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Casey Hadyn Williams
Artist | Professional | Photography
United States
Current Residence: United States
Favourite cartoon characters: the Elric brothers

I am an artist who works for a newspaper in Athens, but I also love drawing, photography, and writing. Check out my fan fiction Portal 3 if you're interested.

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When Chelsea woke up, she did not know where she was. When she opened her eyes, she realized that she was lying flat on something.  When she looked forward, she became aware that her hands and feet were strapped to a bed. She also noticed that her hair was down and her clothes had been replaced by a knee length hospital gown. Her body felt sore and she looked up to see that she was connected to multiple IV bags and monitors. Her arms, legs, and seemingly the rest of her body minus her head were covered almost completely in bandages, too. She knew that whatever was happening wasn't good. She was now their lab rat to play with as they pleased.  Chelsea felt herself shake in fear.
"Dad, where are you?" she started calling out telepathically.
"Oh, good! You're awake," she heard GLaDOS say. "Good morning! Well, technically it is four o'clock in the afternoon but you get the picture.  Please remain still.  You are connected to hundreds of dollars’ worth of equipment that I don’t want to have to replace."
"What the hell is happening?!” Chelsea asked while trying not to panic.  “Where are you? Where am I? What is going on? Where's Brandon?"
She lifted up her head and realized that she was in the black room where she was before just attached to a hospital bed. GLaDOS pulled over her head.
"Just calm down,” she said.  “Nothing bad has been happening.  You have simply been the subject of multiple invasive medical examinations so you have been out for a while."
"Oh, God," Chelsea said. "What have you done to me?"
"I have just been thoroughly examining every inch of your body in order to discover the source of your incredible powers. I haven't changed anything. I made sure everything was put back where it belonged and I simply scanned your brain in order to examine that, so you don't need to worry about a thing. I just woke you up to ask you a few questions. I moved you up here because I thought it would be better if we talked face to face."
GLaDOS turned away to type something up on a computer monitor nearby.
Quickly, Chelsea created small discs in her hands to cut the straps that were holding down her hands. After doing that, she sat up to cut the ones on her feet.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you," said GLaDOS who somehow knew what she was doing even though she was still staring at the monitor she was typing on.
"And why not," Chelsea asked.
"Because those monitors and IV bags you are connected to are keeping you alive. If you were to try to run away right now, you would most likely collapse and die.  I would have to go through the work of returning your body to your family, and all my efforts to keep you alive would have gone completely to waste."
"How do I know you're not lying?"
"It’s up to you if you really want to take that chance. I just think that your mother would be sad to see your dead body. Do you really want to break her heart like that?  From the way you were gushing about her earlier, I would have pegged you as being a more caring daughter than that.  I guess I was wrong.  If you want to be rebellious so badly, you can get up, run around, and then collapse dead.  Then I can deliver the body with a handwritten note telling her how much you hate her and how you chose to die instead of tolerating her another day more.  I can even make it look exactly like your handwriting to be as convincing as possible.  I can give you a piece of paper to write on and use as a sample or better yet let you write the note yourself.  Does that sound like a plan?"
Unfortunately, GLaDOS had a point. Chelsea could not risk doing anything to kill herself or hurt her mother, so reluctantly she lay back down. She wrapped her arms around her body and shivered. It was cold.
“I didn’t think so,” GLaDOS said continuing her work.
She sat up for just a second to cut the straps off of her feet. GLaDOS turned around quickly to see what she was doing but returned to her work once again when she saw that Chelsea was only pulling her legs under the hospital gown to keep herself warm.
“Thanks a lot,” GLaDOS said sarcastically.  “You just broke one of the facility’s few post-surgery relaxation beds.  It was used to hold down patients during their recovery while their organs were being donated for young women with self-esteem issues.  Now, we don’t have enough beds to do that anymore because you broke it.  How are young women going to get organs now?  They will suffer now because of your selfish actions.  Congratulations!”
Chelsea ignored her and kept staring off into the distance.  She wanted to pull her arms into her sleeves but she couldn't because of all the wires and IVs attached to them. In her wandering thoughts, she examined the straps on her hands that used to be attached to the bed. They looked like belt wrist bands.
"These are cool," Chelsea thought sadly. "I think that I will keep them to remind me of the past. That is if I ever get out of this place."
She wrapped herself in her arms once again and began to pray in her thoughts.
"God, I'm so sorry. This really is all my fault. Brandon and I are going to die. I shouldn't have cut off her claw and made her angry. We wouldn't have been caught otherwise. How could I have been so stupid? How could I have let myself get so angry? Now, Brandon is stranded and can't escape without me. I'm such an idiot."
She began to sob quietly to herself when she remembered what Brandon had said to her earlier.
"God, you are merciful. I know that. Brandon is right. I can't do anything about what happened but I can try to make the future better. Please just do something to let me know that you forgive me. I want to know that you're here and will help me."
Just then, she looked up to see the robots from earlier, P-Body and Atlas. They were on the other side of the room, messing around with each other. One would start dancing and the other would laugh. Then one would drop his head, and the other would help him put it back on. They would give high fives and dance around again. Chelsea was confused at first, but it then occurred to her why they were acting the way they were.
"They're friends," Chelsea thought. "They must be. I never thought that robots were capable of feeling anything for each other.  It’s amazing."
"Would you two stop making so much noise?" GLaDOS grumbled interrupting Chelsea’s thoughts.
"Don't mind them," GLaDOS said to Chelsea. "They are just being morons."
