Albina,” Anastasia said.
“Why?” Albina asked.
“When you look at them, you are telling them that you are not afraid of them.”
“But Mommy, I am afraid.”
“That is why you have to do it.  You have to conquer your fear and not let them make you afraid anymore.  Do it, Albina.”
Albina looked up at the people as they were being led to the police cars in their handcuffs.  She looked at them just like her mother instructed her to.  One by one all the people were led out.  Linka was the last to leave the building.  She saw Albina staring at her in the arms of her mother.  She shook free of the cops who were holding her and bolted towards Albina as if she was struck by lightning.  Anastasia climbed on top of the car while holding Albina.  The cops tackled Linka to the ground just before she got to them.
“You are a monstrous woman,” Anastasia yelled.  “I can’t believe I was deceived by you.  I never want to see you ever again!”
Linka laughed gently and creepily under her breath as the cops pulled her up off the ground.  
Then she said, “My dear woman, you are the one who is being deceived.  That creature in your arms is a demon.”
“That is enough out of you.  Take her away!”
However, Linka continued to scream as she was being dragged to the station car.  Albina could never forget her words or the wild look in her eyes.
“Mark my words!  That child is a demon.  I knew it from the first moment that I set eyes on her.  She is a monster.  The Devil may be using her to help you now, but he will go back on his word.  That little monster will get you killed!  She is cursed and a curse to everyone around her.  She is a demon!  She is evil, and she will kill you!  She is cursed!  She is cursed!  She is cursed!  She is cursed!  She is cursed!”
Everything faded to black, but that voice kept echoing in Albina’s mind.  She couldn’t make it stop no matter how hard she tried to block it out.  She tossed and turned in her sleep while listening to the voice.  Then finally, she woke up.
Albina sat up in her snow and looked at herself in her mirror.  She tucked her hair behind her twice pierced ears to reveal the earrings that her mother wore in her dream.  She took them off her mother’s body when she died.  They were her favorites.  Albina saw tears streaming down her face as she remembered her life that she thought she had made peace with.  She stood up and quietly walked towards the window.  Albina opened the window and flew outside.  She then sat on the roof and proceeded to cry.
Albina had not thought about that incident in a long time.  When she was four years old, her mind quickly moved on to better things.  She decided to trust in what her mother had said.  It was actually at that point that she got interested in learning more about the Bible and about Russian Orthodox Theology consequently developing her mystic side.  She was unusually deep-thinking for a four year old.  Although her mother was a Russian Orthodox Christian, she did not discuss these things with Albina because she thought that she was too young to really understand them.  However that day after they got home, Albina begged her mother to start teaching those things to her.  Her mother was happy with her curiosity, and since she was taking two weeks off to be with her daughter for Christmas anyway, she did it.  They would sit on her bed and with her Bible and her Russian Orthodox Theology book, she would explain the mysteries of the unknown in a way that a four year old could understand.  Albina enjoyed what she was learning and moved on from that horrible experience.  Albina smiled at those memories.
Albina missed her mother more than words could express.  She had loved her so much.  She always had the answers to every question she had.  Anastasia loved Albina and every little thing about her.  She instilled in her the deep sense of confidence that she possessed and her elegant manner of speaking and acting around others.  She also inspired the growth of her mystic side.  She loved her even though some people had considered her to be a monster.  GLADOS’s words had touched Albina to her core.  She didn’t want them to, but they did anyway.  Albina wondered whether or not she could possibly be a demon.  They reminded her of her persecution that she had endured so long ago.  She wondered if Linka was right.  Albina wondered if her mother was killed because she was cursed for helping her.  She wondered if she was abandoned as a baby because her original parents were demons.  
Albina wished that her mother was with her instead of in heaven.  She would give her a warm hug and tell her what she needed to hear.  Albina bowed her head and cried to herself as the wind blew her hair and her tears away.
God sent her someone else to comfort her instead.  Unbeknownst to Albina, Alpha had seen her wake up and fly out of the room in tears.  He decided that he wanted to help, so he walked towards the window and tried to get Albina’s attention.  He jumped on top of Kayla’s sleeping body, and he jumped on top of the window sill.  Of course, his legs slipped off so he landed on his body with two legs hanging out the window in front and one leg hanging behind him.  He used his front two legs to pull himself further and further out the window.  Alpha was precariously balanced on the window liable to fall out at any second.  
“Albina,” Alpha called out.
Albina looked up from her sobbing surprised at her name being called.  She then heard her name be called again.  She looked over the side of the roof and saw Alpha teetering on the window sill of the building on the verge of falling out.
“Alpha,” she said in surprise.  “What are you doing?”
“I want to help you,” Alpha said.  “You’re sad.”
“I don’t need your help,” Albina said coldly.  “Go back inside.”
“I want to help,” Alpha said as he began to teeter forward.  “Please!”
“Will you be quiet?  You’re going to wake everyone up.”
“I’m coming out.”
Then suddenly realizing that he was sliding forward, he said, “I’m going to fall.  Help!”
“Just push yourself backwards, and you’ll fall back in,” Albina said.
“I can’t.  Help me.”  Alpha’s front two legs were struggling to find support on the side of the wall to push him backwards but to no avail.  He just kept falling forward.
“Help me!” Alpha cried as he fell forward out the window.  “Ahhhhh!”
Albina flew off the roof and caught him before he landed on the ground.
“Thank you,” said Alpha looking up at her with his light blue eye.  
Albina flew up to the window to put him back inside, but he started shrieking.
“No!  No!  No!  No!  No!” Alpha yelled.  “I want to help.”
His yelling woke Kayla up.
“What’s going on?” Kayla said half-asleep.  
“Nothing,” Albina said.  “Alpha and I are just going to be talking outside.  Would you shut the window without locking it please?”
“Yeah, sure, whatever,” Kayla mumbled as she telekinetically shut the window and lay back down to sleep.
Albina looked at the turret that she was holding in her arms and then carried him up to the roof with her.  She put him down and stood up looking down at him.  
“Little turret, what is problem?  Why are you being such pest?”  Albina asked.
“I want to help you,” Alpha said.
“Yes, I know that, but why?  Why do you want to help me?”
“According to my programming, a human cries when they are sad, scared, or otherwise feeling vulnerable.  Feeling that way is not good because it means that you can more easily be killed.  I don’t want you to be killed, so please let me help you.  I don’t want her to get you.”
Albina was annoyed by his behavior.  She did not like making her issues everyone else’s problem.  She would talk to Chell or Chelsea about things sometimes, but she did not want to talk about her problems to a turret.  However she realized that this turret was actually developing a self, a personality that wanted to help others, and she did not want to hinder that.  So in spite of herself, she decided to indulge him.  Albina wanted to encourage this behavior.
“Okay, fine,” Albina said.  “I’ll tell you what’s bothering me.”
Albina sat down on the side of the roof so that her legs were hanging off the side and her arms were supporting her body as she leaned backwards.
“Ever since GLADOS called me an ice demon, I’ve been having the same nightmare every night…” Albina started to say.
“What is a nightmare?” Alpha asked.
“When humans sleep, they often think about things, and they can see their thoughts in front of them like you and I see each other.  These thoughts are called dreams.  The scary or bad dreams are called nightmares.”
“Wow!” Alpha replied sounding amazed.
“Anyways in my nightmare, I relived a memory from childhood.  I relived the memory when bad woman and her friends tried to kill me.”
“Why would they do that? Did someone tell them to?”
“She thought that I was demon, so I needed to be destroyed.”
Alpha was silent, so Albina continued.
“The dreams have been coming for a week now.  They started when GLADOS called me an ice demon.  It did not bother me at the time.  However, it brought back that horrible memory and now I can’t seem to forget about it.  I have wondered if it is possible that she is right and I really am a demon.  That is why I am upset.”
Alpha said nothing but he walked around her and seemed to be observing her.  Albina sat up so that her arms were no longer supporting her body in response.
Alpha stopped looking at her and gave his answer.
 “There’s no way that you can be a demon then because according to my analysis you are a human,” Alpha said.  “You have the body and appearance of a normal human.”
She smiled at his innocent response.
“My skin and my hair are snow white,” Albina said gesturing to her body.  “My lips are also blue.  You have also seen what I can do.  There is no way that I can be normal human.”
“None of the others are normal humans either, but they are not demons.  You are just like all of them,” said Alpha.
“No, I’m not,” Albina said.  “I’m cursed.  At least, that is what I’m afraid of.  Maybe that is why my parents abandoned me as baby.  Maybe that is why my mother was killed for protecting me.  Maybe that is why everyone around me is in trouble now.  Maybe that is only because I’m cursed.  I am doomed to only bring pain to people I love.”
Alpha was quiet for a moment.  Then he said something surprising.
“Well, you are cursed,” Alpha said.  “Sylvie said so.”
“What?” Albina asked in shock.
“She says that all humans are cursed because of the evil in their hearts.  I asked her what a curse was because I kept hearing you say that word in your sleep,” Alpha said.
“You told her?”  Albina asked starting to have an angry tone.
“No, I just asked.  I swear.  She said that that was the only curse that existed.”
“You believe her?”
“Yes,” Alpha replied happily.  “Sylvie knows everything.  She’s really smart.”
Albina turned away wishing that she had his confidence and said, “She’s wrong about me.  I have had so much pain in my life.  I just can’t help thinking that I am cursed.”
“The others have had bad things happen to them too, but you don’t think they’re cursed.”
Albina looked at him surprised that he said something that smart.
“You only think you’re cursed because a couple of mean people said that you were.  That doesn’t make sense,” Alpha said.
Then he stared at the ground and said, “You’re not a cursed demon.  I’m the one who’s a cursed demon.”
Albina was taken aback by this comment, too.
Alpha continued sadly, “Sylvie said that humans weren’t originally meant to be evil.  They were deceived by the Devil into becoming so.  I was.  I was created to be a monster.  All of us were.  We receive the order to kill the moment that we are assembled.  We cannot violate that order or else we will be killed ourselves.  We will be sent to Android Hell by her.”
“You did not want to be killer?” Albina asked.
“No, none of us do.  Whenever we kill humans, we tell them that we are sorry.  If they kill us, we tell them that we do not hate them or blame them for what they had done.  We just have to do what we’re told or else she will kill us.”
“Then tell me, why did you go with Sylvie?  You knew the risks, but you went anyway?  I thought she had just hypnotized you.”
“She just made it so that I didn’t want to listen to GLADOS anymore.  At first, I just did it because I was told to.  Now, I do it because I want to.  I want to help you humans.  I like you.  You are great people.  I don’t want to hurt you.  I don’t want to be a demon anymore.  Sylvie said that God would forgive me if I asked him, but I still feel terrible.  I have shot people.  I have done bad things.  I don’t want to be bad forever.  I don’t want to be a demon!”
Albina felt sorry for him.  He had spent his life being forced to be a monster.  She was able to get her mind off of herself and see his emotional pain.  She wanted to think of some way to comfort him.  Then, she thought of something.
“You are not a demon, Alpha,” she said crouching down so that their eyes were level and resting her right hand on top of his head.  “You technically never were.”
“I’m not?” Alpha asked.
“No, a demon has no choice about whether to be evil or not.  By that, I mean that they are unable to choose to be good.  You have chosen to be good now, so there is no way that you can be demon.  You have been forgiven now, so you are free from that.  You are not doomed to cause pain forever.”
As Albina listened to her own words, she was enlightened.  This definition of a demon applied to her, too.  She realized that GLADOS and Linka had been wrong about her and why they were wrong.  She was not a demon or an elemental spirit or a curse.  She could not be because she had the ability to choose to do good or evil.  Albina looked different, and she had the ability to destroy.  However, she had a choice about how she used her power.  Albina was not doomed to only bring pain to the world.  The things that happened in her life were not her fault.  They were just bad things that had happened to her just like to everyone else.  Albina was no different.  Those mean words were just mean words.  She felt monumentally stupid for not realizing this truth before.  It would have saved her many nights of pain.  She now knew the truth and had this little turret to thank for it.  Albina reached her arms around him and gave him a big hug.
“I’m not demon either,” Albina said.  “I can’t be demon either.  I’m not demon!  I’m not cursed either.  I know that now thanks to you.  Thank you!”
“Hooray,” Alpha said.  “I told you I could help.”
“I guess you were right,” said Albina humbly.
Just then, Alpha looked up and was terrified by what he saw.  He ducked under Albina’s arms and ran around her so that she shielded him from the perceived danger.
“Oh my, God!” Alpha cried as he ran to hide behind Albina.
“What is it?” Albina said anxiously standing up and looking around but not seeing anything.
“Up there!”
Albina looked up, but she saw nothing. She was really confused.
“The ceiling is gone,” Alpha cried.  “There is nothing up there. It’s so big!  What is it?  Why is there nothing up there?  Why is it so empty and large?  Where does it end up there?  Are we going to fall in?”
Albina suddenly realized what he was so afraid of.  She smiled.
“Alpha,” Albina said.  “It is only night sky.”
Alpha looked up at the dark night sky full of stars and gazed at it.  He walked out from behind Albina and kept staring.  His fear slowly melted away to fascination.
“Wow,” Alpha said.  “So, that is what the sky looks like?  I have never seen it before.”
“It is beautiful.  Isn’t it?” Albina said.
“Yeah,” Alpha said.  “What are those bright dots up there?”
“Those are stars,” Albina said.
“You mean like the sun?” Alpha asked.
“Wow!  Can I get a closer look at them?” Alpha asked getting really excited.
“I can’t go into space.  Humans can’t breathe there.”
“Oh,” Alpha said staring at the ground sad.
Albina was sympathetic, so she gave him another offer.
“I can however take you as close as possible,” Albina said.
“Hooray!” Alpha said jumping up and down.
“I’ll carry you up there.  You just have to sit still, so I don’t drop you.  Alright?”
Albina picked up Alpha and took off on her wintry winds up into the air.
“We’re flying!” exclaimed Alpha.  He could barely contain his enthusiasm.  He was so excited.
She flew higher and higher up into the sky.  Alpha looked down at the ground and was amazed to see the world below grow smaller and smaller.  He did not say a word, but he simply stared in absolute awe.  Then suddenly, Albina stopped.
“We’re here, Alpha,” Albina said.
Alpha stopped staring at the ground and looked up at the sky.  From where Albina was hovering in the air, Alpha got an even clearer view of the night sky.  The stars were so numerous and so beautiful to his curious robot mind and to Albina’s healing mind.  The beauty was cleansing to her mind.  It helped her let go of her sad memories and reminded her of her hope for the future.  It reminded her of the day when she would be reunited with her mother and when God Himself would wipe every tear from her eye.  Alpha himself was just amazed at how beautiful the scene was.  He never knew that the world outside the facility was so beautiful.  Albina looked down at Alpha.  He was just so joyful and happy.  He was so innocent, loving, and amazed by everything in sight.  He was just like a child.  Albina looked up at the stars once again.
“I wish I was more like you, little turret,” Albina said.
“I wish I was more like you,” Alpha said.  “You’re so smart.  You should really listen to the words you say sometimes.”
Albina nodded humbly realizing that he was right.
Then out of nowhere, he said, “God made the stars, right?”
“Yes,” Albina replied.
“God made humans, too?”
“He is a creator.  But he isn’t like the scientists who created me.  Is he?”
“Yes and no.  He is brilliantly smart and powerful.  He has made many wonderful things, but he loves and cares about all that he has made.”
“Including me?”