P-Body looked up and noticed that Chelsea was staring at him. Chelsea quickly turned on her other side to break eye contact.
The two robots spoke to each other in their form of sign language.
P-Body made a freezing motion with his arms and pointed to Chelsea. Atlas nodded in agreement. P-Body made a gesture to leave the room and Atlas followed. About one minute later, they came back into the room, walked over to Chelsea's bed, and tapped her on the shoulder. Chelsea turned over and was surprised at what she saw. Atlas was holding a pillow and P-Body was holding a wool hospital blanket.
"Are those for me?" Chelsea asked in astonishment.
P-Body nodded. Atlas handed her the pillow and P-Body handed her the blanket.
"Thank you," Chelsea said almost in tears in reaction to their kindness.
The robots nodded and then turned back to go where they were before.  Chelsea smiled as she watched them walk away.  She wrapped the blanket around her body and laid her head on the pillow.
"God, you really are with me," she thought. "You will help me."
Then, she thought, "Speaking of helping me, where are my parents?"
Chelsea tried calling out to her father telepathically again, but she heard nothing in response.
She had a bad feeling in her stomach about the whole thing. Furthermore, she was growing impatient with GLaDOS. The robot wanted to ask her questions yet she had been typing at that stupid computer for almost five minutes. What was she doing?
"What is taking GLaDOS so long?" she wondered. "It's weird, God. I don't even have the energy to complain. What good would it do? This must be how Mom felt. This must be how modernists felt, too. They stayed silent because they realized complaining was useless."
Chelsea just started resting her eyes. She didn't care if GLaDOS would be mad about it or not.
"So," Chelsea said out loud. "How long have I been asleep?"
"3 ½ weeks," GLaDOS said.
Chelsea looked down at her arms and legs and suddenly noticed how skinny she was.
"Have I lost weight?" she asked.
"Despite our best efforts to keep you nourished, your body has lost some weight. You have lost 20 pounds to be precise."
"Look, are you going to ask me the damn questions or can I just go back to sleep?"
Ignoring her apparent rudeness, she said, "Just a second….Done."
GLaDOS pressed enter, pushed the computer aside, and then turned to face Chelsea. GLaDOS adjusted the bed so that Chelsea was sitting upright.
"Sorry about that," GLaDOS said insincerely. "I had anticipated you taking longer to shake off the effects of the anesthetics so I took the time to finish adding the findings of your examinations to the files."
"What exactly did you find out?" Chelsea asked.
"I'm supposed to be asking the questions, not you. I will discuss the results of your examination later."
"So, first off," GLaDOS began. "Do you have any brothers and sisters?"
"No," Chelsea replied.
"Why is that? Was your mother's pregnancy with you too difficult?"
"Yes…wait a second; I don't have to talk to you. I have no reason to."
"I thought this might happen, so I have given you some incentive."
With that, GLaDOS used her claw to pick up Chelsea's red necklace off of the top of one of the monitors. Chelsea gasped.
Then she said, "Give that back! Mom made that for me."
"Did she now?" GLaDOS said. "It is quite lovely.  I never knew your mother could do anything constructive."
"I said give it back!"
"I will once the questions are over if you cooperate with me."
Chelsea thought for a second. "It's only a necklace," she said out loud. "I don't need to risk myself for a piece of jewelry."
"How mature of you," GLaDOS said sarcastically. "I was going to give you something else, too. I was going to spare the life of your boyfriend."
"He is testing right now. He is doing well. His powers enable him to cheat a great deal like yours will but I could make the test harder and even impossible at any time. He might not survive, and his ghost would haunt you forever."
"You wouldn't! You would lose a test subject!"
"I would still have you," GLaDOS said. "So anyways, are you going to cooperate or not?"
"Yes," Chelsea sadly agreed.
"Good. Now back to what I was asking you before. Why did your Mother only ever have you?"
"She almost died. Okay? She was sick almost the entire time. She recovered after I was born and never was able to have another child."
"Interesting. Was Chell a good mother to you? Was she ever neglectful, abusive, or overindulging?"
"NO! She was a great mother. She always loved me and she always will. She never cared that I was different and I never cared that she had nightmares about this hell hole!"
"Did she fit in with the other people? She was so unlikeable."
"That was because she was isolated, you bitch! Everyone in the congregation loves her. She has many friends. They're the family that she never had."
"Are you trying to make me feel guilty? I find all of this fascinating."
"You would. Is that all?"
"No. How did you and your boyfriend get your powers?"
Chelsea was silent for a few moments.
GLaDOS pressed on. "Well?"
"We ate magic beans," Chelsea said with the straightest face she could. Then putting a finger to her head as if she were thinking of something intelligent, she said "after getting covered in radioactive goo and sacrificing some animals to some ancient pagan gods."
"Don't be sassy with me," GLaDOS said shaking her head. "You do not want to make me angry. You remember what happened last time."
"Yeah, I'm still feeling it."
"Then, stop stalling and talk. Your boyfriend's life is on the line you know."
"We were born with our powers and we don't really know why we have them," Chelsea said slowly looking down. "We think our bodies have been affected by some kind of radiation from the alien wars. We call it an act of God because it has helped us survive in these times of hardship."
"Really? Are there others like you in your congregation?"
"Interesting," GLaDOS said surprisingly not pushing the matter any further. "That is all."
With that, she dropped the red-beaded necklace into Chelsea's lap. She quickly put it on before GLaDOS changed her mind.
"What was the point of that?" Chelsea asked.