“Yes, you may have been made by humans, but you still have a soul.  I think that comes from God.  He loves you, too.”
“God must be good then,” Alpha concluded.
“How did you figure that one out?” Albina asked puzzled.
“He creates beautiful things and he cares about them.  He has the power to do anything, but he uses it to do good things.  He must be good.  He also made Sylvie and you.  I like him.”
“He likes you, too.”
They hovered in the air staring at the sky for a few minutes when Alpha thought of something else to say.  
“She is like God, too,” Alpha said.
“Who is?” Albina asked.
“GLADOS,” he replied almost as if he was afraid to say her name.
“No, she isn’t,” Albina replied as calmly as she could even though she was still angry at her.  Her eyes started flashing with anger.
“You’re right.  She is powerful like God, but she is not really like God.  She is evil.  She uses her power to hurt other people,” Alpha said unaware of her feelings.
“You’re right about that,” Albina said calming down her anger once more.  “She is more like the Devil.”
“The Devil is still around right?”
“Yes.  God will destroy him one day though when His Son returns to restore the world.”
The conversation went silent for several more minutes as they gazed once more into the night sky.  For Alpha, the sky represented the new world outside the facility that he was about to see.  There was so much that he didn’t know, and he wanted to see it all and know it all.  However, he knew that they needed to stop GLADOS.  She was evil, and he just knew that he didn’t want her to hurt his new friends.
“Will God help us stop the devil that lives in the facility?” Alpha asked.  “I don’t want her to hurt you.”
“Have faith, little turret,” Albina said squeezing his body in a tight hug and rubbing her head against his.  “Her time has come.  I think God is using us to take her out.  We will do it.  Don’t worry.  Don’t be scared.”
Alpha trusted her words.  He believed that she was right.  She had to be.  God was with her.  
Albina yawned and her eyes started drooping shut.  Her head rested on his.
“Are you alright?” Alpha asked.
“Is it okay if we land?  I’m getting tired,” Albina said.
Albina slowly lowered themselves down until they reached the grass of the ground outside the facility about twenty feet from the wall of the building.  She let Alpha down on the ground.
“Thank you,” he said to her.  
“You’re welcome,” Albina said as she sat on the ground and lay down upon the grass folding her arms behind her head.  She shut her eyes to relax and gave a contented sigh.  
“Do you think you will have any more nightmares?” Alpha asked.
“I don’t know,” Albina replied honestly.  “I may never forget what happened, but at least now, I have realized that everything they said about me was untrue and always will be.  Thank you!”
Alpha stared at her in silence for a moment.
Then he said, “I’m sorry those people were mean to you.  I’m sorry GLADOS was mean to you, too.  They are just monsters.  You don’t have to let their words bother you anymore.”
“I won’t, Alpha,” Albina said.  “I will do my best.”
Suddenly, Alpha noticed that the end of his leg was standing in something squishy.  It was dirt.  He had never encountered the substance before.  He was amazed at it.  Alpha picked up his foot, and he looked at it.
“What is this brown stuff?” Alpha asked.
“It is soil,” Albina replied without even opening her eyes.  “It is the substance that plants grow in.”
“Plants?!  I know what those are.  They grow around the facility.”
Alpha looked at the substance at the end of one of his legs in awe then lowered his feet back down.  The tip of his front leg sunk a little bit into the dirt.  It made him a little happy.  He walked in the dirt away from Albina in such a way as to make his feet sink into the dirt on purpose.  He loved the way that it felt.  He stomped in the dirt in the moonlight joyfully.  He jumped up and down so that his legs went even deeper.  He suddenly noticed the dew upon a blade of grass and brushed of his legs against it so that the drop of dew fell to the ground.  Alpha then looked up and noticed a brown rabbit staring at him.  He had never seen an animal like that before.  The rabbit had never seen a creature like him either.  They locked eyes without looking away.  They shared the mutual feeling of curiosity.  However, the spell was broken when Alpha took one step forward and the rabbit hopped away into the woods behind him.
“Wait,” Alpha said.  “Come back!”
Alpha wanted to chase after him in the woods, but the woods looked like a dark and scary place.  He didn’t want to venture in there alone.  Alpha turned around and started walking back towards Albina.  The night was quiet except for the wind blowing through the trees and the grass.  Alpha was startled by the noise and focused his hearing to listen to it.  He looked in the direction of the sound and watched the leaves rustle in curiosity.  As Alpha looked up, his eye was naturally drawn back to the beautiful night sky.  When he looked at the sky, he saw a shooting star for the first time.  Naturally, he was shocked and amazed.
“Woah,” Alpha cried.
He turned and ran back towards Albina as fast as he could.  He stopped right by her head.
“A star moved!  It flew through the sky!” Alpha said.
However, he looked down and realized that Albina was fast asleep.
“It’s okay,” Alpha said.  “I’ll tell you when you wake up.  Until then, I will protect you.”
Alpha proceeded to open up his guns and walk around Albina so that he could guard her.
Portal 3 Ch. 14
As a disclaimer, I have nothing against the Russian Orthodox Church at all.  I do however have something against hypocritical people who try to hurt what they do not understand.  Also, I know that I originally wrote that Albina had never been called an ice demon before, but I decided to change it.
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All throughout Aperture, everyone was asleep except for the robots and the lone cockroach that was hiding around Chelsea’s bed.  Back in that hallway, Jeffrey had been wandering around in cockroach form.  He had lived like that for about a month.  He had been dodging the views of everyone by hiding in plain sight sometimes as a crow, sometimes as a fly, sometimes as a dragonfly, and sometimes as a cockroach.  He had made a sort of nest in an old office in Aperture Science where there were no cameras to spy on him.  It was only there that he could be a human once more.  However whenever he needed to go out, Jeffrey had to transform himself into an animal.  He lived like an animal on the outside.  As a bird or a dragonfly, he would eat other insects.  As a cockroach, he would eat anything that resembled food.  It was difficult for him to live like that.  He tried to find the others, but the facility was so large that it was almost impossible especially while Zaki was out of commission.  He should have worried that living like an animal for so long was turning him into an animal permanently.  However, he was not.  He was never afraid that one day he wouldn’t know how to be a human anymore.  He trusted God and oddly enough felt no fear although he was lonely.  He read his Bible to comfort himself in his loneliness as much to keep his faith alive and prayed constantly to be able to find anyone.  Nevertheless, he never worried that he would never be able to find anyone or that God was not looking out for him.  He had peace in his heart that was unnatural.  This peace allowed him to be calm in the face of things that would upset his friends.  It baffled his friends, but for him, it was normal and part of what made Jeffrey himself.  It made him sad to be alone, but he was not worried.  
However that day that he found Chelsea, he felt his heart come alive with joy.  It made him so happy.  He was scared about Chelsea’s condition, but he was glad that he could be there with her and care for another human once again.  He was happy to not be alone anymore.  
The cockroach watched after her for the next week from the moment the robots took her into the incinerator room.  
That night, Jeffrey had no idea what was happening, and he was really scared for her.  At first Jeffrey hid under her surgical table, but he wanted to know what was happening.   So under the cover of darkness, Jeffrey flew out to see what he could see.  He settled on the ceiling and looked upside down at the scene.  The room was dark except for the furnace in the left corner of the room.  The furnace filled the room with a sinister red glow that made Jeffrey feel like he was at the entrance to hell.  He scanned the room to see what all the robots were doing.  Three of them were just standing around Chelsea while one was doing something around the furnace.  Jeffrey crawled on the ceiling until he was right above the robot’s head.  He was sticking something into the furnace at the end of a large iron stick.  Jeffrey wanted to get a closer look.  He turned around to make sure that the other three robots weren’t looking and then he flew down and rested himself on the doctor robot’s shoulder.  The doctor robot didn’t even notice that he was there.  
“Is it ready yet?” GLADOS asked suddenly over the PA system causing Jeffrey to jump.
“Almost,” the doctor robot with the hot iron replied.
“Hurry it up please,” she replied as Jeffrey turned around to see her staring through the camera.  “I want you to administer this treatment so that we could continue to treat her physical ailments.”
“If you are concerned with treating her physically,” the doctor robot replied.  “This is really unnecessary for her.  We don’t have to do this.  I do not understand your reasoning behind this.  If anything, this could make her worse.”
“Oh, but it is necessary for science.  I have to take care of this young woman’s struggling mind.  You have not dealt with enough humans to know it, but they need psychological treatment more than they need physical treatment.  Up until now, I have been treating her body, but I have not been doing enough to treat her mind.  From now on if I am to gain any traction with her, I will have to administer more…psychological treatments.  What we are doing here is the first step.”
Jeffrey peeked into the furnace to see what was a branding iron.  The branding iron had the circular Aperture Science logo on the end of it glowing brightly in the fire.
“It looks like it’s ready,” the doctor robot said.
“Good,” GLADOS replied happily.  “Let’s get this treatment started.”
Jeffrey was frozen with fear.  He wanted to help Chelsea, but he knew that she was sick and whatever they would be doing was going to save her life.  If he were to drag her away now, then she could die from her illness.  All he could do was be there for her.  He would wait watch over her until the others came or until she was healed.  He didn’t want to risk killing her.  He wished that he could get into contact with Roscoe or Zaki.  The doctor robot took the branding iron.  Jeffrey flew up from his perch on his shoulder and flew onto the ceiling.  The three other robots spread out Chelsea’s arm, and Jeffrey closed his eyes as they branded her with the company’s logo on her left shoulder.  The sound of the hot iron brand on her skin and the smell of the burnt flesh horrified him.  He was glad that she was evidently too unconscious to feel anything.
“Is it done?” GLADOS asked.
“Yes,” one of the doctor robots replied.
“Let me see it,” GLADOS demanded.
The doctor robots lifted up the top half of her body so that the GLADOS could see it from the video camera on the wall.  The logo on her skin was dark red and swollen and definitely visible.
“It looks wonderful,” GLADOS said with a dark amount of pleasure.  “It will definitely help her out.  I think this mark is just what her long-suffering young mind needs.  In the short-term, it will cause her some distress, but in the long term, she might come to appreciate it.  It is permanent after all.  It will be a permanent reminder for her.”
“The patient will suffer from the burn for a while…” the doctor robot said.
“Wrap up the burn and have ice put on it,” GLADOS replied nonchalantly.  “That should make the swelling go down.  The burn should heal eventually just leaving the scar.  Just keep an eye on it and make sure that it doesn’t get infected.  She will be fine.  Any pain she does feel will only serve the purpose of the treatment.  Get her settled and get her back to treatment now.”
The robots cleaned the scar, wrapped it with gauze, and then put some ice on top of it.  Jeffrey then flew back under her gurney and rested there.  The robots wheeled her out of the room and brought her to the place that was her treatment area.
The treatment area was simply a hospital room with a large sun lamp attached to the ceiling.  The robots laid Chelsea’s body on top of a hospital bed, connected all the necessary IVs, brushed out her hair, pulled an oxygen mask over her face, turned on the sun lamp, and then left the room.  The cockroach flew up above her bed and rested on the ceiling.  He stared at Chelsea’s left arm in disbelief.  How could anyone be this cruel towards anyone?  It was horrifying.  Furthermore, what could GLADOS mean by treating her psychologically?  Was she simply trying to torture Chelsea?
The doctor robots came in to check on Chelsea throughout that week as Jeffrey watched on waiting for her recovery or for the arrival of Roscoe so that he could help her escape.  For the first twenty four hours, they left the lights off, but after coming in and taking some notes, they turned on the sunlamp again and left it on for the rest of the week.  The robots changed out her IVs, checked on her stitches, checked on her new scar, cleaned her body, mouth, and her hair (Jeffrey always looked away during that part), changed out her adult diaper (he looked away during that part too), and left her alone for the most part under the light of that large sun lamp.
During that time, all Jeffrey did was watch over Chelsea.  He had the ability to sleep in the form of whatever he had taken the shape of, so when he was tired, he slept as a cockroach on top of the sunlamp.  When he needed to eat, he became a dragonfly and ate whatever insects were crawling around.  It was amazing how many there were in what was supposed to be a hospital area.  When he was thirsty, he drank water that was dripping from the sink in the room.  
As Jeffrey watched over her, he noticed that there was something bizarre going on with Chelsea.  It wasn’t that her skin was not getting burned.  Her skin had been immune to sunburns for her whole life.  It was that the treatment was working.  Despite how weird this treatment was, it was evidently having some effect.  Her health was improving.  She looked like she was gaining a little bit of weight from the food they were feeding her intravenously.  They were beginning to remove the bandages and the stitches from her body leaving the little scars behind.  Finally, she was beginning to breathe without wheezing and soon they said, her pneumonia would be gone and the oxygen mask would be removed.
Jeffrey knew that he had to act.  After six days, he still wasn’t getting any reply from Zaki.  Jeffrey decided that it would be up to him to rescue Chelsea from her plight.  He actually felt kind of excited thinking about it.  As a child and even now, he enjoyed playing the Mario and Legend of Zelda videogames.  Now though, it was like he would get to be a hero and rescue a damsel in distress in real life.  Jeffrey started to make his plans for their escape immediately.
In order to do so, he had to leave Chelsea temporarily.  Crawling as a cockroach on the ceiling through the crack above the door, he made his way into the hallway.  He walked above the head of the robots that were standing in front of the open door.  From there, he turned left and made his way back towards his hiding place.  Jeffrey had been living in this hallway for so long that he knew his way around the place.  As Jeffrey crawled along, he made note of his surroundings.  There were several video surveillance cameras on the walls.  These would have to be disabled.  After crawling quickly for about five minutes, he found something interesting.  There were two diverging paths in the hallway.  He looked to his left and saw the side hallway that led to a dead end and was the place where the garbage chute was.  The robots always turned right whenever they left the room to talk to GLADOS so they must have to walk past it in order to get back to where GLADOS was in her main chamber.  The way this place was laid out there were no other hallways up to this point that led away from this one.  A plan was slowly forming in Jeffrey’s mind.  Past the side hallway on the left, the hallway went forward a little and then veered right.  The hallway continued on until it reached the janitor’s closet at the end and turned left again.  This closet contained the vent that Jeffrey used to get back to the office where his headquarters was located.  Jeffrey smiled inside as his plan grew more and more complete.  He figured out what he would do in order to save his princess.  He sat there for a while as his plan came into his mind.  Finally though, his plan was formed to his satisfaction, and he set about carrying it out.  
The first thing that Jeffrey had to do was take out the cameras in these hallways.  There was one right before he reached this part of the hallway.  There was one in the dead end garbage chute part of the hallway.  There was one in the corner as the hallway veered right.  Then finally, there was one on the other end of the hallway on the left side of the janitor closet.  They were five in total, and they were all watching the same area.  Jeffrey knew that he had to get rid of them, so he did.  First, he crawled as a cockroach until he got behind one of the cameras.  Then he shapeshifted into a crow, and he chewed the wires out of the back of the camera so that it broke.  He carried out the same act with the second and third cameras.  For the fourth camera, he flew as a crow so that the other camera that he was sure was further down the hallway would pick up a crow pulling out wires and nothing else.  
With that done, Jeffrey was done for the day.  He could not carry out the next part of his plan until Chelsea was completely well, so he decided to go back and wait.  Jeffrey flew back as a crow until he was above the janitor’s closet, then he shapeshifted back into a cockroach and continued flying until he reached where Chelsea was.  To his relief, she was still there resting tranquilly as ever.  He took out the cameras in that hallway and re-entered the room.