"Science," GLaDOS said. "Before presenting my findings to you, I had to know a few more facts about your life. Although, I will admit part of it was selfish on my part. I let your mother go as you probably know after she helped me gain my position back from that moronic Wheatley so I wanted to know how she was living her life."
"So, what was the result of my examination?"
"First of all, were you aware that you have a serious case of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? I found it when I was scanning your brain."
"My father is a psychologist. Of course, I knew that. What else did you do?"
"Calm down, child. You are making your heart rate go up. Anyways, I think the origin of your powers is different from the origin of your boyfriend's powers."
"What do you mean?"
"Create a disc," GLaDOS demanded.
Reluctantly, Chelsea obeyed. However, her attention was quickly averted to the two robots across the room and her disc disappeared. P-Body removed Atlas's head and began to run around with it. Atlas was upset and chasing after him. Chelsea could not suppress a chuckle. They were simply too funny and unnaturally happy for such a dark and gloomy place. She did not notice GLaDOS talking.
"Are you even listening to me?" GLaDOS asked. "Hello?"
Chelsea was watching the robots. The more they ran around the harder she laughed.
GLaDOS finally noticed what was happening.
"Stop it, you two. I said to cut it out. Stop!"
They kept going and Chelsea continued to laugh. She hadn't been this happy since she arrived at the place. It reminded her of the goofing around she would do with her friends. P-Body ran around her bed and continued to play his game of keep away with Atlas's head ignoring GLaDOS's reprimands completely. Chelsea snatched the head from him.
"Thank you," GLaDOS said.
But Chelsea put up a force field around Atlas's body, signaled for P-Body to run away, removed the force field from Atlas's body, and then threw his head like basketball. P-Body did a running dive and caught the head. Chelsea had tears in her eyes from laughing so hard.
"I think this farce has gone on long enough," GLaDOS said.
She snatched the head from P-Body and tossed it back to Atlas who quickly put it back on.
"I have had just about enough from you two," GLaDOS yelled. "If it weren't for the fact that your antics have calmed down the subject's heart rate, you would both be disassembled immediately! Now, get back in the corner before I change my mind!"
The two robots screamed and quickly ran.
"God, it's like dealing with a pair of children," GLaDOS said frustrated. "You were no help either," she said looking at Chelsea who responded by flashing a cheeky smile.
"Anyways, where were we? Oh, yes. I remember. Make a shield."
Chelsea again reluctantly obeyed. GLaDOS created a pathway of blue light that looked very similar to her force fields.
"What do you think?" GLaDOS asked.
"They're the same color," Chelsea replied. "So, what?"
"They're more similar than that. Your shields and discs and this light beam are made out of the exact same material."
"What?" Chelsea said dissolving her shield. "That's not possible."
"It's true. I analyzed your blood and I found the same material that makes up the light beams in it."
"How did this happen?" Chelsea replied.
"That is the interesting part. It happened because of your mother."
"Your mother did not know it at the time but as she ran those tests with the light beams the material was seeping into her skin. The tests were not numerous but the radiation was powerful enough to have an effect. It did not affect Chell herself. She was only a carrier. But, it did spread to you because it was in her blood when you were conceived. Therefore you were born with the ability to create these light beams and manipulate them however you chose be it to cut, to protect, or to fly. That also could explain why your mother was so ill and was unable to have more children. With all the hormonal changes her body was going through, the photons were surging in her body affecting it greatly. It should have killed you but it didn't. You were able to survive because of your father's inherited mutant genes which I found in your DNA also. All the other children that your mother tried to have were just not so lucky."
"And Brandon?" Chelsea asked.
"He got his powers from radiation of another source," GLaDOS said.
Chelsea was shocked. She put her head in her hands. "I can't believe this," she said.
"I know," GLaDOS replied happily. "I never would have thought that our testing would have this effect on people. You see, our subjects were never allowed to have children, although that may change soon. They were kept apart from each other so intercourse was impossible. We only wanted adults to take the tests. We never wanted to deal with children. Who knew that we were creating the potential for a new breed of human to emerge all along?"
Chelsea began getting a cold feeling in her spine. She did not like the way GLaDOS talked about this "new breed of human" and all of the implied connotations it had. Yet, she remained silent so GLaDOS talked on.
"You and your boyfriend truly are godsends. I now have a new direction of scientific possibilities to explore. You see, I have been at a loss for purpose lately.  I tested those two morons over there and had them find more humans for me to test, but I used them all up too quickly.  I then raised three crows, and they kept me occupied for a while.  However, they eventually escaped and left me, the ungrateful little monsters.  After that, I took up the hobby of trapping humans.  I have managed to successfully catch a good number of them.  Right now, I have 100 people.  It seems that a disaster has befallen your world.  Many humans have come by looking for shelter or for food or things like that.  Mostly, there were individuals but sometimes I would get lucky and catch a really large group.  Those times were rare though, and I was stuck with taking my time to build up a large number of people before beginning to test again.  I had no choice because I didn’t want to use them all up too quickly like before.  Most humans are so fragile.  They die so easily.  Chell was the best out of all of them, the only one who could complete all the tests. I wish I did not have to let her go."
"Why did you do it then?" Chelsea asked looking up.
"I was emotionally compromised and having her around did not help," GLaDOS said concisely. "She was a lot more trouble than she was worth so I gave her what she wanted. Anyway, that does not matter now. What does matter is that I have something else to do now. I am so happy that I am actually feeling a little generous. How about you and I watch your boyfriend complete the tests?"