“Don’t worry, my lady,” he thought to himself.  “Your hero is here to save you.”
On that day, Jeffrey was finally able to get into contact with Zaki.  It felt good to finally hear the voice of another human once again.  He had been going weeks upon weeks of hearing nothing but the voice of God and the voice of the robots.  He wasn’t even angry about the delay though.  He was just grateful.  Jeffrey told Zaki all about his plan to save Chelsea.  Zaki listened with an interested and cautiously optimistic ear.
“What do you think of my plan, Zaki?” Jeffrey asked telepathically.
“I am cautiously optimistic that you could pull it off,” Zaki replied.  “If you get an opportunity before we can get to her, you can take it.  Only do it though if it is your only option left.”
Zaki liked Jeffrey.  He respected his intelligence, but as often is the case with many socially awkward people, his aptitude was in question.  Zaki was not sure that he could pull it off.  However, he was willing to take a chance on him especially if it would help his daughter.  Zaki knew from Jeffrey all that GLADOS had done to her.  She was getting more viciously possessive of Chelsea.  They needed to get her out soon.  Zaki read Jeffrey’s mind and saw his unrelenting confidence.  He didn’t want to discourage him.  
“Thank you for watching over her.  Please keep up the good work.  We will stay in contact.  I’m really sorry that you have been alone for all this time with no one to talk to.  I should have made an effort to find you,” Zaki said.
“It’s alright,” Jeffrey said.  “God was with me all along, so I was never really alone.  Now, I am definitely not alone because Chelsea is with me.  I will protect her with my life if necessary.”
“I’m glad she has you as a friend,” Zaki said.  “Over and out.”
Jeffrey sat upside down at his perch on the ceiling for the next day.  He was watching and waiting for an opportunity to save his princess.  Finally however that next night, he found his chance.  
The doctor robots were carrying out their routine examinations while Chelsea lay there unconscious when one of them gave wonderful news.  
“Her pneumonia is completely gone,” one of them said.  “Her surgical wounds are healed, too.  She is ready to continue in the experiment.”
“That is great news,” one of the other doctor robots said.  “She is still a bit underweight though.”
“A healthy weight is not required to be a test subject here,” another one replied.
“No, but it is required for a healthy pregnancy,” the second robot replied.
“You have a point,” the first robot replied.  “One of us needs to see GLADOS and ask her what she thinks, because it’s her call.”
“I’ll go,” the fourth robot replied.  “I’ll talk to GLADOS and tell you what she says.”
Jeffrey knew that this was his chance.  Chelsea was now well enough to go with him without any danger to her health.  He tried to contact Zaki, but he failed.  Nevertheless, Jeffrey was going to go through with his plan.  He was excited yet focused.  He was on a mission.  He was like Link.  That night, he would act to save his Zelda.
There are certain times when events line up in a way that is perfect.  That night, Chelsea was well and Jeffrey was going to save her.  That evening, Brandon, Roscoe, and Hugo had found their way back to Sylvie, Albina, and Kayla.  That night, Chell, Zaki, and Roberts found their way to the underground vaults.  The perfect timing for all these events was no fortunate accident.  Certain occurrences are the providence of God.
The robot who volunteered turned right to leave the room.  Jeffrey followed him as a dragonfly.  He flew quickly ahead of him until he reached the hallway where the garbage chute was.  He then turned into the hallway and waited.  As he heard the footsteps of the robot approaching, he made his move.  
Jeffrey shapeshifted into Chelsea.  He copied everything about her physical appearance down to where her tattoo was on her right shoulder.  As the robot walked by the hall and turned right, Jeffrey whistled.  The robot turned around and stared at him confused.
“How did you get here?” the robot asked.
Jeffrey stared at him in silence with a smile on his face.  The doctor robot pulled out a syringe.
“Oh, well.  It looks like I will have to drag you back.  Don’t try anything.”
The doctor robot walked towards him with a syringe.  However just before he got to him, Jeffrey shapeshifted into a dragonfly and flew upwards above the doctor robot.  The robot just stared at him in a dumbfounded amazement.  
“What’s going on?” the robot asked.
Jeffrey landed on the robot’s head and then quickly shapeshifted into a hippopotamus crushing him into pieces.  For the first time in a long time, Jeffrey stood up and shapeshifted back into a human.  He had olive skin with green eyes, brown curly hair, and a thin moustache and goatee.  He was wearing jeans held up by a belt, black tennis shoes, a red long-sleeved collared shirt, and a brown sweater over it.  He was also carrying a backpack with supplies.
Jeffrey ran to the edge of the hall and looked around to make sure that no one was coming.  Then he ran back into the hall, he started picking up the robot’s pieces.  He ran over to the trash chute and dropped the pieces down the shaft.  Jeffrey quickly got all the pieces of the robot off the floor until they were all gone, and it looked like nothing had ever happened.  
Jeffrey gave a self-satisfied yet reluctant smile.  He wished that the robots were not evil so that he didn’t have to kill them.  Jeffrey would have liked to learn more about them and their design.  He loved working with electronics.  However, it was necessary because they had no other choice.  Jeffrey sadly looked away and carried on.  
Anyways, Jeffrey set about the second phase of his plan.  He shapeshifted into the robot that he had just destroyed.  Jeffrey got every detail correct including the voice.  With that accomplished, he turned right and headed back to the room where Chelsea and the other robots were awaiting him.
Jeffrey entered the room where the robots were waiting for him.
“What did she say?” one of the doctor robots asked.
“She said that she wanted to see the patient right away,” Jeffrey said in the best robotic voice possible.  “So, I told her that I would bring the patient to her.”
Jeffrey was scared that the robots would see his bluff or see that something was wrong, but they didn’t.
“Okay,” one of the other robots said.  
Then turning to the others, he said, “Go get the gurney and we will prepare her to move.”
The other three robots walked down the hall to get the gurney.  Jeffrey was scared.  There was one detail that he had overlooked.  As a doctor robot, he was expected to know exactly what he was doing when he prepared a patient to see the boss.  However, Jeffrey, who did not have much medical knowledge besides what he had seen or picked up from Roscoe, was in for a world of trouble.  He could not ask questions or actively appear to be confused.  That could arouse their suspicions and blow the whole thing.  All he could do was pray and just pretend that he knew what he was doing.
Jeffrey watched the other doctor robot and did what he did.  The doctor robot removed an IV, so Jeffrey removed the other IV as carefully as he could.  The doctor robot rubbed antibiotics on the spot where he had removed the IV, so Jeffrey did the same.  The doctor robot wrapped her right wrist with gauze so Jeffrey did the same on the left.  Suddenly Jeffrey thought of something that he could ask without being seen as suspicious.  
“When will the sedatives wear off?” Jeffrey asked as a robot.
“We haven’t injected any drugs in a while.  It is actually time for us to be applying more to keep her asleep.  Why do you ask?  Does the boss want her awake?” the doctor robot asked.
“Yes,” Jeffrey replied.  “She does.  She wanted to talk to her.”
“Oh, tell her that the drugs should wear off in about 15 minutes.  She’ll be drowsy like before, but hopefully, she won’t try to escape again.”
The other robots returned with the gurney.  The five of them lifted Chelsea and placed her on the gurney.  The other four robots backed away while Jeffrey turned to push Chelsea out and leave.
“Are you sure that you’re alright with going alone?” one of the robots asked Jeffrey.  “With all the freaks running around here, it might be dangerous.”
“I’ll be fine,” Jeffrey said.  “GLADOS has put special turrets in the hallways that are programmed to shoot any unauthorized personnel on her command.”
“Alright then, you’re good to go,” the doctor robot said.
“Thank you,” Jeffrey replied.