"He is not my boyfriend. He is my friend."
"Whatever," GLaDOS said as she pulled a monitor in front of Chelsea's bed.
Instantly on the screen was an image of Brandon with portal gun running through a chamber and trying to complete a test. However, something was weird. First off, how could he be running around if GLaDOS had just worked on him like she did her? Second, why was he wearing his normal clothes? Third, why wasn't he trying to run away? He could walk through walls. Chelsea moved closer to the monitor in order to get a better look.
Chelsea did not ask any of these questions aloud, but GLaDOS seemed to know her thoughts.
"I bet you are wondering why he isn't leaving the test chambers," she said.
Chelsea looked right at her. Then GLaDOS continued, "That is because I have placed him in the lowest testing chambers possible. Whenever he tries to phase through the walls, he only encounters dirt."
Chelsea retorted sarcastically, "He isn't wearing the stupid ass uniform either. I'm kind of disappointed."
"I wanted to distinguish him from the normal test subjects. Unfortunately, the only color we have is orange so for now he is wearing his own clothes."
"Thank God!"
They watched him for several minutes. Chelsea never let onto it but she hoped that he would find a way to escape and find her. She didn't want him to suffer. She was secretly rooting for him to escape. However, there was one question that Chelsea knew had to be asked.
"GLaDOS," Chelsea asked. "How is he able to run around like that? Did you not do to him what you did to me?"
"Actually, we didn't. We did run a few tests on him and he recovered from that quickly enough. However when I saw the results of your blood test, I decided to hold you back for much longer causing your body to degrade much more rapidly. Physically, you are nowhere near ready to run through the tests. You will need a few more weeks of rest before such a thing is even conceivable. Don't worry though. Once you recover, it will be your turn."
"My turn?"
"Yes, you will run through the tests too just like your mother. I want to see your powers at work."
"Be careful what you wish for," Chelsea thought to herself.
"Then once that is over, we will make preparations for the real experiment."
"What do you mean real experiment?" Chelsea said as she began to feel her heart rate rise.
"Tell me," GLaDOS said. "How much do you like your friend? Would you like to have a child with him?"
Chelsea felt her face turn red. "What?" She said. "No way! No! Why would you ask such a thing? We aren't even married!"
"Your powers are the result of exposure to the light beams of this facility. If you were born with these powers, how many other mutants do you think could be bred?  I don’t like the process myself, but we have to discover if exposure to these light beams really has this effect on humans or if this was just a one time occurence.  Even if I am not a fan of the human reproductive process, this is the only way to go, for science."
"You can't force people to have sex, you psycho!"
"Who said anything about forcing people to have sex? I was just going to use artificial insemination.  The process is less disgusting that way. Of course, we have a lot to figure out before we even begin the process. I don't know the first thing about impregnating women. I don't know how to care for babies either. The facility is not equipped to care for infants. Who would care for them? Would their parents or would someone else? Who would educate them? I have a lot that I need to figure out before I even think about impregnating anyone."
"You are missing the point, GLaDOS! This is unholy! There are some things that science and people just can't do."
"You naïve child," GLaDOS said slowly as she zoomed in on Chelsea's face. "There is nothing that science can't do. There is nothing that I can't do either."
"I'm not going through with it. I'm too young. I don't want to be violated by a robot."
"Excuse me," GLaDOS said. "But I don't recall ever saying that I gave the smallest amount of shit for anything that you wanted. You are going to be a mother whether you like it or not."
Chelsea responded with a shocked silence. She could not believe what was happening. All she could do was pray. She was shaking.
"Now, now, calm down," GLaDOS said. "Your heart rate has gone up again. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the antics of the future father of your children. You don't need to worry about pregnancy until your tests are done. For now though, you need to rest. In fact, Orange, come over here."
P-Body walked up to GLaDOS.
GLaDOS instructed him, "Hold her for a few minutes. We need to put some sheets on her bed so she can sleep."
P-Body walked up to Chelsea and lifted her up in his arms being careful not to break off any of the IVs or monitors. She was still wrapped in the blanket, so she was swaddled like a baby. She must have lost weight. The robot didn't shake in the least. Was she really that light?
"Don't drop her. She is very valuable and very fragile right now." P-Body nodded his head and stepped aside. Chelsea was too scared to say a word so she just remained silent.
"Blue, would you do the honor of actually making the bed?"
Atlas shrugged his shoulders and moaned.
"Do it!" GLaDOS yelled.
Then as quick as a flash, Atlas ran out the door and within a minute came back with the sheets. He simply threw the sheets on the bed and started walking away.
"That is not how you make a bed!" GLaDOS yelled. "Don't tell me that you don't know how to do this."
Atlas shook his head.
"Unbelievable," GLaDOS said out loud.  
P-Body laughed but the young woman in his arms was not laughing at all. She was not paying attention to the scene unfolding. She was praying. She was scared out of her mind.
"God, help me!" She yelled in her mind. "Get us out of this nightmare. I don't want to be tested. I don't want to be knocked up. I don't want to bear children who will be taken away from me to be test rats. You can't let her get away with this. Where in the hell are my parents? Why aren't they here yet? Oh, God! Help me!"
Chelsea continued to shake unconsciously and P-Body noticing her fear tried to rock her back and forth like a baby and hummed something that sounded like a lullaby. The irony of the image was too much for her.
"STOP," Chelsea screamed at him. P-Body immediately froze and looked at GLaDOS who was trying to instruct Atlas on how to make a bed.
"Don't worry about her, Orange," GLaDOS said. "She's a bit upset right now. We'll be done soon…hopefully. You will be able to put her down in about five minutes."
Just then, Chelsea heard an answer to her prayers.
"Chelsea," her Dad, Zaki, said. "Chelsea, are you there?"
"Dad," Chelsea replied telepathically with tears in her eyes. "Thank God! Where have you been?"
"We're here in the facility but there have been some setbacks that have held us up."
"What do you mean?"
"We broke into the facility but GLaDOS found us."
Chelsea felt her heart sink. Why had GLaDOS not mentioned it?
"What happened? Where is Mom?" she asked.
"We all got separated after GLaDOS turned on some kind of anesthetic gas. Some of us including me were caught. Sylvie got away and broke me out. Now, we are trying to find everybody else. So far, the only other people we have found are Kayla and Pastor Roberts. Roberts went on ahead and we're looking for your mother and the others now."
Sylvie, Chelsea's French friend, was a technological telepath. She was not only a technological genius but had the ability to make anything mechanical or technological bend to her will. She was 30 years old and had long blond hair and blue eyes. She was kind, shy, and reserved yet very confident and capable. Her parents were also technological telepaths who worked in weapons manufacturing and computer technology for the French National Army. During the invasion of the Combines, they sent her to live with their friend Roberts. She was only ten at the time, and they did not want her to be in danger. Sylvie had not heard much from them since then, but she feared the worst. Kayla was a little different. She was only twelve years old and had no arms or legs, but she had powerful telekinetic powers and a very optimistic attitude. She had short, red hair and brown eyes.  She was also the granddaughter of Pastor Roberts. Her parents were rebels in the fight against the Combines. They lost their lives in a fight when Kayla was only 9 months old. The other soldiers brought her to Pastor Roberts along with the news of her parents' death. Though Pastor Roberts was devastated, he still loved her as his own. She brightened up those dark days with her encouraging smile and happy attitude. Chelsea helped care for her and saw her as a little sister. Zaki, Chelsea's dad as mentioned before, was a telepath who was very confident, very clever, very outspoken, and yet very understanding. A good portion of his personality traits were inherited by Chelsea. He seemed to have the ability to figure out anything which was a great help to them all. He was a friend of the pastor and the best friend of Brandon's dad, Roscoe.
"How many people did you bring?" Chelsea asked.
"Besides, your mother, me, Sylvie, Roberts, and Kayla, we brought four other people. We brought Jeff, Albina, Hugo, and Roscoe," said Zaki.
Jeff had the power to shape shift, Albina had the power to create ice and snow and fly on the winter winds she created, and Hugo could create fire and fly as a burning ball of fire. Jeff was a true nerd. At 19, he was endlessly intelligent but slightly socially awkward when it came to people. He was kind though so no one minded. He was skinny with green eyes, a head of dark, curly hair, and olive skin. Albina was 17 and had white hair, almost crystal-like white skin, icy blue eyes, and blue lips. She was very mature and wise for her age. The best way to describe Albina would be that she was someone who had made peace with her difficult life. She was at peace in her heart in spite of all that had happened to her. She decided to have joy and trust God even though she did not understand all the bad circumstances in her life. She enjoyed reading books, talking about deep topics, and being alone more than Chelsea did and was more of a mystic who knew almost everything about theology. She was very calm, confident, and dignified, but Albina was very joyful, fun-loving, and enjoyed being involved in relationships with people, too. She was also very clever and enjoyed messing with people. Albina would say things to people to make them think or to see how they would react. She had the potential to be manipulative if she wanted to. She was also very ambitious and planned on trying to defeat the Combines herself. Her mother was a Russian diplomat who fell in love with a male diplomat from Cote d'Ivoire. They married then fled to America through Siberia to escape the Combines. They both died in the process leaving their children to take care of each other. Her step-brother Hugo was a 25 year old African with warrior tattoos all over his body. He was sensitive and struggled more with depression than his sister did. He preferred to only talk about deep subjects and was thus a perfect philosophical conversationalist for Chelsea. Roscoe was Brandon's Dad. He looked almost exactly like Brandon except taller and more muscular. Roscoe had the power to heal. He was a loving and witty doctor with a hilarious sense of humor and positive outlook on life despite the fact that his wife ran away when Brandon was two. Chelsea was friends with all of these people. They were all a family in Christ.
"Can you find them?" asked Chelsea.
"We will," said Zaki calmly. "We are looking for everyone, sweetheart, including you and Brandon. Sylvie is trying to read the minds of some cores that she found in order to get a better idea of this place's layout but it's not easy. This place is huge. It will take her some time to download the entire map into her brain. In the meantime, tell me what has happened. What has she done to you?"
"Dad, GLaDOS is insane. I'm here in the main room where she is. She has been running multiple examinations on me in order to find out the source of my powers. I feel sore and weak and I have lost about 20 pounds in weight, but besides that I'm fine. She has me connected to multiple IV bags and monitors in order to keep me alive she says. She found out that my powers came from radiation in this facility. Mom was exposed to it and it stuck to her DNA but the effects only showed up in me. That's why I can do what I do. Now however, she wants to test me when I recover. Then she wants to use Brandon to impregnate me and use others too probably in order to see if more mutants could be created."
"Sweet, merciful God!"
"What's more Brandon is testing right now and he could die at any moment. Dad, please help us! We have to get out of here. I don't want to be forced into pregnancy. I don't want to test. I just want to leave this nightmare. I also want to destroy this psycho and make sure that she won't hurt anyone ever again. Dad, I'm so scared."