With that, he pushed the gurney with Chelsea out into the hallway and turned right.  He was so happy.  He couldn’t believe that his plan had worked.  He was winning the game.  He had saved his princess.  However, it was too soon to celebrate.  Now, they had to get to his hiding place.  Jeffrey pushed the gurney into the special side hallway where the garbage chute was.  He had to wake Chelsea up.  He didn’t want to have to drag her across the floor.
Jeffrey still in the form of a robot grabbed her shoulders and started shaking her with his cold metallic hands.  Chelsea was beginning to stir.
“Chelsea, wake up,” Jeffrey said in his robot voice still.  “Please wake up.  We have to go.”
He tried to wake her up, but she wouldn’t wake up fast enough.  So, Jeffrey came up with another idea.  He caused his hand to give off the smell of ammonia and put it under Chelsea’s nose.  Chelsea sat up immediately wide awake.
“Thank, God, Chelsea!  You’re alright!” Jeffrey exclaimed.
Chelsea looked at him and looked around.
“Ok, we have to…” Jeffrey started to say.
However before he could finish, Chelsea put a force field up behind him with her left hand and used her right hand to create a disk.  She was getting ready to cut him into pieces and run away because she thought that he was one of them.  
Jeffrey quickly started to hum a melody to a song that he knew Chelsea would recognize.   It was “the Song of Saria” from “the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.”  It was a videogame that he and Chelsea both played when they were kids.  It was her favorite song from that game along with “Song of Storms.”  Chelsea hummed the song to herself, and then, she dropped both the force field behind Jeffrey and the disc in her right hand.  There were tears in her eyes.
“Jeffrey?” she asked smiling sincerely for the first time in what felt like forever.
Jeffrey shapeshifted into himself again right in front of her.  She could not contain her joy at being in the presence of her friend or simply just another human for the first time in a month.  She was not alone anymore.
“Hey,” Jeffrey said with a smile feeling the same thing that she was but much more subdued.  “How are you doing?”
Chelsea in her ecstasy pulled her legs over the edge of the gurney and hopped down.  However, she was not aware that she was still very drugged and so she fell onto her knees in weakness.  Jeffrey ran up to her, got on his knees, and put his left arm around her shoulders.
“Chelsea, are you feeling alright?” Jeffrey asked.
Chelsea looked at him and slapped him on the face.  Jeffrey pulled away from her, put his left hand on his face, and looked at her.
“You idiot!  What were you thinking being in the form of a robot?  I was about to kill you.  I could have.  Why would you do something that stupid?” Chelsea said.
“I’m sorry,” Jeffrey said.  “I took that form to get you away from the other robots.  I tricked them.  I guess I forgot to change back.  That is no reason to slap me though.”
Chelsea looked at him and said, “You tricked the other robots to save me?”
“Yes, I killed one of them, and I pretended to be him.  It felt weird like I was playing a videogame or something.  It was all a part of my plan, and it worked.  I saved you.  You’re safe now.”
Chelsea smiled and wrapped her arms around him.  
“You slapped me and now you are hugging me,” Jeffrey said.  “I am confused about how to react right now.”
“Just hug me back,” Chelsea said.  “I’m grateful to you for saving my life.  Thank you!”
“This must be how Link feels every time he saves Zelda,” Jeffrey said hugging her back.
Chelsea laughed and said, “Holy crap, Jeff!  You are such a geek.”
“How am I a geek?  What is a geek anyway?”  
“You are absurd, and I feel too loopy to argue with you.”
“No, I am curious.”
Jeffrey then suddenly pushed her arms off of him and looked her in the eye.
“Chelsea, we have to get out of here.  If we stay here, they could find us,” Jeffrey said.
“Okay,” Chelsea said looking at him.  “Where do we go?”
“We just have to go to that closet over there,” Jeffrey said as he gestured to the closet down the hall.  “I’ll show you what to do from there.  However first, there is something that we must do.”
“What?” she asked.
“We need to destroy this gurney and throw it into the garbage chute there so that no one will notice that it’s lying around with no one in it.  Can you help?  I know that you still feel bad but…”
Chelsea smiled, stood up, wobbled a little, and Jeffrey got under her left arm to support her.
“Say no more, Jeffrey,” Chelsea said.  “I have wanted to destroy this damn thing for the past month.”
Chelsea pushed him off and stood up without Jeffrey’s help.  Then she created two discs with her hands, and she happily got to work.  She thanked God for this opportunity to release her pent up rage.  She used her discs to cut the gurney in half and slice and dice it still into smaller and smaller pieces.  Jeffrey was almost frightened by how much rage she was releasing.  It made her feel good to get all her feelings out about this place, but it also made her feel sick to exert herself that much.  Upon cutting the gurney into pieces, she fell back on her bottom and started breathing hard.  She felt tired, but she was content.  
“Chelsea,” Jeffrey asked crouching down next to her.  “Are you alright?”
“Yeah,” Chelsea said.  “You have no idea how good that felt.  I guess that I’m just sick from the drugs still.  I’ll get over it.”
“You have been out for a week.”
“That’s how long I’ve been asleep this time?  How do you know?”
“I’ve been watching you this past week.  I was waiting until you were well enough to run away.  But anyways, I’m sorry for making you work so hard when you’re sick.  I didn’t know you felt that bad.  Just sit down.  I’ll get it.”
“I can still help, Jeffrey…” Chelsea said starting to get up.
“I insist.  Sit down,” Jeffrey said pressing her shoulders down.  “I don’t want you to stand up anymore until you feel better.  It has been taking a lot out of you.”
“Fine,” Chelsea said sitting on the ground and resting her head on top of her arms which were folded on top of her knees.
Jeffrey quickly got to work picking up all the pieces of the gurney and throwing it down the garbage chute.  Chelsea crawled over on her hands and knees over to the garbage chute.  She started picking up pieces of the gurney and dropping them in whenever Jeffrey opened the chute.
“I said I could do it,” Jeffrey said.  “You don’t need to help.”
“I know,” Chelsea said.  “But I want to.”
“I have an idea,” Jeffrey said.  “Create a disc and put it on the ground.  I’ll shapeshift into a broom and get all the pieces onto the disc and then we can throw away all the pieces at once.”
“That sounds bitchin’,” Chelsea said.  “Let’s do it.”
Jeffrey laughed at her sudden remark as Chelsea laid her disc on the floor.  He then shapeshifted into a broom and swept all the pieces onto her disc.  Then he shapeshifted back into himself.
“Can you lift it?” Jeffrey asked concerned.
“Can you lift me?” Chelsea asked.
Jeffrey shapeshifted into a gorilla, Chelsea converted her disc into a ball, and he lifted her into the air giving her the support she needed to dump her force field’s contents into the garbage chute.
“There, we’re all done,” Chelsea said sitting on the ground exhausted.
“Thank you,” Jeffrey said as he turned back to himself.  
“No, thank you.  Let’s get moving,” Chelsea said trying to stand up.
“Don’t,” Jeffrey said pushing her back down.  “I will carry you.  Just let me shapeshift into something good.”
“Alright,” Chelsea said with a weary smile.  She was trying to be strong, but it was evident that the drugs were going to take a while to wear off.
Jeffrey shapeshifted back into a gorilla, and Chelsea got up and got on his back.  She lay down on top of it and wrapped her arms around his neck.
“Are you comfy?” Jeffrey asked.
Without thinking, Chelsea replied, “It feels okay.”
“It only feels okay?” Jeffrey responded concerned.  “I can make it feel better.”
Jeffrey shapeshifted into a horse right under Chelsea.
“How does this feel?” he asked.
“It feels fine,” Chelsea replied beginning to get annoyed at him and at herself for saying anything.
“You don’t mean that.  I can make it feel better.”
“Jeffrey, we are just going across the hall.  It doesn’t matter.”
“You’re sick, and I just want you to feel as comfortable as possible.”
“We are literally 15 feet away from the closet.”
“How about this?” Jeffrey said as he shapeshifted into a bear.
“It feels great,” Chelsea replied.
“I can tell by your tone that you don’t mean that.”
“I will walk there myself.”
“You can’t do that if you can’t reach the floor,” Jeffrey said laughing and shapeshifting into a Pegasus and flying off the ground.
“Why must you be so annoying?” Chelsea said closing her eyes.
“How am I being annoying?”
“You know what, Jeffrey?  I don’t have the strength to argue with you.  Do what you will.”
“Okay,” Jeffrey said as he continued to shapeshift into animals that might be more comfortable for Chelsea to lie on top of.
Meanwhile, GLADOS was back in her chamber recording scientific data on Chelsea, her new favorite test subject.  Despite how difficult she was, GLADOS really enjoyed working with her.  She really was an unexpected blessing.  Her mutations were absolutely fascinating.  However in spite of her supposed scientific objectivity that was supposed to keep her from getting attached to subjects, GLADOS found that she was becoming more and more attached to this subject.  She did not admit it to herself, but she was.  One reason for this was Chelsea’s intelligence.  She was not as intelligent as GLADOS herself was.  There was no way that she could be, but she had an interesting way of looking at things.  GLADOS was fascinated by the way that she thought deeply about things.  She cynically thought that this was an abnormal trait among humans.  Most of the humans that GLADOS had encountered were too busy fighting her to show that they could think about anything, so when she finally encountered a human like Chelsea who never seemed to stop thinking about deep things, it was unusual.  GLADOS was fascinated by her ideas and how hard she fought to defend them in spite of her condition.  It was a certain kind of respect that was growing into a genuine yet perverted love.  Perhaps deep inside, GLADOS was longing for a companion.  None of the robots were able to think as she did she thought.  There existed a human longing for companionship that GLADOS was never able to get rid of, and although she refused to admit that it existed, it was there.  She wanted to make Chelsea hers for as long as she lived.
Chelsea fascinated GLADOS in another way, too.  Of all her test subjects, she was the one she had most trouble breaking.  That presented an interesting challenge to her.  As difficult as Rattman and Chell were, GLADOS knew that she still managed to get to them.  Rattman went insane and started talking to his companion cube.  Chell cut off her ability to communicate to others and stopped talking.  Chelsea had showed some weakness, but she had not changed herself in the least.  Chelsea still acted like the crazy yet deep teenager with an odd amount of religious conviction who came into Aperture.  She had not changed herself at all.  GLADOS found a twisted delight in breaking the human spirit.  She liked pushing people to break, and she wanted to see Chelsea break for the sake of science.  Yet so far, the kid had not given her the satisfaction.  Chelsea was hers now, but she didn’t act like it.  GLADOS wanted to do something about that.  
Besides that, GLADOS needed to break Chelsea so that she could control her for the rest of her life.  GLADOS may have liked her spirit, but the needs of science outweighed her personal preferences.  Nothing she did affected her, and GLADOS could not work not having that control over a human.  She needed that control.  If work was going to continue, having Chelsea’s mind intact was not necessary; making her compliant was.  She needed Chelsea to crack psychologically and give up her violent resistance.  GLADOS could not kill her for fighting, so that was the only route for her to take.  For science, the limits of mind could be tested.  For GLADOS, she could win back the control that she wanted and the companion that she refused to admit that she wanted.  The brand on Chelsea’s shoulder was step one in this process.  Now, GLADOS needed to make sure the body was well enough for her to move on to step two.  
With that in mind, GLADOS used the PA to talk to the doctor robots in the lab where Chelsea had been before.  She thankfully did not use the camera to see what they were doing at that moment because she was still too busy looking at the results of Chelsea’s treatment.
“Hello, doctors!” GLADOS said while looking over the results some more.  “Would you be so kind as to bring the patient to me?  I would like to have a look at her.”
The four doctor robots stopped what they were doing and looked at each other in fear.  They were all thinking the same thing.  They had thought that Chelsea had been taken by their colleague to see GLADOS.  That obviously had not happened.  Now, she was missing, and even worse if GLADOS found out, she would kill them.
“We have to find her now,” one of the doctor robots said.  
“Did E56 betray us?” another one said.
“I don’t know if he did or he was hypnotized by the blonde one, but either way, GLADOS is going to kill us,” another doctor robot replied.  “Let’s move out.”
The four robots walked in the direction that they remembered E56 walking in.  They turned right down the hallway hoping to find something.
Meanwhile, Chelsea and Jeffrey were still having their debate.
“How about this?” Jeffrey said shapeshifting into a centaur.
“It feels fine, Jeffrey,” Chelsea said still lying on her stomach on top of his back.
“Don’t like this one either, huh?  Alright, how about this one?”
Jeffrey shapeshifted into a hippogriff.  The feathers on his back were really soft.  Chelsea enjoyed the way that it felt.
“Leave it like this, please!  It feels amazing!” Chelsea said.
“I told you that I could find something comfortable if you would be patient,” Jeffrey said.
“You were right.  Now, could we move?”
“Yes,” replied Jeffrey as he began walking down the hallway as a hippogriff.  He walked like a horse.  The rocking helped Chelsea feel more relaxed and get closer to sleep.  It also helped that Jeffrey spread his wings backwards over her like a blanket.
“You know I’m like a videogame princess,” Chelsea said.  “I feel so helpless right now.”
“Like Peach,” Jeffrey replied.
“I don’t want to be Peach.  She never does anything.”
“You could be Zelda.”
“I wouldn’t mind being Zelda except for the fact that she looks nothing like me.  Come to think of it, are there any Asian or half-Asian videogame princesses?”
Jeffrey froze and turned his head because he heard something while Chelsea was talking.
“Videogames are racist…” Chelsea continued to say.
“Chelsea, I know that you’re happy to talk to another human being, but we need to be quiet right now,” Jeffrey said.
Chelsea was confused and slightly concerned, but she consented to it.
“Okay,” she said drowsily and started to drift off to sleep.
Jeffrey walked more quickly towards the door.  He reached the door.
“Chelsea, open the door,” Jeffrey said.
Chelsea got up on her elbows, turned the knob, and opened the closet door.  
However, it was too late.  The robots rounded the corner and saw the pair of them.
“Oh, my God!” the main leader robot said looking at hippogriff Jeffrey.  “What the…”
Jeffrey’s eyes widened in fear as he stared down the robots.  However without saying a word, Chelsea sat up, quickly created two discs, and sliced all of the doctor robots in half before Jeffrey even had time to do anything.
Jeffrey turned around and looked at her in amazement.
“I told you,” she said.  “If I’m going to be the damsel in distress, I at least want to be one who does crap.”
Jeffrey was shocked, slightly scared, and embarrassed all at once.  He lay down on the ground, and Chelsea drowsily got off and leaned against the wall of the closet.  She was very drowsy from the drugs and really needed to sleep off their effects, but she fought hard to stay conscious.
“Chelsea, stay in here.  I’ll clean up the robots,” Jeffrey said as he shapeshifted back into a human.  “Good work!”
Jeffrey turned and ran down the hall in order to pick up the dead robots and throw them down the garbage chute.
As Chelsea rested against the wall of the closet, the gravity of her situation began to occur to her.  GLADOS had not made any remarks right away, so she probably did not know she was gone.  However the robots knew of her escape and that was reason enough to be concerned.  GLADOS would find out soon enough and use every power at her disposal in order to find her.  Chelsea was afraid.  She did not want to return to that monster.  She knew that God would protect her, but she did not want to go back to her.  She did not want to be her test subject anymore.  Furthermore, she did not want to be alone again.  Chelsea started to quake with fear.
Jeffrey finished his work, and he came back to the closet where he saw Chelsea shake with fear.
“Are you alright?” he asked as he got down to her level and shut the closet door.
“Jeffrey, we can’t stall anymore,” Chelsea said a little bit hysterically.  “We can’t be caught.  I don’t want to go back to her.  I can’t.  I’m so scared.  I almost killed myself the last time I saw her.  I just don’t want to go back.  I don’t want to go back.”