"The priority is getting everyone out alive. We don't want to have to fight her if it isn't necessary. Don't worry though. We will find you and get you out."
"Dad, she has 100 other people trapped here. We should help them, too."
"We'll figure that out later."
"Dad, she is about to put me to sleep again. What do I do?"
"We're done with the bed, Orange. You can put her down now," said GLaDOS.  
P-Body put Chelsea down on the bed as gently as he could and patted her on the head.  Chelsea wasn’t paying attention to him however.  As she was being put down on the bed, Chelsea noticed something on the monitor. Brandon was in the elevator and supposed to be going down to the next chamber but he jumped up and phased through the top and was currently in the process of climbing up by phasing one arm and leg through the wall at a time.
GLaDOS noticed quickly and said to him through the speakers, "You need to stop doing that immediately. You could break the machine. I said stop. Stop!"
Chelsea knew that if she wanted to help Brandon then she needed to act fast.
"Dad, Brandon is trying to escape. Telepathically search for Brandon. I'm going to help him."
Before her Dad had a chance to reply, Chelsea began to act out a quickly thought out plan. First, she jumped off the bed onto a hover disc dropping the blanket onto the floor.
"What are you doing?!" GLaDOS yelled.
She broke off the IVs and monitors and flew straight to P-Body. She wrapped an arm around him and created a disc with her free arm.
"Don't come any closer or I'll cut him to pieces!" Chelsea screamed. "Where is Brandon?! Tell me!"
Atlas was frozen with fear, but GLaDOS was unfazed.
"You really should have thought out this plan better. You know that we can't die, right? If you cut him up, I can simply reassemble him," she said.
"Good luck finding all the pieces," Chelsea said.
Chelsea put up a hover disc under her and P-Body's feet. She put up a force field around herself and P-Body then she quickly backed out of the room.
"You're still very physically weak you know," GLaDOS said. "You have adrenaline running through your body now, but once it wears off you will collapse onto the floor. I implore you to give up fighting immediately and return to your bed. Even if I were to tell you exactly where your friend was, you still don't have the energy to get to him. Just give it up."
"NO!" Chelsea yelled. Then turning to P-Body, she said, "I don't want to have to hurt you, but I will if I have to. Show me where Brandon is! Which way do I go?"
P-Body pointed left. Chelsea dissolved her shield, threw a large disc in the direction of GLaDOS who immediately swerved to avoid it, and quickly flew left. Atlas ran after them at full speed. Chelsea flew down a large corridor for several minutes using her discs to break down every video camera that she saw. In the process, she told her Dad what was happening out loud. Sylvie and Kayla listened in, too.
"Great job, Chelsea," Kayla yelled. "Way to kick ass!"
Zaki seemed more taken aback by her actions. He didn't know what to say.
"I didn't know you had it in you, Chelsea. I don't want GLaDOS to drive you mad."
"Dad," Chelsea started. "I'm desperate. I didn't know what else to do. I won't kill him. I'll let him go as soon as I get to Brandon."
"Don't," Sylvie said. "I can hack into his mind and use him as a guide."
"Good thinking! Dad, get talking to Brandon. Owwww!"
Chelsea had slammed into a wall. It was a dead end. She and P-Body fell to the ground. They both stood up and faced each other.
"What is this?!" Chelsea yelled. "I thought you were going to lead me to Brandon. How dare you double cross me!"
P-Body simply crossed his arms and gave out an "Hmph!"  
"Tell me where he is, you jerk!"
P-Body remained silent.
"Tell me!" Chelsea yelled as she created a disc and cut off his right leg.
P-Body fell to the ground and pulled up his arms to shield his face. Chelsea's legs gave out under her, and her eyes welled up with tears.
"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I didn't want to hurt you. I'm just desperate to save my friend. Please forgive me! You have been so kind and funny! You are too good for a place like this."
Chelsea crawled closer to him and P-Body let his arms fall to his side.
"Please help me!" Chelsea said. "I have nowhere else to turn. She is going to hurt me and she's going to hurt my friend. You understand what a friend is. I see you and the little blue robot. You two are friends, right? You goof around but when push comes to shove you would do anything for each other."
P-Body nodded.
"That's how I feel about my friend. He's in trouble. My family is in trouble, too. We're all trapped here. I need to help them. I would do anything for them. You have to understand. I'm trying to save them. I want to help them like you would help your friend. I'm sure you don't like this place. I can take you and your friend to the outside where the sun is and you can see the world's beauty. I'll take you and we can take care of each other like a real family not like GLaDOS does. She will never care about you, but we will. Heck! I have a friend who is a technological genius and can give you all the updates and repairs you will ever need. Please! I need your help. There's no way that we can get out of here without you. Please! Please help us! Please help me! For the love of God, please!"
P-Body looked upon her with a sympathetic eye. Chelsea continued to cry right in front of him on her hands and knees with her face toward the ground. She prayed. She was scared to death. Her body was beginning to throb and ache uncontrollably to the point where she had trouble moving. GLaDOS was right. P-Body lifted his hand as if he wanted to put it on Chelsea's shoulder, but he hesitated. Chelsea started coughing up blood on the floor.
"How cute," GLaDOS said over the PA system. "You're using emotional pleas with robots. You must be really desperate."
"I destroyed all the cameras," Chelsea said. "How did you…"
"There are antennae on Orange and Blue that send me signals. I can see through their eyes and hear with their ears."
Chelsea began crawling backwards down the hall as P-Body stared after her rather sadly.