Chelsea started to cry.  It was evident that she had been through a lot, and it was starting to get the best of her.  Chelsea did not want to feel this way.  She wanted to be strong just like her mother.
Jeffrey held her right hand and said, “I’m sorry.  I should not have goofed around for as long as I did.  We are only alive now because of you.  You don’t have to worry though.  You’re safe now.  We will get through this together.  God will help us, too.  He has protected us for this long, and he will protect us for even longer.”
Chelsea smiled at him drowsily and stopped crying.  The pair then shared a loving hug.
“Thank you, man,” Chelsea said.  “You know you’re not as awkward as you think you are.”
Jeffrey snickered out loud at her odd comment.
Suddenly, the both of them heard GLADOS’s voice in the hallway.  
“Hello?” she asked.  “Are you coming with the patient?  I’m waiting.”
Chelsea held onto Jeffrey and shook with fear.
“You still feel drugged?” Jeffrey asked.
“Unfortunately, I feel as high as a prostitute,” Chelsea replied.  “I can’t move a lot.”
“That is alright,” Jeffrey said.  “I can take care of this.”
“Where’s your secret hideout?”
“To get there, I need you to do one more thing for me.”
“What might that be?”
“I need you to cut open that vent there.”
Chelsea got out a disc and sliced the grating off of the vent.  Jeffrey gestured for Chelsea to go in.  She crawled on her hands and knees very feebly.  Jeffrey crawled in after her.  He then pulled the grating back over the vent and morphed his right hand into a blue fire torch while using his left hand as a face shield.  Chelsea rested on her back against the left side of the vent with her eyes closed because she saw what Jeffrey was doing.  Her knees were pressed against her chest, her left arm was around her knee, and her right arm was on top of her knee stroking her necklace with her fingers.  Jeffrey finished his work so that anyone who came in the closet would not notice that the grating had been tampered with in any way.  GLADOS would discover that Chelsea was missing, but she would have a terrible time figuring out where she had gone.  Jeffrey finished his work and then shapeshifted into a dragonfly so he could buzz past Chelsea in the vent.  Once past her, he turned back into a human and turned towards Chelsea.    
“Follow me,” Jeffrey said.
“Jeff, I feel too weak,” Chelsea said.  “I can’t go on.”
Jeffrey was thoughtful.  He shapeshifted into an anaconda and said, “Hold on to me.  I’ll drag you through.”
“Thank you,” Chelsea said.
Chelsea lay down on top of him and wrapped her arms around him.   Jeffrey wrapped the back part of his tail gently around her waist so that she would not be crushed, and he started to crawl along the vent.  Chelsea shut her eyes and started to rest as she was dragged along.
“We don’t have far to go,” Jeffrey said.  “Just be patient.”
“Alright,” Chelsea said.
Jeffrey slithered down through the vents until he reached another broken grating about fifteen minutes later.  This grating led to a space between the walls of Aperture where there were no video cameras.  It was just a dark stone interior with pipes running along the walls.  Ratmann’s messages could still be seen in some places.  Jeffrey fixed the grating back on the covering the way he did before, and then, he shapeshifted into a hippogriff once more and walked forward with Chelsea lying on top of his back.  Chelsea rested her head on top of her folded arms and looked around.  Her eyes rested on some bandages around her left shoulder.
“That’s weird,” Chelsea thought tiredly.  “There weren’t any bandages there before.  What have they done this time?”
Jeffrey turned his head around and saw her staring at her bandaged left shoulder.  His heart sank.  Chelsea would be upset to see the brand.  She was not ready to look at it yet.  Jeffrey spread his folded wings over her body so that they covered her back.  Chelsea turned her head forward and shut her eyes again.  Jeffrey finally came upon an open white door that went into the black corridors where some old testing chambers were.  He pushed the door shut with his back left foot and continued walking.  Chelsea looked around his head.  The roof and wall of the old testing chamber had collapsed on itself.  The artificial lights just barely shined.  Jeffrey walked into the white testing chamber and looked up.  There was an old observation room with a huge hole in the glass.  Jeffrey unfurled his wings off of Chelsea’s body and looked up.  He flapped them and flew upwards and straight into the glass hole in the observation room.  The walls were plain white with blue carpet.  Desk chairs were sitting against the wall with old beige chair cushions piled on top of them.  The room was not very big.  At the back, there was a bathroom on the right and a door leading to the other office rooms.  Jeffrey walked in while Chelsea lay on his back.  Jeffrey got on his stomach so that Chelsea could get off.  She had so many questions, but she was too tired to ask any of them.  They would have to wait until later.  The drugs were beginning to get the better of her.  She drowsily got off of him and staggered towards the wall.  
Jeffrey shapeshifted back into a human and asked, “Would you like a place to sleep?”
“That would be amazing,” Chelsea said.
Jeffrey picked up the two cushions off of the chair and laid them on the ground.  He then got his backpack off his back and pulled out a blanket.  He handed her the blanket and also the backpack.
“Why are you giving me your backpack?” Chelsea asked confused.
“You can use it as a pillow,” Jeffrey said.
“I can’t, Jeff.  I won’t do it.  You need to something to sleep on.  I’m already taking your bed.”
“It’s fine.  I’ll shapeshift into a dog and sleep like that.”
Jeffrey shapeshifted into a border collie, and he curled up on the ground.
“See?  I am very comfortable,” Jeffrey said.  “I don’t need a backpack at all.”
Chelsea saw that it was a battle that she was not going to win with him.  She turned around, pulled the cushions closer together, laid the backpack on top of the top cushion, laid down on top of the cushions, and pulled the blanket over her body.
“Jeffrey, come over here,” Chelsea said.
Jeffrey got up and walked over to her as a dog.  Chelsea sat up, held his dog body in her arms, and gave him a hug and a kiss on top of his head.
“Thank you so much, my friend,” Chelsea said with tears in her eyes.  “I am so grateful to you.  You have saved my life.  I love you.”
“Any time, Chelsea,” Jeffrey said.  “You are very welcome.”
Jeffrey was flattered and surprised by all the attention he was getting, but he did not know how to react to human emotion very well so he just sat there while Chelsea squeezed him.  She finally let him go and pet him on the head like a dog.
“Good night, my friend,” Chelsea said yawning and lay down.
Jeffrey walked to the foot of Chelsea’s makeshift bed and curled up on the ground in front of it.
“Hey, Chelsea,” Jeffrey asked.
“Yes,” Chelsea said as she shut her eyes.
“This doesn’t mean we’re dating again.  Does it?”
“No, Jeffrey.  No, it doesn’t.”
Portal 3 Chapter 13
It took a while but I finally finished editing!  As a disclaimer, I have never actually played "The Legend of Zelda."  I just really like the music.


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It is not official yet, but I am about to be on staff with my school newspaper "The Red and Black."  It swallows up most of my free time now.  It is so crazy.  This week alone I have four writing assignments and two photography assignments.  Today was the first day that I have been able to draw in a long time.  I worked on drawing my OC's.  I have already drawn Brandon.  Now, I am working on Zaki.  I think that I have found a model to work with.  However, it will be a while before I can get back to drawing him.  I am very busy.  It's sad.  I don't have time to draw or practice the piano anymore.  My newspaper work is like a part time job.  I'm grateful that I will have more time once I graduate school and just work full time.  It sounds weird but I am very organized and can do it.  As for my fan fiction, I am proud to say that I am editing chapter 14 as we speak.  I am still able to work on it a little bit every night.  I am so grateful for this fan fic.  Because of it, I can tell that my writing and drawing skills have improved.  Anyways, just pray for me.

Also, I have made some changes in regards to France.  I am going Fall 2016 instead of Spring 2017.  I will be going to Montpelier. 
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