"So, it was you who contacted your father," said GLaDOS. "I had my suspicions all along. I didn't tell you when they arrived because I didn't want to set you off. I caught a few but the rest including your mother have scattered across the facility. Now however, I can find them. Why don't you just tell me where they are? I would so like to see your mutant family and friends and even your mother, Chell. We can talk about it as you are falling asleep. Speaking of which, you don't look too good.  You’re also making quite a mess with all the blood you’ve been coughing up. We had better send you back to bed before it gets any worse."
"Dad, did you hear all that?" Chelsea asked telepathically.
"Yes," was his reply. "Run and pray, baby. Sylvie will guide you to us. Just run."
Chelsea summoned up her last bit of strength, stood up, and ran for her life. She kept trying to create discs to fly on but they kept dissolving. She was just too tired and weak to keep them up. Finally, she came across a locked door that looked like it led to some stairs. Chelsea created a disc and slid it between the locks of the door. She kept hacking at it until it finally appeared ready to give way. However before she could deliver the last blow, she felt something grabbing her arms and next her legs. It held her arms so that they were against her chest. It was Atlas who looked angry that she had tried to hurt his best friend. He carried her off down the hall back to GLaDOS's room.
"No!" Chelsea yelled. "Put me down! Put me down!"
They finally reentered the terrifying black room.
"There, you are," GLaDOS said with a false tone of concern. "You look awful. I told you that you could die if you didn't listen to me. Honestly, what were you thinking? Your last operation was less than five hours ago. Your body is literally being held together with dozens of stitches. In the state it’s in, exertion is a terrible idea. Your body is like a piñata, filled to the brim with candy. If you hurt it in any way, the candy will burst out.  Except for you, what comes out would not be candy but all your internal organs. I tried to strap you down to keep you from moving.  I tried to discourage you from moving.  However, you ignored me and stubbornly went your way just like your mother. I should have known that this would happen. Stubbornness runs in the blood after all."
Atlas laid her on the bed.
"Blue," GLaDOS said. "I have sanitized the new IV and monitor wires already. Would you connect them into her before she grows any worse?"
Atlas readily obeyed. When he was done, he looked up to see P-Body limping to the door using his disconnected right leg as a crutch. Atlas ran to him immediately. GLaDOS looked at his condition then looked back at Chelsea. GLaDOS adjusted the bed to lie down, used her claw to pull the covers over Chelsea's body, and used the other now fixed claw to pull a mask over Chelsea's face. The mask was for anesthetic gas to flow into Chelsea's lungs. Chelsea figured that, but she also knew that she was too weak to fight off GLaDOS. She fought hard to keep the tears from welling up without being very successful.
"You're the one who got yourself into this mess," said GLaDOS seeing her tears and picking up the blanket that was on the floor and laying it on top of the bed. "I didn't want to put you to sleep right away. You had been asleep for three and a half weeks for your eighteen invasive examinations after all. I was going to let you stay awake with me and watch your stupid boyfriend. You had to act up and hurt yourself. You are really a pain. If you weren't so valuable to my research, I would kill you. But since you are so valuable for right now, I will put you to sleep so that you don't have to keep staring at me with her despicable blue eyes."
"GLaDOS," Sylvie yelled over the loud speakers in her authentic French accent. "You are not going to get away with hurting her! Once we find you, you are dead! Don't worry, Chelsea! We're coming for you! Don't give up! Sois forte! Dieu est avec toi. (Be strong! God is with you!)"
"You have one thing going for you," GLaDOS said. "You have friends. Your mother never had any of those."
"They're right. God is with me," Chelsea thought to herself. "But he is not with her. How sad!"
Knowing this and knowing that her family and friends were coming for her made her feel much better. The gas began streaming into her lungs and Chelsea had no choice but to breathe it in. While she was falling asleep, GLaDOS played the images of Brandon still climbing out of the elevator shaft on a monitor right over Chelsea's bed. Chelsea reached up to him with her left hand.
Then GLaDOS turned to Atlas and P-Body and said, "Good work, you two! You both did very well. Now, go get Orange fixed and take a break. I can take it from here."
GLaDOS then resumed watching Chelsea. Atlas put himself under P-Body's arm to give him support and started to leave the room. However, P-Body kept watching Chelsea. He wouldn't move. Atlas chirped at him to ask what was going on. P-Body pointed at Chelsea. Atlas turned away apathetically. P-Body kept pointing at her. He pointed at her, he pointed at the two of them, and he pointed outside. Atlas hit P-Body on the side of the head in order to tell him that he was crazy. P-Body grabbed Atlas's head and made him look him in the eye. He lifted up his hand, took Atlas's hand, squeezed it tightly, and then pointed to him and to Atlas. It was his way of explaining that they were friends. Atlas nodded to show that he indeed understood. Then P-Body pointed to Chelsea and to the image of Brandon on the screen. He took his two hands and squeezed them together to explain they were friends, too. P-Body grabbed Atlas's head and forced him to look at her and her friend. Soon, Atlas began to feel bad, too. P-Body held his hands together and pleaded for his friend to help. Atlas hesitantly nodded his head. P-Body moved up and down excitedly. However, Atlas put his finger to his face to symbolize silence and then pointed to GLaDOS. Then Atlas pointed to himself and to P-Body and tapped his head with a finger. If they were going to pull this off, they would need to think about what they were doing and make plans. P-Body nodded in agreement and the two left the room. They had a lot to do.
Chelsea was listening to her father, Sylvie, and Kayla pray for her telepathically.
"God, protect my baby. Don't let her be scared. Let her know that you are with her no matter what happens," Zaki said.
"Allow us to be successful in our mission of fighting GLaDOS and protecting the ones we love," Sylvie prayed.
"God, grant us the ability to kick that robot's ass," Kayla prayed.
Chelsea prayed with her hands resting on top of her chest.
"God, I know she used to be human but she isn't anymore. Protect me from what she is planning and help us get out of here alive."
Chelsea was nervous but somehow felt less scared than before.
Chelsea turned to GLaDOS and said, "'The LORD is a jealous and avenging God; the LORD takes vengeance and is filled with wrath. The LORD takes vengeance on his foes and vents his wrath against his enemies. The LORD is slow to anger but great in power; the LORD will not leave the guilty unpunished. His way is in the whirlwind and the storm, and clouds are the dust of his feet…Who can withstand his indignation? Who can endure his fierce anger? His wrath is poured out like fire; the rocks are shattered before him.'"
"That is a passage from the Bible," said GLaDOS.
"It is from Nahum 1 to be exact."
"What was the point of that?"
"These words are a prophecy for you. They originally were written for Ninevah, but they apply to all evil people. God has let you have your way for a while, but your time is coming. That is how he works. Up until now, he has been giving you time to change. You think you are invincible because you have control of a fortress and an army. Ninevah had the same kind of things, too. They had tall and thick walls and an unconquerable military, but God obliterated them off the face of the earth for their extravagant cruelty. They were killed by the Babylonian Army that they never thought would have the power to beat them. Skeptics never even believed the place existed until archaeologists found its remains thousands of years later. Unless you repent, the same is going to happen to you. God is bringing judgment your way and you will not be able to stop it. You and this place are going to be destroyed so completely that you will only survive in the horror stories that people tell of you. The skeptics will say you never lived and until they find your remains, only God, us survivors, and the souls of your victims who surround you in hell will know the truth. You may be in robot form, but God is still over you, Caroline."
"You have guts," said GLaDOS. That was all she could say at the moment. She was almost speechless. Chelsea was unlike any subject she had ever had before. She was emaciated, weak, and barely conscious but had the gall to declare holy war on a robot that could destroy her in an instant. She had a supernatural confidence that GLaDOS found disturbing and didn't know what to make of.
"That is something else that you have going for you," GLaDOS said. "Only time will tell if it will help you or get you killed. Who will carry out this judgment of God you speak of? You?"
"Damn straight," Chelsea said.
Just then, Chelsea created a force field on the monitor above her bed, she managed to rip it off its wires, and threw the force field ball across the room against the wall smashing it to pieces and leaving GLaDOS without a way to watch Brandon.
"No," GLaDOS yelled.
GLaDOS frantically pulled up another monitor to look for Brandon, but by the time she did, he had disappeared.
"You did that on purpose," GLaDOS yelled.
However, Chelsea had already fallen asleep with a cheeky smile on her face.
I have my new laptop now.  I decided that I was through with waiting for the external hard drive and would back up all the stuff myself.  I went to the store, received a gift card, waited until my Dad came home, and then went with him to buy a new laptop!  I officially have a new laptop and although from Thursday to Sunday I will be out of town for MomoCon, you can expect work from me once again.  It feels good to be home. 
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Google Drive is having problems with my story apparently.
Okay, guys!  Until my laptop comes back, my friend gave me an idea for what to do.  I will borrow my mother's laptop and write my story through google docs.  I hope this works.
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Hey, guys!  I'm not dead.  I'm just laptopless still.  Let me explain what's happening.  Apparently, Lenovo couldn't fix my other laptop so they want to send me a new one.  The laptop will be free, but the process that Geek Squad will have to go through to transfer all my data to the new laptop will not be.  However, such is life.  Now, I am in the process of waiting for the hard drive of my old computer to be delivered to Geek Squad so that they can transfer the data to the new computer.  The request should be processed soon and it should be delivered any day now.  I have been calling to check up on it every day, but that has been annoying the people at Geek Squad.  So now, they want me to wait for them to call me. 
The going to bed earlier part has been nice, but I still really miss writing my story.  I have new ideas coming and some things I've realized that I need to go back and fix thanks to the Portal 2 DLC that I have played with my little sister.  I'm impatient to get back to work on it.  Before I turned my laptop in, I was almost done writing the next chapter.  The whole story is backed up onto an external hard drive that I bought some time back, but I do not want to download the whole thing on anyone else's computer so I am stuck waiting until my laptop comes back. 
I know that there are much worse things in life than not having a laptop.  I know that I will be fine as long as I have it back before I leave the country in September.  I know that I will survive.  My story will survive, too.  I will not give up on it, because I have heard from people how much it inspires them.  My love for the story has not died and even though I have been playing other videogames like "Bioshock Infinite" and "Bioshock," my love for the Portal series has not died either.  It will always have a special place in my heart.  It was the first videogame series that made me realize that videogames could be high art. 
Anyways, that is all for now.  Thanks for your patience.  I am hoping and praying for my new laptop to be back soon, so that I can go back to writing and chatting with you lovely people.
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I have my new laptop now.  I decided that I was through with waiting for the external hard drive and would back up all the stuff myself.  I went to the store, received a gift card, waited until my Dad came home, and then went with him to buy a new laptop!  I officially have a new laptop and although from Thursday to Sunday I will be out of town for MomoCon, you can expect work from me once again.  It feels good to be home. 
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